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January 30, 1938 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-01-30

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$VNDAZ, JAN. 30, ...




tramural Figures Show ProfessorsI AD1-AIDE, .r lhyJan. 2. -I
-Do Budge. world's No. 1 amateur
St( lllSstar. )poved conclusivel today
Do Ha The Tir Mo entsRe axatio t iat his exhibiton-match defeats
Do h ve T eir omens Oj elax tionxci no sign of a slump wxhen he rout-
cd Jack Bromwich, 19-year-old Aus-
_____-tralian Davis-Cupper, 6-4, 6-2, 6-1,

CICAGO. Jan.- ni -Mnty
Stratton, star Chiao White S)x
pitcher, anc Billy lerman, veterar
second -.acker of the Chicago Cubs,.
sent their signed contracts or l1938 to
their respective ofices today, Strt-
ton was belien d to have accepted a


a j c
, 1

__________By iRViN LISAGOR _ _
The House Of Values *. *
THLETIC DIRECTOR FIELDING H. YOST, a master morale builder in
his coaching era, was one day recently explaining the virtues of athletics
and good coaching. He made constant references to a house of values and
principles which young men built during their undergraduate days and
which they inhabited 'til the string ran out. For a while his metaphor was
confusing, but laying his hand suggestively on his chest, he elucidatet:
"It's this house that you build as a young man ... this house that
you live in all your life ... from which you can't escape-ever. Your
coach helps construct it . .. is partially responsible for the results.
And the thing to ask yourself is whether you're going to be proud or
ashamed of it"...
Yost's truism was recalled to mind by confrere Disraeli's apt summation
in yesterday's Daily of Cappy's place in Michigan athletics. Cappy is, of
course, Basketball Coach Franklin C. Cappon, who doubles in brass as
assistant athletic director and member of the football staff. Everyone closely
associated with Wolverine sports knows him as just plain Cappy; Michigan
athletes address him as such with affectionate regard; it's a tag of intimacy
and -esteem.
Disraeli's appraisal of Cappy's "positive genius for making many
lasting friendships" is one drawn from a personal relationship in the
game of maim and mayhem sometimes naively referred to as inter-
collegiate football. And "Diz" had occasion to watch Cappy contribute
materials to the house that he (Diz) must henceforth inhabit.
Legions of other athletes, whether he served them as coach or admin-
istrator, subscribe to the Cappon methods of dealing with men. Youth
has a distinctive ability of piercing through a facade of tart, terse speech
and seemingly crusty mien, and Cappy never fooled them for a minute.
As an undergraduate, Cappy willingly accepted every assignment
Coach Yost gave him, whether it was at fullback, tackle or end.
and he turned in a first-rate job at each. Then as now, Michigan
was first and last among his sentiments. Yet, he was painted as the
villain of the recent football farce presented here because he had the
forthrightness and courage to speak, as always, in the best interests
of his alma mater.
Perhaps no better illumination could be cast upon his character than
these remarks made in private conversation by one of his basketball players:
"The guys would give their right arms for Cappy. We know what he's
been through, the football mess and all. And though we knew it pained
him in here, he'd covered it like a soldier, always remaining cheerful on the
trips and never once mentioning his troubles . . . He took the rap last year
with good grace, and even now when his status is almost as uncertain he's
as natural among us as ever."
Disconcerting Rumors . . .
MORE DISCONCERTING than anything that concerns Cappy
lately have been the reports in the East and elsewhere that Mich-
igan authorities were offering the athletic directorship as inducement
to candidates for the football coaching job. Yost retires in three years,
and the position will then he open. It is a strange offer to make in
view of the fact that Michigan has a man, its own, who as assistant
athletic director is thoroughly familiar with administration and the
peculiar problems it entails, a man who has the support and endorse-
ment of his lown men, past and present, and who not only deserves
campus tribute, as Disraeli recommends, but commands that tribute.
A plumbing of campus sentiment would reveal it. Yost's house of values
and principles depends, as does every structure, upon its foundation . .
Minnesota 45; Chicago 29. Lansing Central High School de-
Cincinnati 39; Ohio Wesleyan 27. feated Ann Arbor High 30-28 lastj
Nebraska 35; Iowa State 32. night to take the lead in the 5A
Pittsburgh 43; West Virginia 40. League.

