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November 08, 1939 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-11-08

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ade In

F or Scarves
And Mittens
ow the frost is on the pumpkin
the north winds are whistling
id campus, making Ann Arbor ex-!
rely mitten conscious and just too,
intrigued with all sorts of wooly
ves which enable her to defy the
he trend in mittens this year
ns to be toward wider and wider
s, the better to stop the entrance
ny stiay breezes. Tyrolean mit-.
are ever popular and we noticed
ne local shop a pair of this type
1 cuffs at least five inches wide.
l<aan scarves are also numerous-
lisplayed in the shops and smart
he girl who matches her mittens
hose luscious woolen niaid scarves
especially attractive this year and
n colored woolen mittens would
them off to great advantage. An-
t mittens and gloves seem to ap-
in brighter and brighter hues
there is nothing warmer or more
active than a matching angora

Furs Achieves
Expensive Air
Old-Fashioned Racoon Js
Again Popular Fashion
With Changed Version
When that four o'clock shadow
falls across the field and there are
only two minutes left of play, it's
the girl in the fur coat who still
thinks the game is a good one and
who doesn't give a hoot for the Ann
Arbor weather.
Back in those dear, dead days when
mother was a girl, fur coats had one
purpose-warmth. Today we have
discovered that it is just as easy to
be beaut'iful and practical at the
same time.
Furs To The Front
Furs can be fun-and not only
expensive fun. In these days when
no one cares whether a dress is pure
silk or not-so-pure rayon, and syn-
thetic fabrics are IN, furs, too, are
having their fling. Muskrat mas-
querades as mink, opossum looks like
skunk, and skunk has been known
to impersonate sable, baum marten,
and blue fox. Even the lowly rabbit
has achieved a new glory in the form
of mouton.
Leopard, formerly considered as
strictly sport wear, is this year's
glamour girl of the 'furs. It still is
the perfect foil for bright wool dress-
es, but the new coats with their dress-
maker lines look equally well over
dressy clothes and evening gowns.
Have you seen the hats, gloves,
shoes, and umbrella handles trimmed
in leopard?
A Raccoon Here To Stay
Maybe the rah-rah college days
have returned to haunt us and may-
be they haven't, we won't argue that
point. But all the same, the -raccoon
coat is here again. The 1939 version
however, would scarcely be recog-
nized by its fraternity. brothers of
the Jazz Age-it's, the most remark-
able product , that the fur industry
has turned out thus far. Only the
black and silvery furs are used, and
the skins are worked in fairly nar-
row bands, so that the result re-
sembles silver fox more closely than
it does the old-fashioned raccoon.
For real warmth and sturdiness
beaver, Alaska sealskin, Persian lamb
and our own wolverine are tops.
Reindeer, too, gives long and satis-
factory wear. It is primarily a sport

Fur Coats Are Chunky

Ever.Present Male Welcomes
Femininity In Women's Styles


No matter what the men think,
women go right on, loyally uphold-
ing their own fashions. At least the
men have one thing in their favor;
outside of Schiaparelli, most of the
best designers are men,
Here's a warning from men in.
general. If you women will wear.
those whatchamacallits that give=
that waspish waist-be sure you can
sit down in it. But we're .glad to see
the fairer sex going feminine with
a bang . . . Maybe the Michigan co-
eds might even adopt some of the
more girlish paraphernalia and then
they could climb out of the old dog
house. You know, clothes make the
He Even Likes Do-Dads
Old-world jewelry is coming back
and more power to il. Do-dads made
from every conceivable thing from
hemp to horsehair and even var-
nished chestnuts; these revolting ob-
jects never had a chance anyhow, and
we're glad to hear that amethyst.
and gold are taking their place. Of
course, expense is beside the point.
For some unknown reason bustles
are still seen, and that's definitely

I.' ~forHER ,
OUR CORSAGES are designed
for those who take pride in being
You can be assured of the fresh-

ness and a reasonable price if you
order by phone or select your
own arrangement.

