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December 02, 1938 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-12-02

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W hat Does A Co-ed Girl Friend W ant?

One Present
Far Outranks
Rest Of Field
Just Give Her A Fraternity
Pin And She'll Be Happy;
If Not, She's Abnormal
Now this problem of what to give
the gals for Christmas, guys, is really
very simple. If you want to see her
face light up on Christmas morning
when she trots out what's inj her
stocking-nine and one-half, long,
triple sheer-just see to it that
nestled down in the toe is one bright,
shiny fraternity pin. No other token
of affection can elicit quite such fer-
vent squeals oif joy as that one meas-
ly little pin. See that it is wrapped
charmingly in Yuletide paper with
Santa Claus and reindeers in the
traditional red and green motif and
bound in flowing red ribbon. That,
gentlemen, is the perfect Yuletide
But immediately difficulties pre-
sent themselves. First of all, fra-
tUrnity pins are quite expensive if
you figure on join'ing a fraternity to
get one. Costs vary but you could
join a good, cheap fraternity for $1,-
500. But then again, a fraternity
pin, without the fraternity, costs, at
the least around eight dollars. Then,
if the girl of your choice has expen-
sive tastes, you can get them diamond
or pearl studded, up to $400. But
don't despair, men, they can be had
even cheaper for every good pawnshop
will have a large stock available for
as low as 50 cents.

Military Brush
And Comb Set
Practical Gif


Many a rugged male countenan


Pipes, Not The Lit School Kind,
Are Indispensable Impedimenta

Pipes, though regarded flippantly,
by some as mere unnecessary impedi-
menta of collegiana,- are actually in-
dispensable means to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness in the minds
of many a man-and, we shudder to
admit it, a handful of hardy women.
A man who loves his pipe finds that
it gives him great solace in hours of
despair; it draws from him the best
of his thought and speech; and it
renders even the poorest among men
a philosopher in a world apart, con-
templating the, meaning of life. One
might truly say that a man's best
friend is his pipe, that a pipe in the
hand is worth two in the bush, and
that smoking is golden, but pipes are
Enough. We resolved before writ-
ing this little squib to sedulously (or
is it assiduously?) avoid any men-

It must be remembered however,
that the cost of a fraternity pin can-
not be measured in terms of the pur-
chase price. It is cumulative. Foi
there are, unfortunately, strings at-
tached to the giving of a fraternity
pin. Figured in the cost of the initia
gift must be the endless string of so-
cial expenses which follow;, for there
arp obligations, gentlemen, there are
obligations, and you have to meet
them-all alone.
If you are a football player and if
you have lots of money and still want
to join a fraternity, just call the near-
est rushing chairman.
Maybe upon sober and mature re-
flection you will decide that the gift
of a fraternity pin has too many
ramifications to be classed as the per-
fect gift. Then there are several
other suggestions culled from cam-
pus queens. Stand aside, here they
come: Angora mittens, angora scarf,
angora sox, cashmere sweater, pearl
bracelet, pearl necklace, Tryoean
belt (whatever that is), streamlined
radio () charm bracelet, nice purse
with money in it, a Cadillac V-16-
well you get the idea men, but noth-
ing over three-fifty or you'll incrim-
inate yourself.
Last word: To the professor: If
you absolutely can't think of a thing
for the nifty in the first row, give her'
an ''A," she'll love it.

I give a man a pipe with a straight,
medium length stem and a plain, not
too high bowl. Provided, of course,
that he smokes.
Of course, there are lots of varia-
tions. There are small pipes and big
pipes, to begin with. There are
church-warden models up to thee
feet long for the coolest possible
smoke. The "Bulldog" style illustrat-
ed, with a rain-proof cover, is pop-
ular among many college men. The
only way to tell is to pick one that
suits your own individual fancy.
The average man will pay a dollar
or two for his own pipe, but if you
buy in the $2.50-$5 price range, you
will be getting a good pipe. You can
pay more, of course, but he will prob-
ably appreciate it more if you spend
the extra on a pouch for his tobacco.
Look around before you buy, and
select the shape and color that suits
your- fancy, provided it isn't too un-
usual. But don't expect to find any
shapes as pleasing to the eye as those
in the ad below. Pipes aren't built
like that.

sports a tender epidermis, so if you
want to score a direct hit with your
Christmas gifts, girls, aim them at
his pate or his pan.
Statisticians estimate that eight
out of ten men suffer from chronic
fear of losing their hair. Therefore
a little help in keeping it might be
Gifts designed to accomplish just
that immediately suggest them-
selves. They range all the way from
military brush and comb sets, pre-
ferably backed with pigskin, to elec-
tric vacuum massagers. Exquisitely
bottled tonics, however, no matter
how exotic the smell, are frowned
upon as being decidedly impractical.
Toupees are taboo for obvious rea-
Getting back to that tender epi-
dermis, shaving is a daily chore for-
ced by nature on all men worthy of
the name. Any gift designed to ease
this painful process will be a source
of satisfaction throughout the year.
First off, one of the improved electric
shavers, unless he already has one,
would be just about tops. Any of the
standard brands are recommended.
If he still favors the old-fashioned
shave, he probably needs a new, gold
plated, non-corroding safety razor
by this time. An automatic blade
stropper would also be a decided
A shaving brush with hairs plucked
from pedigreed boars that refuse to
come out, handsomely engraved mugs
(perhaps with his fraternity emblem)
already filled with shaving soap, and
any number of skin bracers or after-
shave tonics are also respectfully
Incidentally, the latest in male
toiletries is an atomizer filled with
said lotion. This certainly beats slap-
ping it on by hand, and will help
keep the glow of fitness on his coun-
tenance. Talsom, for the finishing
touches, might well be included. All
the above gifts will prove more than
acceptable to any male. Even little
brother will be flattered by the im-
Various combinations of these toi-
et articles will gladden any mascu-
line heart on Christmas morning -
brush, comb and brilliantine sets, all
packed in a leather traveling kit for
instance, or a complete set of shav-
ing accessories in an oilskin or alli-
gator case. The possibilities are in-


They are the gifts that really go together. Gifts the family or

friends can get together giving.

