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March 22, 1939 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-03-22

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_. T __ _ _


Low And High
Waistlines Are
Spring Fashion
Redingotes Will Be Shown
In Crepes And Woolens
Of Contrasting Colors
At luncheons, teas, or informal
dances this spring the smart women
on campus will be seen in the latest
clothes by young American design-
ers. Here are a few hints for the high-
points in your spring-summer ward-
Silk, Crepe Are Favorites
The new dresses will be silk, crepe,
or light woolens, with skirts softly
-flared from the low waist-line, dirndl
skirts, high waist-lines, or very tail-
ored. With all' these styles the mili-
tary Padded shoulders look well, and
will be worn everywhere this spring.
They are very flattering because of
"their ability to make hips and waist-
line very slim looking.
Redingotes are popular again.
Here are a fewrsuggestion: a blue
wool redingote, kicking open over a
blue and white striped dress, or a
blue crepe with white eyelet eimbroid-
ered ruffle showing.
Blouses For Dress Wear
Blouses are good in dress wear as
well As with the traveling sit. For
example, a suit of basket weave
'woolen with white pique blouse and
rever facings is smart and practical
for late afternoon.
For earlier in the day a blue wool
suit with 4 Pleated skirt, waist-long
jacket, and surah blouse, or a nav-
green suit also with a pleated skirt
and short jacket and print blouse
with a large bow at the neck. One of
the newest dress suits has a two-
section skirt, the upper portion tight,
and flared at the bottom. The top
overlaps the flare and is pointed, as
is the jacket.
Checked Wool Has Charm
Many of the new One piece dresses
look like suits but are united amid-
ships. A brown and white checked
wool with a v-shaped neckline
'trimmed in 'brown and large brown
'buttons and very full skirt is Youth-
ful and charming.
For daytime wear the choice is
extremely large. A blue sheer wool.
'with side buttoning bodice which ties
with a white pique belt is triu;nph-
antly wearable.
And, of course, prints are back.
These are very good for daytime and
come in any color combination your
heart desires. These have wide belts
and rounded necklines and give full
swing to the bouffant skirts. Among1
Brush Cut Is
Practical New
Coiffure Style
For the past two years, there have
been two definite cycles in hair-
dressing. These might be titled terse-
ly, the "hair down" and the "hair
up." The beloved page-boy is prob-
ably what made the first trend so
popular; that and the influence of
the movie queens. A long bob is one
of the most becoming and glamor-
-ous of hair styles besides being one of
the easiest to vary to fit the demands
of many changing roles.
'Brush Cut' Is New
But theonly services that a long
bob really requires is a lot of brush-
ing and washing. To increase milady's
dependence upon her beauty shop, the
Paris hair dressers came out with the

famous "hair up" movement.
The elaborate curls and the un-
natural direction in which hair was
forced to lie necessitated a lot of
planning and care. Perhaps that was
one reason that this style never be-
came as popular as the hair dressers
had hoped-that and the fadt that a
lady must really be quite beautiful in
order to wear her hair in this fashion
Revolution In Style .
But now I have it on a very good
tip that we are due for another great
revolution in hair styles. Signs of
the times are already appearing in
the East. The newest development is
what is intriguingly called the "brush
cut." I am told that it is beautifully
young and casual and should be fav-
ored enthusiastically by college girls.
It is a drastic reversal from all recent
arrangements of hair-short, swept
back from the face and no curls!
Hair Will Not Be Up
It sounds vaguely like one of those
Yale crew cuts that the college boy
loves so. Maybe it is the feminine
steal of that great idea. Young Miss
America has always loved to copy
all her big brother's good ideas and
it looks now as if she has appro-
priated one of his most cherished
This then is- the latest news-in
spite of illustrations in Vogue, hair
will not be worn up so much this
spring and summer, although there
will probably be many versions of
the flattering half-and-half treat-

Checked Jacket Is Contrast To Dress


t ,
t '

...... v. ... , . .
." ,"-?:'

