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October 06, 1940 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-10-06

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Oj( tye loc/
It's not often you get a hermit,
disguised as a beanpole, to confide
- the secret of his success-how he's
managed to evade the succulent
charms of dark-eyed damsels for
three long years, and in a town where
this contagion is practically irresist-
able. (See Arboretum, trail one, path.
three.) t.
So when the mystery concerning
this seeming indifference of our hero,
$o the eternal feminine was finally
nveiled, it came as a distinct shock.
It was so utterly simple in its revela-
tion of the following: "Two weeks
in a four-walled room: or, Why girls
stay home." The action continues
in detail.
Quoth our hero: "Why do girls in-
sist on making dates two weeks in
advance? They ought to be required
to pay a luxury tax every.time they,
regiment a man's life by saying: I'm
busy tomorrow, but I won't be doing
anything a week from next Friday.'
H1ow do I know," he stormed, "that.
I'll have either time or money left,
by a week from this Friday.
"The perfect solution," he mut-
tered after suitable pause and reflec-
tion, "is to do away with the com-
petitive period which under the pres-
ent SYSTEM must be endured be-
tween the time you meet the girl and
the time you think you know her.
That is," he elaborated, "I think you
should start going 'steady' right away
Then, in case you don't feel like go-
ing out with the little woman for
some reason or other, you won't be
tormented by visions of a possible
And this from a man acknowledged
to be a leader in his class-a Sphinx,
a Michiguama-ite, and a Phi Bete.
Why think what would happen if
a girl would allow herself to make
dates only one day in advance! The
first man who met her would have
a practical monopoly on her time;
for upon bringing her hore from that
first date, he would probably ask to
see her the next ,night (ahem!) and
she, fearing she might be left date-
less if she refused, would probably
accept. So you see?
We will also venture to predict that
this vicious, system would bring on a
new depression: merchants would
cease to advertise formals, date dress-
es and similar embellishments be-
cause a girl would never know far
enough in advance if she were going
to be able to use a new frock. This
would mean the death of newspapers,
the Associated Press, reporters,
League points and (WAIT! There
might be something in this, after all)
your own humble correspondent.

Guild Sponsors
Idea Contest
for Designers
Accepted Creations To Have
Ready Market; Tags Mark
Them As Campus Originals
In keeping with the current trend
of American-designed clothes, Cam-
pus Originals Guild of 250 Park Ave-
nue, New York City, is sponsoring a
plan whereby they will pay Univer-
sity women for original designs.
All clothes and accessories designed
by students will have a ready mar-
ket with manufacturers who are
members of the Guild. Designs ac-
cepted will be manufactured arid
sold in leading department stores
throughout the country, accompa-
nied by tags marking them as Cam-
pus Original Models. The other side
of the side of the tag will bear the
of the tag will bear the name, year
and school of the student-designer.
Checks Are Rewards
Checks for amounts of $10 to $25
will be sent in payment for accepted
designs of women's clothes or acces-
sories. Designs of dresses, millinery,
coats, pajamas or any original novel-
ty ideas such as the campus origin-
ated ear-muffs will be among the
models sought.
Besides the recognition resulting
from the printing of the designer's
name on the tag, she' will receive
nationwide publicity in newspapers
and inagazines through the Guild's
promotion of her design. As a final
honor, she will be presented with a
certificate signifying that she has
achieved the Campus Originals Guild
recognition of her prowess as a de-.
Animportant factor of the Guild's
student organization is the selection
of a senior in every college to act as
the Guild's representative, and whose
duty it shall be to keep the Guild in-
formed of latest fashion news on
her respective campus.
Representatives Bonused
This representative will also col-
lect designs from women on her cam-
pus and report all activities connect-
ed with the Guild. She will receive
a 10% bonus of each payment made
for designs accepted in her school,
and a Campus Originals Guild pin
will signify her position.
Designers and representatives will
have the cooperation of the Guild
after their graduation in securing
employment in the merchandising,
promotion 'and journalistic fields.
Until selections are made, however,,
the Guild announces that designers
may send their creations directly to
the Guild's New York address.

