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March 13, 1938 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-03-13

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SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 1938

Two Gentlemen



Topcoats Fit In
Coats Will Be Moderate
Waisted And Short
The extra-heavy winter jobs and
the loose raglan topcoats that so
many of us have now, and had in
1929, are perfectly suitable for coun-
try wear our tailor tells us, but for
early spiring days in town the ideal
coat, the super ultra extra special
will be tailored to fit the figure in a
tight squeeze, giving it that air of
smartness and sophistication found
so desirable when you've imported a
bit of home town talent for the week-
The two dandies at the left have
just left the proverbial bandbox with
two ensembles of this new tight-fitter.
The double breasted nifty is made of
natural tan covert cloth and carries
a small change pocket which admir-
ably accomodates the overflowof
fish-hooks and paper clips. The
coat should end somewhere slightly
below the knees and should -be mod-
erately waisted. The man who knows
-and we do mean you-wears a
starched white detachable collar and
a bowler hat or a Homburg. Trousers
are strongly recommended.
The 9 (p.m.) o'clock scholar behind
that herringbone on the far left is all
set to pull a page proof of a pretty
blond he knows. His overcoat is
gray. It is a single-breasted fly front
model, but can also be bought in a
double-breasted edition.
Local stores indicate that reversible
topcoats will suffer no humiliation in
sales this year. They are already a
tradition. Reversibles and saddle
shoes in recent years have pulled
almost a monopoly of greenbacks in
their direction. Rumor puts a dark
green camel's hair job on the top for

Sports And Polo
Shirts Tell Us
SpringIs Here
No, It Is Not The Trees,
It Is The New Colors Arid
Styles In The' Breeze
In some parts of the country green
grass, budding leaves, and other un-
certain phenomena are signs of
spring. Some people even lock at the
groundhog's shadow as a sign of
spring. But on a college campus we
have a surer way of determining the
arrival of spring. It is the sport shirt
At the first ray of sunshine, at the
first warm breeze, these hardy souls
throw tie and shirt to the moth balls
and blossom forth in polo and sport
shirt of every hue and color, every
design and shape.
This group must be offered a set
of new spring styles, and this we are
prepared to do.
Newest Creations
The usual pole11:1ir s will return
in all styles and colors, and at mod-
erate prices. But th real sport shirt
fan, (with a real sport shirt fan's
purse) will scorn the overdone polo
shirt in favor of the newest creations.
The newest importation is a gab-
ardine shirt that is really tops. The
shirt is expensively priced and has
to be dry cleaned, but it is certainly
worth the money and trouble. It has
long sleeves, with elaborate cuffs, a
silk yoke, and a single pocket. A grey
set off with a dark English silk ker-
chief, is just the thing for that virile,
Gable appearance. Most anything you
can think of from bush coats to camel
hair sort jackets take on a look of
suavity and completeness when worn
with this shirt. They are also to be
had in flannel and a thin corduroy,
which are almost quite as dapper, but
lack the novelty of the gabardine.
For Dark Complexions
For men of Latin complexion and
temperment there never has been
anything with a more complimentary
contrast than a pure white garment.
and a new brushed rayon sport shirt
is just what they want for a sporty
afternoon. A dark skin, a pure white
shirt, and a medium kerchief, will
give even a freshman that Rudolf
Valentino look. These shirts are more
reasonably priced and are washable.
They are to be had in every color and
with long and short sleeves.
The brushed rayon has an Angorra
wool look to it, and although it looks
very delicate, is extremely practic-
Tailors Endorse
Slide Fasteners
The hookless slide fastener ha
been endorsed as a trouser closure
by leading custom tailors throughout
the country, and the majority of tail-
or-made suits are equipped with thi
convenient feature. In addition to
saving time and eliminatingi embar-
rassment of broken or lost buttons
the hookless fastened trouser has a
far better appearance than the old-
fashioned variety.
The fastener has long been in us
as a closure for windbreakers, polo

Wherein Are Brought To Light
The Origins Of Modern Fashions

Whenever fashion, styles and cloth-
ing are discussed, the questions of
"Why?" and "How did it start?"
will always be asked. The sociologist
will dismiss many of these queries
with the term "folkways," but the
'historian can offer something more
satisfactory. Man has been living in
a civilized state fct a comparatively
short time, and the historian has
many illustrations and records, and
actual clothing to present as evidence
of the developments of most periods.
It has universally been observed in
Western civilization that buttons on
a man's coat are always on the right
side, while the woman's are on the
left, and the buttoning processes dif-
er accordingly. Why?
The best explanation offered is
that the Roman man flapped the left
side of his toga over the right side,
holding it with his left hand, and
leaving the right hand free to grasp
a weapon or to gesticulate from the
rostrum. His tunic, worn under the
toga, as flapped the same way for
convience, and the modern jacket

developed from the tunic.
The woman, on the other hand,
would keep her vestments in place
with her right hand, leaving the left
hand free to carry the youngster.
Women of all centuries have found
that this procedure leads to greater
efficiency and comfort in manipulat-
ing the offspring.
A feature of man's dress that is
most questioned are the buttons on
the sleeve. Most of us have wondered
about them at one time or another.
In the seventeenth century, when
coats were not so elaborate, it became
expedient to have a system whererby
the cuffs could be gotten out of the
way for duelling purposes by ljutton-
ing them up. The buttons, and false
,ttcrhole on some jackets are the
remains of this practise.
The side pocket, which has become
so popular in this century, started
when men had to have easy access to
their swords through their outer gar-
The slit in the lapel is traced to
the need for a flat lapel when the
(See History, P,ige 13)

