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October 28, 1941 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-10-28

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1941 Jndependents' Banquet Will Feature

Theatrical Theme

Annual Event
Will Premier
Active Season
Individual Women And Houses
To Be Honored For Activities;
Senior Society To Tap Women
Footlights, fanfare, the glamor of
the theatre, will furnish the theme
for this' year's Assembly Banquet,
which will be called "Curtain Raisers,"
announced Mildred Otto, '44, publicity
chairman for the affair.
The dinner will be held from 6
p.m. to 8 p.m., Nov. 10 in the League
Ballroom with the "drama" leading
the way in the matter of programs,
decorations and the happenings of
the evening. Since the banquet is
the opening event of the season for
independent women, it is to be pre-
sented as.a premiere of things in store
for members of the organization.
Will Present Awards
Features of the evening will be the
presentation of scholarship plaques
to individual women with the high-
est scholastic averages, and awards
to dormitories and houses with the
highest averages. Registrar Ira M.
Smith will have charge of the offer-
ing of these awards.
The second act on the program
will include the giving of awards to
the individual women and to the
houses with highest averages in par-
ticipation in activities on campus.
These activities are being reviewed
by Senior Society members in their
Independent Fortnight programs, and
since the banquet is the culmination
of the Fortnight, these awards are
both recognition of past work in
activities and inspiration for future
work. The premiere-banquet will
also feature the tapping of five wo-
men by the present members of Sen-
ior Society.
To Hold Meeting
The start of intensive preparation
on the affair will be at 4 pi. today
in the Grand Rapids Room of the
League, when there will be a mass
meeting of all eligible, independent
women interested in working on the
banquet. Those intending or wish-
ing to work on tickets, publicity,
or decorations are especially asked
to attend.
Dgumbo, Pink
Elephant, Has
Official Debut
If you haven't heard of "Dumbo"
yet, you will! He's New York's latest
pet, and he's taken the city by storm,
we understand. You see, Dumbo is
just a little pink elephant with tre-
mendously floppy ears.
He's related to Ferdinand and the
immortal Mickey in a way, because
he happens to be Walt Disney's new-'
est and perhaps most promising off-
spring. His official debut was made
the other night when Disney's newest
full-length technicolor, presentation
opened in New York. The film de-!
p'cts Dumbo's life in the circus.
Especially amusing is his appearance
as a clown with a pastel-colored false
Promotionists are as enthusiastic
as movie goers, for the baby elephant
who is all ears has great possibilities
as an animal toy to displace the
panda and Pinnochio in juvenile af-
fections. In fact, it's not as a film
star that our pink elephant will es-
tablish his fame, but rather as an in-
spiration for toy designers who hope
he'll become the Christmas toy sen-
sation that all the youngsters will

ask Santa Claus for.w
Dumbo's mighty influence won't
just be felt in the toy department,
for New York stores are already be-
ginning to tie the animal up with
big promotion schemes. One Fifth
avenue establishment has windows
displaying the pink elephant -motif to
introduce a new color, "screaming
Another store ties our elephant up
with the nursery with windows fea-
turing sculptured relief figures of
characters from the picture repro-
duced and painted in pastel oil colors.
Even resort clothes can be remotely
connected with Dumbo, promotion
experts say, since the film is devel-
oped around a Florida setting. This
little pink elephant is going to make
good, mark our words!

