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December 05, 1941 - Image 22

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-12-05

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NewNatural ShoulderLine Will TakePlace Of rape Mod

eLDAY, DEVENE S,5,1941
~el It


Fashions Make
Greater Height
For Short Men
Effect Of Added Stature
Gained In Herringbones,
Stripes, Long Lapels
It's well worth the time and energy
of shorter men to plan the purchase
of their clothing so that they give
an added appearance of height.
There are a good many tested de-
ices in the way of clothig that will
give the aspect of added inches. If
you are in the shorter-than-averag
group, you can well profit to concen-
trate on fashions that accentuate
tall lines, and naturally, avoid wear-!
ing things that subtract from your
In the purchase of shirts a short
man ought to note thatwidespread
collars give the impression of build-
ing him up at the shoulders. Conse-
quently, an appearance of added
height is given.,
Hats with low crowns and wide
brims produce a squatty effect and
therefore, should be avoided by 6hort
men. Buy hats with tftpered crowns
and medium-width and an added,
appearance of height will be yours.
The most important single consid-
eration in the way of height building
clothing is the purchase of suits.
First of all vertical lines should be
of prime consideration in their se-
lection. Stripes and herringbones are
both desirable, on the other hand,
very large plaids should be avoided.
Then the short man ought to con-
sider the tailoring of the suit-long
roll lapels, medium length coats, and
narrow and cuffless trousers arede-
sirable. Thick and fuzzy types of
fabric give more the appearance of
Width than height.
In the matter of topcoats and
overcoats, much of the same thing
that applied in the case of suits is
true. Squared shoulders, and long
rolled and peaked lapels are effec-
tive in producing added height. Knee-
length coats make the owner's legs
look considerably longer.
When you are buying shoes, use,
your best judgment, but on the
Whole, avoid the purchase of shoes
with too wide-spread soles.
The next time you' are able to
scrape together enough money to
buy something new in the way of ap-
parel, consider some of these points
and get a new lift in life.

Snap Brims Return
To Michigan Favor
Gone are the days of "pork pies"
and Joe College hats. Michigan men
have turned back to the conservative
felt snap brim . . . but, they have a
new touch.
Several new colors have appeared,
especially gra-bon, a combination of
grey and reddish brown. The army
has had its effect in the prevalence
of khaki. The new browns and blues
have given rise to many poplar com-
A new addition is in the edging.
Most popular are the turned-under,
hand-stitched edge and .those of a
lighter color than the hat itself. The
hat bands, too, are of a lighter shade,
usually made of gabardine or whip-
The Homburg is still the outstand-
ing hat for semi-formal wear, and
in browns and greys it also appears
frequently in the classroom and
downtown. Michigan men, however,
ire surplanting the Homburg with
the top-hat at formal affairs.
Many Shadtes
Are Off ered
In Pajamas
Paisley Prints, Bright Red
Suggested; Nightshirts
Rettirn To Popularity
You can get pajamas to "suit his
personality" when you go 'Santa-
shopping this year. For those once
stereotyped P. J.'s now appear in
practically every hue imaginable,
from riotous reds to subtle lavendar.
The patterns, also, afford a variety
of choice, from the mild, subdued
paisleys to checks, polkadots, and
stripes in such violent patterns that
you almost wonder how they could
possibly "sleep peacefully without
With such an excellent selection
available, it is an easy trick to select
pajamas that, strike a responsive
chord in the lucky man's personality.
If he's a quiet, retiring soul. get
him a pair in an accordingly quiet
paisley print. If he's a typical Michi-
gan man, however, get him the loud-
est, brightest pair you can find-and
he'll speak of you kindly forever.
And for that in-between man, that
you aren't quite sure about, your best
bet is a pair somewhere around the.
happy medium. Harmonious stripes
that blend together instead of bright-
ly contrasting are always a safe
choice. o c
If he is an individual, and really
has the courage of his convictions,
get him one of those old-fashioned,
voluptuous flannel nightshirts rem-
iniscent of the eighties which are
the latest rage. If he can stand the
razzing he's bound to get, he'll like
For the dashing young blade, sleep-
ing shorts are much in favor. But
some like them, and some don't, so
you'd better be sure before you buy.
But above all, before you buy those
pajamas, be sure that he wears them.
A great many of those manly speci-
mans don't, you know.
If the guy's got an ego (and what
guy hasn't) you might give him a set
of bookends carved in his initials.
They make better reading than most

