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December 02, 1937 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1937-12-02

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Need Of Change
In Tax Set-Ip
Cited By Roper
Secretary Of Commerce Is
Confident That Utilities
Dilemma Will Be Solved:
CHICAGO, Dec. 1.-(P)-Secretary
of Commerce Daniel C. Roper cited
the "need of a general revision of
our entire tax structure" in a mes-
sage to the nation's business men
He expressed confidence the "util-
ities dilemma" would be solved, ad-
vocated equal responsibility between
labor organizations and management,
stressed the importance of reducing
the national debt as well as balancing
the budget, espoused "immediate and
constructive" treatment of the rail-:
road's financial problems and hailed
the projected building construction
The Secretary outlined his views
in an address prepared for delivery
before the Commerce Department's
business advisory council.
To the business and industry execu-!
tives who are members of the coun-
cil, President Roosevelt sent a tele-
gram which said in part:
"I am looking forward to meeting
with all of you at the earliest prac-
ticable date so we may have the op-
portunity of talking over the problems
that affect us so vitally. I am con-
fident that appropriate action can
lead to increased employment and
more effective purchasing power in
the hands of great masses of people
still without adequate income."
Discussing the tax on undistributed
corporate earnings, Mr. Roper said:
"Treasury records indicate that the
tax did lead to a market increase in
the percentage of corporate profits
disbursed as dividends during 1936
and there is evidence to show that theJ
the tax also caused increases in cor-
porate operating expenses in the area
of wages, bonuses, advertising, main-
tenance, research, etc.
"It is already evident that such
situations are receiving the sympa-
thetic consideration of the Treasury
in its recommendations to Congress
on the revision of the 1936 Revenue
Act, as indicated by Secretary Mor-
genthau's recent statement and in the
President's message to Congress on
Nov. 15."1
Public utilities, he said, were "con-
cerned with the degree to which gov-
ernment competition may make it im-
possible for operating companies to
earn a fair return on capital invested
while providing for expansion and
replacement" and with the effect ofE
the "death sentence" on the equities(
of holding companies.I
Ames Says Religiont
Is A Very Vital Need
(Continued from Page 1)
Student Religious Association, and3
his wife.
Professor Ames will continue his
series on the theme "The Relation of
Religion to Culture" with three ad-
dresses today.'
He will speak first at a faculty
luncheon and will discuss "The Will
to Believe" at a public lecture at
4:15 p.m. in the Natural Science Au-r
ditorium. At Lane Hall, Professor
Ames will participate in one of the
regular weekly fireside chats discus-
sing 'The Return to Religion."

Champion Steer At Chicago Show

Murphy To Put
Relief In State
Before Budget
Governor Asks Welfare

Victim Of Beating

Report Published
On Mountain Zone{

Dorr To Accredit
State Prep Schools

Of Need



LANSING, Dec. 1.-- P)-Governor

Ashbourne Orange, a light heavyweight shorthorn from the Okla-
homa A. & M. college barnlot, was chosen as the grand champion steer
--the highest honor to which Ashbourne Orange could aspire-at the
International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. Oklahoma presented
the champion, an Aberdeen Angus, last year. The new bovine ruler
is shown here with his attendant, Arthur McArthur.
Mrs. Leopold Stokowski Sues
Famed Husband For Divorce,
Concert Conductor's Wife tody of their daughter, Sonia.
FilesChargsOfCuelt Mrs. Stokowski today asked that*
Fes Charges OYJ CAruleLty Ithe divorce suit papers be sealed and
In Courts Of Nevada that the hearing, scheduled for to-
morrow afternoon, be closed. She
LAS VEGAS, Dec. 1.- P)-Thc fre- also requested the terms of the prop-
quently denied separation of the Leo- erty settlement be incorporated in the
poidSokwski wa -cofired tdaydecree.
poId Stokowskis was confirmed today Stokowski, 54 years old, has head-
when the famed concert conductor's ed the Philadelphia orchestra since
wife filed suit for divorce. . She has 1912.
been a resident of Nevada six weeks.
She charged the Philadelphia or- M edicos
chestra leader with extreme cruelty.M Plan
Although a waiver and a stipulationr
denying the charge was filed by Sto- Re search Fund
kowski's attorney, C. D. Breeze, he
said the action would be uncontested. Adm inistration
The Stokowskis have two daugh-
ters, Gloria Luba, 10 years old, and!
Andrea Sadja, 6 years old, whose Decisions On Novy Project
custody was given their mother in a To Be Made Public By
property settlement signed last Oct. 8.
The marriage, the director's sec- The First Of Next Year
ond, took place in New York Jan. 6,
1926. The recent Mrs. Stokowski was Plans for administration of the'
formerly Evangeline Brewster John- Frederick G. Novy Fellowship Fund
son of the New Brunswick, N.J., sur- for Research in Bacteriology were
gical equipment manufacturing fam- drawn up by medical class officers,
ily. meeting last night in the Founders
Stokowski was divorced by Olga Room of the Union.
Samaroff in 1923. She obtained cus- According to Robert O. Morgan

