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November 17, 1939 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-11-17

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National Student Surve y Sktins
TomDRewey Is 1940 Faviorfi?
3 1.8 Per Cent Want FDR the headquarters at the University o:
TO R n Agin;Third Texas for tabulation.
To I~x ~ainTo the question, "If Roosevelt i
Term Sentiment IS Up not a cndidate in~ 1940, whom ,oulc
you like to see elected president?'
(Special To The Daily) these answers were -vn
AUTIN, Tex.-Thomas E. Dewey,Ma'39 p
Douthful New York district attorney cet"er en
atoreyi1. Dewey (R) ......15.6 33.1
sfirst choice for the United States 12. McNutt (D) .....17.6 11i.t
iresidency among the nation's college 3. Garn~er (l ).;...97.
,d university students, less than ,a 4- Vandenberg (R) 4i$8.
4ird of whom want Franklin D. 5. ull(D)......3 7.f
boosevelt to run again. All others 29.f
Six months ago the Student Opin - { ohplsi as ex on b
~ most college you.th. 4lparentiy pays n(
hoad o U.. cllge out, fundinMany who saytheir or their parent',
ifirst poll on presidential possibili- sentiments lie with the Republican
es that Paul V. McNutt,Dmoataryelca Democrat, advc
fe the lead with a. populartiy of partecte,'ai emorit advie
".- per cent, only 2.1 per cent ovek tera ee ore in4th e rslabve
~ ~pdy th ract-butin~crats, Republicans, or 'any others.
Tnivrsity of Michigan gradate has Coprsnwihteolsfte
limbed ahead and has with him over $ .~rsf~s ihtepol ftj
-third of those collegians who de- Ai~i~~~i4 ~ uW pnq
lat they havye made up their minds show that possible candidates lead-
a na cndidate for 1940. McNut]has Ong among the ntion's voters are the
lopped to second place, Vice -Presi-j same amonig college students. Witt
'ent John N. Gamner following a close Republican voters -Dewey is a favorite
With Demo~crats Garner is the leader
Th~epoll represetsthe opinions ofandMc ttwho has been gaining
Wi~ou icldin ~re contnsietly, is ecndonl~y t h
ttl~ntswitout ncldin Preidetyvce-presidenlt. Aong students, hw
iooevet a a ossblecanidae.ever', Garner led only in th~e South~. Ir
tffinineer luakdgallrosageveery other sectionm of th~e coZixtry
eexnofrtdns nldn alael Dewey and McNutt are more popular
.,gorpiaand political groups,y The answer~s ab~ove represent Qpin-
Wo~uldq yu lke to see Roosevelt runx ions on~ly of those stuidents whohavi
)rathird term?" dcdedon a possible candidate. There
Qny3. per cent said yes. Butis a large nurg~ex-about four' out od
,nce lstJanuary the President has every "tn-wh~o say they do not yet
creased his~ third-term approval have any particular choice.

Lon collegians from 28.2per ceni,
continuing polls of the Stu~dent
inionSurveys sh~ow. Th~e Surveys
publhe weekly by student news-
pes the nation over, including the
iywhich' cooperates by conducting
al intLerviews that -are mailed tc
We MIGHT Let You
-- But it's hardly,
necessary when you
eat wiyth us -f
332S. ain- Open till 2 A.
Plenty of DANCES
for thve STAG3S