Flower Shop

1 I
fur and one of the smartest coats
is bound in leather.
"Chubbies" comprise one of the
most important of the new fur
trends. They are usually less ex-
pensive than the long fur coat, and
still have a look of luxury. Lynx,
with its beautiful cream and reddish
brown shading, makes a lovely fur
jacket. Guanaco, beaver, and all the
varieties of fox are also good.
Squirrel Coats Are Warm
Its silky fur and eye-catching soft-
ness make squirrel another one of
the less expensive coats with the ex-
travagant air. It is extremely light-
weight and very warm, but unfor-
tunately it is equally perishable. Not
a knock-around coat.
Fur evening wraps are always in
fashion-it's just a question of how
the styles change from year to year.
A fur coat purely for evening is be-
yond the budget means of most col-
lege girls, but if you want to ex-
perience a few jealous pangs just
take a look at a white fox wrap-
the skins are mounted separately on
black velvet.
To come down to earth and Ann
Arbor again, most fur coats or fur
jackets can be used for both daytime
wear and over evening gowns. (This
should be a good selling point for
the family.) i
Designers Discover Fur
As Sweater Trimming
Fur on sweaters is the newest use
designers have found for that lux-
urious material. Shown in New York,
these sweaters zip up the front and
are knitted of fine wool and rayon
yarns. Each sweater comes with a
clever little fur-clad hat to match.
One model is a soft green wool
trimmed with mouton, and another
shows caracul fur on a bright red
, I
Fashion Twins To Youth
Back to the spic 'n' span look of
childhood is the wheel of college
fashion turning. Starched white
collars under cardigans and pullovers
are coming back into their own. That
same form of piquant charm that
Mother strove for, when we were
nine, is our aim at nineteen.

Letter Box

out-styled. So grab on to the tails
of fashion and get hep.
Reasonable Is The Word
Now, not being redundant, or even
attempting to revive the old issue
that men always use to deride most
fashions de mode; above all, when
you look to new whims and new de-
signs, pause and take' stock. Is it,
to even a slight degree reasonable?
If it isn't, then do enough others
'think enough of it to adopt it? It is
hard to draw the line, but too indi-
vidualistic or too far ahead of the
times, even if it is Scniap or Moly-
neux, may be too r'ediculous.
But never fear, Michigan women,
and this is addressed to you. You're
not too far ahead of the times. Thank
God, you have sensibility, but limit
it to the' classroom. Even dates to
the Bell call for more than a sweater-
skirt-saddle shoe outfit, if you still
have saddle sljoes, and we under-
stand they're out.
Prettiest picture of the day .
'(evening) . . . suede shoes with
toes, 2 inch heels . . . woolen dress,
brown with inconspicuous buttons...
narrow brown belt . . . fitch jacket
. . .brown hat sans feathers .
and alone! P.S. (fire-red lips).
Make Fashion Moderate
Moderation, they- say, is the es-
sence of something or other, and the
same applies to fashion. If you will
go enthusiastic for some of the new
whimsies, go it easy and one at a
time. Two at the most but never
ruffles, pleats, draping, etc., all on
a single dress to take one example.
It might be well, before closing this
Michigan men's salvo, to point out
to those uninitiated who are new on
campus, that the biggest drawback
to hats is also lack of moderation.
Simplicity on the chapeau, and you
have something really attractive.
Simple Neckwear
Banishes Scarves
Two years ago the freshman'si
dresser drawers were cranuned to
the hilt with bright scarves (three-
cornered), novelty belts, and old pins.
Today we find an indispensable
string of pearls, one heavy silver
necklace, a complete dirth of belts
(witness the baggy effect), and a
stray pin or two.
Transplanted from neck-utility to
use as rain-kerchiefs, the scarf can
still be found in dark corners of the
closet or stuffed in stray pockets-a
sad come-down for the popular neck-
erchief of yesteryear. But sadder
still is the fate of the belt. Our
beltless state may hint at the non-
existent waist of the late '20's, but
the hint is vehemently denied.

