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March 06, 1938 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-03-06

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Debaters Urged
To File Names
By March 15
Sixty-Four Women To Vie
In Intramural Contest
ThroughoutThe MonthI
The names of the 64 women who
plan to participate in intramural de-
bates should be handed in to debate
committee representatives b e f o r e
Monday, March 15, it was announced
by Helen Jean Dean, '39, and Barbara
Paterson, '39, co-chairman of ar-
Each soroilty is to choose its own
two-woman team. Adelia Cheever
House, Alumnae House, Betsy Bar-
bour House, Helen Newberry Resi-
dence and Martha Cook Building are
to do likewise.
To ilave Two Teams
"Mosher and Jordan Halls will have
two teams each. If there should be
too much'competition, judges will be
sent to decide upon the teams," Miss
Dean said.
The league house group and the
Ann Arbor Independents are to have
four teams and one, respectively. The
women from these two groups should
petition to their representatives of the
debate committee, and tryouts will be
held for them during the week of
March 15.
Tryouts will consist of a five minute
speech on the chosen debate subject.
Miss Olive Lockwood of the speech
department plans to hold these try-
outs in Angell Hall.
Submit Debate Questigns
"Suggestions for the debate ques-
tion should be handed in as soon as
possible," Miss Paterson stated. "The
subjects submitted; from which one
will be chosen for the debates, should,
be of sufficient importance for there
to be unlimited information on them
in the libraries."
Betty Jane Mansfield, '39, will be
in charge of collecting the suggested
subjects at Mosher-Jordan Halls;
Barbara Bradfield, '38, at Martha
Cook Building; Norma Curtis, '39, at

More Than 100 Women Entered
In Meet At Union Pool Tuesday

More than 100 contestants from
league house zones, dormitories and
sororities have entered the Intra-
mural women's swimming meet
which will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tues-
day in the Union pool.
Representatives for the mieet from
Jordan Hall include Helen Bohnsack,
'41, and Wilhelmina Schroeder, '41.
Mosher Hall will be represented by
Ruth. Barber, '39, Thelma Dunn, '41,
June Larson, '41, and Clarissa Meloy,
Newberry Contestants
Those women from Helen New-
berry Residence who will take part
in the contest are Margaret Bremer,
'40, Helen Davids, '4lEd., Lukille
Flaun, '39, Mary Mills, '41, Marian
Norris, '41, and Ruth Seekamp, '37.
Representatives from Martha Cook
Dormitory include Harriet Britton,
'37, Sally Kenny, '38, Alice. McCut-
cheon, '38, Margaret' McKinnon, '38,
Dorothy Novy, '38, Helen Peck, '39,
Estelle Poposki, '39 _and Jeanette
Stickels, '39.
Contestants from five sororities
have entered the meet. Elizabeth
Badger, '40, Katherine Buckley, '38,
Jean Friederici, Grad., Katherine
Steuernal, '38E, and Jean Thomp-
son will compete for Alpha Zi Delta.
Zeta Tau Alpha will send Ruth
Knoch, '39 and Betty Loughborough,
Alpha Epsilon Phi wI! be repre-
sented by Zelda Davis, '40, Phillis
Diamond, '38, Ruth Jacobson, '40,
Helen Newberry Residence; Frances
McKinney, '38, at Betsy Barbour
House and the presidents of league
houses and sororities for those ques-
tions which their members submit.
The questions should be submitted
by Thursday and the decision of the
committee is to be announced Sat-
urday, according to Miss Dean.
To Hold Mass Meeting
A mass meeting of the 64 wmen
who are to debate in the first round
of 32 debates will be ,held in the
latter part of this month. Miss Lock-
wood is to briefly discuss the ques-
tion at that time and will instruct the
group in the terms of debating.
Lots will be drawn at that time,
also, to determine which team shall
have the negative and which the af-
firmative side of the question. Lots
will be drawn for each of the five
rounds of debates, thus a team may
have to argue both sides of the ques-
tion during the course of these de-
Miss Lockwood said that there are
at least 300 women on campus who
were high-school debaters and are
reluctant to try-out for Varsity de-
bating. She hopes that this plan of
intramural debating will give them
the opportunity that they have wished

