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May 19, 1938 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-05-19

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Horses With Radios Important Factor In Texas War Drill

Publication in the Bulletin is constructive'notice to all mrnembers of the University.
Copy received at the office of the Assistant to the President
until 3:30; 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.



THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1938
VOL. XLVIII. No. 164
Student Accounts: Your attention
is called to the following rules passed
by the Regents at their meeting of
Feb. 28, 1936:
"Students shall pay all accounts
due the University not later than the
last day of classes of each semester
or Summer Session. Student loans
which fall due during any semester
or Summer Session which are not
paid or renewed are subject to this
regulation; however, student loans
not yet due are exempt. Any unpaid
accounts at the close of business on
the last day of classes will be reported
to the Cashier of the University, and
"a) All academic credits will be
withheld, the grades for the semester
or Summer Session just completed will
not be released, and no transcript of
credits will be issued.
"(b) All students owing such ac-
counts will not be allowed to register
in any subsequent semester or Sum-
mer Session until payment has been
S. W. Smith, Vice-President and
To The Members of the University
Senate: At the meeting of the Univer-
sity Senate on May 16, 1938 the fol-
lowing were elected to membership in
the Advisory Committee on Univer-
sity Affairs: Professors J. P. Daw son,
L. C. Karpinski, R. A. Sawyer, and
C. D. Thorpe. Professor R. G. Rod-
key was chosen to serve during the
first semesterof next year in the
absence of Prbofessor A. S. Aiton.
Louis A. Hopkins,
Undergraduate Women. The closingl
hour for women will be 11:30 p.m.
on Sunday, May 29 and Monday, May

day and Saturday, May 20 and 21.t
. Camp Davis. All students planningi
to take field courses in surveying orf
in geology during the coming summert
are asked to meet in Room 2054,
Natui'al Science Bldg., at 7 p.m. on I
Thursday, May 19.
H. Bouchard .
G. M. Ehlers.;
German Department Library: All
books, unless due at an earlier date.
must be returned on or before May 23.1
Foreign Students Attention: Foreign
students interested in securing posi-
tions as counselors or special in-
structors in boys' camps for the com-
ing summer should leave their names
at once in the office of the Counselor
to Foreign Students, Room 9, Univer-
sity Hall, and arrange for an inter-
Modification of Rules Governing
Participation in Public Activities. Ef-
fective September, 1938.l
Participation in Public Activities:
Participation in a public activity is
defined as service of any kind on a
committee or a publication, in a public
perfcrmance or a rehearsal, or in
holding office or being a candidate
for office in a class or other student
organization.vThis list is not intended
to be exhaustive, but merely is indica-
tive of the character and scope of the
activities included.
Certificate of Eligibility. At the be-
ginning of each semester and summer
session every student shall be con-
clusively presumedntobe ineligible for
any public activity until his eligibility
is affirmatively established (a) by
obtaining from the Chairman of the
Committee on Student Affairs, in the

Office of the Dean of Students, a writ-
ten Certificate of Eligibility. Partici-
pation before the opening of the first
semester must be approved as at any
other time. ,
Before permitting any students to
participate in a public activity (see
definition of Participation above),
the chairman or manager of such
activity shall (a) require each appli-
cant to present a certificate of eligibil-
ity, (b) sign his initials on the back
of such certificate and (c) file with
the Chairman of the Committee on
Student Affairs the names of all those
who have presented certificates of
eligibility and a signed statement to
exclude all others from participation.
Certificates of Eligibility for the
first semester shall be effective until
March 1.
o III.
Probation and Warning. Students
on probation or the warned list are
forbidden to participate in any public
Eligibility, First Year. N- freshman
in his first sehester of residcnce may
be granted a Certificate of Eligl'ility.
A freshman, during his second se-
mester of residence, may be granted a
Certificate of Eligibility provided he
has complete 15 hours or more of work
with (1) at least one mark of A or B
and with no mark of less than C, or
(2) at least 2 times as many honor
points as hours and with no mark of
E. (A-4 points, B-3, C-2, D-1,
E-U) .
Any student in his first semester
of residence holding rank above that
of freshman may be granted a Certifi-
cate, of Eligibility if. he was admitted
to the University in good standing.
Eligibility, General. In order to re-
ceive a Certificate of Eligibility a stu-
dent must have earned at least 12
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A radio system with the horse as an important unit kept troops in touch with each other when almostI
4,000 men and officers of the First Cavalry division staged a war drill in West Texas near Balmohea. Private
SP. Woodis shown above.
8 Nazis Stage Mass Shows To Order

