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December 11, 1941 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-11

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Eandidates For Student Senate Offer

Their Platforms




I wish to state at this time that I
do not have much respect for the
general run of party platforms and
campaign promises. Consequently I
wish to present to you no vague plat-
form or elaborate promises that I
cannot fulfill.
I shall strive as I have in the past
to Make this University a bulwark of
democracy, and I shall do my best to
influence the Senate into a liberal,
tolerant, democratic viewpoint on all
matters before it.
I shall ask the Senate to sponsor
more service men's parties. I am
hippy to say, no with vanity but as
* a matter of record, that the first
service party idea originated with me.
I shall, from time to time, make
known to the students the exact ac-
tivities of the Senate so that we will
all know what is being done or what
is not being done. Frankly, I am ask-
ing foi a more active Student Senate.
I shall, endeavor to use to the best
of my ability, honest judgment and
student opinion to influence my de-
I promise you honest and sincere
Don O'Connor
1(dependent Coalition
The independent students on cam-
pus today are not adequately repre-
sented in campus activities. With
this fact in mind, we pledge ourselves
to further their interests by:
1. Making the Student Senate a
more democratic, more representa-
tive, more active body.
12. Focsing the attention of the
senate-upon campus problems, in the
belief that the most we can accom-
ptish for our country is to safeguard
diemocracy at home.
3. Providing an agency, such as a
mediation board, which will hear
grievances of the student laborer and
attempt to bring about a compromise
"atisfactory to the parties concerned.
Doing everything within our power
to aid the financially under-privileged
student, especi'ally in view of the re-
cent NYA appropriation cut.
Dorothy Anderson
John Frazier
Hoe Seltzer
Harman Hitt
John MacKinnon
Orval Johnson
As a candidate for Student Senate
.o pledge my support as an inde-
pendent dormitory member to*work
1. More equal representation for
dormitory students who comprise
more than 2,500 members of the stu-
dent body. ,
2. Full support of the present war
effo't and the National Defense pro-
3. The institution of a course in
current events to be given next se-
mester for credit.
4. The' improvement of the advis-
'ry system between faculty and stu-
dent members.
5. The continuation of Student
Parleys and work for more vital stu-
dent participation.
6. The restoration of the NYA fi-
nancial allotment for Michigan stu-
Rhoda Leshine
I believe that all of the various
groups on campus should be repre-
sented on campus bodies whenever it
is feasible. The rights of all groups
should be protected; and-there should
be no suppression of minorities. The

relations between the various campus
groups and organizations should be
iuproved in the interest of national
defense. A united campus is an im-
pprtant step toward a united nation.
Closer cooperation among the vari-
ous campus organizations would also
produce benefits for them and the
University as well.
John Frederick Hoffman

Set For Vote
Tomorrow the entire campus will
have an opportunity to select 12 rep-
resentatives in the Student Senate's
semi-annual election.
Thirty-four candidates, both non-
partisan and party members, offer
their platforms on this page. Through
The Daily, you have been given a
chance to weigh their statements and
then vote with some idea of where
your vote will go.
A full explanation of the propor-
tional representation ballot will be in
tomorrow's Daily.

Although it would have been possi-
ble for me to run on a party ticket, I
have chosen a non-partisan platform
for this election. If elected, my opin-
ions and actions will be my own.

University of Michigan
Friday, December 12, 1941
This is a proportional ballot. Therefore please number in order of
preference for whatever candidates may be desired.