Will Do Double Duty

Just in case your shoulders aren't1
as round and lovely as you'd like
them to be, here's a dress for you!
The tight fitting, long-sleeved jacket
will also give you that sophisticated,
svelte look and it's got those wide
shoulders embossed with little leaves
and flowers to soften the neckline.
A new note in fashion newscis that
ever-popular dead black, either for
afternoon or formal wear, with an-
other color such as ice-blue or coral
setting it off. There's a beauty of
black silk velvet, an off-the-shoulder,
number, with a wide panel of that
delicious blue starting from the
bodice and continuing down the
wide, wide skirt.[
Black and white is still the "go"
too, so how about a wide white skirt
of silk satin, with a long-sleeved,
high-necked black bodice embroi-
dered with a white silk flower de-
sign? A variation of this would be
the same plain black bodice, with
two large pink flowers at the V-neck,
and a huge pink satin skirt.
Activity Notes
Low altos and high sopranos, are
still needed to harmonize with the
Women's Glee Club, Marjorie Gould,
'43, announced. There will be a
meeting of club emembers at 4 p.m.
tod1ay in the League, at which time
an opportunity for tryouts will be
Women who save signed up to assist
on the finance committee of Sopho-
more Cabaret, or r any eligible sopho-
mores who would be interested will
meet at 5 .p.m. today at the League,
Josephine Fitzpatrick, '44, announced.
Eligibility cards are desired at the
first meeting even though they have
been signed for League activities.
Student season tickets for the en-
tire Play Production series will be
available for purchase tomorrow at
houses and dormitories through the
efforts of the League Theatre-Arts

Diner's Delight'
Due Tomorrow
It seems that there are a couple
of necessities that must be taken care
of pronto-according to publicity man
Don West-and while he's making up
his mind whether to have a news
story or feature, we'll type it off
"quick-like" and go home to dinner.
Reservations for the 7th a'nual
Union Formal (it's traditional but
the women's editor won't let us use
that word) to be held from 9:30 to.
1 a.m, Friday must be completed by
5 p.m. tomorrow. For the benefit
of those who didn't read the previous
article on reservations, we'll repeat
that when. you buy. a ticket you will
find upon closer scrutiny that there
are two stubs-you fill out each stub
with your name *d address and (the
newest inspiration of the Executive
Council) the name of the group with
which you wish to sit at dinner.
Chummy, isn't it?
Choose Your Company y
Well, there's nothing worse than
having your whole dinner spoiled by
finding, yourself at the same table
with an "illegally broken date." When
ycu turn in that reservation stub
you are assured of company of your
own desire for the evening.I
Speaking of dinner, in a special
communique direct from the Student
Offices it has been disclosed that the
menu for Friday night will be more
than tasty and appetizing, it will be
sensational!-though frankly, any-
thing would sound good at this point
of starvation. Chicken a la king will
be circumscribed with French Fried
potatoes, relish, rolls, coffee and apple
pie a la mode.1
To Be Set Cabaret Style
This delicious array of culinary art
will be deposited on tables set cabaret
style about the dance floor.
Now that you want to go to the
Union Formal (and if you don't after
that menu you're not human) tickets
may be obtained at the Union travel
desk or from any member of the
Council. The sale is limited to 250
tickets and things are already ap-
proaching the limit. We're not al-
lowed to mention prices but if you'll
put a dollar sign in front of the num-
eral five lines above and a decimal
point in the obvious place . . . .
Meeting To Include i
Guest Speaker, Tour
Of Health Service!
The University of Michigan Alum-
nae Club of Pontiac will hold its
October meeting today at a dinner in
the League, with Prof. Preston W.
Slosson as guest speaker. Following
the dinner the group of more than
thirty will take a specially conducted
tour of the University Health Service.
Special guests at the meeting will
be Mrs. May Preston Slosson, Mrs.
Preston W. Slosson, Mrs. Irene John-
son, chairman of the Alumnae Coun-
cil, and Mrs. Lucille Conger, execu-
tive secretary of the Alumnae Coun-
cil. President of the group is Mrs.
Ferdinand Jesse.
Auxiliary Of Riding
Club To Meet Today
The auxiliary group of Crop and
Saddle will meet at 7:30 p.m. today.
All. 14 women are expected to at-
tend, announced Mary Hayden. '42,
.president of the club. Anyone in the
auxiliary section, not able to attend
should call Miss Hayden at 5718 to-

day. The group will meet in front
of Barbour Gymnasium.