Coat To Feature Less Padding
In 1941 Straighter, Longer Style
* ** *

* * *

Tweeds Are Still Recommended For Informal Wear
With Herringbone Weave Favored Over Twill
I __ _________v

More Color, Less
Glare Is Featured
In Socks For Men
More colors and less glare.. . that's
the highlight of socks this year.
They're not the bright hues of last
season but many subdued combina-f
tions of browns, blues and reds. Thei
conservative man no longer has to
turn to dark shades but can pick
socks with life that aren't eye-shock-
ing. He, too, has his choice of argyles,
plaids and, of course, the solid colors.
Although lisle is still a popular fab-
ric, wool takes first place this year.
Not only do they give added warmth,
but the elastic top fits snuggly about
the ankle. The trend nowadays is!
toward the ankle-length sock which is
fast succeeding the old garter-length
type. '
Girls, if you've been wondering
what to get THAT lad for Christmas,
socks make wonderful gifts. But,
whether store-bought or hand-knit-
ted, for heaven's sake make sure of
the size! Nothing is more uncom-
fortable than socks that cramp the
toes or curl under in a heavy wad.
This especially in view of the pun-f
ishment feet take on campus.
Jewelry Style
Is Predieted
Plain Gold To Be Popular;
Matching Tie ClaspSets
Are Offered Gentlemen
The days of the opal stick pin/are
definitely over, but that is practically
all that's new on the men's jpwelry
front. The strong sex continues to
be conservative in the matter of decor-
ation and accessory.
Typical of their quiet good taste is
this year's trend toward plain gold
in jewelry. In cuff links, for in-
stance, they're showing burnished gold
imprinted with horses heads and
other equestrian objects. Very out-
door-mannish, and should be good
with tweeds. On the severe side is
the eight sided link with cut out,
three-initialed monogram. Also in
good taste is the gold rimmed oval
link set with a rather large blue or
red stone. Takes a man of the world
to wear this combination. If the
brotherly spirit gets you, you can
have your fraternity crest set in silver
for your cuff. Either square or round
link is good.
A new arrangement in the cuff
link line is gold, set dumb-bell fa-
shion, with fat pearls on each end
to hold the cuffs intact.
You mjay, of course, have your links
with matching tie clip and watch
chain. The clip usually has a band
to correspond with the silver lizard-
link or gold chain of the watch holder.
Men are still a bit hesitant on the
ring subject, so those on view this
year are vety simple. A huge black
square or oval edged in gold is pro-
perly dignified. The prverbial ca-
meos seem smaller this year, and
they're showing pale gold ones as well
as the black and white favorites.
Cokes In The Cooler
Although the cheapest and most
accessible spot to cool cokes at pres-
ent is the weather side of the window
sill, there's a new portable cooler out
for July." weekends. Containing ice
in the interior, the versatile gadget
holds six bottles of coke or beer. +

The rumor that the necktie is
about to be discarded in favor of the
Superman T-shirt is still idle.
But the rumor that buying ties
for Christmas is a dangerous business
is more truth than fiction.
In case you ever hang from the
short end of a necktie, remember
these words, and regret that you did
not heed them.
There are only a few, but very nec-
essary precautions to take when giv-
ing out With the Chr-istmas spirit in
the shape of neckwear. Observe these
and your relatives will be wreathed in
smiles and your friends will still be
Leading the list of don'ts in neck-
wear by a wide margin is the gaudy,
or johnny come-lately type that are
likely to be seen at a certain agri-
cultural school in the central part
of the state. A tie like that given to
a strong min is a good argument for
a life insurance policy.
Second, but not far away, is the

