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October 13, 1938 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-10-13

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Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of the University.
Copy received at the office of the Assistant to the President
until 1.10- A 11 nl-00, flSLUaj . Lim SaA. turd*ay.j

unuas a ; su; ii :uu a.m. ,.)auui uay.

IhTHURSDAY, OCT. 13, 1938
VOL. XLIX. No. 16
Communications to the Regents:
Those who wish to present com-
munications for consideration by the
< Regents are requested to present
them at least eight days before the
next ensuing meeting at the office
of Miss Edith J. Smith, Budget As-
sistant to the President, 1006 Angell
Hall. Fifteen copies of each com-
munication should be prepared and
left with Miss Smith. (Please note
that one more copy is requested than
in previous years). A uniform type
of paper is used fQr communications
to the Board of Regents, a supply of
which may be procured at the Office
of the Vice-President and Secretary.
Arturo Toscanini (above), cele- Student Loans. Students who have
brated symphony conductor, ar- not paid or renewed loans which were
rived in New York aboard the liner due on September 24 should see me
at once. Students owing past due
Normandie but declined to answer accounts are not eligible to remain in
questions as to whether he intended college.
to become an American citizen and . J. A. Bursley, Chairman
whether he had left on account of Committee on Student Loans.
his aversion to the Fascist drive Attention of Student Chairmen and
against Jews. Managers is called particularly to
Wolverine Cooperative To Adopt
Liberal Provisions For Labor,
A liberal labor policy including pro- missed receives a week's board as a
visions for a grievance structure, dis- dismissal wage.
ability compensation and a dismissal Although the standard time of
agey hasmpeensadotednbyndhe dimisworking is 15 hours a week, certain of
wage has been adopted by the Michi- the workers who have shown con-
gan Wolverine, student-run eating scientiousness and ability are per-
co-operative with relation. to the 70 mitted to work 14 hours for the same
some students which it erhploys. wage.
Any worker is given the privilege A new system of choosing the per-
of addressing the three-man griev- sonnel manager, the purchasing
ance ccmmittee on behalf of himself agent of the cooperative and the
or any other employe, and any work- treasurer has r been innaugurated to
er who has been dismissed may bring insure that these offices are filed
his case before it. This committee fairly. Candidates for the positions
is composed of one worker elected are trained by the incumbent offices
by the employees, one non-working and the most capable are picked to
member of the executive board ap- succeed them.
pointed by the board, and one non-
working member of the Wolverine,
acceptable to the workers and the Painting Exhibition
board of directors. .4 ls
Regular board is provided forS By Chinese A rtist
workers who are disabled while work- racts Interes
ina for their rntivr inidf disahili- a sI trs

Section II of Rules Governing Par-
ticipation in Public Activities. I
Rules Governing Participation in
Public Activities.
Participation in Public Activities:
Participation in a public activity is
defined as service of any kind on a1
committee or a publication, in a public
perfirmance or a rehearsal, or in
holding office or being a candidate:
for office in a class or other student
organization. This list is not intended1
to be exhaustive, but merely is indica-
tive of the character and scope of the
activities included.
Certificate of Eligibility. At the be-
ginning of each semester and summer
session every student shall be con-
clusively presumed to be ineligible for
any public activity until his eligibility
is affirmatively established (a) by
obtaining from the Chairman of the
Committee on Student Affairs, in the
Office of the Dean of Students, a writ-
ten Certificate of Eligibility. Partici-
pation before the opening of the first
semester must be approved as at any
other time.
Before permitting any students to
participate in a public activity (see
definition of Participation above),
the chairman or manager of such
activity shall (a) require each appli-
cant to present a certificate of eligibil-
ity, (b) sign his initials on the back
of such certificate and (c) file with
the Chairman of the Committee on
Student Affairs the names of all those
who have presented certificates of
eligibility and a signed statement to
exclude all others from participation.
Certificates of Eligibility for the
first semester shall be effective until
March 1. III.
Probation and Warnk.g. Students
on probation or the warned list are
forbidden to participate in any public
{ N.
Eligibility, First Year. No freshman
in his first semester of residence may
be granted a Certificate of Eligibility.
A freshman, during his second se-
mester of residence, may be granted a
Certificate of Eligibility provided he
has complete 15 hours or more of work
with (1) at least one mark of A or B
and with no mark of less than C, or
(2) at least 21/2 times as many honor
points as hours and with no mark of
E. (A-4 points, B-3, C-2, D-1,
E-0). f
Any student in his first semester
of residence holding rank above that
of freshman may be granted a Certifi-
cate of Eligibility if he was admitted
to the University in good standing.
Eligibility, General. In order 'to re-
ceive a Certificate of Eligibility a stu-
dent must' have earned at least 32
hours of academic credit in the pre-
ceding semester, or six hours of aca-
demic credit in the preceding summer
session, with an average of at least
C, and have at least a C average for
his entire academic career.
Unreported grades and grades of
X and I are to be interpreted as E un-
til removed in accordance with
University regulations.
If in the opinion of the Committee
on Student Affairs the X or I cannot
be removed promptly, the paren-
thetically reported grade may be used
in place of the X or I in computing
the average.
Students otherwise eligible, (1.)
who in , the preceding semester or
summer session received less than a
C average, but with no grade of E, or
grade interpreted as E in the preced-
ing paragraph, or (2.) who carried
less than the required hours specified
in the first paragraph of section V,
may appeal to the Committee on
Student Affairs for special permis-
Special Students. Special students
are prohibited from participating in
any public activity except by special
1 permission of the Committee on Stu-
dent Affairs.

