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April 04, 1939 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-04-04

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DAY, APRIL 4, 1939



By the Neighbor
April 3, 1939
Dearest Wilbur,
Just think . . . only 72 hours and I can see you again. Won't you be
surprised when you see my new saddle shoes? You asked me what's been
happening lately, so I will tell you about my last Sat. till Mon.
Mosher Hall defeated Alpha Phi by a score of 28-19. The members of
the winni . . . pardon me, Wilb'ur, but the city editor just walked by.
What was.I saying, oh, yes, when Harold Garn and Peggy Dalton walled
into the S.A.E. dinner party a half hour late, the whale fraternity rose and
stood at attention . . . dead silence . . It must be an old Q.A.. custom
that you learn with the "Violets." George Kingsbury and Marcy Towns-
ley consumed unbelievable amounts of proteins, and Betty Stout and Larry
Thomas, "His Royal Dryness," had their usual discussion about which angle
to wear his pin. Bob Moffet and Jane 'Skiley loved the "spuds."
Got Any Clues, Wilbur? .
Shades of Pu Manchu . . . Some people say that it was Frank Rhein-
hammer that was spooking people with a Michigan blanket over his suit at
the Phi Kap dance, but who can be sure? Anyway, Pete Gossard and Betty
Barney weren't taking any chances. Joanna Dailey said that
it was a deep secret and you'd have to be on the inside to
® understand it.
At the Theta Delt party on Friday night Barbara Johnson
and Deacon McCall (you remember them from last year)
were talking things over confidentially. Bill Chamberlain and
Virginia Brereton executed some trick twirls after every
number. But Peopall seemed to remark that something was
missing. Do you think it could have been John G. Eldridge,
who was indisposed at home? Jeff Hall insisted that he
needed money to buy earmuffs for his gold fish, and no one
. t1 knew where your friend, Johnny Barr was.
And then there was the case of the worried girl who heard her room-
mate was bringing home a bunny. Connie William's pink footed one that
she won at the Union Bunny Hop has one eye lost in his whiskers. Pat
Loughead and Dick Ludwig decided their bunny was exotic, even if it was
knock-kneed. Kay Cramer and Max Busard and Kay
Williams and Russ Fischer hopped around like happy
Speaking of little animals, you can imagine the b
worries of Martha Poe when she found a fly living in
her coffee at the Gamma Phi dinner in the League. Dick '.
Mead practically had to disect an antenna to prove it - .
was only a wire fly. Back at the dance, Rae Gustafson, r
Johnny Ruccus, Bob Hotchkiss, Lee Hardy, and Dusty Rhodes shagged and
exchanged sallies, as old friends will. It took John Holton and Betty Gould
to show what suave dancing really is. Ted Novac stayed his usual two min-
utes and then he and Pedo Ortmeyer returned to where they came from.
No Shysters Allowed
Remember Doug Edwards and Peg McGregor? They could have sworn
that they saw a shyster "right over there in the corner" at Crease Ball,
but Carrel Langsten and Joyce Hammond insisted that he was only a flat
foot. Betty Cole and John Rae seemed deeply impressed
by some statement in the "Raw Review" about disorder-
ly conduct. Don Maxon and Shirley Roberts and Jim
Grahm and Ginny Sappington and Pat Patterson and
Johnny Johnston seemed to dance on and on.
I heard the Betas had a. party, too, but then,
enough is enough. So you can see, Wilbur, that Ann
Arbor doesn't need a Hitler or a five alarm fire to
keep things a-zipping.
Your own Mable.
P.S. You asked me if I'm still going steady with you. What makes you
think I'm not?

