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November 12, 1941 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-11-12

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Novel Sweater
Styles Brighten
College Attire
,Argyles, Scotch Plaid, V-Neck,
Blazers Popular This Season;
Brooks Sweaters Still Reign
Sweaters and skirts, good old col-
lege uniforms, don't always need to
be the same prosaic costumes. Novel-
ty, if not overdone, will add spice to a
sweater wardrobe.
Witness the rapid rise of the Argyle
plaid pullover and the amazing popu-
larity of the V-neck early this Pall.
Argyles have blazed the way for
other plaid sweaters and a few fash-
ion pace-setters have knitted them-
selves or had made sweaters of Stu-
art or Glen clan plaids. What we're
looking for now is a bold striped
Plaids Are Popular
Plaids aren't the only patterns
available. In the ski shop can be
found bright warm'crew-necked ty-
rolean sweater. Many of these are
designed like Indian artwork, with
geometric shapes or quaintfigures.
they look well over 'ak skirts as
well as over ski trousers and we'll
Wager that the men will be wearing
something similar to classes as soon
as the snow starts flying.
Little girl blouse sweaters with em-
broidery or angora trims are different
this winter in sleeve, style. Instead
of being short-puffe of ordinary-
long sleeves, they.are braceletlength.
Some have monograms on them.
Mix Sweater Halves
Sleeves in cardigans are showing
a new trend, looseness around the
wrists which prevents push-ups but
gives that wanted air of casualness.
Another cardigan is the button-down-
the - front and button-up-the-back
model. It comes in halves. Buy several
halves and you can "mix 'em or match
'em" in an endless variety of ways.
This year's blazer jacket probably
had its beginnings in ribbon bound
cardigans, but, blazer-bound cardi-
gans are gaining momentum because
of the jackets. -
Be ACopy-Cat
For girls who like tdpay the twin
act with their O.A.O.,, the latest
item in the men's department for
copy-catting is the- V-neck tennis
sweater. Cable-stitehing may be
harder to do than just plain knitting
but those creamy white sweaters with
dark, blue or red stripes, around' the
V-neck and waist are well worth the
extra work. And if you don't knit you
can always spend that allowance.
Where are the classic, plain, much-
loved Brooks sweaters? They're still
with us in all their elegant simplicity
and should comprisetthe majority of
any sweater collection.
Coat Defies Weather
Here's something to defy that fam-
ous Ann Arbor rain and break the
monotony of drab tan raincoats-a
white rubber coat with set in elastic
belt at the waist and a flattering hood
to protect those curls.
~oMtfo i

"The Eyes Have It"
We've picked up a few odds and ends of interest that we don't quite
know what to do with. They're silly, superfluous little gadgets and ideas for
the most part, perhaps, but we thought we'd pass them on to you.
From all the tricky lapel doo-dads which have cluttered the store coun-
ters, and all the Bundles-for-Britain and army insignia which the patriotic-
spirited among us are sporting, it would seem that designers of jewelry might
just possibly Phave a bit of trouble thinking up new creations.
But evidently we were wrong, from the looks of pins and bracelets
that are now being shown to wear with your suit or to accent your best
black crepe. A little silver donkey, no more than three-fourths of an
inch M size, grabbed our affections right off the bat. We'd like to stick
him on our hatband or coat.
The Real Thing - Almost
Another recruit from the animal world to the designer's bench is


the lobster, claws, feelers and all like the
real crustacean he is (we hope!). Even
more infinitesimal, we found a lady-bug
so real it almost crawled across a silver
flower spray.
We thought we'd heard the last of a cer-
tain hit tune, but to and behold, here's a
new angle on the "daddy" story. It's a trick
of a pin with dangling charms representing
the sables, cars and champagne the inno-
cent young miss still pines for.
The Eternal Triangle reappears in a new

guise that has a practical twist money-minded females should like. It's a
triangle-shaped change producer that emits nickels, dimes or quarters at
a flick of the thumb when you're boarding a bus or fumbling in a phone

And speaking of telephones, some clever jeweler has dreamed up a
tiny phone of ebony which has a watch where the dial should be. It
would be a welcome addition to any lapel or handbag. Quaintly Vic-
torian is another gadget, a shiny blackamoor with a feather Aopnot,
which should prove a conversation piece in any company.
If you feel like stitching leather . . . . we know that's been your
suppressed desire-then this; will appeal to


