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April 26, 1939 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-04-26

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,NESDAY , APIL 26, 19,R9


Gov. ikinsen
Will Be Guest
At Ball Friday

Can pis r T$T uron -i er
Fo Canoein Strts In Spring


By MILDRED WILLIAMS who really performs the actual steer-
A sport that truly- warrants its ing. The straight-away is the stroke,

Patrons List Of Military
Dance Named; Grant
Women Late Permission
The list of patrons and guests for
the Military Ball from 10 p.m. to
2 a.m. Friday has been announced by
William F. Bavinger, Jr., '40, and
Richard T. Waterman, '40, co-chair-
men of the patrons and guests com-
Heading the patrons which have
been invited are Governor and Mrs.
Luren D. Dickinson. Others are Re-
gent and Mrs. Junius E. Beal, Regent
and Mrs. Franklin M. Cook, of Hills-
dale; Regent Esther M. Cram and
Mr. Cram, of Flint.
Regent and Mrs. David H. Crowley,
of Detroit; Regent and Mrs. Charles
F. Hemans, of Lansing; Regent and
Mrs. John D. Lynch, of Detroit; Re-
gent. and Mrs. Edmund C. Shields,
of Lansing and Regent and Mrs.
Ralph Stone of Detroit.
Ruthven's Among Guests
President and Mrs. Ruthven, Dr.
and Mrs. Eugene B. Elliott, of Lan-
sing, Vice-President and Mrs. James
D.. Bruce,. Vice-President and Mrs.
Shirley W. Smith, and Vice-Presi-
dent and Mrs. Clarence S. Yoakum.
Dean-Emeritus Mortimer E. Cool-
ey, Dean-Emeritus and Mrs. Her-
bert C.. Sadler, Dean Henry C. An-
derson, Dean and Mrs. Henry M.
Bates, Dean and Mrs. Wells I. Ben-,
nett, ,Dean and Mrs. Russell # W.
Bunting, Dean and Mrs. Joseph A.
Bursley, Dean and Mrs. Samuel T.
Dana and Dean and Mrs. James B.
Dean and Mrs. Albert C. Fursten-
berg, Dean and Mrs. Clare E. Griffin,
Dean and Mrs. Edward H. Kraus
and Dean Alice C. Lloyd, Dean Byrl
F. Bacher, Dean and Mrs. Charles
M.. Davis, Dean and Mrs. Alfred H.
Lovell, Dean and Mrs. Peter Okkel-
berg, Dean. and Mrs. Charles T. Olm-
sted,,Dean Jeannette Perry, Dean
and Mrs. Walter B. Rea, Dean and
Mrs. Erich A. Walter and Dean and
Mrs. Lloyd°S. Woodburne.
Fielding Yosts To Attend
Prof. and Mrs. Fielding H. Yost,
Registrar and Mrs. Ira M. Smith,
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph G. Adams,
Prof,. and Mrs. Ralph W. Aigler, Dr.
and Mrs. William W. Bishop, Dr. anci
Mrs. Louis A. Hopkins, Dr. and Mrs.
Howard B. Lewis, Dr. Frank E. Rob -
bins, Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sink,
Provost and Mrs. E. Blyth Stason,