aic iAous, I BERLIN, May 17.-(I)-Eight men
A group of 20 men have expressed
desire to join this new organization will go down in the history of na-
nd negotiations for a house are be- tional socialism's unrivaled talent for
ig made. Room. and board will 'be putting on big shows as absolute mas-
ve dollars a week in addition to ters of mass meetings. In five years
even hours of work, this team has learned how to make
The nucleus of the new house will masses spring out of the ground in a
e composed of men who- lived in the jiffy.
Eoehdale Co-op this year and are The group, ,with headquarters in
quainted with the problems of or- the Berlin propaganda ministry, un-
anization and management. der supervision of Dr. Josef Goebbels,
Applications for the Rochdale house heads a propaganda organization that
r the new cooperative must be ac- spreads over all Germany, including
:mpanied by a short essay on the co- annexed Austria. Each man on this'
perative movement. This is to make efficient "emergency squad" is a spe-
iembers realize that a cooperative is cialist. An army of party functionar-
Lore than just -a cheap place to sleep ies is at their disposal.
rnd eat, Sperberg said, and to ac- The eight vital points covered by
uaint them with the history and the emergency squad are technique
hilosophy of the movement. press, news photo, film, transporta-
Classi fied Diret or
WANTED TYPING: Experienced. Reasonable
XCELLENT COOK desires position rates. L. M. Heywood, 803 E. King-
in fraternity or sorority during sley St. Phone 8344. lox
Summer School, At present em-T
ployed in sorority. References. TYPING,neatly and accurately done.
Phone 3193. 544 Mrs. Howard, 613 Hill St. Phone
5244. 3x

tion, first aid, pedestrian traffic con-
trol and line-up.
"There is no place in the reich
where a mass meeting could not beE
organized within 24 hours," a mem-
ber explained. "An airplane is al-
ways ready to take the squad to any
spot at any time."
Preparations for standard nazi fes-
tivities were described as compara-
tively easy, and usually begin four
-weeks in advance. Newspapers and
the radio acquaint the public with a
coming event, advise them how to be-
flag their homes, to participate in a
torch parade, etc.
The skill of the team was displayed
when it mobilized 750,000 Berliners
within 48 hours and lined them along
the 21/2 mile road from Templehof
airdrome to the chancellory for the
triumphant return of Adolf Hitler
from Austria on March 16.
One emergency squad expert ex-
plained that party organizers in fac-
tories and offices -report to head-
quarters the approximate number of
participants from their shops. Others
arrange marching columns so that
preferably there is only one from
each district. Routes are designat-

ed so that no one crosses or inter-
feres with that of another.
If transportation of masses from
distant points is involved, care is
taken in working out train schedules
and bus routes. For large outdoor
'meetings, provisioning facilities and
flying ambulances must be available.
Sometimes it is necessary to provide
shelter for the night.
The Hitler-Mussolini meeting in
Berlin in September, 1937, which cul-
minated in a rally of more than 3,-
000,000 people in the streets of Ber-
lin and at the Olympic stadium was
described as the "biggest event even
for some future in the annals of
nazi mass assemblies."
Preparations for this, however, last-
ed more than two months because
they involved a "thorough beautifica-
tion" of Berlin.
Prof. John W. Kemper of the
School of Dentistry, president-elect
of the Washtenaw Coupty . Medical
society, has been elected president of
the Washtenaw District Dental so-


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