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March 14, 1940 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-03-14

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V, t RM 14, 140 Vrit #cTA Ptt


Versatile O Coming

Fash ions




Yellow, Gray Fiued Tweed Coat Is Topped By
Plaid Is Worn
With White Silk's





Addition Of Jacket Gives
Suit Effect To Costume;
Blouses Provide Variety
No longer is the idea to keep up
with the Joneses but to be a jump
or two ahead of them. As spring
forecasts come out, we find the little
girl idea again popular in the jumper I
Though Ann Arbor shops have not
yet received many jumper dresses
there are several very outstanding
numbers in town. One particularly
striking dress is a yellow and gray
plaid skirt with straps crossing in
front and back and reaching from
the waistline of the skirt. A gray
jacket with built-up shoulders, long
sleeves, and buttons from top to bot-
tom c6mpletes the dress if worn over
the straps. A suit effect may be
gotten by wearing a blouse under the
straps-with the jacket being worn
as a coat.
Blouses Add Novelty
The use of spring lubricants on the
family car is widely, advertised this
time of year and without a doubt
each and every girl at this time of
year must feel the need of a spring
lubricant for herself. A new dress
once a week would certainly serve
as a stimulant but the expense en-
tailed in such an enterprise is too
great. A jumper dress can easily
'answer this problem. A change of
blouses will buoy up any weak soul.
Many jumpers have detachable
straps so that by removing them
you have a new skirt, they may also
be worn as suits or as dresses and
the changes in blouses is practically
as good as a new dress.
Jumper Styles Vary
Jumper dresses vary in style some
having straps built up from the waist,
others only narrow straps and others
with sh,ort straps covering only the
The newest version of a jumper
dress is found in a green checked
seer-sucker wrap-around skirt which
is at the same time a jumper-hav-
ing long straps which cross. It has
also a jacket, a skirt and a pair of
shirts. Summer promises to bring
even more of these dresses in ging-
ham and cottons.
Wedges Are
Shoe Trends
"Comes a rainstorm, put your
rubbers on your feet,
"Comes thesunshine, show your
spring shoes nice and neat."
Wedges and crystal-heeled shoes
are the newest novelties to be fea-
tured this spring . .. some in sport.
gear, some in dress shoes, but these
are definitely not the kind in which
the cow could jump over the moon!
Diamond-like in the manner in
which they catch and reflect light

t. _

'Hi-Fclutin' Opening Tomorrow
Will BringBack Old Memories
By MARY HELEN DAVIS } c-oarse black stockings, voluminos
"Hi-Falutin" costumes and the bloomers and middy blouses.
Paris spring openings are admirably Middy Blouses Favored
This trend is not exactly from
coordinated in their showings of Paris, although the current resort
trends that date back to the turn clothes are showing a surprising re-
ef the century. Pompadour and "up" vival of middy blouses that may
hair-do's, bustles, leg - o - mutton carry over into spring and summer
sleeves and wividly checked men's styles. Shorts, unfortunately for the
suits which will be seen in the 1940 bloomer manufacturers, have replac-
JGP all reflect the pre-war era. ed the black serge bloomers of a: few
Male leads in the play will appear years ago. In their gymnasium, the
,arbed in plaid suits that could be sedate young ladies let down their
called "gawdy" although this is a hair into more comfortable pig tails.
gross under-statement of the true Mrs. Fidgitt, the director of the
nature of the situation. Red, blue, seminary and the calisthenics pro-
green and yellow are all incorporated fessor of the school is not to be seen
into the plaid suits which are guar-., in the frivolous costomes of the
;nteed to create a brilliant effect on young ladies under her direction. She
he Lydia Mendelssohn stage Wed- is a militant figure and is to be seen
nesday night at the play's opening. throughout the play in severe cos-
Boys Sport Mustaches tumes that add an awesome aspect to
Among the choruses of "Hi-Fa- her appearance, There is nothing
Autin,"one will be privileged to see adaptable about her clothes for earn-
2ouples on the traditional "bicycle pus wear although other costumes ci
Quilt for two" attired in flowing the play may be so changed.
skirts, pompadour coiffures and high
aced shoes. Their escorts from. o
Dartmouth are the typical college -
oys of the age replete with handle-
aar mustaches, which incidentally,
?aris has not forced back into style, 1 1 e orn
is yet, and with straw hats.
Seen in their more informal mom- Sunabonnets Matching Suits
ents in the gymnasium of their girl's
school which the female members Are New For Sports
of the cast attend, the "~Bloomer'
';;irls"rehearse endlessly their dance Curiosity and a rainy day were
Eor the spring festival. They are enough to send us idly looking through
iainty figures, all of them, and are the magic contents of a trunk in the
;ure to delight their audiences with attic. We remember the old silks,