Petites Pommes de Terre
I' A

The last weekend left most of us in a not-too-sharp condition. There
really can't be much doubt about that. Consequently, we feel that this is as
good a time as any-better, as a matter of fact-to ring in a good dose of
Van Wyck Brooks style, with plenty of juicy, long, explanatory footnotes, so
that none of our already overworked cerebral cortexes will be unduly taxed.
We got a pretty concrete idea today of how terrifically the mad, gay so2
cial whirl of Ann Arbor was continuing to function, in a repot from the mil-
itary front. Twenty-eight members of the Naval R.O.T.C. *(1) were enter-
tained brilliantly at a dinner-dance at the Hotel Hayes in Jackson (no
cracks) last night with the only catch being that at the last repo; from the
front, and with minutes to go before the start of the expedition, the honored
gentlemen still didn't know whom they were going to dance with. We don't
know why we're so fond of this story, except that we keep get-
ting mental pictures of those little thin R.O.T.C. boys dragging
i. b Peter Arno pouter pigeon-dowagers around the boards.
There were quite a few dances on campus last Saturday
night, and the fact that we shall now give you a few names
(names which I am sure you will all read eagerly) from among
those at the Phi Gam *(2) dance is not due to the fact that this was a par-
ticularly luminous affair of that night, but because our colleague, Ben Doug-
las, thrust the list into our hand, and it's such a lot of trouble calling
houses, and here was this list ....
Well, anyway, among those present at the thing were Mary Lou Ewing
and Norm Call, Janet Clark and Fred Anderson, Ginny Boardman and Phil
Detwiler, Nan Sawyer and Lyons Howland, Betty Hall and Buck Dawson,
Betty Heidbreder and Wayne Wright, and Sally Weinhart and Jack Vaughn.
Homecoming Humor. .
Homecoming weekend, as it generally does, turned up p good many
plen-ty funny anecdotes. One of them that we liked particularly centers
about a State Street fraternity and a rather colorful experience the house in
general had with an alum's frau.
This female, it seems-a very respectable woman; don't get me wrong,
fellows,-had had a very busy *(3) and tiring day. Now what would be the
most natural thing for anyone to do if she had had the above?
That's right, and she did it. She trotted unfalteringly (com- t
paratively) up to the dorm, laid her weary frame down and went "
to sleep.
Came two o'clock, and some of the active brethren decided
to go to bed, and naturally, as you have probably already sur-
mised, they found the woman in the case just exactly where she
had placed herself several hours before. Gentlemanly feelings or something
equally nauseating stopped them from obeying the first urge to give the gal
a good boot out of the place, and everyone, for the next hour, sat around
gnawing his knuckles while a delegate found her husband. In case you're
interested in anti-climaxes, he came, awakened her, and led her gently from
the house.
We had quite a bit of trouble getting the names of a few couples at the
Phi Psi * (4) dance last Saturday from the Hon. John R. Bachman, and we
hope all you lucky people fully appreciate the treat you're getting. He (the
Hon. John R. Bachman) told us plaintively that the last time some of these
hallowed names had been submitted, they "hadn't been handled right."
* (1) Naval R.O.T.C.: A group of little boys who run around in uniforms
reminiscent of your local pallbearer-the one with the fallen arches. Not to
be confused with the plain, unfrosted, R.O.T.C., a group of little boys who
run around in uniforms reminiscent of that discarded horse blanket you
used to use to keep the Model A's motor from freezing.
"(2) Phi Gamma Delta: A fraternity. Location: 707 Oxford Road.
Telephone 2-3101. Knock twice ,and ask for Joe. If you plan to visit the
place, wrap up plenty of the old agility to dodge the flying-uh-milk bottles
as the door is opened.
*(3) Busy Day: Translated loosely, it means that tough long walk to
and from the stadium.- Translated roughly, it embraces a few other items.
* (4) Phi Kappa Psi: Another fraternity. It's the big one up on Wash-
tenaw with the two miles of deserted moor fronting it--(minus Heatheliff).
Originally, it was planned to plant and cultivate this' beauty spot to make a
sort of miniature Arboretum. Plans fell through when quicksand was dis-
covered there, and besides, it's not such a long walk to the real thing.

( . 4 ss ::::.":::" ' V-167
No Cramming Necessary
,For swell flavor and
real chewing fun- the



H-are you
~ aoupt Elsie?
WOOD ALON. She has an riginal
and fascinating way of fixing the
pompadour. DIMATTIA'S is open


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