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December 17, 1940 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-12-17

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. . . . .. .. . . . .. .. Wo m m

Ccarolers Make
Campus -,;Touir
Vthf1 tl Ihal liii kt 1it 1,I1111ot'itl o
qt 1' a t' vcl at11111t11 1:a1, i th w," 1iu
srr ntttilk ta 1:ri t+t ti lt t : i h ~ t 11 ioIi
kU1w.II tit i II0t~t)': 1x1,11 iU' T .
lIV h ' t. r t ti r t r1t lx ~otirt ol'itll
lrtt~t ia ,nt ( 11,"t1o 111" a 11 t tut
111'tIi tt1t1t11' ,1t:1tui Id yd~ l 'i 'I'lwv
1 lr tb 11tt rlve atut I tinitt 'lt ied l I
t't~r o holV11ltil ' 7M" tlt lttrlV: nLeo
nzIt~tt W 1:x111' nirdtl'IW,+t01'rrtit 1;11111W it
v taf t i ' i'ill) Io i'haood wc.Ill 11.
AIrNrn ' Ii'vd ltli ttto' ~ vi of111w41
11.#11 t -i'1 wh 't' :ali it'lo wu ll'kt,1 iu lot'
them hy ivoll A'tl ~ ' outirrtr ~ lt I,ra11 Iu
liavmrt, '41. tprc,,id I It of Moz'+tni'
bot1;u\4. Ia 4olitI i V10vortt't '$ ,imt
orl t.it't y, 1was i i ft' i+C of 11 ro
Board Meets Tomo~rrow
A s11otalt' naw 1.tl ottf lt, Asse' hly
lloard will tw iwlid at 4 :311 p.11. to-'
mlorrow ilheileagul~le. Silc e thiwill
bt tilt n tlwet llilti be ethe Chr'it-
ma4 holidays. all inwmbers who mre
linableto:Iittclnd :arty requetste(I to tall
pe\idll1 Pat Walpole'. '4I1.

In. Will- McriTillrc~c
V~irlt .l trI~~ n a ds'itlytai
w't~d louuN j~vt an lb'3INI
t~~~~I~ ;~(I4y ItptlIIy W 4Ils o

Last Coke Bar
Of This- Year
Is(- Thursd,(ay
'w ill1 II4V i 4IIIJ1t41 11 1 ;l 414112 r f
llll Ilil A ld~ f l i .,iir~ tlAr~ 1
P'hi. I hI; IJ* I(, i Al johii ;11 t f Ir~

31!9hi IIM~FIE

V/tnr:t !,r rv.LEmrfergre
Arr . W..' 1r1~W

kI~it:1i' Ht lb ill a fhvo 'I jf~P ' ~ 5~VU. '1 ~ A :~ ~ ~. .~'
91.1 a t'y dIS] ~P ~ ~ a ,, ~', ~'. / 94, ~' sal ~
~ ) ~ / tI~lg~ I fStS' ~21 4~ * ,a ,,~ "4
Pa' ;t'f1 ~JaI o~'~a ~ .~, Pa.r, ~ t~ar'.
~94,J, Pr ,jq] '; ~t ';, P2I (4', Ja~ ( f~.rr.
ItI'1I. Mai ~ ha k S1~,a ';rhr, J'~~a,:. ~ ii,, C K / ~
hi l~rt'rit., ln'rla t~,'~', aral ,Iav Ii .~.u. ~ ,', ,';a. ,';, ~ AP(/'
1~i ,u IIight~' ..na I'; at';. 1~ar 1, A~ j~ ~ ~ ~ a ~ / ~-
.Ioa ~ ( lt'o ,jng we 1 4 a ra iog a 101, ~ 9,4, A. a. i' 0 arj ,~ , , ,, , ~,t' , a',,.
Of I)O~ 5 :kira k Au Wt' ,ba~ a1~d ~ ~. ,~ J ~ a~, , a' (L., P
11,4 yI' da a~ira~ 90 pIt'; fog r~ .tara '' ( , . a. a' IL . .~';4 B,,. B.v:'r'. ?A ,u.
Wflbaiw. aial 841 Wbitia'', 1(CL4~' rra'r y I' ,. I, a'j ~,t,, ~' Pa'; ~ # ~'. e'; ~r. ~
li ov'i ~ 1)5] 'S a' I'' 'a ; of Ifi KI'] I " f'.d P . I 'a. ' W;'i, (aa,~~ ,~ I fart j:


145 't,~ * a
2' . ,-',', A
#4/, ,7,. 7. a
a"'; a'. ~ m a..
'a'raa~ 51. e . , .. / " ;~-,y (,,<71~
4, 51,/~ P ..r '2' ~ -
0~It I~.4A'f.A.~~ A'.. I 4'. '

,'A fj 515'. t4
a-ti#' of

Sports Equipment Will Start
Family On Post-Xmas Cheer

c;IIa jjl O 1te L ,I -I

It yoU 11.I N' AWI N tIii'tttJ ) N a
Illilgiur;nlr's ill'S'ke'pittg I her stagc
I rllttu' relitxaftl M OitfI ;'r "a li rd day ;ll.
Illty ot'fh'c,''anal you'rthe:' lrdleridles
i lhat st IldYilt, ily; Is etted him Zero
l~ li ol (.1111OU ViI O lo7l ng pway to
wulrids nlukllit ita meriI r ('luisthlia
IlY talking .1heItiilIy circle in 1.o thle
Itidoot's wvt l i pot S ;ec(Ii ln'ltl. gift11,:.
Nltolci r my not look1:too well in 1,c
ski :;t11t, hut attired ill her owfl :sport
clothlws. she ('a11 show ill) the yungt-
st'rv oil the nearet skacting rink. A
pait' of ice cltters tlinder the C hrist-
inus tree will be enoughl of a Otug-
et ion to her thlat exercisc will take
t he kinks out of livingl.
Maike her realize thatt this is not
;aiothlei' case of Johtnny giving his
paIrernt at baseball bat; you really want
her to stretch those limbs. Be sure
that the skates are exchangeable in