f"In"+1-a "tr fn flo r nr.itlnt" cftiri®rtf _ _

1 L

'"""rary '" 't t UeUipo "ai"uc nsports. Dr. Sumner Myers of the porting regularly for bowling on thet
supposition that the favorite indoor mathematics department won last new Union alleys are Prof. L. K. t
-sport of most professors is giving year's squash tournament. Among James, Stan Walsh (Michigan Union;
quizzes on the days the class is most other outstanding faculty squash Head), Elmer Mitchell, director of
likely to be unprepared, the Intra- players in the tournanent were Prof. the I-M department, and Dr. Albert
mural Department has evidence to I Robert Angell of the sociology de- C. Kerlikowski, chief resident physi-
prove the opposite. partment, who has held the title cian at University hospital.
Instruction is supplied in archery, three different times, the record for A special time is provided from
badminton, fencing, golf, handball, any one man in the sport, Dr. Karl 4:30-6 p.m. Wednesday for any fac-
paddleball, swimming, squash and yLitzenberg, Prof. Preston James. Prof.ylty activities. Setting up exercises,
tennis for any member of the faculty Arthur Boak, Prof. Ruel Churchill volleyball and swimming are espe-
interested. The Intramural authori- and Edgar Johnson, president of cially featured.
ties sponsored departmental team University High School. Regla S Hour
fsports conducted on a league basis in Regular Swim oiaur
sorts conductetonaleagueb si n Prof. E. M. Espelie is the present A noon swim hour for the faculty isj
volleyball, basketball, bowling and holder of the handball championship provided from 11:30 am. to 1 p.m.
Individual Tournaments Held although he will probably find some each day. On Mondays, Wednesdays
Individual tournaments are also ar strong competition for the crown in and Fridays, a special faculty group
Indvidal ouramets re lsoar-Prof. John Dorsey who was. on leave'
ranged in badminton (singles and of Jbsn las a but beoe tha plays water polo. The group was start-
doubles), bowling (singles), golf had held the title for four years in a ed by Coach Matt Mann more than
(spring). handball (singles and w 10 years ago and have been playin
doubles), table tennis, and tennis Dr. A. H. Smith and Prof. Kenne together ever sine. Among those
(singles and doubles) and squash and Jones are last year's handball doublesIplaying are Prof. John Brier, Prof.
the faculty championship title is de- champions and Prof F. H Clark, Prof. Charles Gordy, Prof. Carl Hubbs,
termined in each. T. S. Lovering, Prof. A. J. Eardley, Dr. Prof. Preston James, Barney Hughes,
To participate in the team sports, Ralph Imlay, and Prof. R. G. Prof. Elmore Pettyjohn, Earl Riskey
Ralh Ila, ad Pof R.G.Smith, and Coach Mann.
the I-M department requests that were among the outstanding faculty Locr ma b a r
any group interested organize a team, players participating in the tourna- deparm y bi whih the
then inform the department of the ment.artmunhedfothawhihtee.
times they can, best play and the Baseball Is Popular Any fulty m r siring a
authorities arrange matches accord- Baseball is probably the most pop- Any faculty member desiring addi-
ingly. ular team sport among the faculty
The individual instruction is fur- and Swimming Club including Pro- Assistant I-M Director Earl Riskey at
nished free of charge and is given by fessors James. McGoon, Hughes, Ware. the Intramural Building or phone
appointment.l Hopkins, Davis. Russell, ouschele, 22101.
Champions lDetermnined 'Renner and Goldcamp hold the all-
Every year, faculty champions are I faculty title in softball at present.
determined in the different individual Among the outstanding players re- ,

to add the Australian
itle to his American
don crowns.

