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December 08, 1941 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-08

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Japan AttacksU.S. Outposts;
FDR Will Address Congress
At pecialSession Today
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of Malaya near the Thailand border. After being repulsed, the Japanese
were successful at Sabak, 13 miles southward.
They then proceeded overland toward Kotabahru, fighting with British
air and land forces as they went.
Two bombs fell in the center of Singapore and a number of others were
heard in various parts of the island.
Gunfire was reported heard off Mersing, 90 miles northeast of Singapore
on the east coast of Malaya. A brief official announcement said that the
,Japanese had landed in North Malaya' ad that "the invaders are being
The attack upon Singapore came as mighty Brish force of men, guns,
ships and planes stood ready for Prime Minister Churchill's anticipated
declaration of war against Japan today. "
Nazis Call.Battles ,Clashes' . . I
BERLIN, Monday, Dec. 8-(IP)-Obligated under the three-power pact
to go to Japan's assistance if Japan is "attacked," Germany referred early
today to hostilities in the Pacific as "clashes."
A special communique failed to clarify Germany's intentions, but
termed President Roosevelt a "war incendiary."
Article three of the tripartite pact, signed by Italy, Germany and Japan
on Sept. 27, 1940, provided that those three countries "undertake to assist
one another with all political, economic and military means ifone of the
"three coitracting parties was attacked by a power not then involved in the
European~ or Asiatic wars.
"The war monger Roosevelt has reached his aim," said the Berlin
The statement referred to what was described as President Roosevelt's
"tblind hatred against the Reich of Adolf Hitler."
The special announcement was divided into two sections The first said:
"As a result of constantly increasing warmongering of the American Pres-
identdRoosevelt in recent weeks, the. first clashes between Japanese and
.United States armed forces occurred today."
The second part of the communique, devoted to comment, said:
"The war-incendiarist Roosevelt finally has reached his aim by also get-
ting afire the Far East.
"Alongside Churchill he is one of those chiefly responsible for inciting
this war. For years he tried to plot a war of Jews and plutocrats against
the German Rich, which was revived by the revolution of the Fuehrer, and
intentionally through his agents and middle men worked toward the end
of extending this struggle to other lands and other continents."-
"Obviously it is the intention of the American Government to conspire
with Great Britain and other countries to obstruct Japan's efforts toward
the establishment of peace through the creation of a new order in East
Asia, and especially to preserve Anglo-American rights and interests by
keeping Japan and China at war.
Why Japan Went To War :..su
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7.--0)--Why did Japan declare war against us to-
day? Here is Tokyo's case against us as set forth in the memorandum which
the Japanese ambassadors handedl to Secretary of State Hull this afternoon:
We "attempted to frustrate Japan's aspiration to the. ideal of common
prosperity" in Asia.
- "The American Government, obsessed with its own views and opinions,
may be said to be scheming for the extension of the war. While it seeks, on
the one hand, to secure its rear by stabilizing the Pacific area, it is engaged,
oen the other hand, in aiding Great Britain and preparing to attack, in the
name of self-defense, Germany and Italy."
The American Government desires to maintain and strengthen, in coa-
lition with Great Britain and other powers, its dominant position it has
hitherto occupied not only in China but in other areas of East Asia."
The demand that Japan withdraw from China "ignores Japan's sacri-
fices in the four years of the China affair, menaces the Empire's existence
itself and disparages its honour and prestige."
)Par To Break Blockade?...
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7--(P)-Strategists here suggested today that one
of the prime purposes bf the initial air attacks on the American insular
outposts in Manila and the Philippines was to break an attempted blockade
6f Nippon before it could be well organized.
They said a general conflict in the Far East fought over vast areas of
land and ocean simultaneously, would be primarily a war of blockade. The
initial objective of the United States, with whatever aid comes from other
powers, would be to cut off Japanese sources of supply from the outside
world and at the same time undertake an air offensive designed to destrop
transportation facilities, power plants munitions factories and other sources!
of military power in Japan,
- _ - - - . . . . _ . _ _

Girls Give Rawdon Close Shave

FDR Message
To Japan Head
Is MadePublic
?resident Warns Hirollito
To Remove All Troops
From Indo-China Area
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Malaya and of Thailand itself, are
isking themselves whether these
forces of Japan are preparing or in-
tending to make attack in one or more
>f these many directions.
I am sure that Your Majesty will
understand that the fear of all these

Congressmen Shocked By Jap
Action; Predict War Declaration
WASHINGTON, Dec, 7- .P)-Jap- Senator George (Dem.-Ga.) said an
an's attack on American outposts to- open declaration of war "will give us
day brought immediate expressions of .greater freedom of action."
.ndignation from members of Con- He said the attack might draw the
,;ress. and most freely predicted that United States directly into the Eur-
nongress would adopt a declaration of opean war, "but not necessarily."
var without hesitation if President Russian collaboration with the United
~States in fighting Japan, he said, was
Roosevelt asked for one. a possible means of entry by this


Such vigorous critics and opponents
>f the Administration's foreign policy
as Senator Wheeler (Dem.-Mont.)
and Rep. Fish (Rep.-N. Y.) called for
"The only thing now is to do our
best to lick hell out of them," Wheeler
said at Billings. Mont. He added that

country into the European conflict.
He called attention to the "vast dis-
tances in the Pacific" and warned
that " it may take two or three years
to fight this war to the end."
Rep. McCormack, Dem.-MassJ, the
House majority leadersaid all Amer-

Dick Rawdon, "feminine" lead in "Full House," Union Opera which
opens tomorrow at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, is cornered by
Veitch Purdom and Ginny Appleton for the first step in his makeup-
a good shave.