, "
J t
( t
. 1

Pastel Is New
Note In Spring
Jewelry Style
Cork Bracelets, African
And Bird Cage Clips
Are Also Favorites'
Wild and unusual gadgets are dom-
inating the stage as the curtain
raises on the first act of a Spring
Song in jewelry. We have seen the
lights dim on the heavy gold and onyx
of winter as pastel lights flood a
scene filled with delicate easter egg
Bracelet of Cork Disks
One of the cleverest spring sets on1
the market is a bracelet and necklace
combination by Martha Sleeper of
Hollywood. She has taken prosaic cork
and cut it into chunky little disks,.
dipt these into baby shades of paint,
and strung them on coarse flax to
set off tailored spring suits and
dainty sweaters.t
It's an open question whether Miss<
Sleeper had a brain storm or ant
awful nightmare when she got the<
idea for her ivory matches necklace
and bracelet set. They are strung in
two lengths with bright heads that
alternate colors in vivid contrast.:
Rather startling but a sure-fire hit
for spring.
Clips For Suit Lapels
Clips and little gadgets for suitj
lapels have hit a new high in spring
accessories this year. Wierd carvedk
wood faces of dusky Africans hold-
ing huge metal rings in their noses
are in prominence this season on
campus. Bird cages in the latest col-j
ors with little feathered occupantst
swinging on bars inside will decorate
many a lapel and contrast fuchsia
chartreuse, powder blue or whatever
new shade is chosen.
Fragile crackled glass beads alter-
nating with bright glass leaves may1
be obtained in all the Easter egg col-
ors to decorate the neckline of sheer
sweaters. Chunky glass cylindersa
tipped with vividly shaded crystall
beads form a clever bracelet and
necklace combination.
Pastels With White
Spring colors matched with white'
make the best possible combination'
for warm weather accessories. This
idea has been carried out in the Queen
Anne necklaces and clips of pierced
white metal rolled into delicate flow-
er shapes. In the center tiny simulat-
ed stones of 'pastel shades to match
all costumes make the perfect com-
pliment to light dresses.
The Sunny South has sent us myri-
ads of little shells strung in twisted
strands of delicate lavender, blue and
chartreuse. Flowers are another sure
sign that spring is in the offing. Three
fragile camellias in a very light weight
metal shaded deep rose form an ef-

By DORIS ATKINSON ception, the dry-cleaning method is
Fur coats are ideal for comfort not injurious to fur pelts. The belief
and smartness during the winter ntijrost u et.Teble
season; but during the summer weath- that the oils are removed from the
er they presert a brain-teasing prob- pelt by this process is a fallacy. In
lem, that is if you are uninformed as fact, the United States Bureau of
to their correct care. The entire prob- Standards advises this method. The
lem centers about the fact that furs choice, of course, is left to the cus-
as well as woolens are quite as popu- tomer.
lar with moths and their destructive- Fumigation Kills Larvae
larvae as they are with fashion-mind- Fumigation to dsroy all larvae
ed individuals, precedes the storage of the garment
Modern Methods Essential in a vault. Gas is released in a chain-
The home remedies formerly relied ber for a certain number of hours to
upon have proven unsatisfactory gen- accomplish this purpose. Garments
erally especially as compared with are fumigated primarily to kill moth
the results gained from the modern larvae, but there are approximate-
methods of caring for fur and wool- ly fifty different injuiious insects
en garments. which are destroyed by this process.
There are two accepted methods of Two types of storage are used for
cleaning furs. The furrier's method garments, cold and gased. Thermo-
consists of placing the garment in statically controlled vaults are used
what is termed a sawdust drum with in cold storage. The temperature is
a chemical sawdust mixture. The alternated because the larvae lie dor-
drum is revolved a limited number mant if the temperature remains con-
of times depending on the type and stant.
durability of the fur. By a similar Malium Gas' Is Used
operation, the sawdust is removed by Gased storage consists or releasing
a number of revolutions, in another malium gas in the vault. The air is
drum. Contrary to the popular con- conditioned to keep it free from mois-


sealed bag. Otherwise, the insect lar-
vae remain in the garment free to
produce their injurious effects.
Pelts Should Be Shaken
The cheaper methods, such as us-
ing moth balls and cakes, are not de-
pendable for the prevention of moths.
Some timely advice in the care of
furs, is that the pelts should be shak-
en not brushed. Brushing soon de-
tracts from the appearance of the
Storage Recommended
The storage process is strongly
recommended for the welfare of both
furs and woolens. In the home there
is the danger of moths, fire, theft,
and general deterioration from mois-
ture. Cleaning establishments insure
garments against these dangers ac-
cording to their evaluation. The edu-
cation of the general public in storage
is increasing. The progress of this
education is indicated by the in-
crease in vaults for storage and in
the expansion of their capacity.