Dorothy Glass, '40, Madeleine Kauf-
'man, '40, Elizabeth Lipton, '41, Leona
Siff, '40, and Helen Weissman, '40SM.
Frances Bonisteel, '40, Cornelia Da-
vidson, '41, Dorothy Dunlop, '41, Jane
Grove, '41, Mary Alice Kreiger, '38,
Adelaide Mason, '40, Anna Martin,
'38, Mary McClure, '39Ed., Mary
Newcomb, '41, Harriet Pomeroy, '39,
Elizabeth Riddell, '39, Betty Ronal,
'38, Doris Holt, '39SM., Betty Schick,
'41, Louise Stone, '38, Edith Lynch,
'41, and Mary Wickes, '39 are swim-
ming for Kappa Alpha Theta.
Delta Gamma will be represented
by Belle Calkins, '41, Catherine For-
berg, '41, Edna Kearney, '41, Joan
Othwaite, '41, and Margaret Whitte-
more, '41A.
Priscilla Abbott, '39, Elizabeth Ly-
on, '40, Kathleen Larned, '38, Dor-
othy Lull, Grad., Elizabeth Meier,
'40, Stephanie Parfet, '39, Mary Ann
Starr. '38 and Alice St. John, '39, will!
compete for Alpha Phi.
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Representatives from Kappa Kap--
pa Gamma will include Florence
Brotherton, '40, Nancy Dall, '38, Shir-
ley Crittenden, '39, Louise Garden,
'41A, Betty Hill, '40, Mary Elliot, '38,
Katherine Johnston, '38, Mary Elea-
nor MacCreedy, '41, Nelson Persons,
'38, Jean Geyer, '39A, Olive Reed, '39,
Nancy Saibert, '39, Harriet Schneider,
'40 and Margaret Tiehenor, '39.
Patty Mann and Charlotte Wyss,
''41, will swim for Zone II. Sally
Corcoran, '41 will swim for Zone
III, andMargaret Van Ess, '41 will
represent Zone V.
Those women from Zone VI who
will compete are Irene' Sabo, '39Ed.,
Virginia Haetnel, Ann Hodgman, and
Margaret Marshall. Agnes Venders,
Clara Lenfesty, '41A, Amy Paschal,
Janet Sargent, '41, Tehno Swhen,
Shirley Roberts. '41 and Virginia
Vinnedge, '41.
Jean Millard, '41, Doris Hashold,
'41, Cala M. Laboritz, '39Ed., Mildred
Perkins, '41 and Olivia VanArsdale,
'39, will swim for Zone VIII.
Tne names of other contestants
may still be submitted at Barbour
gymnasium, Helen Wolf, president of
the women's swimming club an-
A health re-check is rQquired of all
women swimming in the meet. Miss
Wolf requested that, all contestants
who have submitted their names, butI
not the events in which they wish to
compete should be at the Union pool
at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday.
Zeta Tau Alpha sorority will hold
an open house for their Detroit
alumni Sunday from three until five
p.m. Among the alumni will be Mrs.
Franklyn Dougherty, Miss Rhodetta
Lepisto, Miss Jane Lewitt, and Miss
Emily Grime.

New Spring Silhouette
I %
I '
The new springsilhouette fea-
tures a blouse and skirt combina-
tion. The flattering width of the
shoulders of this Gibson blouse
and the short flare skirt are 'musts'
for the coming season. The little
veil on the hat is reminiscent of
days gone by and effectively carries
out the 1890 theme.


