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December 06, 1940 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-12-06

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ATHE dl H r -it 1 AII

FR~i~Y LCL"L~R~3.1"45

Give Her A Gift To Relax In;
Warm Pajamas Will Do Trick

Lace Insets And Round Collars
Add Delicacy to Old-Fashioned
Gowns With Gathered Sleeves
The one time a year that sympathy
from even the most unsympathetic
parents can be aroused is at Christ-
mas time. When the weary student
goes home with baggy eyes and
dragging step and the merry bells
are ringing out glad tidings of Yule-
time, mamma and papa gather the
fragments of their offspring together
and attempt to build them up again,
at least temporarily, into a son or
daughter who will be able to complete
the semester's work.
It is this pampering that comes but
once in a lifetime that makes the
possession of several nighties or pairs
of pajamas a necessity. For the type
of woman who is all for lounging,
light weight flannel nighties supply
both warmth and attractive sim-
Baby Pinks Featured
As the winter season comes into
full swipg and shops adorn their
windows and show cases with tinsel
and snow flakes, baby pinks are
much on display. An especially at-
tractive number is shown in satin
with a small peter pan collar, a lace
inset, and long loose sleeves gathered
at the wrist. It is one of the dainti-
est and most feminine creations that
has been seen.
Anotherpink nightie much on the
same order, but of a light weight
flannel, has a round neckline with a
small collar. Two dainty pockets are
the only decoration on the gown and
each pocket has a small pink bow on
it. A pair of pajamas in the same
color, but of a heavier flannel, and
on butcher-boy style are especially
comfortable and just the thing for
curling up for a good long snooze.
Silk and satin nighties this year
come in plain colors or in attractive
prints. Many of the most attractive
ones are trimmed with lace or em-
broidery. Monograms are the fin-
ishing touch on many a gown, mak-
ing the most tailored and simple
ones outstanding simply by the use
of the monograms. The individual
touch cannot be so well achieved in
any other manner.
Doctor Dentons For Warmth
Art l then for the heavy sleeper-
the ;gal who wants to settle down in

at nice cold room with plenty of fresh
air and just sleep and sleep until
school resumes. Doctor Dentons and
>th er modified versions serve as the
unbeatable combination for warmth.
Doctor Dentons in peach or baby
blue are the most popular and there
Is very little difference in the sleep-
ers except in color. It isn't like wo-
men to wear anything that so many
other people have, but for some rea-
eon Doctor Dentons continue to ap-
pear in every house where sound
sleepers live. The fact must prove
their exceptional worth to the wo-
man who seeks for warmth and solid
It is amazing how a good snow fall
last week really initiated winter and
started everyone thinking about
Christmas. Any woman who is look-
ing forward to a profitable rest cure
during the forthcoming vacation
should prepare herself with a good
supply of attractive and practical
iigties or pajamas, as the individiual
taste emands

