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December 06, 1940 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-12-06

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New Jewelry
Takes Account
Of Personality
Perfumes, Compacts, Purses
Are Welcome Accessories;
Gloves Are Better Than Mittens
It's just about time- for the peren-
nial question of "what shall I give
her' to pop into the minds of most
men, and so this column is dedicated,
full of ideas; to the bewildered male
The main thing is to get away from
the candy, flower, handkerchief or silk
stocking gift. These represent little
thought and are no more fun to re-
ceive than to pick out. Remember
that it is not the price of the gift
that counts, but the gift.
One of the nicest gifts is costume
jewelry, because no women, can have
too much of it, and because each piece
is sd original. Bevery careful, though,
in selecting this jewelry to think of
the personality of the lucky recipient.
If you are going to give it to a college
girl who is streamlined in her ideas,
you would seldom select an old fa-
shioned locket. And too, you must
remember that a thin face needs
something a little wider than the full
face,. There should be no difficulty
in selecting any costume jewelry
though, as there is such a variety of
kinds offered.
Colognes, Perfumes Acceptable
To appeal to the feminity of the
receiver, nothing would be more suit-
ablethan a cologne or perfume. Man-
ufacturers have made up exquisite
boxes which contain three different
types of odors. This gives a woman
an opportunity to switch from one to
another as the occasion or mood de-
The rather limited space available
to the college woman to put hr be-
longings, gives another idea for a
welcome Xmas gift. Such a gift
would be a dainty jewelry box for the
top of her dressing table or dresser.
One with compartments is preferable
to keep each piece from getting tan-
gled with another or damaged.
Compacts are one of the favorite
gifts for the holiday season. They
are no' longer an ornament, but a
real necessity for feminine charm.
However, men, be careful that the
compact that you select has a place
for loose powder. There are few wo-
men who enjoy using the white pasty
cake powder found in some compacts.
One of the newer types of compacts
has just about all that is needed to
do an entire remodeling job up well.
This compact is divided into two sec-
tions, on one side is a small comb,
and on the other side lipstick, rouge
and a place to put your favorite make
of powder.
Suede Purses Suggested
Purses of all sizes and description
are acceptable at any time, and es-
pecially Xmas when you get all
dressed in your new clothes. Cer-
tainly it is a purse that puts the fin-
ishing touches on an outfit. It is
a little early to buy a spring purse
and so we suggest suede, the very
name of which, reeks with luxury.
A fitted bag is also a grand gift. These
are apt to be a little more expensive,
but are well worth it. They contain

' . .
, °.~'
k f' }
S : ~
'.' !.
. ''
'- .
.d.: . .

* 4

,.-- .__.
/ ,

i o
.... _......... :.'>


. y'Njgy

Recordings Fit
Of Gift Buyer
For that very personal or that
impersonal gift this Christmas, here
is one selection that will meet both
purposes-records. Tchaikowsky and
his romantic charm as expressed in
his Fifth Symphony and the Romeo,
and Juliet Overture will make the
perfect gift for the sweet, dreamy girl
at home.
Scheherezade Suite as done by the
New York Philharmonic will appeal
to all those friends who like vivid,
whirling music, and Ravel's Bolero is
one of those selections sure to please
any recipient.
Try Deeper Music
If he or she prefers deeper, more
all-enveloping music to the lighter
type, why not Sibelius, Brahms, or
Beethoven which will merit concen-
tration and study?
But if you are choosing for your kid
brother who is sure to prefer swing
and hot jazz to any classical music, no
matter how beautiful you may think it
is, one of Gene Krupa's latest drum-
ming sensations or Glenn Miller's
smooth arrangements will be ecstatic-
ally appreciated.
Radios, Victrolas Popular
Now for the where-with-all to
make the music. Radio and victrola
cmbinations are very popular choices
for gifts this year, since they serve
a double purpose in a small space.
They are convenient and very nice-
looking. Be sure to find one with a
top large enough to completely close
when a 12 inch record is being played,
so that all sound will be coming from
the loud speaker.
As for radios alone, there is a very
ingenious number on the market just
in time for Christmas. It is a new
personal, camera-sized radio with four
tubes, enclosed in a good-looking case.
The radio begins to work immediately
when the case is flipped open.
Latest musical fashion innovation
is the musical pocketbook. In one
side are compartments for all mi-
lady's belongings just as in an ordin-
ary purse; in the other is a miniature
radio which will operate whenever
the purse is opened, or can be left
on by opening one side of the purse.
With such a gadget one need never
fear of missing favorite programs
when away from home.
Watches Play New
Role As Accessories
Watches are no longer limited to be
worn on the wrist. They are appear-
ing in new places. To help you keep
important appointments there is the
watch set in a wallet or a leather en-
gagement book with an always visi-
ble inlaid clock.
Wear your favorite time piece in
your lapel or clipped on your bag. A
two-way time keeper is the easel
watch which can be worn as a pin
or it will stand up by itself. Luggage
space can be saved by a traveling kit
plus a clock set in the zipper cover.

