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October 01, 1938 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-10-01

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ZA. ll C..
Reich Marces
In Sudetenland; DAL
Publication in the Bu
~Capy ecevd at t
PolesImpatient Copeceved
. ,SATURDAY, OCT. 1, 1938
1 "s Greet Chamberlain VoL. XLIX. No. 6
.,a as He Rtrnd
ays e Returned Medical School Faculty Members
With Honorable Peace attending special convocation: All
those appearing in cap and 'gown at
(Continued from Page 1) the Convocation are asked to be pres-
-- ent in the Robing Room, beneath the
speeches-at Heston Airdrome upon platform of The Lecture Hall'of the
his return and later from a window Horace A. Rackham School of Gradu-
of No. 10 Downing Street-and in an ate Studies, at 9:45 Saturday morn-
extraordinary interview earlier at ing, Oct. 1. Entrance- to the Robing
Mtmih bore fresh hope of a perman- Room is from the driveway on Huron-
exit European settlement. Street.
At Heston Airdrome: "Settlement
of the Czech problem . . . is in my Faculty, School of Edacation: The
view only a prelude to a larger settle- first regular meeting of 'the year will
rn it in which all Europe may find be held on Monday, Oct. 3, at 12
peace." -'clock noon at th ihgnUnion.
At No. 10 Downing Street: "This is the Michigan
the second time in our history that Saturday Class Committee: Until
there has come back from Germany October 7, the members of this con-
t -Downing Street peace with honor mittee may be consulted as follows:
(a reference to Disraeli's famous Professor Everett, Tu. Fri. 2-30-3:30
statefient of 1878.) I believe it is in 3232 A.H. Professor Reichart, M.
peace for our time." 10-11; W. 10-11:30"in 300' U.H.'
Prospective parliamentary attack Walter A. Reichart, Chairman
Monday on the "Munich deal" was.
signaled by liberal leader Sir Archi- Fraternities and Sororities are re-
bald Sinclair who issued a statementFrtrtisadSaiieaer-
t gigt that "the power and will of minded that membership lists for the
the German dictator has prevailed first semester, together with chap-'
'over the will of the free peopledof eron lists, must be fled in- the Of-
BritaineFranceandhCzechoslovakia." fice of the Dean" of" Students on
Thie feeling in some leftist and lib- Saturday, Oct. 1.
eral circles was that peace today had
only postponed war tomorrow. Some Sunday Library Service. On all Sun-
tuarters called Munich another big days from- 'October to' June, except
victory for Hitler, and his "Drang during holiday periods, the Main
Nach Ostenff (March to the East.) Reading Room and' the Periodical
,' .: - -- Room of' the eneral ibrary re- ket
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 - (AP) - open frm 2 p.m.rpL to 9- r r
President Roosevelt, by arranging to Books from other parts of the build-
leave' the capital tomorrow for a rest ing which are -needed for Suiday use
it his Hyde Park home, attested to- will be made available in th&e Main
night' his confidence that the Euro- Reading Rooin if request is made on
pean crisis is at an end. But, still Saturday to an Assistant in the read-
carefully watching the European sit- ing room where the books are usuaily
uation, he conferred again today with shelved"'
Seoretary of State Hull, and then
met 'his Cabinet. Piano Studios. It will be appreciated
if residents of the city who have rooms
Pro AFL Booklet equipped with a piano which can be
1 A a rented to music students for practice.
Brand ed AS "Nazi" will communicate with the office of
the School of Music, 7513.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30-(JP)- A
pamphlet, described to the , House . Mail for Students, Faculty, and
committee on "Un-American" activi- temporary residents at the University:
=es today as a "Nazi propaganda" or- All students and new members of
ga'n, listed the American Federation the faculty should call at the I. S.
of 'Labor as an organization that Post Office and make out pink card,
should be supported and from which "Order to Change Address," Form 22,
literature could be obtained. if they have not already done so. This
'John C. Metcalfe, a committee in- applies also to temporary' residents
vestigaor, said he wished to call par- in Ann Arbor who may be doing ref-
ticular attention to Nazi propaganda erence or research work on the -cam-
oiinating 'with the American Na- pu."
tianalist Confederation because it :Unidentifiable mail is being held in
"rebehted a list of names under this Room 1, University Hall, for the fol-
heading: lowing addresses:
- 'Organizations which you should Albert, A. James
support and from which you can se- Alexander, E.
cure literature." Barowsky; Margie
x 'The committee and the German Barry, R. K
Embassy became involved in a con- Bbb, William M. Jr.
ti'ove'rsy over whether any connection . Bennett, J. Douglass
eisted between the German govern- Bent, David ""
ment's representatives in this coun-\ Berry, Wm. H.
try and the German-American Bund. Bock, June E.
Bottorff, David C.
Bowman, Mary Helen
- Boyd,- Verna
Brown, Robert
Buckingham, Bill
,-- =§y" C D ' 'F 1YL" "A ,Chapmank, onad H.
DA ONLY Clark, Goodwin, Jr.
Clarke, Harry
- Clawson, Margie
Clyde, Bill
Colberg, Wilton
;T SCoon, T. E.
,R OL(Q Couzens, Dorothy
.~ Cross, Herbert Lem
Czuizler, Otto J.
Dare, Mon
*lDemandante, Miss
Deutch, Murry