Staff Will Give
Senior Women.
Health Checkup,

White Accents For Chic

White Organdie Or Lace Makes
Cool Sheer Blouses For Spring,


Consecutive Years
Only Requirement
Medical Exam

All senior women who have attend-
ed the University for four consecu-
tive years will be given the oppor-
tunity for a complete health exam-
ination by the Health Service staff
after Spring Vacation, Dr. Margaret
Bell, director of physical education
for women, announced.
Complete Examination
The examination will include a
complete re-examination of eyes, ears,
nose and teeth as well as the general
examination and health conferences.
Letters will be sent this week to all
heads of dormitories, league houses
and sororities, and immediately fol-.
lowing Spring Vacation a letter will
be mailed to each student eligible for}
the examination stating the two-
weeks' limit within which she may
make her appointment. Those who
do not make their appointments at
the time specified in the letters will
have no other opportunity to do so.
When the students make their ap-
pointments at the Health Service
they will be given an intensive ques-
tionnaire, which Dr. Bell asks that
they fill out as accurately as pos-
Exam To Aid Research
Although the Health Service would
like to give this examination to all
senior women, numbering approxi-
mately 600, it will be impossible to
handle any more than the fdur-year
women, numbering approximately
200, Dr. Bell said.
The purpose of these examinations,
in addition to their obvious benefits,
is to enable the Health Service to
compare the state of the individual
senior's health today with her con-
dition at the time of entering the{
University, Dr. Bell said. This sur-
vey is being conducted because of
articles which have appeared in
magazines stating that a woman's
health ordinarily deteriorates while
she is at college.
House Heads Will Meet t
The association of league houset
presidents, which is one of the threef
subdivisions of Assembly, will meet
at 4:15 p.m. today in the League,
Mary Frances Reek, '40, Assembly,
president, announced yesterday.-
The meeting will be held to discuss .1
plans for next year's work. Atten-
dance is compulsory, Miss Reek said.

Not so long ago the co-ed of '27
slipped on a pair of "Goo"lashes and
a dress three or five inches below her
original waistline. With her high-
heeled shoes and a fresh marcel in
her hair she was all set for the soror-
ity tea.
Back To Victorian Era
Today her younger sister is going
far behind the "giddy" twenties for
her inspiration in dress. When she
walks out to the sorority teas she is
likely to be wearing a Victorian dress-
Smakersuit with a sheer blouse under
it. The blouses she may chose from
are of all the pastel shades from theI
reds to the grays.
Pink dressmaker shirts are among
the most popular selections. One such
model has demure pockets on each
side with stitching -along, the neck-
line. Light blue and amber yellow
blouses match exceedingly well with
a dark suit of the same color.
White Is Refreshing
Nevertheless, it is the dainty, white
blouse which has been receiving an
encore from the spring minded. Crisp
'and immaculate looking it adds a re-
freshing spark to the duskiest of out-
Lace and pique are tne most sought
after materials for these blouses. An
example that caught our attention
was a short sleeved one with a little
round collar. Six colourless buttons
marched down the front, each one
being smaller than the one at the top.
It is predicted that these blouses will
be worn under cardigans as well as
with suits.
Blouses With Formals
Nor do they have a chance to rest
up in the evening, for diaphomous
blouses are being shown for formal
wear with full skirts. Especially with
shadowy shades they are effective.
Such styles often have a figured de-
k'sign wending its way across the front
and back. Flowers, and bizarre pitch
forks may seem entirely out of touch
with each other in their attitudes, but
they meet on common ground in one
L striking model. In this case the flow-
ers were white and the forks were

figure out a blouse which will be asC
serviceable as a cardigan and yet
more feminine. Perhaps Vionet has
the answer in her startling creation
of a "Cardigan Blouse." This one is
as long as the average Brooks Sweat-'
er. It buttons down the front and
is gathered at the waist. One can
purchase it with its twin, which is of
the same material but has no but-
tons except at the actual top. Vionet's
model is of silk jersey, trimmed with
pique buttons.
Ticket Sale Begins
For Swing Sessions
Tickets for the Swing Sessions, to
be given for four Wednesdays be-
ginning April 19 at the League, arel
now on sale at the League and Union
main desks at $2 a couple, Elva Pas-
coe, Grad., director of the sessions
announced yesterday.
Complimentary tickets have been
mailed to Tom Harmon, '41, and Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Brennan, as well
as to the various couples who have
been chosen as the best dancers in
the elimination "contests held during
the League and Union dancers for two
At the Sessions "jitterbug" danc-
ing, the Congo Chain, rhumba and
tango will be taught. Bobby Scherger
and his orchestra will play for the af-
fairs. Miss Pascoe emphasized that
tickets will be sold only to couples,
and not singly.
League Officials Attend
Convention In Kansas
Dorothy Shipman, '40, League
president, Betty Slee, '40, chairman
of Judiciary Council, Jean Holland,
'39, and Miss Ethel McCormick are
attending meetings of the Women's
Student Government Association this
week at the University of Kansas,
Lawrence, Kan.
They will participate in discussion
groups sponsored by the national or-
ganization until Friday.