$6 -w f



FLAS!. -[
Green is the shade for you this
spring . . . Whaleweaves will be
popular and, of course, herringbone
. . Coats will have plain backs,
three buttons . . . Sport coats are
now being shown with no collar and
no lapel . . . Soft, open collar goes
with these coats . . . And new pig-
skin shoes will be much in evidence
this spring . . . Tyrolean hats will
be as fashionable as ever, along with
lightweight crushers . . . Fancy-col-
ored British hose with stripes and
plaids, as well as pastel colors, will
sen about the campus
a aur uu a a. 'a u-n a* I?

New Braces For
That New S-it
You Hope For
Suspenders in a variety of new
shades and patterns are available at
all the better shops, and a pair of
these to go with the new spring suit
is strongly recommended.
Every man should have a pair of
suspenders for every pair of trousers
In the long run this is no more ex-



In the spring a young man's fancy
turns toward the clothes he wouldj
like to have but can't afford.-
If you are among the young gentry
t whose fancy does tricks at the first
sign of the green grass, budding trees,
f and chirping birds, and whose pocket
warrants a wardrobial replenishment,
you will probably be interested in the
following spring and summer fashion
If, on the other hand, you are one
of those Whose fancy turns, but with'
rather a hollow and fruitless result,
you should also take interest, in the
hope that your sweepstakes ticket is
a winner. ,
As a general note, it might be said
that the tendency in spring style is
continuing along the track set in the
Fall by favoring plainer clothes, with
comfort as the main objective. The
JBritish influence on American styles
d is still evident with tweeds, herring-
bones and box, three-button jackets,
still maintaining popularity.
TOPCOATS: The reversible coat is
still the college man's favorite, having

I 2R--- .

and at the same time most reason- ,"CV' Liil IPU
able coat on the market. Topcoats Overlooked, Say TailorsC
this spring will be shorter, just slight- All men's suits tarry buttons on the
ly below knee-length. One of the sleeves; suits for the country having
newer reversibles which looks to be three and town suits having four but-
a definite candidate for top honors tons on each sleeve. 'Most of these,
is a dark gabardine and camel-hair however, have merely a line of stitch-
i r .n ing and will not open.
job that is plenty smart. Incidental- Smart custom tailors frequently
ly, there must have been a plentitude make the buttonholes workable and
of "ships of the desert," for camel- in addition to adding an individual
hair is making a distinct bid for touch to the suit they permit a man
greater popularity, to roll back his cuffs when he is
JACKETS: Spring is the sport washing his hands or doing any sort
jacket season, and this year offers of light work that might soil his cuffs.



Camel's Hair Sport Coat
ANOTHER FINE STYLE introduced by
Van Boven is now being worn by smartly
dressed men who enjoy its casual appear-
We offer a large selection of fine Coats.
Priced from . . . $16.50
WELL-STYLED SLACKS are an impor-
tant part of any student's sport ensemble.
Vana Boven's are featuring for Spring a

shirts, ski jackets and other sports
garments, and there is on the market
a raincoat with a detachable lining

the usual variety of styles. Probably
the biggest note of this season's odd
jackets is the return to prominence of
the "bi-swing," so popular two sea-
sons back. Shetlands, tweeds and her-
ringbones promise to oe the feature
materials, with gabardine still the
"old faithful." Natural camel-hair,
catering the past few years to the
fuller pockets, is now entering "the
low price field." The English motif
is decidedly apparent in the loose
cut and three-button, single-breasted
styles, Hounds-tooth jackets have
taken a drop in the style market this
(Continued on Page 10)

,-._____ _______-.__-- __------------_-__-- jai

m--'~ p~flNowO


U" it aWW
app1T PtN



Lii bWHU5


proven to be the most serviceable

I iT


Why Gamble with the Unknown?
You, too, should know where Nationally known Quality Mer-
chandise may be purchased at reasonable prices. We welcome
you to our store where you will find many new styles of
Men's Wear. We list some of the many choice items on display.
ARROW and B. V. D. Shirts and Shorts

lightweight covert.

pensive than buying suspenders one
or two at a time, and it saves a great
deal of time and annoyance by elim-
inating the necessity of changing
The topmost of this group of sus-
penders is in a multiple regimental
stripe pattern and has buckles in the
form of a chevron. The middle pairI
have a patent clip feature which fast-
ens it to the waistband of the trou-
sers. These suspenders may be worn
on trousers that have no suspender

A proven style -

TOWN & COUNTRY Sportswear
LISSNER Trousers
ARROW Shirts
GLOVER and B. V. D. Paiamis

accepted by students in the eastern uni-
Priced from . .. $8.50



* This Spring, travel with the convenience -
the assurance - the distinction only fine lug-
gage gives. These are unquestionably yours
in Hartmann Rawhide Travel Goods.


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