r DeVito, Alfred T.
Dunbar, Ruth'
Dutwater, Kenneth
Dworks, Martin
Edelberg, Irving M.
Also Ellis, Sheldon
Ellis, Shirley
Robert Benchley Erickson, Marcus E.
Emunson, Bryce
Enns, Prof. Gustav
'Hoiv To Raise a Baby" Evans, Alfred S.
Farr, Arthur"
2 Sc Matnees Today 2-3:50 Feikens, John
Foster, George
SUNDAY Foth, Jos. & Ethel
"'OYSTOWN", Gates,hFlorence
"BOYSTOWN"Gerlach,' Carl
with Mickey Rooney Gilbert, Benjamin
Gilbert, Charles.

lletin is constructive notice to all members of the University.
the office of the Summer Session until 3:30; 11:00 am Saturday
until3:30; 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.


Goldstick, Jeanne
Graham, Herbert M.
Graves, Miriam G.
Groeniss, Jean
Hackett, Herbert
Halpin, Hazel
Hanley, Elaine
Hendrian, Jean
Henry, John,
Hennigan, Donna Gertrude
Hilton, Ray
Hollinger, Fonda
Hook, Robert
Hopkins, Frank P.
Hulett, Wayne
Jack, Bernice
Jampel, Morton
Jimerson, Helen
Kalajian, Vahan
Kazamer, Mr.
K attey, Louise
Krumbein, Jacob
Kurnitsky, Sid
Lardner, Rex, Jr.
Lauterbach, Norman
Law, Arthur, Jr.
Leckner, Arthurj
Levine,- Joseph
Lewisohn, Marjorie
Lockwood, Raymond
Loutral, Charles Francis
Manchester, Elizabeth
Martin, Alfred E.
Martin, Frederick
Mayon, Mrs. H. A.
McCarthy, N. D.
Milford, Dr. Albert F. "
Mitchell, Evelyn G.
Mohlin, Gertrude
Morgan, Dan J.
Morrell, Robert C.
Nussbaum, Jane7
Ethel O'Connor
Oppenheimer, Dorothea
Ostenson, Burton
Ostrow, Phil
Packer, Loren D.;
Pammel, Joyce
Parshall, Dald,
Patton, Stella
Paulus, Edward Collins
Pearl, Penelope M.
Peck, Helen M.;
Peevin, J. J.1
Perkins, John A.a
Petterson, Geo.
Pearman, Allenby
Philbrick, Edwin D.
Power, Phoebe
Quartz, Beatrice M.
Raddatz, Bob
Ramelow, Ruth
Rogers, Dorothy
Rosa, Robert
Russell, Prof. A. D.
Schs, Betty Ruth
Sallmon, May
Schlow, Irma
Scott, William
Schwab, Cary
Shapero, Leonard
Shirley, Georgia