New Costume
Harmony Set
Stockwell Hall Residents
glend Dress With House
Sicc-kwll Hall women are choos-
ng their spring costumes with a
:areful eye in order to blend theii
olor combimations with their new
uxurious surroundings. A variety of
deep, soft colors provides their back-
In the horse-shoe shaped lounge
lvhich is the main reception room
'cir enertaining guests, deep blue
rugs will be laid Friday bringing out
the rich color of the oak walls. The
ifurniture to be installed next week
will consist of armchairs and sofas
of varied types; mostly featured will
be soft browns, blue-greens, and reds.
Pastel Hues Blend Well
esMade to order for Stockwell Hall
residents are the pastel hues so popu-
lar this season. Against the deep
colored furniture fabrics and mohog-
any wood appearing in all the end
and occasional tables, the light yel-
lows, blues, and pinks of spring will
make startling contrast .
The very newest of new in spring
colors is shocking blue which be-
cause of its strong brazeness is the
first of its sister blues to catch the
eye. This shade will look stuning
for the "anxious to make a good first
impression" student when she stands
on the darker blue rug in front of
the mohogany grand piano which will
be at the disposal of all the budding
musicians in the dormitory.
Lounge Is Outstanding
Lamps, all of natural shade, have
been obtained to give an indirect
lighting to the lounge which has
been called the outstanding room of
its type in Ann Arbor. Two small
alcoves opening from the living room
will be equipped with facilities for
serving tea, or something cooler, if
preferred, on those warm days which
terminate Ann Arbor's spring.
Informality will be the keynote in
the two libraries, one of which stands
opposite each entrance to the lounge.
Pine walls and shelves and green
leather furniture along with cosy
window seats make pleasant rooms
where women may bring guests. Be-
cause the floors here are carpeted
with hunter green rugs, shades of
yellow and pink will be especially at-
tractive for the up-to-date coed
when she and the man who's BMOC
to her are studying for those inevit-
able mid-semesters which are usually
appearing at the end of March.
may have been envy of their fresh
appearance, or the little-girl trend,
or the definite appearance of femi-
ninity in sports clothes but the pina-
fore has arrived for all of us.
We'll use this combination all
spring and summer. It consists of a
two-piece set. The one-piece white
pique playsuit has a tailored top
and full pleated shorts. A blue-and-
white, or red-and-white striped pina-
fore slips over this to make a dress.
Ruffles stand over the shoulders
and fall down the back to the wide
sash that ties at the waist.
'Sunbonnet Sues' Return
In pin and bright blue we find
printed rayon shirts and plain skirts,
with sunbonnets to match. Rayon
prints also are featured in full skirts
that button over shorts with match-
ing turbans in pink and blue.
In dull green we find light-weight
skirts and shirts pleated from a yolk,
with little pearl buttons down the
front. Ginghams and gabardines
are definitely thesmaterials for sports
wear this year, with the styles vary-
ing from the very tailored to the ex-
cessively feminine.

' p
d t
{ 2'.
k .

Nary Rcturns Again

as the delight of American women,
are being challenged today for the
first time since Henry VIII tried on
the first pair. Within a few months,
stockings of coal, air and water, rub-
ber; resin, or cotton that doesn't
look like cotton will be spread across
the nation's counters.
Women are eagerly awaiting these
hose, with these important questions
in mind. Will the new products look
as sheer as silk? Will they wear as
well or better? Will they cost no
more, or will they cost even less? If
these answers are in the affirmative,
women will discard silk without a
qualm as to the effect on Japan's
hundred -million -dollar - a- year silk
trade or America's five-hundred-
million- dollar - a - year silk-stocking
Silk Hose Are Costly
The present cost of silk stockings
will lead women to make that de-
cision. Last year they spent $475,-
368,098 for 589,103,340 pairs. Some-
times the cost makes them wish they
could say, like Spain's Ambassador
when he turned down the first pair
of silk stockings, "the Queen of Spain
has no legs." Yet they have not been
able to find any other stockings that
would flatter their legs like silk.
Up to now women have had four
kinds of stockings from which to
choose: wool, cotton, rayon and silk.
Each has its own advantages and
disadvantages. Wool is fine for win-
ter sportswear. Cotton is nearly as
tough as chain mail-and just about
as glamorous. Rayon, though less
stronger than cotton, wears better
than silk and is less expensive. But
only in silk stockings can women find
that desired sheerness and cobwebby
feel-the kind that snags and runs
with the least provocation.
Rubber Hose Is Novelty
Rubber stockings, knit in lacy
meshes, are already on the market;
they are not expected to replace silk,
however. They are costly and mainly
regarded as novelties which women
King Mule Reigns Again
Ever-popular, the mule rules ond
as king among bedroom slippers. Re-
duced from the slinky estate which
he formerly occupied solely, he now
condescends to appear in soft fuzzy
versions in every color of the rain-
bow. Preferably heelless, todays
mule can be found in nearly 90 per
cent of the bedrooms of Michigan

