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November 12, 1941 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-11-12

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Y, NOVEMEf 12D 1941
........___... HE IIC~HILGAN DAI~LY

Formal Attire
Hits Spot-Light.


n New'Styles

Bows To Catch Bedu

Males Influence
Feminine Style,

"Sensible" Coeds Turn Thumbs Down
OnKnee Socks, Fussy Clothes, Bare Midriffs
By BARBARA de FRIES colored coats, tight clothes, ankle That sounds sensible so we'll put
Thanks to the Theta Sigma Phi bracelets, high-heeled sandles, Dr. them up in the first class and hence,
is girls, who conducted the canvass en- Denton's, broomstick skirts, fur jack- provide a future for them.
titled "An Exam You Can't Flunk," ets and long sweaters. Imagine a coed They Simply Refuse


They Claim


Sensational Trends Include
Long Torsos, Peasant Lines'
And Innovptions In Accessories
Thank heaven we women aren't
reduced to begging Uncle Sam for
priorities on beauty. We may feel
as if we're in the army now by run-
ning around in much khaki and hop-
sacking in broad daylight but when
the sun goes down we can be our
own feminine selves in formal attire.
When you've forgotten you have
a waistline you'll love to go dancing
in those new lopg torso pullovers.
Make it to the Pahhellenic Ball in
fetching red jersey and you'll have
that big man from Camp Shelby
trekking to Michigan A.W.O.L.
Be Fragile In Bouffant
It's for you, the fragile type, that
dressmakers live to design. They've
done lots of clever things like tuck-
ing bands of mink around the favor-
ite black velvet decollete or addi4,
miles to a bouffant skirt and winding
golden threads through it in the
shape of bows. And if pink is your
color, by all means wear it and wear
it a lot.
Drama leaves the stage for the
dance floor in the new handkerchief
drapery. The folds just ripple all the'
way to the hemline in a rayon crepe
material. Choose i1 in white for that
cool glass-of-milk look.
We're getting so tired of spoiling
our best with a jacket whenever a
dinner party is planned. You can
find the answer to the problem in a
swish of a purplish velveteen skirt
topped with a pale lavendar sweater.
There's a drawstring at the neck and
the waist which adds that peasant
look of naivete.
Ballet Inspires Gowns
If you really want. to make news,
appear in black faille cut to the bajlet
length. A square-necked white blouse
comes to the waist and is anchored
by a bright cyclamen velveteen cor-
selet for the touch of color. With it,
wear the iatching clips your grand-
mother bequeathed to you.
There's something new under the
sun in a cavalier cape that's ap-
pliqued at the round neck in an
enormous petal design. Yards and
yards of wool have gone into this
warm wrap to keep out the wintry
winds and give the crowning touch
to your costume.
Take a crack at these fashions and
see if you don't rate an "A" plus
from the stag line!

The latest in women's fashions

Vermicelli, on her last trip to Paris we have a glimpse into the inner-self "ithout a long sweater-gruesome.
via submarine cable (amazing, these of approximately 100 girls on campus They Cover Up!
irdles) noted this new trend in the -what they think about, read about, The Cower-Up members of t
world's style center and claims to be third class wouldn't be seen dead
he first to introduce it in the United how they react to certain situations a bathing suit, or 'horts In all fa
states. their ideas, opinions concerning every ness for them, maybe they're afra
i Predictions are an uncertain thing feasible phase 'of collegiate life --in of the water or maybe their parez
at best, but this reporter can agree short. a harlequinade of facts, don't realize that time has narcl'
ith Vermicelli The growing demand This the first n a series of re- on since 1910.
for men has placed us in competition vealing articles, will deal with campus Kay Ruddy, Jeanne Crump, El
wit i the mothers of America and the i clothes (all very apprnp iaue for a nor Nelson, Barbara Schoepflea
United States Selective Servile fashion supplement) along the "what- all genera of the fourth class-t
Board.e;Id-wouldnt-be-seen-dead-in" line. Redheads. They would rather be eig
'lere' The Lowdownfeet under than be seen in. a red dre
H1owever, there are several notes to Some Won't Succumb
he nosy which should be well re- tIt seems there are still a few peo --
,.e ved if hey wan to app arfully Ipie on earth w ho do not succum b to71
deived if they want to appearfuy the fanatic inspirations of whoever
esed at local and campus func- starts fads and then again there are