Riding Habits
Stride Ahead
In Gift Race
Of course, riding togs and a horse
would make the ideal Christmas gift
for any horse-minded person, but
getting back into the realm of possi-
bility, a complete riding outfit would
be the next best thing.
You should pick your outfit as
shrewdly as you scrutinize theani-
mals in the stables before you choose
your ride. In the first place, you
don't have to be a polished rider or
even a good rider to look well in the
saddle. On the other hand, in some
cases being an excellent horsewoman
does not indicate perfect attire at all
times and it really should. All which
simply suggests that you might as
well look like an expert even if you
can't rige, and if you are mediocre to
good, you ought not to demote your-
self because of poor taste.
Boots .Jod-Boots Popular
Now after those words of wisdom,
let's deal with this problem from the
bottom up. Boots come in various
tones of brown, black, and white and
are of either the regular knee high
type or jodphur. Neither boot has an
edge on the other as far as popularity
is concerned. It depends partly on
whether you want jodphurs or
breeches and partly on your tempera-
ment and degree of patience. Elastic
has finally driven out the clumsy,
sloppy side straps on jodphurs and
now makes the foot look trim and
Jodphurs and breeches for the most
part are shown in the plainer, darker
colors of black, brown, tan, gray, blue
and green. Black boots set off a pair
of sky blue breeches equally as effec-
tively as dark brown boots contrast
with beige jodphurs. Zippers have
replaced buttons on the regular, stan-
dard breeches, thus simplifying the
trying task of pulling on a knee boot.
Polo breeches have a characteristic
wide band at the top which offers
some support to the back muscles on
a long ride.
Kentucky Cuts Neat
The new Kentucky-cut breeches
are modeled without side fullness and
with the soft lines extending over the
ankle, neatly finished in a smoother
way than with an ordinary cuff.
These trousers although more dressy
than others are not too sophisticated
so as to exclude the elements of prac-
ticability and comfort.
No matter what type of breeches
you happen to choose or perhaps re-
ceive on Christmas, a bright shirt is
essential. They come in more colors
than the rainbow and in materials of
wool, cotton, silk, rayon, gaberdine,
corduroy, etc., and with long or short
sleeves. The timeof the year and fu-
ture use will enable you to decide on
your type of shirt which is probably
the most all-around garment in a
girl's wardrobe.
Light weight wool sleeveless slip-
overs are often worn over such a shirt
in mild weather. More frequently
checkered vests or plaincolored ones
are used alone over a shirt in warm
weather or under a tweed sport coat
luring the winter and early spring
months. You should really have a
snappy, tailored sport coat to either
match, blend, or contrast with the
rest of the outfit because participa-
tion in a horseshow or parade neces-
sitates complete attire.
Ties Top Outfits
Getting down to more minute
though important details now, ties
top the list. It's easy to find a gay
colored one sprinkled with horseshoes
or dotted carelessly with boots, crops,
and saddles.
You simply must flash a red, yel-

low, or blue jockey hat before your
friends as a finishing touch to a per-
fect riding outfit. Practical pigskin
gloves or plain leather or cotton are
almost always included in proper

Perfumes To Drug The Senses
Are Creditable Feminine Tactics

Soft Wools And Glossy Rayons Various Soap
Make Housecoats Ideal Present Forms Have

Did Type Undie'
In Style Again
Made To Give Both Warmth
And Comfort To Modern Miss
Get out your NEW red flannels!!!
Manufacturers have taken the "old"
out of the stereotyped phrase by pro-
viding young moderns with a varia-
tion on grandma's undies that would
be approved by her taste for sensible
warm comfort and yet live up to the
college woman's yen to be sleekly
In reality the mateirial has changed
from flannel to knitted wear, but the
longness, the sleeves and leggings, re-
mains in most cases. Legs and arms
are covered completely and sheltered
from the wind under ski suits that in-
variably let in a little cold when the
sensible lady goes on her tobaggon-
ing way.
Underneath a skating costume,
nothing bulky can permit the restric-
tion of the freedom needed for perfect
balance. These lighi'-weih' lor
sleeved shirts settle the matter of
what to wear with decisiveness. A
one-piece model, sans "leggings" is
perfect for the short skirt that twirls
when you whirl, since they are especi-
ally tailored to stay in place and to
look "costumy."
Winter Shoe Styles
Stress Ruggedness
Women will definitely be wearing
shoes this winter. That, in itself is
no news.
But, indeed significant is the re-
alization that women's shoes this win-
ter will stress ruggedness, fit and
comfort rather than extremes in styl-
ing, design and materials.
Featured again, of course, will be
the suedes that have set such a high
standard of popularity during the
past few fall and winter seasons to-
gether with the calfskin leather vari-
ations that definitely combine to pro-
vide smooth stylishness with comfort
and long wear.
The trend toward comfort will
naturally emphasize lower cuban
heels in a definite move away from
the extreme 21 by 8 built up leather
heels that were popular in the recent
equipment. So, let's use a little horse
sense in choosing our Christmas rid-
ing togs or in helping Santa Claus
choose them, then maybe next
Christmas, there'll be a horse under
the tree.