CAA Apiplroves
ILocal AirporI

By June McKee'_____________________________
Back in ' those beginning WCBC - _
idays of campus broadcasting, radio FRIDAY, NOV.Y7 1939 Hospital, and any others omitted from
Swork was experimental. Then in .~. L. 156: 47 ;this schedule
11iarch of 19 4, six weekly programsN cs Shiley W. Smth.
on Boys' Week "ant base6ball wee ol
'scheduled. Fp~xity, Coilege of Engineering
Iiospitalization Gr"oups Annonce- meeting Molnday, Nov. 20, at 4:15
SThe next year, Dean Kraus soron- Iment. A series of meetings has been ,.n, in Room 348, West Engineering
8 ly advised a University broadcastin ,
11 staio, decqaix its t e ide rn ged for thepoe of giving 'Puddil The endla will include:
-Routine Business; Progress Reports
4 that an ar ument for it was scarce- publicity to the arrangements avail- i "Coe 'onainfo h
S ly , recessary. ,Otlher sides- saw the able to members of the University. Committee on Coordination and
9 expense 'of such an outfit hardly staff through group hospital asocia-Tahng n'n~nolet
Sjustifiable. A University station was ]tions. Thnese meetings will e held Tahnado nolet
.t inevitable,, though, and the Regents on the dates stated below and will A. H. Lovell, Secy.I
oapproved an offer fromrithe Jewett, be addressed by Mr. John R. Man-
I? I~troi 1free Press chain .to broadcast nix, Executive Secretary of the Michi- Stuident, College of Engineering:
's froxrm he ,campus twice monthly over gan Society for Group Hospitalization.Thfiadyfore vlofIcm
e wJ.'s 5~000 wagter. Tet eig will all be held at 4:15 letes will be Saturday, Nov. 18.
' tteNtrlScience. Auitori- A. H. Cavell, Secretary.
i'xof. Waldo Abbot anxiounced that pm
Sspeakers and musicians woud naum.Ire htal neetdm- Student Loan Committee meeting
'- orate th.e program series , to be broad- have an opportunity to hxer the state- i o2 ,Uiest alt ehl
Icast from U Hall's l delphi Room. ments of Mr. Mannix and to ask ges- a 2pm ody o.2.Alapi
b tons and to participate in the discus-catio2sptom.eMonsrday, o 20hAllappt-
e, .The greats of the cain ,us ,gathered. lo the Uiest staff, has been
=TheonitUniversity candte-ionms to becoieed forthefoet
"TheVicors" "arsiy" nd el-tentatively divided into groups for(i nitb iedi om2bfr
- ow and" Blue" provided musical set-. w-l aturday, Nov. 18, and appointments
~ tngfor48shot alk o vaios tp-hese meetings as stated below. How- made with the Committee.
h' ics given, by faculty members and.vr nypronwofnd°h dt.-'___
administrative -officers. - indt ~sgop inconvenient Teacher's Certifxcare Canddates for Ciisd-kl ewloet tedwt n
Criticshde-Unllerseiwlcomeetonatendwihyn Fbrary, Jue and August 1940: Reg-
', ard th niesiy "dfnieyone of the other groups. stratiori with the Bureau of Appoin-
e estofabliedItslf suraientrtashon- At each of these meetings, also,. nents and Occupational Information,
- i e ofumbiity. tlepouccss ahonIhere will be present either Dean A. C.uwBich is required before a certificate
a telegrams received during and after lFurstenberg or Vice-President James , nay be issued, is now taking place.
Fthe program." D. Bruce, or both, to give informa- 4A a late registration fee of $1 is
IiitheFanFar sprtsastat .45tion with respect to arrangements charged after Nov. 22, candidates for
Ii~ te anFae potsas a 245thus far not entirely complete for fur- -
-p.m. today over WMBC, Stan Swin-ihigrop edclsvc.
e. ton, '40, will relate a story of Michi-fihngop edclsrc.
e' gan sports. H is guest star will be Ed1 Nov. 20: Faculty of Literature, Si- '_ -*
f wiutig, '41, injured football end. nce, and the Arts. .
t The Radio Guild programr then No6. 21: Faculties 'of Engineering, ..,
presents "Writin~g the Radio Play" .rxchitecture, Medicine, and Pen'ts-
at 3:30 pam. over WJR., Those in ty
t ~ ktaeJc RlySlot rd Nov. 22: Faculties of Law, Gradu- :s:" +
(who henceforth i'wll be just .Jack aeShoFrsr n osra
Riley for radio), Cecil Beglinger, Grad tion, Education, Pharmacy, Music,"
-a d no b nolc, '0 Peter ad Business Ad mninistration.
ntonelli, '41, will announce. Nov. 24: Staffs of the. Libraries, "'They're the finest Shoes I ver
Museums, Hygiene and Public Health, a tevn$.an >oe"
1 ~Physical Education, Extension, Mich-;
ilofessori Dum ond Speaks gain Union and Michigan League. They 're FRE"EMAN'S
Nov. '27: General admiistration, all 5 $
Prof. Dwight L, Dumond, of the leical employees (offices '}ay close 5$$
shistory department, is giving a series at 4:10 p.m. or as required), Build-
of, lectures in the Upper Pen'inisula ings and Grounds, Stores, and Dormi..
' this .week, sponsored by the Univer'-' tories. Walk A Few SWin
lsity Extension Service. Nov. 29: Health Service, University And Save Pdolars
________________________________Young Men's Shop
___________________ 122 E. Liberty St. P. 8020
S THE MICHIGAN DAILY TYPING-Miss L. M. Hyoo,414 Ve do fine Shoe e irn
CLASSIFIED Maynard St. Phone 5689. 4 0,
RATESDriyeway gravel, washed pebbles
Effective as of February 14, 1939 Killins Gravel Company. Phony -
f ,12c per reading line (on bs is of 7113.- a
five average words to line) for one W42 E-Cal passenger, to ILyrich=-
o r two insertions. bV, \Va. via:,Coubus ah A;
Minim u of 3 lines per inner- , s
;14e pn tise 1e.sis
o. pmetbefqre the~ ad is
insrtd. f t i,,inconvnient for
..ya,,,Pp call 46p iroffices to rake FrDlvro
payment, a, messenger will be siltFo Deiry f C
to pick up your ad at a slight extra B EER ALES, W [ N ES,
char a of lIc- CHAMPAGNES
For further information call
23-24-1, or stop t 420 1Maynard and MIXERS.
Street. Chips, Pop Corn, Pretzels
LOST-ShelJ-r7 ned glasses in blac$: The+
case. Lost mpnth ago., Name insidey
of case. Bob Wagner. 2-2565.I
LOQST-Ai roll of currency, Saturday.ce V ul
Reward. Phone 2-252 1, ext. 20 5. 1 0 303 N'orth Fift Ave. W