Then there are some who have been
puzzling taxonomists for a long time
he now: namely, those who refuse to
in wear a wool dress, snapbrim hat and
ir- spectator pumps. We'll call them the
aid lost generation and let it go at that.
nt5 In case there are any who feel
ted themselves degraded, insulted, cut
and what-have-you by the above
ea- classification, address complaints to
are the Fashion Tyros of The Daily and
he apologies will be forthcoming (from
ght the sophomores.) Offer made on sign-
ess. your-name basis only.



No man is worth it. Assuming 'it'
to be a quantity ranging from $10,000t
to a pound of dehydrated blood plas-
ma, he's worth {4 lot more. Depart-
nent stores have not yet released
sales charts on the new trend, but
every New York basement has been
mobbed by thousands of women with
only one goal-men. This can be
blamed on a recent statement from
Washington which threatened to
lower the draft age to 18. Two gold
stars and a window lantern will be
awarded to every girl so deprived.
(Proofreader, please check.)
Uniform Gets Them
Newest and hottest thing in this
smash style has beenfthe uniformed
male. Once impossible to obtain at
any price, manufacturers have been
turning them out to the saturation
point. Saturation is the only solution.
Ranking a close second is the man
in mufti, however handicapped he is
by his transitory stage. This item is a'
much safer bet, since he's usually'
rSales in the third department hav ,
defied our statistics staff, but wll b
reported at a much later date.
Evening Wrap

some who cling desperately to the
old school of thought and won't even
be seen dead in a bathing suit.
The group of girls interviewed in
this "be frank and don't sign your
name"campaign may be placed into
four classes. 1. The Sensible Ones orI
Are - There - Anymore - At - Home-Like
You type; 2. Anti-.ioe College onesor
I'm-here-To-Study type;.. 3. the
Cover-Up gals or I-Don't-Want-
Dates-Anyhow And Nuts-to-Defense;
4. the Redheads.
Thumbs Down!
The Sensible gals give thethumbs
down sign on knee-socks, fussy
clothes, celophane i'aincoats, frilly
blouses, §traight skirts, short-sleeved
sweaters, ' high hells and socks, loud
checks, bare-midriff styles, two plaids,
baggy slacks and army and navy
stuff. Most women fall into this
group, we hope, as it's about the only
group that has 'any future.
The second class--the Anti-Joe
Cuilege type-wouldn't be seen dead
in rubber boots, slinky satin, skirts
above the knees, any kind of slacks,
Silver Comes North
With a 'south of the border' tone
becoming stronger, the influence is

<-_ ,
; - ,.

fa s1)Iu1 holds sway! When
all eyes are on you, you
want to look your best ..
and that will be easy in one
of our unusual date dress-
es or smart casuals.

You Can Be All Wet
And Smart To Boot
Even the freshmen must realize
by now that rain in Ann Arbor is
a. tradition, and the only thing to
do about it is be prepared.
The newest footwear for wet
weather is no longer heavy, clumsy
boots. The fashion experts realize
that you want to look smart, wet or
dry. For dress-up occasions, you can
keep your new pumps looking that
way by wearing a black overshoe of
dull or shiny rubber, covering your
shoe top and fitting snuggly and
Or, if you would rather have higher
boots to protect your stockings also,
there is a middle-height boot of
water-resistent black corduroy. For
those who really like to splash around
campus your answer is calf-high
boots in almost any color you may
wish: white, black ,red, and even

t ,


now spreading into the line of jew-E

H l siti .elry. Heavy silver necklaces and rings
are taking the country by storm. Es-
F- d Specially populart are bracelets made
Coolie, Coachman, Tweed Coats from narrow silver bands. The craze
to deck the arm from the wrist prac-
Score 'A' On First Impression tically to the elbow with shiningl
'plata' is especially great in the west.