Tailored Models For College
Women And Those Who Travel;.
White Satin For The Feminine
If your theme song right now is
"What Will I Give For Christmas?"
a very excellent suggestion for the
feminine names on your list would be
to give her a housecoat.
H useccats can be found to suit'
women of all ages and tastes. They
may be strictly tailored or very femi-
r.ine and in zipper, button or wrap-
around styles. The most popular ma-
terials this year are soft wools. che-
nille or rayon satin. These come in
almost all colors: dark reds. greens,
end blues, pastel pinks, peaches, and
Liiies or in white often the latter have
delicate floral designs.
If the lady n ycur list, goes to col-
lege or travels a good deal, she will
probably appreciate a very tailored
housecoat in a dark color, for late
study, spreads and gossip sessions, or
for wear on the train. One of the
smartest examples of this type, is a
dark red one in botany wool that is
fitted at the waist with a rather full
skirt. The monogram on the double-
breasted collar and the huge pearl
buttons, three on either side at the
waist, give an added note of smart-
Probably an even better gift sug-
gestion would be to give very femi-
nine housecoats, for though a woman
niay own ogre of these more practical
models, she has probably only looked
longingly in the window at this type,
feeling that it is a luxury rather than
a necessity.
Another delightfully feminine robe,
that would warm any woman's heart
on Christmas morning, is a white one
of quilted satin with tiny pastel floral
sprays, dotting the diamond shapes
made by the quilting.
Where warmth is not a considera-
tion, there are many inexpensive
practical cotton housecoats to be
found in prints or plain colors. These
come usually in zipper styles, with
dainty touches, such as white collars
trimmed with lace. These are often
short-sleeved, while all the others
have long sleeves.
Men Make Requests
For the love of Venus Aphrodite
and all that is lovely and holy, the
men's staff hereby requests that wo-
men please: (1) refrain from using
loud, blaring and nauseating finger-
nail polish; (2) wear beads with
strings that will not break in the
middle of a crowded dance floor or
in the middle of state street on a
cold evening; (3) learn how to smoke
cigarettes without holding said weed
like a flaming torch over their head
and in other exaggerated gestures.

__ ___-

Wide Appeal

Soap appears on the counters this
year in new and clever forms. Its
gift rating is high, because it is de-
signed to appeal to people with indi-
vidual hobbies and interest. For the
golf enthusiast, there is a huge soap
golf ball complete with proper inden-
tations and a red dot on one end.
Football fans will be pleased with aI
soap football that comes in a boxI
covered with the names of the big
conference teams. The soap itself sits
on a little cardboard football field
between two miniature goal posts.
You can give someone the world
with a fence around it-in soap. Or
you can donate a saucy eight-ball
to a friend's Christmas pack. Pink
soap dumbbells come in pairs accom-
panied by a neat rolled paper contain-
ing advice on how to "win wim and
wigor." There is a soap heart swathed
in blue satin ribbon, with flowers
peeking out from underneath the
satin bow on top.
For larger scale purchases, a color-
ful set of soap billiard balls is offered,
complete with numbers. In the. saire
category falls a handsome set of soap
tenpins boxed with two bowling balls.
Clever soap figures for children
appear in abundance. A red sock
filled with ten soap Walt Disney char-
acters takes top honors, seconded by
a small fishnet holding little soap
turtles and fish.