Michigan Party
We, the candidates of the Michigan
Party; have one outstanding desire;
that is to further interest in our gov-
ernment, the state, the University,
and ill institutions which exemplify
the democratic ideals. We and the
student body should all be united in
our stand in national and ipterna-
tional questions by our common heri-
tage as Americans. However, our ac-
tions in this sphere must be limited
to those which are of an affirmative,
critical nature in this crisis; and ex-
cept insofar as they affect the stu-
dent body and University directly;
the Michigan Party believes that the
Student Senate should concern itself'
only with, student affairs and should
refrain from involving itself in na-
tional and international questions.
We have chosen the Michigan Par-
ty banner because it most effectively
exemplifies the, American ideals on
the campus. It is the one organiza
tion which has only one bias, that
of cosmopolitanism, and is one or-
ganizationswhich equally represents
fraternities, dormitories and inde-
Harold Klein
William Ager
Donald Cabral
Buck Dawson
Bill DeCouroy
Robert W. Gibson
Willis Glas
Charles.;S. Haughey
Martha Kinsey
Max Pearse
Edward Tann
The campus must do its part in the
defense effort; Iwill work in the Stu-
dent Senate for the following pro-
1. Students, faculty and Adminis-
tration can work together in an or-
ganized fashion to implement the war
effort. The University's facilities for
recreation should be made available
to the boys in the armed forces.
2.1 I will support all national and
local efforts to keep prices down and
to expose those taking unfair advan-
tage of the crisis. As a cooperative
member, I fully realize what rising
prices have meant. Fascism is the
antithesis of all the Rochdale Prin-

I pledge myself, as a representativej
of the entire student body of the Uni-
versity of Michigan to place the Stu-
dent Senate in completeraccord with
the national defense program and
any of its campus activities.
I pledge myself to work for in-
creased cooperation among the stu-
dents, thereby raising the University
above all petty differences and al-
lowing us to clearly analyze and solve
the problems that we face today.
I pledge myself to do all in my
power to aid the programs of such
organizations as the USO. The men
Swho may give their lives are the men
who deserve every possible benefit
that the civilian public can give them.
And I further pledge myself to
help the Student senate fulfill its
rightful function as a truly repre-
sentative legislative body serving as
a bond between students and the
Gloria Donen
/To students living in co-ops of
whom I am one, there is particular
significance attached to the outcome
of our anti-fascist struggle, for the
co-op way of life and the aims upon
which our movement is based would
be destroyed by a fascist victory.
Now that war has actually come to
the U.S., it is more imperative than'
ever that the entire campus assume
its responsibilities, along with the
rest of the country in the anti-fascist
fight we are waging in alliance with
Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and
China. To this end I propose in-
creased student participation in the
national defense prograi with a rep-
resentative student, or student-facul-
ty, body of co-ordinating defense ac-
tivities. I also propose that extended
aid to the USO," the sale of defense
bonds and stamps, war relief, cooper-
ation with the army and navy units
to whatever extent possible, dances
for draftees, should be encouraged by
the Student Senate.
As the success of our national pol-
icy will depend on national unity, so
will the success of our work on cam-
pus depend on unity among the stu-
dent body. This means no toleration
of racial or religious discringnation;
it means active cooperation by all
sections of the campus (fraternities,
co-ops, independents, Negro and Chi-
nese student groups) in all campus
activities and in the fight to protect
our democratic privileges as students
and citizens of a free country.
Miriam Wellington

(~ Q
( )

LYNCH, David ............................Non-Partisan
KLEIN, Harold.......................Michigan Party
HUNTER, Morton ......................... Michigan Party
O'CONNOR, Don ......... . ...................... S. D. D.
DANIELS, Jim ....................Dormitory Independent
EDELHERTZ, Herbert ............ Dormitory Independent
HOFFMAN, John Frederick , .......Dormitory Independent
DONEN, Gloria ............................Non-Partisan
LESHINE, Rhoda...............Dormitory Independent
STEWART, Bill ...........................Non-Partisan
SELTZER, Hoe. . . ............Independent Coalition
JOHNSON, Orval ..................Independent Coalition
FRAZIER, John H . ...............Independent Coalition
MACKINNON, John ..............Independent Cbalition
ANDERSON, Dorothy ..............Independent Coalition
HITT, Harman...................Independent Coalition
KIRK, Doris .......... . ....................:Inter-Guild
JOHNSON, Tom G. ... . ......................Inter-Guild
BRIDDON, Dorothy .......................I.. Iter-Guild
LERNER, Marvin ........................... Anti-Fascist
GUADALUPE, Carmen M . .................. Non-Partisan
WELLINGTON, Miriam.......Independent
SCHWARZBACH, Jerome ..................Non-Partisan
NEPPEL, Phip ............................ Non-Partisan