Simple Chicness
s c cz

Season's Talks Martha Cook Will Celebrate
il^ ri ~ rT-~a lwit Ya171 0 ' 7 t


vy 1 1m1m 1 1 1 1 1 'u G


e G"1)

L1-3 L G

C7/, MI Ie

Alumnae from all over the coun-
Tw o W om en try will return Saturday to celebrate
the 25th anniversary of the opening
University Oratorical Series of the Martha Cook Building which
will culminate with a banquet for
Lists Dorothy Thompson, more than 300 guests in the League
Ruth Draper, On Schedule Ballroom.
In building the home for girls in
By GRACE MILLER memory of his mother, Martha Wol-
A ford Cook, Mr. Cook hoped to pro-
A glance- back at the women who vide an atmosphere of beauty and
have appeared in the University lec- harmonious living in which could be
ture series indicates that this sea- developed "the charm and grace and
son's distinguished feminine speak- principles of cultured American wo-
ers, Dorothy Thompson and Ruth manhood." The Building also served
Draper, align themselves very nicely as a demonstration of the advan-
with the nationally known women tages of dormitory housing and group
who have appeared in other years. life for women students at a time
Last year Eleanor Roosevelt dis- when the women's dormitory move-
cussed the problems of the commun- ment on the campus was struggling
ity, emphasizing the old "house di- for recognition.
vided" warning. Eve Curie, talented Cook Is Lawyer
daughter of Marie Curie, also ap- William Wilson Cook was born
peared at Hill Auditorium. Cornelia in Hillsdale, Michigan, where he re-
Otis Skinner demonstrated how easi- ceived his training to enter the Uni-
ly the reputation of being one of the versity. He received his L.L.B. in
cleverest and most entertaining of 1882. After his apprenticeship in
dramatic artists rests on her shoul- several law offices he practiced as

Sparkling Decorations
Mark Evening Gowns
Many are the designs that now
decorate evening dresses and make
them distinctive in a crowd.
Net dresses, cut in simple lines, are
now appointed by such things as se-
quins stars or beads. Silver stars
scattered over a black skirt, with a
star also worn in the hair, makes a
lovely evening ensemble.
Beads are the newest favorites of
the New York designers. They cover
belts, cuffs and collars, or are shaped
into flowers and other designs on
closely fitting eveing jackets. Like
sequins, they can fall carelessly on
skirts and bodices to form circles,

lMiss Perkins Pioneers
Among other nationally and inter-
nationally known speakers who have
appeared here is Frances Perkins,
secretary of labor, and a pioneer in
a field of social study that is being
taken up by women in increasing
numbers as time goes on. The Grand
Duchess Marie told the poignant
story of her life in Russia, and the
tragedy of the revolution and the
flight of the royalty.
Ruth Bryan Owen, minister to
Denmark, has also spoken here
through the efforts of the Ann Arbor
Oratorical Association. Following the
tradition of securing those speakers
who will present to the students opin-
ions of true value and constructive
worth, the lecture series is especially
pleased to bring Miss Draper and Miss
Thompson here.
Miss Draper has long been acknowl-
edge to be the country's best inter-
preter of the dramatic mnologue.
Besides having the rare ability tc
bring life to the characters she por-
trays, she also presents only the skits
which she herself has written. This
unusual combination is what has
kept her art at the forefront of the
world of drama.
The brilliant writings and speechs
of Miss Thompson put her in the
same ranks with the leading mascu-
line authorities on world events.
And Of Nylon
The supply of nylon, the remark-
able new substitute for silk, is re-
ported to be falling rapidly behind


a corporation lawyer; and in the
capacity of general counsel to the
Postal Telegraph and Commercial
Cable Companies, was instrumental
in their development.
Mr. Cook attained international
recognition as an authority on cor-
poration law, and wrote many books
on that subject. His first book, "Cook
on Corporations," publishell when he
was only 27 years old, has passed its
edition and is recognized as the
standard authority on the subject.
Law Quadrangle Beneficiary
Most of Mr. Cook's fortunes were
presented to his Alma Mater where
he donated nearly $16,000,000 in-
cluding the Law Quadrangle-"one
of the most beautiful, impressive,
and useful groups of structures in
the world."
In presenting the buildings to 'the
campus, he has said, "I have no one
for whom I feel serious responsibil-
ity. The University gave me my foun-=
dation and incentive. What I have
accomplished is largely due to my
training there, and to the influence
of men like Thomas M. Cooley and
others, and to her my estate shall
The architecture and furnishings
of the Martha Cook building are
well-known for their beauty and
good taste which time and use only

enrich. The Martha Cook gardens
were designed by Samuel Parsons,
the landscape architect of New York
City, who laid out the plans for Cen-
tral Park. In the building is a Stein-
way piano which, with its beauti-
fully inlaid Italian Renaissance case
of Caucasian walnut, is reputed to
"have the best tone of any piano in
Ann Arbor."
Unusual Heat
Causes Fashion
Untimely October heat causes more
oddities than the mere sprouting of
green grass in the fall. The clothes
that were worn to the first home foot-
ball game of the year fitted in with
the baseball atmosphere lugged along
in portable radios.
Along with pop bottles and rolled-
up male shirt sleeves, (always a
symbol of the diamond sportsters),
came gay colored blouses and cotton
dresses that added a strange atmos-
phere to the football stadium. One
glance around the field proved that
the beating sun.brought out the sum-
meriest attire that was packed in
those college-trousseau trunks.
More colorful than ever was the
across-the-field view of the fan pop-
lation, since coatless and jacketless,
the inner apparel was noticeable. Red
was predominantly seen as the spicy
element, while the great stretches of
white may have been an attempt to
keep cool by looking cool in a light
Ragged and weary were the out-
of-towners who brought their furs
and winter suits in accordance with
the usual football weekend traditions.
Off came unnecessary sweaters, su-
perfluous scarves, extra socks, and
down to the floor went the wrap-
around blankets.
Rushing To End
Preferential dinners Tuesday and
Wednesday nights will end the regu-
lar functions of the formA1 rushing
period. Rushees are reminded that
invitations to these do not signify a
Ibid to pledgeship.