Editors Note:,
In a special to The Daily, Saint
Nicholas revealed that he had tapped
the campus lines to no avail this
year because of the great confusion
due to wars, exams and new style
hats. It would be greatly appreciated,
he said, if ycu could print an assort-
ment of their letters in your columns
so that I would have an opportunity
to read them when my copy of The
Daily arrives. We have tried to pick
the most representative of them.
The following is from a junior in
the Literary College.
Dear Santa,
Just a line to tell you that I've
been having a swell time this year,
what with studying hard and one
thing and another. Then, too, I
have been very good. But I'm feel-
ing more like giving than getting
this year; so many people need
things so much more than I do. I
wrote mother to give away all the
old stuff that I have grown tired of
to the Red Cross or whoever needs
it, and before leaving for vacation
I'm going to pay Harry's way to
the informal dance that Assembly
is giving on Dec. 13 and put a gift
in their Christmas cheer bag.
But I knownyou liketo give, too,
and I don't want to seem selfish
about the matter, so I'll tell you
that I saw some low-heeled leopard
skin slippers lined with fleece in a
magazine the other day, ano I think
those purses with gold trim on
them are too glamorous. But use
your own judgement; you know
With love,
Carolyn H.
* *, * *
And from a skeptical junior major-
ing in speech, we hear:
Dear St. Nick,
Will you please lay off neckties
this year? I have yet to wear two
of the ten that came in last year's
bunch and that's far too high an
average if you get what I mean.
However, if you're in a dither about
what to get, I could suggest a yellow
scarf and glove set, anything that
goes with the J-Hop (including
date, tails and the wherewithall),
and shirts in plain scarlet or plaids.
'Til I hear from you I remain skep-
tically yours,
Bill A.
In the class of '41 there is a Fine
Arts major who says:

Dear Claus,
As usual I want just everything.
This yeai' is no exception, but there
is one thing I think you should know
for future reference. I'm a red-head
row. Now to get down to the point
of this letter.-This year I want
most of all some angora mittens in
acqua to match my formal, a new
evening wrap, a Michigan seal com-
pact, a Jimmy Dorsey record album,
and a date to J-Hop.
I1 write again soon,
Eleanor L.
P.S. I saw a peachy sweater set
the other day in beige with a shir-
red yoke.
And from a father and professor
we hear:
Dear Saint Nicholas,
All I want this year comes under
the heading of defense mechanisms.
First of all, I'd like another car so
I wouldn't have to take the bus
home so often when the car has a
date elsewheres. Secondly, a sound-
proof room to enable me to get to
sleep before 1:30 a.m., and also an
appreciation ofhthis stuff called
swing so that the children, and I
can still live under the same riof.
And last, but not least, could you
please think of some way of revising
the exam and marking system that
would be a little less hard on us
poor teaching fellows, and would
do away with last minute cram-
mings on the student's part?
Hopefully yours,
Prof. 0. W.
Mother never says much, but we
know she must want many things
she doesn't get. Here we see what it
is :
Dear Santa,
Business is picking up this year
so I had hoped for a new fur coat.
That's just a suggestion. I'd like
especially a series of tickets to the
May Festival at Ann Arbor, and a
book of bridge instructions for my
husband to teach him not to trump
my ace. Could I have a new scrub
brush for the kitchen floor, too?
Mrs. Worthington J.

Letters To Santa Claus Rev
Campus Christmas Choices


Will Welcome
Special Gifts
It's fun picking out a gift for your
roommate, but in case you're a bit
overcome by the profusion of things
she already owns or the profusion of
miscellaneous gifts'iin the shop win-
dows, glance over these roommate
Cigarette cases: leather. metal,
plaid-covered. The addition of ini-
tials, or her sorority crest makes
them extra-special gifts.
Mittens: the warm, furry kind,
They can be either small and trim
or huge and shaggy. Available
shades are rich black, light brown, or
luxurious white that's impractical as
all get out but so very pretty.
Jewelry: buy a flower pin to set
off your roommate's black date dress.
The pin has slender, gilded stems and
leaves, "flowers" of colored stones,
and a flowing gilt bow gathering to-
gether the whole bouquet.
Lipstick: it would thrill you to re-
ceive it yourself, so pick out your
roommate's favorite shade in a gleam-
ing, aristocratic container, and watch
her beam and smile! 'An added thi'ill
to her would be nail polish to match
her color choice.