I propose to represent all students
on the Michigan campus regardless
of race, creed or political affiliation
and to make the Senate more directly
responsible to the student body. I
will also advocate to the best of my
ability all policies of the University
which are designed to bring this Uni-
versity into closer harmony with the
war effort.
David Lynch
The residence halls are an integral
part of the University. Up through
the dormitory system comes not only
the vast body of independents, but
also the large number who later re-
side in fraternities and sororities.
For this reason I feel that the dor-
mitories deserve representation in the
Student Senate. So large a body of
students, with its individual and pe-
culiar needs, requires a representative
who is familiar with its problems.
I am running for the Student Sen-
ate as a Dormitory Independeit, and
as one who has been actively partici-
pating in student affairs since his
entrance into the University.
My platform is simply this: If
elected, I intend to do my best to rep-
resent the men and women who live
in the residence halls.
Herbert Edelhertz
r a
at theI

I pledge my earnest support in the
Student Senate of ANY individual or
group endeavoring to attain a logic-
ally justified and desirable goal.
It is my desire to see an increase in
the scope and significance of the Stu-
dent Senate's influence over campus
affairs and in the solution of student
problems. I will initiate and support
action designed to attain this end.
Approximately 2,500 people live in
University Residence Halls or roughly
over 20% of the entire student popu-
lation. It is my belief that represen-
tation of this group in the Student
Senate should more closely approxi-
mate the significance of the group
than it now does. Unless this be the
case the Student Senate can never
be truly representative.
Regarding the present interna-
tional situation I consider Germany
the ultimate enemy and the war as
one between the Axis nations and
the rest of the world. In the Student
Senate I will support action in con-
nection with University activity the
end of which is the defeat of the
Axis power--the preservation of our
Jim Daniels
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AGER, William .......................Michigan
CABRAL, Donald..... ................. Michigan
DAWSON, Buck .........................Michigan
DECOURCY, Bill ........................ Michigan
GIBSON, Robert W . ......................Michigan
GLAS, W illis ............................M ichigan
HAUGHEY, S. Charles ................... Michigan
KINSEY, Martha ........................ Michigan
PEARSE, Max........................Michigan
TANN, Edward ........ .................Michigan


I te-ul
1. The Student Senate should con-
cern itself primarily with problems of
student government, social service,
and education.
2. The Student Senate should or-
ganize frequent parleys for the ex-
pression of student opinion on con-
troversial matters of community, na-
tional, and international importance.
3. The Student Senate should re-
frain from dogmatic pronouncements
condemning or endorsing policies or
actions of special interest groups.
4. The Student Senate should re-
frain from promoting the programs
of these special interest groups.
5. The Student Senate should con-
duct all-campus polls of student opin-
ion on topics of vital interest.
6. The Student Senate should as-
sume ,some responsibility for student
discipline through one or more repre-
sentatives on disciplinary beards.
7. The Student Senate should have
the power to officially= present peti-
tions for change to the Board of Re-
gents as the representatives of the
student bqdy.
Dorothy Bridpl n,
Tom Johnson,

There are many candidates and
many promises and many parties and
many platforms, all endeavoring to
create in the mind of the harassed
voter the impression that a certain
candidate or party with a profes-
sional-sounding platform is, because1
of their this or that achievement orI
this or that claim that they will set
the campus on fire and remedy every
evil in the world, the best for the job.
They might be the best ones for
the job. But I have no professional
platform to stand by, I am not a
member of the various political par-
ties, and I make only. the promise
that I will do all in my power to act
and vote with sincerity, and repre-
sent campus opinion.
Jerome Schwarbach

ciples and ve in the co-ops have a
great stake in this struggle. I will
work in the interest of spreading the
Student Cooperative movement and
its principles.
3. The struggle for democracy can
be given meaning by protecting and
extending it at home. I will support
all efforts to eliminate Jim Crow and
I anti-semitism. American labor is in
the forefront of the battle for prodiuc-
tion and fully realizes its responsi-
bility. Its rights must be protected.
-Marvin Lerner

Doris Kirk



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