own stockings that look as though
made for a midget, but stretch to
fit snug and smooth.
Much more promising are the new
nyon stockings which overcome
many of the disadvantages of today's
hose. They can be knit even sheerer
than silk, don't snag easily, and will
cost no more than silk. Because they
shed water like a duck's back, they
won't spot even when rain-splashed.
Women Decry
Male Madness:
".latest' In Hats
Men are unfair-any woman whose
new spring outfit has just been rid-
iculed will tell you that, How would
they like to have to buy almost all
new clothes each year simply because
Dame Fashion has decreed that this
year's silhouette is entirely new?
Men can buy a hat and wear it
for year-and any long-suffering
wife will tell you that they do. Wo-
men must save their pennies to buy
at least one new hat for every sea-
son, or else they arv hopelessly behind
the times.
Yet men always ridicule women's
hats. Even if they saw one that they
liked, they wouldn't admit it, for it
would be against their principles. And
they always pick on the most extreme
examples to criticize. They never say
anything about the dozens of plain,
simple, good-looking hats turned out
by designers each season.
Then there's the subject of nail
polish. Men are united in their criti-
cism of it, yet they do not sympathize
with the harassed businesswomen or
schoolgirls who find nail polish the
simplest way to keep hands looking
"Four Out of Five" showed the
men's opinion of the saddle shoes
effected by the fair sex. Women
would like an idea as to how men
would suggest they keep their shoes
clean in Ann Arbor weather. There's
a growing suspicion that polish man-
ufacturers are behind this wholesale
criticism of the ever-comfortable
Then, too, men must admit that
baggy sweaters solve the problem of
that everlasting nuisance - slips
which peek out between sweaters
and skirts.

Advent Of Coal-Water-And-Air
StockingFinds Women Eager
Silk stockings, the bane as well: buy because they think it's fun to

This demure navy blue silk dress
features a lace bib, collar and
patch pockets. The skirt falls
from a fitted, belted waist into
soft fullness. A frilly white hat
completes the costume.
Accessory Colors
Achieve Harmony
Striking white accessories will be
seen with black or navy costumes,
especially as warmer weather ap-
proaches. But for Easter, the pale
pastels are considered more formal
and more flattering.
Where possible dark and light ac-
cessories are combined with spring
costumes. A lovely harmony of colors
is thus achieved by matching shoes,
bag and costume, with harmonizing
gloves, neckwear and hat.



Jeweled clips of various shape
and hue add that needed gleam
to the somber reefer or casual
spring coat. Most popular of the
featured clips is one of a pretty
Dutch girl in costume.
the year by a linen fabric number.

and yellowed laces, even long braided
switches, and the looked-for pack of
old letters.
But the one treasure was a small
photograph in a silver frame, all
darkened along the etched lines. It
was a solemn little girl with a round
face below tightly smoothed hair,
which fell in two neat pigtails down
her back. (I'd bet that there were
ribbons at the ends.) She wore a
starched perky pinafore over her
fresh little dress. Ruffles over the
shoulders of the pinafore stood
straight up.
Pinafores Are New
Last summer the little girl came to
life when our small sisters appeared
in their new starched pinafores. It

4 o (a tei' LA ppit
A CYIi x.

rays, the crystal-heeled slippers will
make their wearer the "light of all
eyes." They are guaranteed not to
chip or break, but as yet the manu-
facturers have seen fit to put them
only on dress shoes, adorning a very
smart pair of pumps with this new
fad. Whether you use your feet to
take you to a movie, or to dance on
at a party, clad in this footwear,
they'll certainly shine.
Wedges Are Graceful
Next in the order of "newness"
come the wedge-heeled shoes. Fash-
ion reports them as bigger and better
this year, and they are an item to be
reckoned with. Unlike many of their
preceding sisters, the 1940 wedges
are being simplified and made more
graceful, so that previous objectors
to the heels on those bases, will find
themselves converted, when the new
spring models make their appear-
ance. The wedge heeled shoes may be
worn when the crystal heeled slippers
are out of place. As a matter of fact,
the majority of the former come only
in sport and play footwear. For
spring, red, white and honey colored
wedges in a soft leather moccasin
will be popular, to be followed later in

Other sport shoes that will be
favorites this spring are a white and
orown saddle moccasin (combining
the best or worst features of each-
depending on how you feel about it),
a natural pigskin, stitched moccasin,
and various other versions of the
same family.
Saddles Are Popular
In oxfords, saddles will still occupy
a great deal of attention, while for
he young miss who likes her sport
shoes just a bit dressier, there is a
beautiful pair of blue suede perforat-
ed, ties, with a leather binding on the
For date wear, the ever chic pat-
ents, gabardines, and kids are back
again, in pump, strap, and- combina-
tion versions. Dress shoes have backs
his year, but are still toeless, al-
:hough the opening is smaller than
ever. Perforated, cut-out-along-the-
sides, and adorned with all the odd
little tricks that endear these shoes
to a woman's heart, plus possessing
a heel which is low enough for com-
fort, yet high enough for beauty, the
new spring rhodels will be not only
good to look at, but comfortable to

H ,t i ;ti4-ii kt",°%n". ij'm "
.ti;;"4aa ;"::t 2.,:ivb ' {/ " '


You must admit-
' --- without a new chapeau!
f And when you choose a Polhemus
hat, you'll glorify the season, rain

PRINT FROCKS, flower-bestrewn for the gaiety of an
early Easter . . . Tailored suits worn with the frilliest of
feminine blouses . . . Fitted coats with flattering splashes
of white.. . HATS in the 1940 manner .. .
ACCESSORIES to lend sparkle and color . . . gay little
lapel "conversation gadgets" . . . confectionary color gloves


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