For instance, for each shirt there

is the correct tie; for each tie, the proper handkerchief, socks and
jewelry. Even robes are ensembled with pajamas and slippers.
C r~I I.-.,

k-ome in tomorrow - see these Re
in Esquire.
Fine English type shirtingg
g gr"

lated Gift groups as advertised

FROM squir
Everyone's been reading about Contempo Related Gifts in Esqt

{ '
yq 7. <
C r. ~y.J^, y .?r.
i5 t r:r
f ! : 2 lrt % '' '
fi r i
¢ r I >
r ,,fir or r r >,
"( l
j , (t r 'J zI
.. t t, y. Y y<
'° 4rt . I ' : I . ti
z ?i rr %.' r o-
<< r
.r^ 4 ,:"
' ' f
Y v .
'Yi!'f}: :?":V.^.N.V+..?5.:.MRV+i .vil'!n+A ''"'lJ: ";. '.


tion whatever of the time-honored
pun that every year creeps into the
story about the pipes of the year. You
know the one we mean. The writer
says that the most popular pipes this
year are Geology 11, Fine Arts 101,
and Speech 31, not to mention His-
tory of Roman Band Instruments 51
(hours to be arranged). We swore we
L wouldn't let anything like that get in.
And, by the Board in Control, we
.Again, enough. Pipes this year are
really practically what they were last
year, because pipes don't change
much. The traditional shapes and
colors are the ones that sell the best,
year after year, simply because most
men have strong phobias for con-
spicuity. You can't go wrong if you

een, brown or blue stripes on

White, $2.00; twill tie, $1.00; imported handkerchief, SOc ;
lisle hose, embroidered clock, 5 0c; suspenders, $1.5,0; cuff
links, $1.5 0. Group in green, brown, blue.

Men ! Stop Those


Secret Desire To Carry Cane
Is Cherished By Most Males

Though the more rugged members
of the species are wont to deny it,
most men secretly cherish in their
hearts the desire to carry a cane.
Cutaways are all well enough, as are
spats, cravats, monocles, and top hats,
but for- sheer unadulterated savoir
faire there is nothing that can take
the place of a long, graceful, well
polished walking stick. Give him a
Kane for Kristmas.
Love of good canes, is a mark of
good taste and good living in a'man.
A man with a cane is a man unafraid
of anything. Let dogs come out at
him if they will; he is prepared to beat
them off without losing the slightest
particle of his dignity. Let cads speak
to his lady friend; he is ready to
send them about their business with
their heads sore. and their howls
echoing along the deserted street. Let
butlers sneer at him when he enters
the most fashioinable homes; he can
alter theirattitude easiy; he can hand
them his cane, and walk in with the
seal of approval engraved on his tail-
coat by their admiring stares.
As' to the type of cane to give a
man-that depends on the man. To
the man who likes to attend the races,
one of the popular shooting sticks
which open out at the top into com-
fortable rocking or overstuffed chairs
would be ideal. For the man who
hikes, a stout Irish shilaleh, or a
tough, gnarled Scotch staff is recom-
miended. Then for the man wto just
wants a cane, or who you think
just wants a cane, brut who doesn't
really need one to walk with, the best
stick is the straight, formal cane,

of white and red paper around it, giv-
ing the package an air of being pep-
permint candy. Another is to thrust
the cane down in a lady's stocking,
trusting t6 the sheer silk surface's
drawing power to distract the male
eye from the conten-ts of the bundle.
Finally, but this only as a last re-
sort, the cane may be broken into
two equal pieces, and wrapped in
two packages. This will mislead the
man, causing him to decide. upon
pinching the wrappings, that some-
one has given him two candles. He
will then plan on burning the candles,
and be very surprised on Christmas
glue the two pieces back together and
glue the two pices back together and
have himself a cane.
Buy him a cane.
New Bow Tie
Features ClaI



. g +"
Y W , 3v
r / " " +
'fff '} -s

WHITE TIE: Full dress shirt, from $2.50; white tie, $1,00;

white bird's eye dress vest, $5.00; muffler, white withs
stripes, $2.50; (for black tie, too) ; opera hat, $1.,00
Covert Ensemble: Jacket combines covert front
with knitted back, sleeves and bottom. Covert )
slacks feature zipper fly, self belt. Green, brown
blue, $7.50; Muffler: Persian pattern satin jac-
quard crepe, blue, wine, brown, green, $2.00.
m... -. = -


tIls' ' i s'ii

Shirt Collar,

~;eves i ro to
Newly created bow ties offer the
lazy man a perfect paradise with
their built-in clasp feature. These
smart ties clip on to the collar and
necessitate no round-the-neck wrest-
ling so characteristic of other bow
Particularly striking about these
new creations is theirs smartness of
style. Regimentals designed to sat-
isfy the most colorful yearnings of
any college man are available in any
number of designs. Polka-dots, al-


Her Foot Size
Her Leg Size
Has a NAME
BREV . . . . . for smialls
MODITE . . for mediums
DUCHESS . . . for ialls
CLASSiC . . . forptlumps

New way to solve the Christmas Stocking
problem-and be sure of the rightness of
your gift - Belle-Sharmeer Stockings in
individual leg sizes! They're individually
proportioned for every small, middling,
tall and plump on your Christmas list-
made to fit smoothly and prettily not only

in length but in width from top to toe!
Here exclusively, of course. 1.00 to 1.65


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