activities of A similar nature, except
by special permission of the Commit-
tee on Student Affairs.
Physical Disability. Students ex-
cused from gymnasium work on ac-
count of physical incapacity are for-
bidden to take part in any public
activity, except by special permission
of the Committee on Student Affairs.

Heads and Others Responsible for
Payrolls: Kindly call at the Business
Office to approve payrolls for Oc-
tober. This should be done not later
than Oct. 18.
Edna G. Miller
Payroll Clerk.
Sorority Social Chairmen: Approvalj
of the Dean of Women is necessary
for all entertainments and social
evePits at which both men and women
are to be present. (1) Turn in at the
Office of the Dean of Women written
acceptances from two couples on the
approved chaperon list for the year,
together with a written statement of
approval from the financial adviser.

will concern all students interested in
the literary tour of England projected
for the coming summer session have
been placed upon the shelves in the
Angell Hall Study Hall.
Any students wishing for the in-
formation regarding the tour of
England may secure that informa-
I tion at the office of the Director of
ithe Summer Session or from Profes-
Isor Bennett Weaver of the Depart-
: ment of English.
Phi Lambda Upsilon Annual
(Continued on Page 4)

In order to obtain such permission, a (2) A card is then filled out, ap-
student may in any case be required proved by the Dean of Women and
to present a written recommendation taken to the Office of the Dean of Stu-
from the University Health Service, dents. The card must be in the Office
IX. of the Dean of Students by the Mon-
General. Whenever in the opinion of day preceding the event if permis-
the Committee on Student Affairs, or sion is to be received.
in the opinion of the Dean of the
school or college in which the student Members of the faculty of the'
is enrolled, participation in a public University of Michigan who wish to
activity may be detrimental to his become members of the Michigan
college work, the committee may de- Education Association and who have
cline to grant a student the privilege not received enrollment blanks or an-
of participation in such activity. nouncements through other channels,


- NOW - Today and Friday.

X. may secure the necessary information
Special Permission. The special per- from the secretary of the University
mission to participate in public activi- of Michigan district. The fee for
ties in exception of Rules V, VI, VII, active membership is $3.25 for per-
VIII will be granted by the Commit- sons receiving salaries of more than
tee on Student Affairs only upon the $1,000: It is $2.25 for those receiving
positive recommendation of the Dean $1,000 or less. An associate mem-
of the School or College to which the bership is open to students at $1.
student belongs. Members receive the Michigan Edu-
XI cation Journal. The membership
Discipline. Cases-of violation of year is from November, 1938, to No-
these rules will be reported to the vember, 1939.
proper disciplinary authority for Olga Wright, Secretary,
action. University Elementary School

An exhibition of paintings appear-
ing in the Rackham building by Ya-
Kun Chang, a well known contem-
porary Chinese artist, has attracted
great interest among connoisseurs
throughout Michigan. Artists and
critics from Detroit, Lansing, and
even Chicago have been among the
many visitors to the galleries. Mon-
day morning the Central State Teach-
ers' College sent its entire art de-
partment, students and facultyrmem-
bers, from Mount Pleasant to' Ann
Arbor to study the exhibit and hear a
lecture on Chinese art by Mr. Chang.
Several of the pictures have been
reserved by local people, to be pur-
chased after the exhibition closes.
Prof. James Plumer of the Institute of
Fine Arts and Prof. G. B. Gooch of
the College of Architecture are
among the persons who have ordered
drawings by Mr. Chang.
The International Center, sponsor
of the exhibition, has been able to
have it continued until Wednesday
night. This is the second extension
of time made necessary by the strong
interest shown in the paintings and
sketches by the public.
Alumnus At Tufts
For Inauguration
Prof. Paul A. Warren of Tufts Col-
lege will represent the University at
the inauguration of Dr. Leonard
Carmichael as president of that in-
stitution, it was announced yesterday.
Professor Warren received his de-
gree as doctor of philosophy here in
1922. He is now a member of the
biology department at the Massa-
hCchusetts Institution.


Phone 9392 Next to Goldman's 218 South State,
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Extramural Activities. Students who
are ineligible to participate in public
activities within the University are
prohibited from taking part in other

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