Dames Group
Will Give Play
IPI ' i l e I~ltee
Of Annual Style Show
Honored by the Michigan Dames,
the Faculty Women's Club of Ann
Arbor will be the special guests at a
"Do's and Don'ts" program to be giv-
en at 8:30 p.m. today in the League.
The program, which is to be put on
by the Charm Group, will consist of
an original play written by Mrs. E. E.
Eves, Mrs. P. A. Smits and Mrs. Gard-
ner Ackley, chairman of the group.
The play will be directed by the Mrs.
M. A. Shilling, Mrs. R. F. Atkinson,
Mrs. R. N. Weber, Mrs. W. R. McKee,
Mrs. C. L. Peterson, Mrs. L. S. Haynes,
Mrs. Eves and Mrs. Ackley.
This program is taking the place
of the annual style show usually pre-
sented at this time. A basic ward-
robe to be worn at either of the
World's Fairs will be modeled, how-
ever, by Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Smits,
Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Shilling.
Specialmusic will also be presented
under the direction of Mrs. Weber,
chairman of the music group. This
will consist of accompaniment for the
models and numbers to be played be-
tween acts. After the play, there will
be group singing.

White pique rickrack edges the
neckline and hem of this trim navy
dress, in fitted princess style, with
flared skirt and puffed sleeves. A
navy heart-shaped bonnet with
white lining, white pouch purse
and gloves and a bouquet of white
violets complete the Easter outfit.
Newman Dance Is
Open To Campus

Here is the solution to your
problem. Musical units fur-
nished from two to ten
pieces, to fit any budget.
Dial 3512

Tickets for the annual Newman
Club Spring Formal, to be held from
9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday, April 21,
will be on sale all this week at the
main desk of the Union. The dance is
open to all students on campus, Bill
Sawyer's well known Michigan or-
chestra, will play for the affair.
Ticket chairman John Simons,
Grad., announced that tickets may
be procured by calling him at 7020,
or by contacting other members of
the central committee. These chair-
men are Jack Cooney, '40E, head of
publicity; Mary Jane Kronner, '40,
patrons chairman; William Sherzer,
'41E, and Pat Vihteliz, '40Ed, co-
chairmen of decorations and Ruth
Rochon, '40, program chairman. The
general chairmen are Don Siegel,
'39E and Mary Ellen Spurgeon, '40.

Ij' 1


New 'Cardigan Bluse
For class wear Paris is trying

Try A DAILY Classified





1 '.r - 3


) "




ir 1


May 10,11,12,13,1939

Every chic American women favors a suit for Easter.
Let your suit mirror your Rersonality

Y} t )
1 "tit


Over-the-Counter" Sale

* Basque Suits
* Soft Tailleurs
.. . from 10.95
* 3-piece Reefers

of Al


Unsold Tickets







S 3-piece

... 29.75

t{ . _T 'l 1Y.I f



* Little Costume Suits
(Dresses with J ackt
..from 1 2.95
are bright with color.
Gay fabric Gloves and
Bags from 1.00.

Monday, April 17, 8:30 a. m.
All orders with remittances to cover
received prior to Friday, April 14, 1939,

ASK YOUR MOTHER, and your Grandmother . . .
they'll tell you how important starched white petti-
coats were when they were young and gay. (Flirta-
tiously peeping from beneath skirts, they're the
thing - again this Spring. Be young and charm-
ing in a polka-dot printed silk dress in a fresh, crisp
color with eyelet-embroidery edged petticoat . . . or
coquettishly sophisticated in a navy crepe with
bright taffeta.
Frnm 17-91;


5 P.M., will be filled in advance.




Irresistibly feminine
Bloues from 2:95

U= -=


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