LOST-Ben Rus. wristwatch on Fri;- DRIVE IN SERVICE i
day. night. Finder -please cal~I________I
Thomas J. Mc~enna, 6539. 80 =-- ---.:

...tned nPge4

We carry

a complete line of

The Foremost Clothiers In Washtena O Count,
tDOWNTOWN - Nesct to the Wuerth Theatre
DOWN W/7W wrif %
I OIA CAL 2676 SO$ ;
A RE you a conscientious objector to shorts that
creep ..aw you ;n two ... and haggle t1he
life out of you? Stand up for your rights ...or
>get them sitting. down... you're enfitled to
comfort either way... and Arrow means to give
it to you. Buy several pFairs of Arrow seamless
crotch shorts and you'llbe sitting pretty,
they're woniderful! Once
r yu ty them you''ll never
-,-- wear the ordinary kind.
bieand fancy patterns,
.d ' e 'abrics, all San-
, s, forized - Shrunk (fabri hik ge ls h n ic
Gripper snaps instead of
buttons, elastic or tie
Topas . . .. . .. 50c

FRIDAY, NOV. 17, 1939

1940 are urged to consult the DOB
notice of the Bureau and to enroll
Faculty, College of Literaturp, Si-
epee, and the Arts:

Midsemester reports are due not
later than Saturday, Nov. 18. More
cards, if needed, can be had at nmy
off ice.
These reports should namffe those
st~idents, freshman and upperciass,

at the

Flight Training Progranm
Wil BeginNext Week
The Ann Arbor Airport has received
a contract authorizing it to serve as
the base of' the Civil . Aeronautics Au-
thority Civilian Pilot Training ,Piro-
gram here, George M.f Downs,, head
of the airport and CAA instructor;
announced yesterda.y
Before flight training, can begin,
however, the contract mnust be re-
tu.~rned to Washington for final ap-
provaL li ght instru~cti~on, -delayed
more than' a month by legal snags in
the. contracts, will probably begin
next week. - -
One r~esult of the ,delay will be the
necessity of seeding up the early
stages of the flight instruction. A
restatement of CAA rules received
-here provides for more intensive train~-
ing during the early stages of the
programn, bu.t lim~its the number of
hours each student may spend in the
Thie contract sged by Ann~, Arbor
Airport officials stipuilates tIhat each
studIenit -shall receive. a minimumn. of
35 hours -o f flighit instructio~ndurn
the prograan~ld outlines the correct
imethodof teac~hing. _.


Admitted .FREE
Red Ritz playing
Friday, Saturday 9-1


1 Winner of two


A dix


W i SC%



130T5' CHOOL
(Les Disporus de St, Agil) " With SERGEaGRAVE
Directed by Christiaon aque *A Columbia Release
FRIDAY and SATURDAY Odnly -- 'Iov: l17-18at 8:15

All Seats Reserved
Tickets 35c

Box Office Open :
Thurs., Nov. 16-- 10:00 A.M.

LOSTS-Waltham wrist watch Satur-
day on campus. Call 6760. Re-,
ward. 84
FOR RENT-Single room, graduate-
girl preferred. 'Call 4143 morningg -
or afternoon, or 5665 after 4:30.
LAUNDRY - 2-1044. Sox darned.
Careful work at low ,prices. 1
TYPING--Experienced. Miss Allen;,,
40.8.S. Fifth Ave. Phone 2-2935 orF
2-1416. 34
The ujifor cu
"Four "aug
ters Courage,
fight shoulder
the world! A.
affair will cal
q and live in yo

~u 1seo m orer










Drew Person

Robert S. Adlen


Shows Today at 2-4-7-9 'P.M.
-Y It's a howl! RI's tuneful.'
It's girl-fillet! -
SIt's gr and I

F OR a clear and true picture of the
course of national affairs, look to The
Washington Merry-Go-Round. You'll
find in this column of report and interpre-
tation and character-sketch, the salient
and simply put and untwisted facts you
want to know. You'll find out the who's
who back of the ballyhoo, the interests
underlying issues, previews of news in the
making, diagnoses of developments. And
you'll find The Washington Merry-Go"

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