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December 14, 1939 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-12-14

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THURSDAY, DEC. 14, 1939


Crease Ball WillBe Held In League Ballroom On Mai

reb 29


Michigan Student From Baogdad
Has Had International Education

Truly an international figure is
Georges Sabagh, '42, of Bagdad, Iraq.
His mother was born in Constantin-
ople and his father in Palestine, both
are of Spanish descent and now teach
French in Bagdad.
Obsprved Sabagh, "I came to the
United States in June to spend my
summer vacation, and here it's De-
cember and I'm attending the Uni-
Glad To Remain
"But don't misinterpret me," he
hastily added, "I'm extremely happy
to be here. When the. war situation
becomes acute in middleAugust and
my parents wired me to remain here,
I was only too glad to do so."
Sabagh explained that he had no
military obligations as Iraq is only;
under the supervision of England'
since the World War. Noticing the
puzzled expression of the interviewer,
Sabagh enlightened her by explain-
ing that Iraq was formerly part of
Turkey but, since the Treaty of Ver-
sailles in 1919, is a separate country.
At 14 Sabagh won 4 four-year
scholarship to a French normal
school. "Then I passed an examina-
tion," he added, "enabling me to re-
turn to the Near East to teach the
French language and civilization.
Resided In London
"However, I crossed the Channel
to England, instead, where I studied
English. In September, had not the
international crisis interfered, I would
have entered the School of Economics
at the University of London."
Making his decision to remain ni
the States, Sabagh was recommended
to Michigan by his advisers at the
International House in New York
City where he had attended the sum-
mer session. Because of the differ-
ent system of education in the French
and English schools in which he was
Santa Caus Hurries
Hobby House Painting
In order that Santa may slide down
the chimney of the Hobby House in-
to a finished room, there will be a
group of painters there from 1:30
p.m. to 5 p.m. today.
The committee in charge of this
Women's Athletic Association pro-
ject wants to have the wood work
painted before the holiday starts. In
order to accomplish this, Jane Bri-
chan, '41, chairman of the commit-
tee,..has requested that as many
people as possible work. there today.

educated, the University admitted
him with sophomore standing.
Asked to comment on the existing
war in regard to its effect on Iraq,
Sabagh replied, "At present we are
not involved, but we are southeast of
Turkey, and may become an impor-
tant factor because of this position.
Iraq is a valuable petroleum source.
Prophesis2s Serious Trouble
He prophesied, "The more serious
trouble will be at the conclusion of
the war. Countries such as Syria
and Palestine will struggle to free
themselves from the mandate of
France and England."
Questioned, about his impressions
of the American "Coed," Sabagh smil-
ingly, answered "The woman in the
United States is much more fashion-
able but less interested in politics
'than her foreign sister."
Then, glancing hesitatintly at his
interrogator, but seeing an encourag-
ing nod to be frank, Sabagh con-
cluded, "The weaker sex here is more
social minded than it is in Europe.
And also, may I add, socially, Michi-
gan women are extremely indepen-
Bright Colors
Are .Featured
in Spartwear
Skating, hiking, skiing, hayrides
and many other occasions as well as
classes demand that young women
pay attention to- their sports outfits
as well as to their tea dresses and
formals, and keep up with the ever
new and varying styles.
Tyrolean sweaters with their
bright colors, which would .make,
1 anyone feel gay, are storming the
country in spite of the war in Eu-
rope. Many of the patterns are of
heavy, fancy weaves and all of them
have some embroidery on them. These
unique sweaters come in both long
sleeves and short, and are fastened
down the front with silver buttons of
a symmetrical design. The edges are
trimmed with a bright color, to off-
set the embroidered little peasant
boys and girls, flowers, trees and