scarf type which may have been hot
stuff on Byron and Shelley. but looks
a trifle incongruous amidst modern
Another and perhaps last of the
absolute bans is on those fuzzy knit
ties. It's bad enough to dance with
an angora sweater without wearing
it around your neck.
Remaining for he who would show
good taste are the old reliable solid
colors in gabardine or knits, the con-
servative stripes, and that Michigan
gift to the men, the open collar.
Left for comment is just one thing,
Buy a dress tie that either resists the
encroadhment or enables the removal
of lipstick. Otherwise a tie per date
will make someone sadder, but wiser.
F or Th Short 1111 * .
Suggestion -- if you want that tall
Abe Lincoln look. Many shoes, on the
market are fitted with built-in lifts,
aimed at raising the general level of
mankind. When bigger and better
heels are needed, America will make

Buying Ties For Christmas
Is Risky, But It Can Be Done

for gif'

Throw back your shoulders, men,
and straighten up, because that boon
to the less rugged of your sex, the
drape model suif, is going out of
The stuffing has been knocked out
of that model by the new straight
jacket (don't misunderstand), a coat
in which natural shoulers and a
dartless waist are the predominant
features. The result, of course, is
less breadth of shoulder and a
straight line ,from shoulder to hip.
But don't lose heart, because the
advantages of the straight jacket
(??) are many. Extreme comfort is
one of its greatest virtues because
padding may be reduced, and you
don't have to worry about sporting
the broadest pair of shoulders on
campus. The style, which was very
popular about eight years ago, really
makes the esthenic look no more so,
and certainly gives a neater and
smarter effect than the box coat.
Three-Button Jacket
The jacket will be a three-button
affair, and probably will have the
comfortable vented back. This year's
models are slightly longer than pre-
vious ones, and almost certainly are
as long as they ever will be.
For classroom and informal wear,
the tweed is still the most popular of
all materials, with twills gaining on
herringbones. A fine stripe has been
introduced in both tweeds to compli-
cate things and relieve monotony.
Incidentally, if you expect to wear
the suit to class, and for that reason
don't want to invest much"money, it
pays to get two pairs of pants with
the suit. Inexpensive tweeds need
a lot of pressing, and if you can al-
ternate your pants you can get a lot
more wear out of your outfit.
Olive-Drab Covert
Olive-drab covert is another popu-
lar material for informal outfits, and
looks particularly well when used in
contrasting jacket and trouser com-
binations. Gray flannel is the third1

material most often seen, and is real-
ly good-looking in Cambridge gray
or brown.
For more decorous occasions, blue
suits with a fine chalk stripe, gray
or blue-gray sharkskin, and the
worsted flannel or wool flannel in
gray, are excellent. For those who
want more individuality, the swanky
Glenquhart plaid in a soft unfinished
worsted or Saxony should do the
trick. The color will preferably be
gray or blue-gray.
You can probably get away with
just about anything in choosing your
sport jackets, what with checks,
plaids, stripes, herringbones, twills,
and good old camel's hair affairs
seen crawling to class.
Trends In Wallets
Indicate Inflation
Is Around Corner
With the threat of inflation half-
way around the great American cor-
ner, it looks like a wear-and-tear
year for wallets and billfolds.
The latest in pocket leather goods
incorporate such features as secret
compartments, removable "wafer"
wallets for formal use, removable
card cases, removable pass cases, and
removable bills. One manufacturer
had a collapsible filing cabinet ready
to go, but was thwarted by priorities
Saddle "leather, a golden-colored
cow-hide that first gained popularity
last Christmas, is still holding a top
place. Long-wearing and available in
almost any color, it offers beauty plus
Key-cases can be had with any
number of gadgets, from a folding
auto-license compartment to remov-
able key-hooks. Don't write to your
Congressman if you can't get zipper
cases. He voted to turn them into
bombers for Britain.

He will be doubly proud of H G [1I
If it comes from
The GIft Store for Men1
This list will help you .
and a fine selection to choose from.
Many Other Items.


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more festive.

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