tremendous popularity among Ann
Arborites in the spring, and which
is receiving more and moreatten-
tion in the Physical .Education De-
partment of the University is canoe-
ing. It was not included in the cur-
riculum as a class activity in last
year's program, but this year there
is a course offered in canoeing which
may be elected as a sport require-
Probably one of the most attrac-
tive things about canoeing is its
popularity among both men and wo-
men and its splendiq. "date" possibil-
ity. In fact, the "Island" and the
Huron River have become tradition-
al at school, along with the Arbore-
In class instruction is given in the
various strokes used in paddling.
There are, of course, two paddlers-
the bow paddler, who sits in the front
of the canoe, and whose function is
mainly to help the stern paddler,
who. is in the rear of the canoe and
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Watkins
and Assistant Registrar and Mrs.
Robert L. Williams.
Prof. and Mrs. Arthur E. R. Boak,
Prof. and Mrs. Philip E. Bursley,
Prof. and Mrs. Louis I. Bredvold, Col.
and Mrs. Frederick A. Coller, Prof.
and Mrs. Herbert O. Crisler, Lieut.
Col. and Mrs. Basil D. Edwards, Col.
and Mrs. Peter Field, Dr. and Mrs.
Warren E. Forsythe, Prof. and Mrs.
Lewis M. Gram, Prof. and Mrs. Jo-
seph R. Hayden, Prof. and Mrs. Wil-
liam H. Hobbs, Prof. and Mrs. Pres-
ton E. James, 'Prof. and Mrs.. Paul
A. Leidy, Col. and Mrs. 'Henry W.
Miller, Prdf. and Mrs. Earl V. Moore,
Prof. and Mrs. Jesse & Reeves, Col.
and Mrs. Albert E. White, Col. and
Mrs. Alfred H. White and Lieut.-
Col. and Mrs. John S. Worley.
Major Crump Will Be Present
Maj. and Mrs. Ira A. Crump, Maj.
and Mrs. Walter B. Fariss, Lieut.-
Col. and Mrs. Leon-A. Fox, Lieut.-Col,
and Mrs. Peter K. Kelley, Maj. and
Mrs. Herbert A. Kenyon, Dr..George
A. May, Dr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Pol-
lard, Lieut.-Col. and Mrs. Tattnall
D. Simkins, Prof. and Mrs. Rene
Talamon, Capt. and Mrs. Merton G.
,Wallington and. Lieut. and -Mrs..Ben-
jamin R. Wimer, Dr. Margaret Beill
and Miss Ethel McCormick.,
The guests invited by the central
committee to attend the affair in-
clude Maj.-Gen. and Mrs. Stanley
H. Ford, of Chicago; Brig.-Gen. and
Mrs. Frederick B. Shaw, of Toledo;
Brig.-Gen. and Mrs. John S. Birsey,
of Lansing; Col. and Mrs. Frank M.
Andrews, of Langley Field, Va.; Col:
and Mrs. Charles A. Thuis, of Chi-
cago; - Co: and Mrs. H. 1 Hammell,
of Tecumseh; Col. and Mrs. Ralph
M. Parker, of Detroit; Col. and Mrs.
Frederick C. Rogers, of Fort Moultrie,
Out Of Town Visitors Present
Lieut.-Co. and Mrs. Fanklin C.
Sibert of Fort Wayne, Detroit; Lieut.-
Col. and Mrs. Clarence O. Skinner;
Lieut.-Col.and Mrs: John S. Switzer,
Jr., of -Detroit; Maj..and Mrs. John
C. Brier; Maj. and Mrs. Richard-Z.
Crane, of Detroit; -Maj.- and Mrs.
Murray B. Dilley, of Ypsilanti; Maj.
and Mrs. Walter E. Lay; -Maj. and
Mrs. Ferdinand N.'Menefee; Maj. and
Mrs.-Frank A. Mickle,aMaj. and Mrs.
Phillip C. Pack rand Maj. and Mrs.
Carleton B. Pierce.
Capt. and",Mrs. Garnett J. Burlin-
game; Capt. and Mrs.: Charles B.
Cordy, Capt. and Mrs. Kenneth L.
Hallenback, Capt. and Mrs. Phillip
0. Potts, Capt. and Mrs. C. E. Smith,
Capt. and Mrs. T. Hawley: Tapping,

which moves the boat forward; the
pull-to and the push-away are bow
strokes. to aid steering or turning.
The j-stroke, which is most com-
monly used, is a steering stroke for
the stern.
- Canoe safety is also an essential
part - of the class , program. Among
important items considered are hand-
ling o-f;canoes, and their proper care,
getting canoes: in and out of the
water, which Miss Westcott, who is
the instructor for the course, claims
is one of the major ways by which
canoes are:"ruined. Proper selection of
paddles and equiphient for safety are
also taught.
Later on in the season, when the
river water gets warm enough, vari-
ous canoe stunts will be practised.
Bobbing is one of the favorite feats.
The canoe is left empty, with the
exception of the person who stands
up .on the stern deck, who jumps up,
and, down. The object is to stay in
the canoe. Borrowed from the
"knights of old" is "jousting" in
which each person stands up in his
canoe while someone else paddles,
each has a long pole with padded
end and attempts to knock the other
person down in the other canoe. Tip-
ping and getting in and out of a canoe
are also included.
Capt. and Mrs. Stanley G. Waltz,
Lieut. D. F. Callahan, Lieut. Jack R.
Gustafson, Lieut. Paul Phillips, Lieut.
Goff Smith, Dean and Mrs. James
M.' Brown, of Ypsilanti and Mayor
and Mrs. Walter C. Sadler.
Prof. and Mrs. Arthur S. Aiton,
Prof. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Bailey,
Prof. and "Mrs. Orlan W. Boston,
Prof. and Mrs. Maurice B. Eichel-
berger, Prof. and Mrs. Robert B. Hall,
Prof. and Mrs. Lewis N. Holland,
Prof. and Mrs. Arthur D. Moore,
Prof. and Mrs. Roger L. Morrison,
Prof. and Mrs. William D. Revelli,
Prof. and Mrs. Allen F. Sherzer, Prof.
and Mrs. Benjamin W. Wheeler, Prof.
and'iMrs. Leigh J.- Young; Mr. and
Mrs. Frank M. Oaker, Miss Ruth A.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Arnold, of
Flint; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bavinger,
* of Omaha, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles
1 Scherer, of Newark, N.J.; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles E. Downer, of Cranford,
N.J.; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fedzuik,
of Buffalo, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Frailing, of Irion River; Mr and
Mrs. Walter F. Hinkle; of Chicago;
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lobb, of Kan-
sas City, Mo.; Mr. Harry S. Mason,
of Auburn, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. H. O.
Waterman, of Albany, N.Y.; and
Mrs. Ada M. Simpson, of Eaton Rap-