Le PGant
a Prophetic Fashion
an trUndercover" Work!
The "Lovely Lady" effect be-
gins with your foundation.
That look of nothingness
through your waistline and
diaphragm is the gift of Le
Gant to YOU!
Rayon Lastex stretches up
and down only. in back to
prevent spreading; the Lastex
sides stretch both ways to
give freedom for walking.
The bust is held high and
firmly rounded with lace,
while lustre rayon, specially
boned, controls and gives you
that fashionable caved-in look
about the diaphragm.


k Man's Eye View
o matter how you look at it, men
interested most in women. And
men are most interested in men's
erest in them. That's why we
nk you'll like these comments-in-
er by a man about women.
The only difference we've ever
ticed between Ann Sheridan
d a Michigan B.W.O.C. is Ann
Vhat with women's fashions as
y are these days, you can't tell a
d from a college man till you see
cigarette in her mouth.
New definition of a fifth col-
mist: a man reading the ads in

Be Prepared
for cold winter blasts and rainy
weather in the gayest head-kerchiefs
in town! All the newest colors and
colorful handke
chiefs to brighten .
your outfit.*
"Always reasonably priced"

uvuiaal .




For just a few more days
The 1941

ds ortscoatsi . at y
Yes, it's going to be a casual $
winter. So we've bought for
/ you untrimmed coats of every,
description ...beautifully/
fitted reefers, swing or boxy
swaggers, zipper lined styles,
smart reversibles. Choose
yours in camel's hair, covert
cloth, "knockout" tweeds and
herringbones, shetlands and
/j fleeces. Variety of colors. 9-42.
4 -f
/at ;
$10.95 - $29.75
/ See Them
Today !
T Two-Piece Suit S
Hoot Lassies! Authentic clan plaids
in warm wools translated into the
- smartest little suits you've ever
seen. Wear them now in perfect
comfort and later under your coat!
Pleated or swing skirts, single or
double breasted jackets. Gay color
combinations. Sizes 10 ,to 20.
$10.95 and $16.95

rHave you been a
over to that new-
comer to our ga-
j axy of smart cam-
pus hsfrwmnI th
MIMI shop on Manad uh
jamazingly well-chosen collec-
tion of moderately-priced dress-
es for all occasions. Slews of
sweaters in delectable shades
too Drop in soon and get ac
Pretty towels to
match the colo n
scheme of your
dormitory room 'f
are what the Gage
linen shop suggeststorghe
yur home life. All colos ofhthe
/rainbow in a distracting array
of paaterns-they're all so ap-
pealing you won't know which
to choose. 10% and 20% dis-
count of some discotinud
patterns, too
With pledge formals f
and all in the near
future, be sure to
have at eton
outstanding gown ready in your y
closet. KSSEL'S shop has
gat ered many, including a gay
jstribed taffita with' a brief
blacki velveteen jacket. Another
practical as well as charming
jformal is a velveteen pinafore
with as many possible changes
for the blouse as you have ideas. 15
Cold nights are ap-
proaching, and the
suggests their new. /
jdowny Wyn nightgowns by Van
Raalte to keep cold-blooded
pus sowarm. They cosein
ainy wn and blue,e colec
tino mdera rd ess-long
Sef aosleeves besides. Please your
roommate's aesthetic eye with-
out sacrificing your own com-
St o For dates and
%.rhing dianers
2 youneed at least
n ultra - smart
black dress. The DILLON shop
has a most complete selection
of the vital genre. Chastely

simple for a bit of jewellery, or
bright with flashes of red,
whichever your taste may be.
j There are other shades ,too, for
those of you who don't wear
"Pink Party."
The name itself .
suggests the
dainty, gay, yet
wistful fragrance of the newest
Lentheric scent. CALKiNS -
FLETCHEP, have it in cologne,
Kperfume, dusting powder, and
soap, all at around a dollar R
apiece. Not guaranteed to make
you a success, but almost!
The Makers of the
famous Kenwood
blanket have brought
out a marvelous coat




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