Annual Dance
Are Announced
Co-Chairmen Jack Owens
And Charles Humphries
Will Head Law Formal
Crease Bal, annual lawyers' at-
tempt to prove the superiority of the
legal mind over that of the engineer-
ing mind in the giving of formal
dances, will be held Friday, March
29 in the League ballroom, co-chair-
man Charles Humphries, '40L, and
Jack Owens, '40L, announced yes-
Central committee members for the
dance include Austin Peck, '40L, and
Boris S. Woolley, '40L, co-chairmen
of the patrons committee; William
Burroughs, '40L, music chariman;
and Oscar Freedenburg, '40L, and
Nathan Garvin, '40L, co-chairmen
of the invitations committee.
Announce Rest Of Committees
Other committeemen are Francis
Robinson, '40L, and John Somerville,
'40L, co-chairmen of the tickets and
publicity committee; Gerald Furney,
'AQL, and Charles Van Winkle, '40L
co-chairmen of the decorations and
floor committee;. James Sager, 4L,
and C. Roscoe Smith, '40L, co-editors
of the "Raw Review," Redick B. Jen-
kins, '40L, business manager and
Humphries and Owens.
"Raw Review," a humorous publi-
cation whose purpose is to lampoon
professors and senior law students,
will be given out to couples attend-
ing the dance. "Raw Review" is a
"take-off" on the Law Review, a
monthly magazine put out by the
lawyers to publish information about
the profession that is of iterest to
the students.
Considering Many Bands
The orchestra for "Crease Ball"
has not been selected as yet, but Jan
Savitt, Orin Tucker, and Glenn Miller
are among the bands being considered
by the committee. Two years ago,
Jimmy Lunceford played for the
dance, and last year Frankie Mas-
ters' orchestra was selected. -
Decorations and programs for the
dance will be announced at a later
date, Somerville stated.
Chapter House
Activity Notes
Final activities of the chapter
houses before the long looked forward
to vacation include one election and
three initiations.
Alpha Omega Alpha
Fall initiation banquet was held at
the Union last Friday by Alpha Ome-
ga Alpha, honorary medical society.
The initiates were: Dr. Harley A.
Haynes, director of the University
Hospital; Dr. F. Bruce Fralck, head
of the Department of Ophthalmology;
Raymond H. Gehl, '40M; Jerome S.
Beigler, '40M; Paul C. LeGolvan,
'40M; Donald S. Patterson, '40M; Tom
D. Johnson, '40M; Gerald Rottschaf-
er, '40M; John H. Seabury, '40M;
Rose Herrmann, '40M; John C. Shoe-
maker, '40M; and Ellis H. Steffensen,
Kappa Delta
Kappa Delta announces the initia-
tion of Matilda Pabst, '42; Betsy
Tretheway, '42; Mildred Ward, '41;
and Florence Young,.'42.
Kappa Nu
Newly elected officers for Kappa
Nu have been announced. They are
Burton Klein, '41, president; Sidney
Steinhart, '41, vice-president; Daniel
Schnit, '41, treasurer; Gerald Eder.
'42, secretary; and A. Paul Blau-

tein '42, recording secretary.
Sigma Chi
New initiates of Sigma Chi are:
Richard Lyons, '42; Paul Cosper, '42:
George Forster, '42 and Bill Gam-

Sweaters, Skirts Ideal For Winter

To accent the plain soft shades of your sweaters and skirts, a jacket
of the same or of contrasting tone in tweed, plaid, checks, or stripes will
make the ideal combipation for the winter season's colddays. In town,
in classes, and while travelling by train or car, it is the favorite for com-
fort and smartness. For added effect, top them off with one of those
charmingly stupid necklaces.
Norel Deorations Are Planned
For Annual Independents'Dance

Y n I Fraternity Adds Initiate
Yes, But D on t Helen L. Leonhardt, '40, was ini-
tiated yesterday into Alpha Kappa
eC Delta, national honorary sociological
'fraternity. Miss Leonhardt's name
or The Prof. was omitted from the list of pros-
oPpective initiates which ran yesterday.
. . . Two more days till vacation.--
Just a matter of hours really. Guess
my ticket's all taken care of. Where
was it I put it?...Oh yes, in the
right hand side of the desk drawer-
better make sure when I get home
though. ===
- Wouldn't it be awful if I
missed the train. I remember how it
was practically pulling out offthe sta-
tion when I got there my freshman
year, but how was I to know I should
order a cab three days early . . Say Goodbye
Certainly had a lot of people worry- with F'O VERS
ing about me-but then I was a w t W R
.. What was it the prof said then? Start her vacation off with a
My notes look pretty blank-prac- thrill. There is a magic touch in
tically nil, in fact-for having been
in here 15 minutes . . . Hmmm, the a gift of filowers. They will
girl next to me hasn't got much make her think of you often.
... Let's see I practically finished
up everything in Detroit last week
.. .O f course, there's room in my1
bag. I'll have to whip down and J LO Elsea
pick up that little trinket after class LOVJER SHOP
Oh yes, two more Christmas 23E iety Poe227
cards ...Hope I don't seeanything 203 E. Liberty Phone 2-2973
else I think someone should have
v(lastMinute, (its
You'll be a clever Santa if you give
mas. They are sheer loveliness in new
O just-right colors. Stop at
June Grey Hat
1113 South University
+-oo -{ -- -