Murphy said today that he would
place Michigan's "growing" relief
needs ahead of a balanced budget.
The Governor said he had asked
welfare agencies for an "appraisal"
of relief needs and had, as a first
step in meeting them, obtained fed-
eral assurances that at least 5,000 ad-
ditional WPA jobs would be made
available in this state.
Murphy predicted that 10,000 more
WPA jobs would be provided this
month if the relief problem justified
such a course. A further expansion
of the work would be possible in Jan-
uary, he said.
Recent Layoffs Hurt
The Governor asserted lay-offs at-
tributable to the current recession
have deprived approximately 10,000
workers in automobile factories and.
allied industries in the Detroit area
of their jobs.
"This condition may not grow
greatly," he added.
"I don't want a problem like this
exaggerated," Murphy told newspa-
cermen in a press conference today,
"but I do want it met. It isn't a dif-
ficult problem-it isn't anything like
relief problems the government has.
been called upon to meet before.
"The state could, perhaps, get by
this year just the way we had
planned. But the fact remains that
there is a relief problem that is larger
than we expected and it is growing.
The sensible thing to do is to appraisej
it exactly.
To Have Reasonable Policy
"It will be the policy of this govern-
ment to reasonably meet that prob-
lem, whatever it may be. We are
not going to permit distress and suf-
fering in this state."
He pointed out that financial ob-
servers were predicting a business
boom that would contribute through
the winter when the Legislature ap-
propriated $8,000,000 for welfare pur-
poses, instead of granting requests
which totalled $10,000,000.
"The state," he said, "may find it
necessary to increase its allotment.
The Federal Government must be
more generous with Michigan. And,
local communities will have to muster j
all of the assistance possible."
George F. Granger, Emergency Re-
lief Administrator, said the relief case
load in Michigan reached a low point
of 45,000 on October 8, but now is
above the 50,000 mark. In addition
to the ERA case load 42,000 persons
werehemployed on WPA jobs and"58,-
000 received old age assistance.
A new analysis of the act estab-
lishing the University of Michigan in
1817 is presented in a newly published
volume of historical essays from the
University Press. The analysis, by
Dr. Egbert R. Isbell, assistant editor
of the University Press, is made in
the light of Judge A. B. Woodward's
book, "A System of Universal Sci-

Six-year-old Larry Kuntz, of
Wheat Basin, Mont., shown here
resting in a Columbus, Mont., hos-
pital, was beaten unconscious with
a gun butt by a man and woman
who shot and killed his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kuntz.
Fire Destroys
$20,000 Home
Excitement Causes Death
Of Nearby Resident
Fire destroyed the $20,000 home of
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Knapp at 4088
Washtenaw Rd. late Tuesday night
and caused the death of a nearby
resident, Mrs. Lura Voorheis Britton,
from excitement.
Sheriff's officers and state police1
were unable to check the flames, al-
though a volunteer bucket brigade
saved the garage. The cause of the
fire was undetermined, but it -appar-
ently originated in the rear stairway
to the basement.
Mrs. Britton became hysterical
about 9 p.m. while watching the fire
from her home at 4040 Washtenaw
Rd. and died an hour later of a heart
blood clot despite the efforts of a
Regulations adopted by the city
councils of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti
prohibit fire apparatus or firemen
from going beyond the city limits, and
they could not respond to calls for