Lawn Tennis salary of about $11,500, with Her-
and Wimble- man reported to have come to teris
for about $20,000,


ChickenI Muligatawvny or Chilled Tomato Juice

Sizzling Porterhouse Steak I
Sizzling Fancy Filet Mignon
Sizzling One-Lb. T-l one Steak
Sizzling Filet Mignon
Sizzling Top Sirloin Steak
Roast Young Chicken
Roast Young Turkey
Assorted Chop Grill, Jelly
Grilled ham Steak, Jelly.
Broiled Regular T-Bone Steak
Broiled Large Tenderloin Steak
Broiled Special T-Bqnc Steak
Broiled Special Tenderloin Steakl

Fried Scallops, Tarter Sauce
Roast Prime Ribs of Beef
Grilled Lamb Chops
Grilled Veal Chops
Grilled Pork Chops
Fried Fillet of Fresh Haddock
Breaded Veal Cutlets
Chicken and Fresh Mushroom
Chow Mein with Noodles
Ragout Beef Tenderloin with
Green Beans
Vegetable Dinner, Fried Egg
Grilled Chopped Round Steak
Fresh Mushroom Omelette
(Three Eggs)

Potato, Vegetable and Salad
Fruit Jello, Baked Apple, Pie, Ice Cream

The Broken Record Is Number'
One In Freshman Track Parade!

New Runners Easily Beat'
Tr ies Set By Oldsters
In The Past
Perhaps Ken Doherty's black pencil
cannot scratch the names of Sam
Stoller. Bob Osgood. Eddie Tolan, and
Willis Ward from the pages of Mich-
igan track history, but it has and will
continue to remove them from the

the quarter mile the record in 1927
was :51.8 but this time was reduced
steadily a tenth of a second at a time
until Stan Birleson set the now exist-
ing mark of :51.5 in 1934.
Harmon Wolfe broke the mile run
record established in 1926 by more
than four minutes in 1930 making a
time of 4:30. Last year it was lowered
to 4:22.3 by Ralph Schwartzkopf who
thus pared off more than eight see-
onds. y

_ "?:
irra '
s; ie

Look Yout Best


For The J-op

lis of record holders in the freshman Speed Advanced
book. Two mile times show another great
A survey of the times and distances advancement in speed. In the last
nine years the clocks have recorded
set by freshman in the last ten years a thirty second gain. Harmon White
shows steady advancement due to a! ran a 10:02 time in 1929 and the
combination of better physical condi- 'next year Hoyt Servis broughtdit to
tioning and technical training. 9:56.6. Walt Stone, Bill Staehle and
Tolan Set Record Ralph $chwartzkopf have all taken
Eddie Tolan. world record holder turns at clipping this time since then
and two times Olympic runner, set 'a and the latter holds the record of
record for the 60 yard dash in 1927 9:31.7 today.
of :6.5. This time was equalled the These records stand as a goal for
very next year by Bill Cook and two the freshman trackmen of today.
years later Don Renwick whittled a They are working to lower them and
tenth of a second from it. if the past has formed a precedent
Sammy Stoller put the finishing for the future, they will be successful.
touches on this mark when he set the -w i -he f
now existing frosh record of :6.3.
Kelley Towers Mark
Willis Ward ran the 65 yard high
hurdles in :8.5 in 1932 to break the
old :8.6 mark only to have Bob Os-
good equal it two years afterward
and last year Stan Kelley lowered
it to :8.4 where it now stands.
The most spectacular reductionsr
came, however, not in the short
sprints but in the distance events. In
Adrian Iselin Wins First
Star Class Trophy Race
FIAV.ANA., Jan. 29-0)-Adrian
lyc lin, 21d, represent ing the Western
L.on g Ts1l 1 Fleeli sailed his veteau
Star class yacihit "Ace" to victory in
ithe first rae for the Bacai'di Trophy
today to open the 12th Annual Intel
national Star Class Regatta.
Iselin guided the Ace over the ten-
mile course in one hour, nine minutes
and 50 seconds, finishing just four
seconds ahead of Harry G. Nye, Jr.'s
Gale. from Wilmette Harbor, Ill., rep-
resenting the Southern Lake Mich-
igan fleet.

5 '
T..M 1 s 1

All we have to offer when we meet strangers is our ap-
pearance. Judgment is instantaneous. RETEXTURING-
the clinical cleansing process-gives' your clothes that
"just-from-the-tailor" look. Why? Because each thread
and fibre, after the regular cleaning, has been treated
by GOLDMAN'S secret process, restoring life and new-
ness to the garment which will stay clean and pressed
twice as long. Make a good first impression!
PHONE 4213


9 x 12
ARARE Antique



The Most

(Our Specialty)

"Club" Tails and
"Casino Club" Tuxedos
are the accepted Formal Attire this Season.
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lhiced -i






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