a compact, rouge and lipstick, and in
the more elaborate ones a place and
sometimes even a case for cigarettes.
The question has been asked if mit-
tens are suitable: Yes, of course, there
certainly woudn't be many girls who
wouldn't enjoy getting a pair. How-
ever, why not leave the mitten for
Santa Claus to bring, and you hop
in with a smart pair of dress gloves.
Try Clothes Accessores
We could go on forever, telling of
the grand ideas for gifts. Some of
these include a make-up kit to be
used not only ate home, but zipped up
and taken on a trip; cigarette case,
scarfs, traveling clocks, manicure set,
perky blouses and soft woolen sweat-
ers, anklets, evening bracelets or ear-
rings and any number of other things.
A good book would be just the thing
if she enjoys reading.
Specific jewelry suggestions are
never out of place. College women are
always thrilled with lockets, brace-
lets, particularly those adorned with
"charms" in the form of school seals
or sorority crests, or crested pins for
wear at the neck of the popular
white blouses. Jewelry for evening
wear either in the hair or at the
neck is always acceptable as are la-
pel decorations for the ever popular
And finally, there was a clever idea
recently introduced in form of a little
Xmas tree. Upon this tree was hung
almost every color and type of hair
ribbon imaginable. If you are one
of the male element that has the mot-
to "all bags are tied at the top," I'd
stay clear of this gift. Otherwise it
is novel, useful, and very decorative
for the holiday season.

Fad Jewelry

Is Appropriate
For 'Her' Qift
Santa will bring the unusual in
jewelry to all the little and big girls'
stockings this year. This is one sea-
son when gold, silver, and all the
traditionally conservative and set
jewelry has faded into the back-
ground to give precedence to the
riotous, the different in decorative
There are bracelets and pins made
of gaily colored yarns, with leather
backings and metal trimmings. Any
coed would be thrilled at receiving
such a different gift. For the girl
friend who likes dressier ornaments,
there are beautiful Chinese hand-
wrought brooches and bracelets, at
reasonable prices too, boys.
'Hand-wrought' seems to be the
pass-word this year as far as jewelry
is concerned. Necklaces made of
jade and silver, fashioned by hand,
. make the most exquisite gift any
woman could hope tonreceive.
The Elizabethan influence, days
of Spanish piracy have crept into the
jewelry for this reason. Pirate brace-
lets, necklaces, rings with huge stones
and massive gold or silver settings
have become very popular and will
weigh Santa's bag down.
Earrings have swept into fashion
again, so for your regal looking girl-
friend, choose the type of earring that
will suit her best.


108 E. Washington

Ph. 2-2685

A word
to the Gift-wise

' _



Did You Say
Merry Christmas?
Yes . . . and more . . . A never-to-be-forgotten-Christ-
mas! Wearable "lovelies" that are practical and beauti-
ful will go straight to the heart of every woman on"'Your
Christmas list. May we suggest:

The "woman in your life"
will be thrilled by a gift
chosen from our selection
of lovely lingerie.


.:.; ::

?>.. '''i' *. .

off.. SM:;:;: : ,,; ;s
;. : , .
:.? .


}U, .'-
,',. ,

Christmas will be here before you
know it. Be wise and start collecting
your gifts now - before the rush.
Come see the wonderful accessory
gifts we've in store for you . . . bril-
liant costume jewelry, luxury bags,
pigskin gloves. For that "bit out of
the ordinary" gift, how about an
evening sweater? We've also satin
robes and hostess coats for the com
fort-loving on your list.

Housecoats, Robes
... from $3.95
Mittens, Gloves
... from $1.00
Costume Jewelry
. . . from $1.00
Sweaters (All Kinds)
... from $2.95
Silk Hosiery
... from 89c

Sport Jackets
... from $5.95
Skirts (All Kinds)
... from $2.95
Dresses (All-Occasion)
... from $7.95
Sport Coats
... from $12.95
Fur Trimmed Coats
... from $29.75


A ROBE OR HOUSECOAT to suit her fancy. You may pro-
vide warmth or sheer loveliness for her leisure hours with our
plush or quilted robes in beautiful pastel shades. You may
chose bed jackets, pajamas, or pajama or gown ensembles to make

And all

I jmmmppp loop,


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