Debate Seies'
FiinaW inuners
Are Announced
Zenovia Skoratko, Dorcas
C o r r i n, Affirmatives;
Earn Judges' Decision
Zenovia Skoratko, '40, and Dorcas
Corrin, Grad., are the winners of the
finals of the women's intramural de-
bate series held yesterday in the.
Grand Rapids Room of the League.
Runners-up for the championship
of the women's intramural debates
are Jean Maxted, '41, and Mary Mar-
tha Taylor, '41. Miss Skoratko and
Miss Corrin, affirmative team from
Alumnae House and Jordan Hall, suc-
cessfully defended subsidization in
intercollegiate athletics. Their pro-
posal included a cooperative house
for athletes and a training table.
Prof. G. E. Densmore, Prof. Ar-
thur Secord and Prof. Carl Brandt,
of the speech department, rendered
the two to one decision in favor of the
affirmative team. Helen Jean Dean,
'39, co-chairman of last year's de-
bate series, acted as chairman.
Following the contest, tea was
served to the 30 guests who attended
the debate. Miss Ethel McCormack,
League adviser, poured.
The women's intramural series,
which is held annually, is sponsored
by the Undergraduate Council of the
League. Mrs. Frederick O. Cran-
dall is faculty adviser.
Province Inspector Visits
Alpha Xi Delta Chapter
Alpha Xi Delta will have as a
national visitor the sorority's Sec-
ond Vice President, Mrs. Olive Wag-
ner from April 26 to 29. The Michi-
gan chapter will give a tea in her
honor Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Mrs. Wagner is inspecting all chap-
ters in this province and is the offi-
cial Province Inspector.
Alpha Xi Delta announces the
pledging of Mary Sdunek, '41, of

No woman now an undergraduate
in the University can remember the
pre-League-Building days. No one
can recall the time when women's
multifarious activities were carried on
in corners of Barbour Gym, the days
when Dean Lloyd went home with
a nightly headache during JGP prac-.
tice period after listening to the con-
stant thump of choruses rehearsing
over her head all day.
This year marks the tenth anni-
versary of the League. To those of
us who are now in school the thought
of that anniversary brings no sense
of the reality of achievement, but to
three-Jean Holland-Dorothy Ship-
man and Betty Slee-the recent con-
vention of Women Students' delegates
held at the University of Kansas
brought home a very real apprecia-
tion of the League.
The convention 'brought together
representatives of widely varied
schools. The Big Ten sent dele-
gates, as did several Californian
universities, Cornell and Pennsyl-
vania State College. There were
small schools and large represented,
co-educational and women's, nor-
thern and southern.
The surprising fact was that among
that group the delegates from Michi-
gan were regarded as experts on
women's governing bodies. Almost
none of the universities represented
had a building corresponding to our
League, most of them were attempt-
ing to devise a merit system similar
to ours and were anxious to find oat
all they could about ours.
In view of this fact Michigan
seems justified in regarding herself
as a leader in women's governing or-
ganizations. This supremacy is due
to the foresight and initiative of the
women who preceed us by several
years, and not less so to the women
of the University's administration
who helped make the League possible.