(lwe friendly store)

I, -,

;,y .
Y 3
.... _ ,
1 '
w ,

O ur
Counter -

The all-important first impression
of the evening will be achieved the
moment you step off the elevator or
walk down the stairs. If the dance is
formal, as so many are this time of
the year, your evening wrap will be
the most impressive feature of this
moment. The foremost acesire of all
who hold' the center of this stage
is to look as startlingly smart as
The coachman coat, which as the
name implies, has been copied from
this eighteenth-century institution,
and is as smart an evening coat as
one could wish for. It is fitted and
long, and caped in matching velvet.
Styled in red, this coat becomes par-
ticularly attractive.
A new version of the after-five
wrap has been designed so that it
may be worn over a formal as well.
Cut on simple fitted lines, this coat
is equally appropriate for either oc-
casion-formal or informal. In re-
gard to fabric, its velveteen basque
is combined with a wool skirt.
For something decidedly different,#
one might try a tweed cape. In con-'
sequence, your main event of the day
will be a dramatic one, indeed. The
typical greatcape is straight and full
from shoulder to floor, decorated only
by an outstanding clip worn on one
A copy of the Chinese coolie coat
has been adopted for evening wear.
Cut in straight lines it ends just above
the knees. Jet paillettes add a for-
mal note to the coat which, other-
wise, is niade of wool.

There are indications, however, that
this fad is growing steadily eastward

I : ._ ._ . _ . . .

How color conscious are you?
new harmony make-up for fall
clothes. When you goin to buy
a new lipstick they will tell you
just what colors to wear with
it. For example: Dorothy Gray's
Nut Brown Red with greens
and browns . . . Yardley's Pen-
ny Red with brown, Red Fuch-
sia with blacks and blues, and
Tussy's Kiltie Red with plaid.
They also have the harmonizing
rouges, powders and eye make-
The next time you're passing
Oy DILLONS be sure to peek In
and look at the stunning rhine-
stone jewelry they are display-
ing. There are clips and pins in
many sizes and shapes studded
with sparkling rhinestones. (In
the dark we bet your date will
think they are diamonds),...
They're perfe~ct to wear on date
dresses and formals, $1.00 up
Also wemight add that you
just aren't up to date unless yiu
have a string of long pearls.
These come at two prices
$1.00 and $1.95.
- a
There is an old saying tha$ an
A.A. coed can't have en ugh
skirts and sweaters. We know
it's trite and over-used ...but
we also know it's true.,JACOB-
SON'S have many tweedy skirts
and soft sweaters. We spied'one
gorgeous skirt of soft tweed in
a sea foam green to be worn
with a dusky rose cashmere
sweater. If you like brighter
outfits there are plaids and
checks to be wor with red or
green sweaters.
Brunch coats are new. You ask
what are brunch coats? We'll
tell you. They are three quarter
length house coats to be worn
for studying or lounging. Un-
derneath them you wear either
night gowns or pajamas. We
saw one that was really stun-
ning . . . a white ,brunch coat
lined in red with matching red
has these, and if you prefer,
plain house coats. There are
warm Kenwoods, and chenilles
in tailored stiles, or satins and

maribous in dressy styles.
EIBLER'S fnr fine iwelry!Foir'


The Calkins-Fletcher Cosmetic Co unter carries cos-
metics that are nationially known, Yardley's, Tussy,
Dorothy Grey, Mary Dunhill, Coty. We carry only
Known Brands in order to protect you. You cannot run
the risk of using inferior products that might harm
delicate skin. Your only protection is buying known
products at a reliable store.
f r
For the finishing touch to complete your make-up - Perfumes.
We carry Lelong, Lentheric, Schiaparelli, Corday, Lanvin Perfumes
that meet the demands of every campus occasion. Whatever your
\beauty needs, the Cosmetic Counter can supply them.


s ..;
t. ...>:::::;,
u '
' Wit: ...
- a

" ..,


\ . ._'.t..


Reporting that the CAMPUS SHOP
has been discovered with a wonder-
ful selection of all college clothes
necessities. Have you seen their
long-sleeved tailored shirts in both
silks and cottons for only $1.19-$3.95?
You must catch some of their pastel
skirts and sweaters. Take care to
slip your hands into their warm
wooly mittens designed for style,

Ii ~ ~ I


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