203 E. Liberty - -


Phone 2-2793


New Gadgets Add
Practical Interest
To Basic Clothes
Hurray! To keep our toes warm
so that we can keep smiling no mat-
ter what the team is doing, we have
the new lambskin boot. The woolly
inside is designed to avoid the ice-
cube feeling. These are popular for
riding shoes as well as for walking
in the Arbortum on wintry days.
** * *
Following the tendency this season
to use fur as lavishly as possible, hat
stylists have extended fur hats to
fur snoods. Expensive-but excellent
for protection against the cold wea-
* * *
From Paris comes word that styles
are being stripped for action by sup-
pressing such gadgets as purses. Poc-
kets are being widely used and dis-
guised in hems, or sometimes attach-
ed to belts. Pockets are running, in

novelty form, as big as saddcle1bgs.
They appear in pairs or sigly over
tummy or hips.
* -
.Pastel hats are the latest mode to
wear with dark fur coats. These
tailored hats to accent the dark beau-
ty of your coat are obtainable in yel-
low, turquoise, aqua, dusty rose, gold,
and baby blue.
"It's You"Make-Up was espe-
cially created to harmonize
with the wonderful new jewel
tones., amethyst, pearl-
gray, turquoise; to dramatize
mauve pink and violet; to
give new accent to black,
This is make-up news indeed I
"IT'S YOU" LIPSTICK . . . $1.50
A representative from the
Quarry Drug Store will
make-up the models at the
Daily Fashion Show, No-
vember 10th, using Eliza-
beth Arden cosmetics.
This service is rendered
through the courtesy of

. _ .

,''o the Editor:
I come to you in desperation and
particularly in srch of advice. Ever
since I was a freshman, I have had
one ambition-I want to be a BWOC.
And now that I am a senior I am
beginning to\ realize that I am not,,
-and have no chance of becoming one.
What shall I do, Editer, what shall
I do?
It is not that I have just sat back
and waited for my dream to come
true. I ,have worked hard to achieve
this status-but in vain.
No function of the League has been
carried off in many a year -without
the benefit of my assistance. I have
carried posters around campus for
every publicity committee that has
ever existed, I am continually sell-
ing tickets for something or other,;
and many a rainy day has found me
staunch at my post selling subscrip-
tions to The Daily. But when it
comes to the big positions, alas, some-
one always beats me to it.
In other ways, too, I have tried to
act like a B WOC. My skirts and
sweaters are as sloppy as the rest,
'and I wear saddle shoes and ankle
socks even though they don't do a
thiig for my legs. I cut classes and
spend the time I should be using for
study in all night bull sessions and
bridge games. Four years have found
me spending the socially right two
hours a day in the Parrot-and as
yet no one screams "Hello" madly
at me when I walk in. No one begs
me to make a fourth for bridge. I
am a failure.
I don't think my case is one for
Dorothy Dix, as I am not without
dates. It's just that I don't know
the right people I guess. I spend
my Friday nights in a movie watch-
ing black and white glamour girls,
while the other girls, the important
ones, are drinking beer in the P-Bell
surrounded by noise and other BIG
Please help me, editor. Do you
suppose that there is something in-
tangible that goes into the make-up
of a BWOC that is lacking in me?
Depressingly yours,
Tillie Specknoodle

Ws A Date!
Be first with this luxury fashion!
Amusing little hats with leopard
cat, beaver, silvered fox-even
marten and Persian. Choose
yours today!

,'sand Up

Schullerut fi On State
219 South Maio''n Stt

Tti ~ Y:y o d
S r
cr ;;x
7 'i
r. ......: stf ._ f .


g~ b

We have the
clothes that
wi l influence

The Shop of a 1000 Hats

At Head Of North U.




C limb that stairway to the

stars and shine.

Career woman, socialite, debutante!

You all want a partic-
ular kind of success in
life. Supplement wheat
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i i _ r



what you wear. For an important executive meeting, a


tailored wool basic
dress made interesting


with smart


Boudoir Fashions
for Milady
Maike our shop your
Fashion Headquarters
For the best in hosiery, see our
line of Kayser Hosiery. We also
have fine foundation garments,
housecoats, nightgowns, pajamas,
smocks, slips, and other lingerie.
Be fashionable from head to toe!

For a club luncheon,

perky taffeta


a frivolous bustle. And for gay

night-club attendance, stiffened satin brocade with

bustle effect. There,
we've given you a
glimpse of the suc-

You are cordially invited to attend the FALL Fashion Show at the Michigan
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cessful you,

geous array of fashionable furs will be shown.
Xe sincerely trust that you'll also d os the honor of visiting our-Fur Estab-
lishment where a comfplete display of ftne f",s-is awaiting your inspectiOn. -


ihl IM' i l 1Y'FY F!M }°.1 /+/J"f"' 'Y!4J irl C... _


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