you: one enterprising manufacturer is sell-
ing the leather and the thread, with a com-
plAte patterneand instructions for making #Aw
your own gloves. < x&>
Here's A Ti
"Flat jack" is the tag by which a new com-
pact is being introduced. It's all of four-and-
one-half inches across so one need never fear J
running short of powder. When you're wear-}
ing your best black and the powder sifts per-
sistently down as you pat the shine off your.
nose, save' annoyances by switching to the new flat puffs, pads which are
stuffed with powder, and guaranteed to let loose no specks.
We like the horse-hair butterflies that are designed to accent your
tresses at night. These fluffs of frosting catch the eye with their pearls
that quiver from gilt spirals. They glitter in white for brunettes and black
for blondes.
For a more dramatic head-covering with your best formal, we saw
a chenille snood that will keep your locks from flying. Go hunting in
the dusty attic next time you're home for the old lace your grandmother-
cherished. We unearthed our pet, yards of'real black Chantilly to throw
over head and shoulders in contrast to a white gown, pinning it in place
with a rhinestone clip.
A wisp of net gleaming with scattered paitlettes tossed over your head
will be adequate protection when you dash from the taxi to the side door of
the Union. If you've succumbed to the baby bob
' " craze, then a sequined skull-cap will make a mad-
cap out of you.
' To Dazzle The Eye
While we're on the subject of glitter-and how
could we possibly ignore it when it crops out every-
where in sequins, paillettes, and Jet, here's an idea
that has possibilities: buy yourself some jet, by
the yard band or by the bead, stitch strips on gloves
or shou1ders for interest or twist strings of beads
into tassels for mfuttons tacked down the front of
your old black crepe. k
Black, by the way, seems to be a pretty important
color this winter, from all we've heard about black
V= sweaters to wear with suits and long dinner skirts.
We've got something for knitting enthusiasts who persist in click-
ing away even in the dark of the theatre during the show. If anything
about your preoccupation could make your annoyed date happier it's
the little "yarn-nest," a collapsible cage to imprison your wayward ball
of yarn. At least he won't have to retrieve your wool after it has mean-
dered down a few rows to nestle at the feet of an unsuspecting dowager!
'About the most perfect thing we've seen in the way of a knitting bag
to hold all your paraphernalia is one of
moire with a detachable flap that has
fittings for straight needles, double points,
a circular needle compartment, tape 4,
measure and crochet hooks, with room
left, amazingly enough, for that almost-
completed sweater.
If you're contemplating taking a pin
this fall, then the new capeskin gloves
for campus wear that come exactly alike for you and the man should in-
terest you. Wed like them too ... . and a man to go with them!

Winter Styles
Follow National
Defense Lines
Maybe it's the one too many soc-
iology course that everybody takes or
maybe it is just plain observation,
but it seems that the times really
make their mark on fashion, and
most of all on women's fashion, the
most flexible and impressionable of
them all . . . yeah and verily, for,
just glance around you or read on a
little further, and you'll see what we
Take that lapel conglomeration
they call jewelry, with the "V for
Victory" motto and the "Bundles
for Britain" in gaily colored red,
white and blue bracelets or neck-
laces. The "V"'s come in sleek silver
or gold for th dressier parts of your
wardrobes too, if you want to take
defense and national and interna-
tional doin's with you wherever you
'urses For Defense
Handbags, this year, more than
ever are the extra-roomy kind, that
could hold a flashlight or a gas
mask if necessry, and they do, quite
capably, in Britain these days. They
are leather, wearable and servicable,
in colors and styles that go with
And shoes, it seems to have hit
the feet almost more than anythifig
else, perhaps to make the fair sex
feel akin to her "buck private" who
is plodding along near some army
camp. A step-in of calf, with low
heels and a t'ailored flap on the
front indicate readiness for miles
and miles of defense training and
Or there's the monk's shoe also in
calf which has taken various and
sundry forms and now has a gold
buckle at the side. For the canteen
work or ambulance driving in var-
ious training courses perhaps were
designed the oxfords of brown suede
and alligator, low-heeled for prac-
ticality but smart for fashion.
Service Is Stressed
To the mainstay of the wardrobe,
the suit, defense has added servicea-
bility to the nth degree, with tre-
mendous pockets that will hold every-
thing you may need on your busy
day of service at the Red Cross or
the First Aid courses. They're tweeds,
plain and sensible and made for wear
and tear.
Cardigan sweaters have reached
the height of glory, as one of the
famous Parisian designers has lined
them with fur, embroidered them
with pearls or gold or jet . . . but
they're worn plain and simple with
evening clothes with the dressiest of
dresses as well; thersame black one
you wear with your plaid skirt to
class, can be pulled on over your eve-
ning dress, and it's smart as well as
Go Military
Yellow cardigan over black sweater
and skirt is a new note worn with
those long pearls you love or em-
broidered pearls on both sweaters, the
black and the yellow. A cardigan jac-
ket, lined in fur, perhaps Persian
lamb, will be warm and practical for
those cool days when you must be
active, and comfortable so without
Even gloves have become military
with their names of "Cadet" and "At
Ease" - tailored and serviceable,
that's the keynote of defense, and
of clothing; they follow each other!
Chemical treatment of wool to re-
sist Attack by moths is being studied
at the National Bureau of Standards,
Department of Commerce says.