Mysterious Zodiacal
Will Be Featured

Signs And Shimmering Stars
A * - Th1 i U ~ ~


nist -Slack

By JUNE de CORDOVA Miss Witter
In the workshop of the League, Saggisarius,
amid the confusion of yards of red rest solemn:
drapery, black ceiling material, and trance tot
glittering piles of . tinsel, came the- Rackham B
excited voice of Betty Lou Witters, some art em
'41, decorations chairman for Capri- circle the cr
corn Capers, "Certainly there's hope lobby.
that something will result from this To Comp
mess, just wait and see!" Coming ba
Soon, this Assembly dance, the Lou Witter
first one in 1940, Jan. 6, to be exact, with a "We
seemed to take on an exciting ap- back to wo
pearance. Behind the scenes, your all preparti
roving reporter was made to visual- completed th
ize that evening; shimmering stars, final assemb
and mysterious zodiacal signs gleam- days.
ing from the occult darkness over- So back a
head, horoscopes on scarlet panels of planning
encircling the ballroom. fantastic fig
Red Background For Band and worried
The theme center, behind Bill
Gail's band, will be a huge astrolog- Flannel
ical circle blazing from a red back-
ground. In thi satmosphere of black Bright co
magic, the independent women and flannel shirt
their dates will be able to start T~e are taking 1
New Year right by having their blouse popul
futures foretold. 'neath the C
Astrology and the signs of the vivid tailor
zodiac shoudn't be altogether un. the scene in
familiar to this campus, according to as on campu

rs, since Aries, Taurus,
Capricorn, and all the
ly guard the front en
the Library, while the
Building has this dark-
bodied in the rings which
rystal light globes in the
ilete Work By Friday
ck to reality again, Betty
s jolted your reporter
ill guess I'll have to get
irk!", reminding us that
ons would have to be
his week, leaving only the
blage for after the holi-
gain to this colossal job
giant black skies and
gures, went a very busy
Shirts Popular
lored, plaid, and striped
ts for the coed wardrobe
the lead in the race for
larity, this winter. Boxes
-hristmas tree, filled with
ed shirts will dominate
the living room as well
us after the holidays.

signs. The:

and other unusual de-
high collarless neck fits

snuggly and is very becoming. Gayly
embroidered mittens and socks com-
plete this quaint idea, and with a
short, flared skirt would make a
stunning appearance on the ice rink.
Tailored but carefree shirts are
smart as well as comfortable, with
long sleeves and plenty of room.
Sports collar casually opened at the
neck and fastened down the front
with covered buttons of the same
flannel as the blouse are particularly
Belted skirts, pleated or gored in'
all colors are again coming into the
spotlight of sportwear. Even for
wintergpastel pin-striped skirts are
going to be seen. And speaking of
skirts they are being shown this year
again as ski skirts. However instead
of looking as distressingly chilly as
in former years the vogue for knitted
knee-socks has crept up to complete-
ly cover the leg beneath the short full
It can be safely predicted that the
new gabardine ski-suit, tailored and
stream-lined like a man's, will be
the first choice of the woman who
takes her .skiing seriously and vigor-


. ........... .. ......--,r-....,..,... ..,..., ...:.. ,

' .;

for the Carefree Co-ed
These are the days you need a
gay, festive HAT- On all the
Christmas lists make a hat
"first." Choose from our large
219 South Main
"Get the SCHILLER habit"


Hour Is Granted
Women For Concerts

Betty Slee, '40, chairman of Ju-
diciary Council, has announced that
from this time on women students
must be home from concerts and lec-
tures by 11 p.m., regardless of the
length of the program. All women
will have 11 o'clock permission to-

That Are Superior"
Give glamour ... give lasting
stocking wear ... give perfect
fit with Artcraft Proportioned
Stockings. Knit to fit the Short,
Medium, and Tall in gradu-
ated proportions thruout ankle,
heel and calf, as well as foot
and length.
Make yours a personal-sized
gift with Artcraft Proportioned
Wearcraft Finish for added wear!

/ 1,
f ~




bill, '41.

Gift Snggs-tioiis
MICHIGAN SONG BOOK .................. $2.00
MICHIGAN COOK BOOK.......... . .......$1.00
Also Michigan Jewelry, Michigan Banners, Michigan
Pennants, Michigan Blankets, and Michigan Scrap Books


or:. s :: EXQUISITE
DOWNY maribou


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