Union Opera's
Makeup Girls
Relate Trials
With the authority of Veitch Pur-
dom, '42, and Ginny Appleton, '42, on
it, we have the statement that for real
fussiness about makeup, the Union
Opera boys will take the lambs' wool
powderpuff over the JGP girls every
And Veitch Purdom and Ginny Ap-
pleton ought to know. Both of them
have wielded the lipstick and the eye-
brow pencil over just about every
type of theatrical cast that has scuff-
ed up the boards of Lydia Mendel-
ssohn Theatre for several semesters,
They've both beautified the goons
arid gooned up the beauties of the

Junior class for an official appear-
ance; they've both bashed recalci-
trant children back into their seats
for additional rouging before a Thea-
tre Arts presentation; but they agree
that the site of the Union Opera is
where you'll hear the loudest howls
when the boys feel they're not looking'
girlish enough to meet their respective
"It's a lot harder than the ordinary
feminine makeup job, too," Veitch
said. "You can't even start slapping
the powder puff around until you're
sure that there's no five-o'clock
shadow there, to blur up the sought-
after skin-you-love-to-touch effect."
"Arid Eee-gad!" she continued, "the
yelp that goes up when you tell them
to get to work and start scraping off
the hair on arms, legs and chest!"
But Veitch and Ginny have both
developed enough muscle in the last
couple of weeks to make it sure that
you'll see the boys-minus arm, leg,
and chest hair--at Lydlia Mendelssohn
tomorrow night.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7-(R)-Japanese troops have invaded Thailand,
the Tokyo radio said tonight in af broadcast heard by the NBC listening post.
Radio Tokyo said that "in order to maintain the independence of
Thailand, Japan has entered the southern portion of the- tiny country to
combat British troops which have entered from the Malayan border."
ROME, Dec. 8--(/)-Axis circles gave the impression today that
neither Italy nor Germany would move against the United States im-
mediately under the three-power pact as a result of hostilities in the
Authoritative political circles were silenii, but Italian and German
circles said unofficially that the attitude of Rome and Berlin for the
present would be on6 of "watchful waiting."
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7-(A"-Undersecretary of War Patterson called
tonight for production of all war munitions on a 24-hour basis.
Patterson issped instructions to chiefs of the War Department pro-
curement agency that "all steps must be taken to increase the speed with
which contracts are let and to speed up maximum production."
- -A-- h -is--s
f hug

people is a legitimate fear inasmuch he assumed a war declaration would but should "remain calm but deter-
as it involves their peace and their be made immediately, and declared mined and follow the leadership of
the Japanese "must have gone crazy." President Roosevelt."
Your Majesty will understand why i Fish said he would make an address Chairman Reynolds (Dem.-N.C.) of
muthe House tomorrow asking the the Senat'e Military Affairs Commit-
the people of the United States, in American people "to present a united tee, said: "I am 100 per cent against
such large numbers, look askance at front in support of the President of war. I want to know all about what
the establishment of military, naval the United States, the Commander- has happened before I say anything
and air bases manned and equipped in-Chief of the armed forces." about declaring war."
so greatly as to constitute armed
forces capable of measures of offense.
Asked To Resolve Situation
It is clear that a continuance of
such a situation issunthinkable.
None of the peoples whom I have
spoken of above can sit either indef -
initely or permanently on a keg of.'
There is absolutely no thought on
the part of the United States of in-
vading Indo-China if every Japanese
scldier or sailor were to be withdrawn
therefrom. G I V E4
I think we can obtain the same as-
surance from the governments of the
East Indies, the governments of Mal-
aya and the government of Thailand.
I would even undertake to ask for
the government of China. Thus, a
withdrawal of the Japanese forces
from Indo-China would result in the
assurance of peace throughout the
whole of the South Pacific area. I4f C
Addresses Hirohito
I address myself to Your Majesty
at this moment in the fervent hope __.__
that Your Majesty may, as I am do-
ing, give thought in this definite
emergency to ways of dispelling the 4
dark clouds. I am confident that both .Qha
of us, for the sake of the peoples 4
not only of our own great countries,
but of the sake of humanity in neigh-
boring territories, have a sacred duty V1
to restore traditional amity and pre- 9
vent further death and destruction
in the world
The Michigan Daily wishes toK
express their thanks to the adver- ,
tisers appearing in this issue for
their splendid cooperation in mak-
ing this paper possible.
I)b i
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