Dr. Bell of the University Health
Service once stated "In main, fatness
is a disease of the appetite" If we/
tend towards over-weight, the most
prevalent cause of this trouble is
that we are taking more food into our
bodies than we can burn. At an early
age. everyone should learn to control
that appetite if they want to keep
their youthful figger.
Over-eating seems to be a most
common trait among college women.
We all know many people who would
look much smarter without those bul-
ges and that spare tire. Not only
would they look better but they would
feel better if they could adhere to the
following diet sugestion of 1300 cl-
Get Up For Breakfast
Most college women go without
breakfast. Even though it means get-
ting up fifteen minutes earlier than
we would like, the human system
requires food in the morning. The
usual dinner hour for college stu-
dents is 6:00 p.m. Now our bodie
require nourishment between that
time and 12 noon the next day.
Even though we do not realize it,
we become fatigued going for such
a stretch, particularly when we have
to do such heavy class work in the
mornings. (?) Now for a reducing
diet, the best breakfast menu is un-
sweetened fruit juice such as orange
or grapefruit, a slice of whole wheat
toast with a small quantity of butter
(butter contains over 3,000 calories
per lb.) and a cup of black coffee.
Choose Lean Meat
Living away from home presents
numerous diet problems, so often we
have no choice in food. If there is
a choice, as there sometimes is at the
dorms, for the noon meal lean meat
should be chosen before fat meat.
Included with the luncheon menu
should be a salad, with no dressing,
or a vegetable. If a fruit, preferably
unsweetened, is offered, it should be
chosen. If not, the salad and vege-
table should both be chosen to the
exclusion of the dessert. A glass of
milk is essential and a slice of whole
wheat bread is permissible.
For dinner, the menus should be
a lean piece of meat, fish or cottage
cheese, vegetable and salad, again
without dressing, and fruit if it is
served. Avoid all rich desserts. If
fruit is not offered then buy a bag
of apples or oranges to keep in your
Milk Is Essential
Unsweetened coffee or tea, or milk
can be the evening beverage. For ade-
quate diet, a pint of milk every day
is essential. Milk provides calcium,
among -other things, that nourishes
the bone, hair, fingernails and teeth.
Nothing between meals is permis-
sible. That afternoon coke or cokes,
(which incidentally contain 86 cal-
ories per) and those evening spreads
will have to be something of the past.
Old-Fashioned Cotton
Nightie Is Approved
Shades of grandma! The latest dor-
mal duds for dormants are volum-
nous cambric nighties complete with
yokes, embroidery, and lace. It's the
perfect anachronism-a modern co-
ed toddling off to bed in curl papers,
nightgown, and a cigarette in her
mouth instead of a gas lamp in her
Other Victorian renovations are the
nightshirt cut just like Papa's and
fitting you just about like one of his
would. And Dr. Dentons are still as
warm as they were twenty years ago.

OA Sh w"6ining
C Nothing can make a new outfit more suc-
cessful than a shining coiffure. That's how$V
your hair should look - aglow with deep
rich highlights and smoothly "coiffed" in a
becoming new style. You can rely upon! us
for the most expert hair treatment and
smartest hair designing.
Staueblekr Beauty Shop
"Above the Parrot" 1133 E. Huron
338 S. State-Phone 8878 Phone 3414



Prescribes Reducing Diet

For Those Afflicted With Appetite Disease

If this diet is followed religiously, we
will guarantee the loss of one to three
pounds a week.
In conjunction with the reduction
diet is a regular amount -of suitable
exercise. A swift game of tennis, a
fast horseback ride, 18 holes of golf
or nearly any sport, if done at regular
intervals would be invaluable. These
exercises in themselves reduce some,

Jewel To
$2.95 up

K> }F
ant right now to make every-
retty you look!" Deftly twist-
yon sueded jersey in beautiful
h multi-color accents.
erty at Maynard

but their value lies in the fact that
they make the muscles short and elas-
tic and make us look smaller.
All of the Health Service doctors
are most interested in this matter of
weight. Their desire is to improve
students physically as well as men-
tally. They are only too willing to
help anyone who is afflicted with "a
disease of the appetite."

Just 'what you w
one say, "How pr
ed turbans of ra
jewel tones, with



That glamorous, smoothly fitted
look is the answer to their great
popularity with Young Amer-
ica's smart set. Knitted of
Nylon, Lastex and rayon, they,

Take it
When it comes to getting the right
kind of date dress at the right price
the Kay-Jay Shop i the place to
go to fill these requirements.
The colors are new and the styles
are really flattering. Take it from
r: me . . . I know.
$S.\- 111


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