Complete fur service
since 1904
Zwerdling Bldg.
215-217 East Liberty

Man's Eye View
We took a lightnin survey yester-
day to finu out what \women keep in
those giant pocetbooks they lug
around with them. Weve been watch-
ing women's purses or a couple of
years now-watcne ten become
larger anlararger, and bulkier and
bulkier. Thee d some of them
seem to have th1 fr!ight capacity of
the No. 1 hold of t he 82. Queen
We asked some cods we know to
let us skim through their purses.
A consensus of what we found in
the majority of the pocketbooks fol-
lows :
Comb, pencil stub,. German crib
notes. aspirin, date-book, lipstick and
compact, a giueless iiree-cent stamp,
half-hundred bob-pins identifica-
tion card, letter in malp handwr'iting,
letter in female handwiting and a
worn. torn pack of eitett es.
* * *
We didn't want to appear pre-
judiced, so we a ed a few of our
male friends to emy their pockets
and list the asembled loot. This
will answer the qst's: Should
men carry pocketbook-. The Av-
erage Michigan Man is weighted
down daily by:
Unidentifiable mss of keys, Life
Savers, tie-clip, raged notebook and
a disintegrating ' al, filled with
photos of girl and f i, ientifica-
tion card, drvr'oene otetial
employer's card ni opwroximately
58 cents in coin.

The day when woman considered
her natural charms adequate has
long since passed; if such a period
ever existed. She has neglected none
of man's senses in her efforts to make
herself the most ravishing creature
God ever drafted from the ranks
of the angels. Chemical warfare has
long been part of her battle plans,
and practical male manufacturers of
milady's perfume containers, recog-
nizing this, offer a horde of ingeni-
ous boudoir sets for this Christmas
Even the teetotalling belle would
appreciate the combination of beauty
and practicality found in a minia-
ture cocktail bar which holds three.
bottles of her favorite man-snares.
A girl need not be over twenty-one
to figuratively mount its polished
brass footrail, and even Governor
Dickinson will permit her to swig her
scent from the brass spigot of a tiny
glass barrel, symbolical of the recent
feminine invasion of the nation's bars.
Novelties Described ,
Even the average girl will appre-
ciate the intellectual value of "Es-
sence of Knowledge," a novelty com-
posed of five begowned perfume bot-
tles, enclosed in a box simulating
five books on a shelf. The ardent
admirer can write his name and any
thoughts he has on the subject inside
a rolled diploma which is tied to the
top of the box. The mental giant
would also appreciate "Harp d'ani-
our," a replica of a harp which con-
tains perfume in the removable glass
column of the instrument.
If the object of your intentions

frequently forgets to coincide her
toilette with the appropriate time of
day, she would find "The Hour Glass
Perfume de l'Heure" suited to her
taste. "Morning Mist" and "Evening
Mist" are secreted in both halves of
the hour glass, making a useful gift
which is a lot less expensive than a
Athletics And Puns Combined
Some genius, inclined towards ath-
letics and puns, has devised "Par-
fumes," a Liliputian golf bag made
of Scotch plaid and holding three
golf clubs filled with perfume. The
designer does not state thereffect of
his scents on mashies.
The ordinary, unaffected 100 per
cent American girl will be pleased by
a diminutive dressing table, with a
hinged top enclosing three perfume
bottles. Complete down to a three
pgneled mirror, it can be converted
into a jewel case by removing the
bottles. This simple lass should also
find a tiny three-shelf What-Not
suited to her tastes.
Perfumes Fill Candles
Novel among these novelties is a
candelabra, holding three perfume
filled white candles, with caps simu-
lating tiny red flames. Public utili-
ties face their biggest catastrophe
since Election-Day, for the ever-prac-
tical manufacturer informs us that
the consumed perfume containers
can be replaced by real candles.
We males can derive a comforting
thought from the variety and ingenu-
ity of these gifts. As long as women
can be diverted to supposedly gilding
the imaginary lily, it will still be a
man's world.



B . .



Hosiery 69c up . . . . . . . Anklets 50c
Slips, Nighties, and Pajamas ... ..$1.29 up
Sweaters sl.98 up .. . ...Skirts $2.98-$3.98
Corduroy jackets 3.98... .Blouses $1 up
Costume Jewelry . . . . . . $1.00-$1.95
Housecoats $3.98 . "Coinveniences" 75c up



for the

SMALL HATS in Pastel shades to wear with
your new Pastel dress. They are of felt,
self-trimmed or with a touch of straw.
Poke effects or close ttin.





VA 'I ON-,



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