Patrons Namied
,1 0Fo~idi eParty
At Huron Hills
Bill McKay's Band To Play
For 8th Annual Dance;
Tickets Include Taxi
The eighth annual Hillel spring
dance will be held from 9 p.m. to
midnight Saturday at the Huron
Hills Country Club.
Patrons for the affair are Dr. and
Mrs. Edward W. Blakeman, Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Morgan, Dr. Bernard
Heller, Prof. and Mrs. I. L. Sharfman,
Prof. and Mrs. William Eaber, Dr'.
and Mrs. Jacob Sacks, Dr. and Mrs.
Raphael Isaacs, Dr. and Mrs. S. A.
Goudschmidt, Dr. and Mrs. Kalamir
Fajanse, Dr. and Mrs. Reuben L.
Kahn. Prof. and Mrs. Hirsch Hoot-
kins, Mr. and Mrs. Osias Zwerdling
and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Both-
Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Rabinowitz, and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyers will be
the chaperons at the dance.
Dorothy Arnold, '39, general chair-
man of the spring dance, urges that
tickets be purchased as soon as pos-
sible in order that transportation
arrangements may be made.
Bill McKay and his orchestra will
play at the affair, tickets for which
are priced at $1.50 a couple includ-
ing round trip taxi service.
Pledges Are Announced
Alpha chapter of Theta Phi Alpha,
national sorority for Cathblic wom-
en in state universities and colleges,
announces the pledging of the fol-
lowing women: Mary Jane Kenney,
'41, Detroit; Olga Manikoff, '41, De-
troit; Catherine McDermott, '41SM,
Benson; Genevieve Spurgeon, '41, De-
troit; Mary Ellen Spurgeon, '40Ed,
Detroit, and Geraldine Wilson, '40,
Bay City.. Pledges were honored at a
tea Sunday in the League.

Decorations Theme
Will Be Daffodils,
Yellow daffodils and silver rain-
drops form the basic theme of the
decorations for "Puddle Jump,"
eighth annual Freshman Project,
which is being held at 9 p.m. Satur-
day in the ballroom of the League.
A rainbow of pastel colors will
form a bridge over the orchestra at
one end of the ballroom, Lois Basse,
decorations chairman, said, and a -
huge '42 will decorate the opposite
end of the room.
Sun umbrellas will be placed in the
portion of the room reserved for
patrons and patronesses, and the
orchestra will be flanked by two floor
boxes. The door will be covered with
cellophane to give the effect of.rain,
and there will be a cloud-burst of
ballons during the evening.
Bill Sawyer's band will play for
the dance, and tickets are being sold
for $1.25. Freshman women will pre-
sent a floor-show during the inter-
mission, and "Puddle Jump" music
will be broadcast over station WWJ
from 11:30 p.m. to 12 p.m.
Meeting Causes Revision
Of Baseball Schedules
Due to the mass meeting yesterday
afternoon there are some changes
in this week's baseball schedule.
Under the revised schedule to-
day's games are Betsy Barbour vs.
Chi Omega at 5 p.m., Delta Gamma
vs. Gamma Phi Beta at 5 p.m. and
Kappa Kappa Gamma vs. Kappa
Alpha Theta at 5 p.m.
Games scheduled for tomorrow are
Martha Cook vs. Alpha Phi at 5 p.m.,
Collegiate Sorosis vs. Adelia Cheever
at 4:30 p.m. and Alpha Epsilon Phi
vs. Zone I at 5 p.m.
four steamship pasage to Europe. jfo r isoaing Spring
Summer, should be ueroed now.. Phone or come in, choose
your ship & a small deostill guarantee the space. .11 you Pand
S you anot go' will gladly arrange for'a tran 'fer. ,ra full return
of deposit mao*e. All detaln Completed here.. iuihout charge.
,PeooalSerae e eer O l. g.., since a. PH. 0411
UESLER TRAVEL .UREAUt601 E. Nuont., AaArbor


Sorority Women
4 pprove Changes
In Rushing Rules
Changes in the rushing rules for
1939 were approved by a dlecisive ma-
jority of : the women attending the
Panhellenic mass meeting held at
4:30 p.m. .yesterday in the ballroom
of the League. . .
Discussion was held on the sugges--
tion that the rushing period be cut to
a two, week period, instead of three,
with informal -parties every day the
first week and two formal parties
during the- second. -
The recommendation that orches-
tras be eliminated for the informal
parties, but made permissible for the
two formal parties was also approved
by the group, as was the suggestion
that dessert and coffee be served in-
stead of the full dinner, thereby
cutting .down on the major rushing
The new system of fines which goes
into effect next fall was explained
and received the approval of - the
300 People Attend
More than 300 people attended the
fourth in a series of formal dances
given by the Faculty Women's Club
of Ann Arbor from 9:30 p.m. to'
12:30 a.nm. last night at .the Union
Dinner parties were given by Maj.,
and Mrs. Ira M. Crump and %Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Watkins. Mrs. Wat-
kins -was seen later at :the Union
wearing a blue crepe dress trimmed
with gold. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. New- -
ton and Dr. and Mrs. Marvin M.
Pollard arrived with Mr. and Mrs.
Watkins. Mrs. Pollard, chairman of
the . dance, wore a white printed
chiffon with a full skirt and short
puffed- sleeves. Mrs. Newton was at-
tired in a bright blue crepe with
grass green trimmings. Her sash ands
jacket were of the same: green.;


wants three men to exclu-
sively represent the safe of
their refri gerators and
ranges here
115 East Liberty


-~-..---- -4 --


Perle Angora

Nk ..r




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