':1%e, fr t l i' I1i. 1, i ,} ' 1 ,001. .how; :,u)
Ili t.1 a fiu~al irr-rilV('4'i..
All Iir' I );,cl~ l, 1relax ; i ;Y01u cali o,1
tlitt 111s ral o l skr:., No. yor, a uIklit';
0('4'(lr'I. hi' :;ft !. 1. t':. ,; a I r e lI at
rfou111t:. fEven t1 la' h r ,I1;al l r,{,lr , the
backyairl: rd.I!.a ood p1 air e 1 ' yI It
dofwnlwrd s :wil l;;1,:, 1ot Li ii' 1)101 9''
sionul looknhwe're a1,trk.1 r1'1el1 I ht'
ha~ppy :a1lupt'arIanr. 01 aenIII;,r1 u1, 1 a
gtood spoi'1 l, o1111id, '1'rl r "':, '. a I(le
prifce-range ;rfor ski: 'and :ski potF.
remembehr 0.,;o that ot h ~tlie <oat-
i(cs comin arying si'irl, eIf IDad
takes a size sixteen lsh1irt, don' t g<t
hTimoskis that go well with you fr fl
Take one look at brother'reudig
Budge's latest book on te-nnis tech-
nique} and you'll be swept off your
feet with an inclination to make him
happy with a new raquet.

A t M miit". i1}''7 VII)iI01 .,'. , .'; ' a ,/- 'I- .... '
hra ubtI:. 0 1 he t r ;/l " iilos 00 1 . , va',' . ''O ,. ,
L's roW ry t, it'll. '1 at'A.Btf 'I OU'I.I;1 W a
Wfililr t ~" tmb(- ka't. 4' Wii ha 't: 70 .'r , tf: t' ; ...{a

r;, ace Pn'a ~'A'..

* gar.
,g . i,
t w
-' ' i


r ''t

I }



D K me rry
F E EL Merry


In a Gift Predicament!
Here ae suggestions to
help y-ou out of your last
minute quandary.
,jewelry, Gloves, Townwear
Hosiery, Knee Sox, Scarfs,
Evening Bags, Compacts, Um-
Slips, Jewelry, Raincoats, Um-
brellas, Blouses, Skirts, Hand-
bags, Sweaters, Jumpers, and
4f Gifts '.

'BE 1Merry
Give yourself a
permanent for Christmas.

,1;1( Marot ' V I om i,roU t. I'~ om I .m. . '1 he
placto be l, dmire by iMeayd L) BownzB'-H: Mar Mjcran
Thediniy oftheLa.;,-Cnd. ,-,r"oeo i.sngifo retn
de taly ic re m, ca e an g ur esdr wM a ke M et n "; hie a ncin
be/ Phinbtlt hououstfare wofs anotherHaande Mis
Mcryta. thrsprmienly: a hung -t ad ,.e petur lhe
JeanriDonamball and WilllWallace or JoanADa_--
lev and BobJManleykAg-atg2e b ,look L'
BTreadndJon hildll.r PIa
MAr'."'hil etlBarliae dD kShrrg
algt1 u hoseDinifieBo d La yer..
heydignityobtheLawCl, ani ju.b't inci---
dentaallyiegcream, Akercand punch for-th
goetsdrewboxof anargecrowd n ich could '
beenmthljycousfeteofbyMary adexn with Ji
Mcryeb . ot ters. proinntytendiniere' zS
yuat "Jingls e'sall"atthe UionleSatuida:e


kind ofi:. : oor ' _ war '
4 n d i m t .._ .e -u. , styles


There's adiferent Daniel Green



RITZ Beauty Salon

.. _EAT_ WA$_'GTQ

605 East William


Phone 7061




"Chapter House
Alctivity Notes
Have You Remuemibered(h s a lctdWlimF s
prehi sieno_ te ue.Wt a re-
Ever o y cnt iitatoeremon=bYdthe follow-CTM:
Everybody?,we., 43: James. C. Dvis, _
.How about those little gifts that you have Mcarh. 43 rturD
r DltaSigma announces._ the
been planning - for your roommate, your pleding o Gerad O'Bten.'42zo
4~Wyne Te fae rniyhldan
big sister, and for friends back home? They formal.dinerat hrdyi in
oro t EooihadBsies-..
are all waitinlg for just a little something from mnsrtostdns. howr d
y Ann Arbor, and there's no better pllace to j~pi ei ilgtit h el
d1 !ho your rememering 11:than at Collins. Rulai4:GI
) Appi Deta
. Ve r iltyA . inta Th tolw e
We're s1)k k a1recent cerllm;n11''Art11111G
jfj . . G r d : i c a d M $ t
,h.glv, SI II, wlagsid o suiollsc. .n~ Ii m
r/ I qhr hr\ tc'


i '
. 'i 1
_ :
r ":
; . ,, .
_ ,
i' y
.X. ?

t~ ' ' .
. ,
. , ,
-.! '
.. .

} Z"


. :


C asujal I.?r4-scs(wool

() r

0 Alt 9

crepe), Vaincoats, I Jouusc (oats,
Bijuse s, Skirts, Sweaters.
.No) (.1'fI118;1:' R

t W.
-I. -

>'1d fib t u&~h'

,* ,

#_.1 :a fIit/ i





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