Shugert, Jean
Simpson. Paul A.
Sims, Willie
Stavin, Pauline

Sollett, Jean1
Sorge, Jay
Spaulding, Isabelle
Springer, Joy
Stefanic, Edward
Stewart, Ralph and Dick
Sullivan, John
Sutherland, Miles F.
Taylor, Boodwyn Rhett
Thompson, Jean
Thorngreen. Edward
Tieger, Betty
Tikkanen, Aurora
Van Antwerp, Prof. Chiles '
Wallace, Myron'
Weill, Wilma
Wells, S. McNeill, Jr.
Wheately, Thomas
Wile, Richard
Williams, David
Woodroofe, Philip
Wooland, Mrs. Henry
Zatocky, Stella
Eligibility for Pu'blic Activities: The
attention of all those participating
in public activities is called to the
following ruling.
Certificate Of Eligibility.-At the
beginning of each semester and sum-
mer session every student shall be -
conclusively presumed to be ineligible
for any public activity until his el-
igibility is affirmatively established
(a) by obtaining from the Chairman
of thenCommittee on Student nAf-
fairs, in the Office of the Dean of
Students, a writter. Certificate of
Eligibility. Participation before the
opening of the fihst semester must be
approved as at any other time.
Before permitting any student or
students to participate in a public
activity' (see definition of Participa-
tion above), the chairman or man-
ager of such activity shall (a) require
each applicant to present a certifi-
cate of eligibility, (b) sign his in-
tials on the back of such certificate
and (c) file ,with the Chairman of
the Committee on Student Affairs
the names of all those who have pre-
sented certificates of eligibility' and a

signed statement to exclude all oth-
ers from participation.
The International Center: The
Center will be closed on Saturday be-
cause of the game, from 12 to 4 p.m.;
it will be open from 4 p.m. through
the evening as usual.
Attention is called to the first Sun-
day evening supper in the series
planned by the International Coun-
cil. A 20-cent buffet supper will be
served at 6 o'clock. This will be fol-
lowed at 7 o'clock by a social hour.
Any who have their own supper plans
will be welcome to come in at 7 p.m.
Aero. 4, Section II: Starting Mon-
day, Oct. 3, this class will meet at
3 p.m., instead of 1 p.m., in Room
2300 East Engineering Building.
E. W. Conlon.
Algebra Seminar. Preliminary meet-
ing to arrange hours and topics of
discussion on Tuesday, October 4, at 3
o'clock. in 319 West Engineering Bldg.
.R. M. Thrall.

English 107: The new division of of hours and discussion of topics,
Section 2 will meet in 301 U.H., Tu. Saturday, Oct. 1, at 11 o'clock, in
and Th. at 11. H. B. Allen. 3014 A.HH.d
----T. H. H -ildebrandt.
35. Introduction to Scientific Ger-
man. This course is designed for stu- Enrollment closed in Sociology 147,
ients who are concentrating or pre- Social Psychology, and in Sociology
paring to concentrate in one of the 167, Collective Behavior.
sciences. Prerequisites: Courses 1_ ._-
and 2 in the University, or two years
of German in high school. (Tu Th, Con erts
9 a.m. 208 UH.; W, 9 a.m. 203 Usr Carillon Recital: Percival Price,
Philippsdnn. Four hours credit. Stu- 'Dominion Carillonneur, Peace Tower,
dents interested in this newly intro- Parliament Building, Ottawa, is serv-
Iduced course should register for it ing as Guest Carillonneur until Nov.
immediately, first calling at thede- 1. Recitals will be given each Wed-
partmental office (204 UH) . ,nesday evening at 7 o'clock, each
Evening Class in Ceramics and
Modeling: An evening class in Ce-
ramics and Modeling will be given.
under the auspices of the Extension' CUT - RATE DRUG STOE
Division. The first meeting will be 23 Souh Sate Street
on Monday evening, Oct. 3, at 7 in 2___SuthStteStreet
Room 115 Architectural Building.
I Non-credit course. Fee $10. Mr. 5c SUN-MAID
Howard W. Whalen, Instructor. I
E.M. 3a. A laboratory course in
Dynamics will be given for those in-
terested, consisting of 10 experiments5 ' c
on forced vibration, balancing, va-
rious forms of vibration damping, etc. Popular priced CIGARETTES ..
Monday, 3 to 5 p.m. in Room 314 West ----- -__ __
Engineering Annex.
Far Eastern Art: Correction inj1


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La Gondola




Better Roasting
Better Broiling
Better Baking
Less Shrinkage




b . .^
,w( t
"' s

Cooler Kitchens
Clean Cooking
Faster Cooking
Greater Savings



a New





- ( - " ' "
' _

for your
old stove


Make it a Point after

You Can
Buy So
' aai1

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,., ..d. ...
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Touchdown ...


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