Methods Oif Preserving Winter Furs

During Sum mer Months Explained

fective necklace for tailored navy
sheers that are so much in promin-
ence this year. The petals are deli-
cately edged of gold to match with
the dainty gold chain the flowers are
strung on. Royal blue flowers have
also been made up in this manner
by the same manufacturers.
Fruits And Vegetables
When fruits appear, can Spring be'
far ahead? At least that seems to be
the cry which has centered around
the new demand for bright little
gadgets of miniature fruits and
vegetables. Even on the shoulders of
spring formals vivid clumps of cher-
ries may be seen hanging tempting-
ly below a sprig of emerald leaves.
Bracelets, clips and even necklaces
masquerade,under clusters of car-
rots, beets and a host of other bright
little vegetable. and fruits garnished
with bits of greenery.
Taken as a whole, the spring jewel-
ry this season is as unique, unusual
and clever as any that has been
shown for many a season.

ture. This is considered the safest
method for the preservation of the
fur. Storage in vaults preserves the
oils an dthe general condition of the
The vault of one Ann Arbor clean-
ing establishment has a capacity for
10,000 garments. Another establish-
ment has two gas storage and one
cold storage vault of equal capacity
for both types of storage. Woolens
are submitted to the same treat-
ments as furs except that they are
not put through the sawdust drum.
Sealed Bags For Moths
If woolen and fur garments are
treated at home they must be attend-
ed to faithfully for safe keeping. The
most advisable method consists of
having the garment cleaned and
sealed in a moth proof bag.
Shaking the article and hanging it
in the sun may replace the cleaning
part of this process providing this
treatment is applied frequently. It
is essential that the article is thor-
oughly cleaned before placing it in a

t >

With spring zephyrs making the air too cool for wrapless days, jackets
replace. coats for wear with sports attire. This checked model contrasts
with the plain colored dress which features a double-fastening wide belt
to relieve its plainness.

the new colors chartreuse is the
most popular, and rose-bud pink, navy
green, sky blue and shades of purple
rank second. These are given full
sway in a lovely bright print.
Fuschia. Ribbon Trim
For informal dances on campus
bright crepes are a real necessity.+
A few we have seen in the shops may+
help you in deciding what you want.
A bright'royal blue skirt, gored, with
a sky blue short-sleeved jacket top

is trimmed in fuchia grosgrain rib-
bon at sleeves and collar and has
fuchsia glass buttons down the front
of the jacket. The top is very full
and shirred at the center.
A white organdy blouse attached
to a light blue crepe dress has ruffles
on the front and white embroidering
on the collar. Particularly smart is
a chartreuse dress with an accordi-
on pleated inset down /the center of
the entire dress.

' J
- .. .r
.. ., ,
. y #
._ ' ..1 .:
v w
.. . .. .
'- a ,:,
". wlY
' - f ' /
Y .,
, ' _ '
" _-.


I : ,
/.f :


. : t c

f te,


. .

You'll Be Wearing


All This Spring!

;Lovely, laughing Tulip Colors
to make you a fashion leader

ry i


Just how to protect your furs is always a brain-teaser with the
coming of warmer weather. Our modern "Furrier's Sawdust
Drum Method" of cleaning along with our Refrigerated Storage
Vaults will'solve this perplexing problem for you. Don't expose
your furs to needless danger from moths, fire, and theft. Protect
them by the latest methods and be assured of their safety.

now - thru Spring! Sparkling
with all your costumes, they'll
make you a gay, enchanting per-
son! See- our new, new acces-
sories in tulip pink, lavender,
yellow, fuchsia!
Gay Blouses........295
Pure dye silk blouses in rich




.it's Blossom
Attractive Selections of
Seasonable Plants and
Flowers for all occasions
203 East Liberty
Telephone 2-2973


yp -. fJ

tulip colors.

Softly tailored.

BEY'-DAY...and you'll
he in yours in this mono-
tone print with its wide
leather belt matching a
chiffon hankie., Just
glimpse its full graceful
skirt and sit back and
yearn! Sizes 9 to 17.
1,I* -

m '
I' -f.;

Bags and Gloves from 1.00
Luscious tulip colors in soft doe-
skin and fabric bags and gloves!



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