P R 0'
4 Many m
against cool
vents colds,
colds leadt
cooling off.
This two-
A". many other.
e longer beca
placed sepa
tection. Wil
WOAP OPENING clothes fit b
SUP6DRT FROM THE OUT yet cannot g
Lengths cW aee
For Your length or l
Selec'tion }Bring along
Price perg

en who face a blast furnace all
long underwear! It protects them
ding off too suddenly. That pre-
and more serious ailments that
to. You, too, can avoid sudden
-from heated house to wintry
by wearing Coopers Y-Front
piece Y-Front underwear offers
advantages. No buttons. Wears
use uppers or lowers can be re-
arately. Provides extra back pro-
il not bulk or bind. Makes outer
etter. Y-Front opening convenient
ap. Gives energy-saving support.
r his preference as to sleeve
eg length, we can ,please him.
g his waist and chest measure.
garment-shorts and sleeveless
and up; Longs and short sleeve
and up according to fabric.

Of interest to geologists, mining Prof. Harold M. Dorr of the polit-
engineers, minerologists, geographers ical science department Vill return to
and biologists is a book recently pub- Ann Arbor upon the completion of a
lished by the University Press con- trip he will make until Dec. 6 for the
taining material on the natural phe-
nomena of the San Carlos Mountains purpose of accrediting high schools.
of Tamualipas, Mexico, gathered on a Professor Dorr, working with the
University expedition in the region. Bureau of Cooperation with Educa-
The volume was edited by Prof. tional Institutions, will visit Big Rap-
Lewis B. Kellum of the geology de- ids High School, Ferris Institute of
partient and director of the expedi- Big Rapids, Hershey High School, Le-
tion. It consists of the geological and Roy High School and Morley High
biological reports of the expedition's School.
staff and laboratory studies of cer-
tain groups of organisms from the FISHOW'S WATCH
The San Carlos Mountains are and
comparable in structure and posi- JEWELRY REPAIR
tion to the Black Hills of South Da- 347 Maynard Cor. William
kota and comprise an isolated na- Watch Crystals 35c
tural unit about 900 miles in area.


shirts, oca
shirts, 75c

Local Red


Gifts Total $4,437
Subscriptions to the Washtenaw
chapter of the American Red Cross
totaled $4,437.98, exceeding the quota
of $4,200 set for Ann Arbor, Bruce
Palmer, general chairman of the roll
call announced yesterday,
Total enrollment of members yes-
terday numbered 2260 slightly below
the quota of 2500. The current total
of members is higher than the final
total for last year, however.
All divisions of the roll call in Ann
Arbor showed increases over their re-
sults a year ago, Mr. Palmer said.

Mastenh & Chase'-
211 South Main Street


Trial Of Pawlowskit
Faces Adjournment'
DETROIT, Dec. 1.--(P)-The trial
of Robert Pawlowski, 16-year-old
burglar accused of beating Pauline
Regal to death in her room Sept. 16,
was adjourned this afternoon when1
the prosecution tried to introduce 1
'an alleged confession taken from the
suspect after his arrest.
Judge Edward J. Jeffries adjourned
the trial to allow O. K. Underwood,
defense counsel, to study the state-
ment. The trial will be resumed to-
morrow morning.
Detained as a mental patient at1
Henry Ford hospital, Pawlowskik
escaped Sept. 15. He is accused of,
beating Miss Regal to death while:
she slept, thinking she would awaken'
and find him stealing 65 cents from
her purse.

secretary of the Class Officers' Coun-
cil, a brochure outlining the object of
the project and mechanics of hand-
ling it will be drawn up for distribu-
tion to medical alumni by the first of
the year.
The fund was launched Nov. 21
at a dinner given in honor of Dr.
Novy, Dean-Emeritus of the Medical
School, and in addition to the mon-
ey provided for research, interest on
the money is expected to furnish a
permanent fellowship of about $1,-
The fund is expected to mature to
$50,000 within the three-year limit
set under the Alumni Ten Year Pro-
gram Project. The executive com-
mittee is composed of Dr. C. Stuart
Wilson, Detroit, chairman; Dean Al-
bert C. Furstenburg of the Medical
School; Dr. Richard Freyberg, Ann
Arbor; Dr. George H. Belot, Ann Ar-
bor; Dr. Grover C. Pemberty, De-
troit; Dr. George A. Seybold, Jack-I
son; Dr. Milton Shaw, Lansing; and
Dr. A. Milton Humber, Detroit.


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