l~ e Iti n a ~ r ' ost o sWfr Pr of t. Start T tnm tr ji

-AL 5 R-103 I u 5 VUV V .Z !! p s i k--/ VW,4/ qu

Petitioning for all major positions of Wyvern, junior women's honor
on the Women's Athletic Association society, will be on hand to aid the
Board will begin tomorrow and last freshmen with their petitioning.
the entire week Mary Johnson, '38, "All those women who wish to be
president, announced" chairmen of committees or members
All women are eligible to petition of committees must petition," Miss
for the offices and the only require- o omtesms eiin"Ms
ment is that the women petitioning Maliszewski stated. "No petitions)
for president must now be juniors. will be accepted after Friday. Only
Boxesito deposit the petitions will be those who petition for chairmanships
found in Barbour Gymnasium and need to be interviewed."
the Women's Athletic Building. Eligibility Slips Necessary
List Offices Open The positions open for petitioning
The offices of president, vice-presi- are those of general chairman, assist-
dent, secretary, treasurer, American ant chairman, chairmanships of the
Federation of College Women repre- entertainment, decorations, publicity,,
sentative, awards chairman, intra- finance, costume and program com-
mural manager and publicity man- mittees and memberships on these six
ager are open for petitioning. committees.
There will be interviewing in a "In order to le eligible for this ac-
week, Miss Johnson said. Those who tivity," Miss Maliszewski stated, "the
interview will be the senior members freshmen women must have a C plus
of the present W.A.A. board and Miss average." Eligibility slips for those
Marie Hartwig and Miss Laurie women being interviewed must be
Campbell. presented to Judiciary Council at the
The W.A.A. board is also composed time of interviewing. Those for the
sports. However these representa- women who wish to do committee
tives are chosen by those who par- work will be collected at a later date.
ticipate in the W.A.A. activities. w-a
List Duties Of Officers Interviewing is to begin Monday,
The president is automatically the March 15. The hours will be an-
chairman of Lantern Night and the ounced later.
chairman of the W.A.A. orientation "All women petitioning, whether
project. The vice president is social for a chairmanship or for a com-
chairman and takes charge of the
spring W.A.A. activity. Buffalo Students To See
The A.F.C.W. representative must
contribute to "The Spotlight," the 'Seven Wonders' Movies
magazine of the organization. The
awards chairman keeps track of the Prof. Johi S. Worley of the College
W.A.A. activities in which the women of Engineering will show his motion
participate and awards the "M" pictures on the "Seven Wonders of
scarfs, the World" before a group of men
Petitioning for activity in Fresh- students from Buffalo at 6 p.m. today
man Project will be held all day to- in the Union.
morrow through Friday in the Under- i smon-
graduate Office of the League, Ange- The smoker-meeting is being spon-
lene Maliszewski, '38, head of Ju- cored by the Michigan undergraduate
diciary Council, announced yester-zation for college men from Buffalo.

mittee membership, will have the op-
portunity of working on any com-
mittee she chooses," Miss Maliszewski
announced: "If someone petitions for
a chairmanship and 'does not get it,
she may do committee work."
To Tell Results In April
One person for each of the central
committee posts will be recommended
by Judiciary Council.and presented
to the League Undergraduate Council
for final action. The names of the
ones who are to hold these positions
will be announced at the League In-
stallation Banquet in April.
' The theme of the reshman Project
wil lhe decided by the central com-
mittee. Last year's project had "Rip
Van Winkle" as its theme, and "The
Land of Oz" was the theme of the
1936 project.
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity
Announces Three Initiates
Phi Kappa Tau fraternity an-
nounces the initiation of the follow-
ing: Ben Marino, '40, Cleveland, Ohio;
Pierce Barker, '41E, Detroit, Mich.;
and D. Emory Culver, '40, New York,
The initiation ceremony was con-


You can't afford to feed the moths!
And we know you don't want to.
So have your clothes MOTH-
protect them from moth destruc-
tion. Do it now! . . . delay may
prove costly!
Garments That Are
By Goldman
Are insured against moth damage for a period of
6 months, or until cleaned again! Goldman's exclusive
MOTH-PROOFING . . . first in Ann Arbor . . . is
part of Goldman's regular cleaning service. It does
NOT cost you anything extra!

Hayden Claims Rift
In Jap Government
Is Not Due To War
(Continued from Page I)
The present Cabinet, Professor
Hayden explained, was appointed by
the Emperor after the Hayashi Cab-
inet resigned last spring. This ac-'
tion came after a general election in
which the parties supporting the
Hayashi Cabinet elected less than 30
candidates to the Diet. He pointed
out, however, that the Cabinet,;
which possesses a tremendous amountj
of power under the Constitution, did
not have to resign and at first did not
do so. However, he said, since all
new appropriations must be ap-
proved by the Diet, Hayashi was
forced to leave.
Prince Fumimaro Konoye then
formed t h e present Government
which is non-partisan containing
only one member each of the Min-
seito and Seiyukia. This Govern-
merit, Professor Hayden said, is just
as sympathetic with the military
group as its predecessor.
He explained that, of necessity; the
Government must be sympathetic,
since no cabinet can be constituted
unless it contains at the head of its
Army and Navy Ministries active
military men ranking at least as high
as lieutenant-general and vice-ad-I
miral respectively. Unless the Gen-
eral Staff favors the Government no
military men of the necessary$ rank
will serve in that capacity.

Petition blanks will be available in
the Undergraduate Officeand should
be deposited in the box there marked
for that purpose, she said. Members
Assembly Ball Sale
To End Tomorrow
A few remaining tickets for As-
sembly Ball will be on sale from 3
to 5 p.m. tomorrow in the Under-,
graduate Office of the League, accord-
ing to Myrra Short, '39,. chairman
of the ticket committee.
Tickets for the breakfast after the
ball will be sold all this week in the
Business Office of the League.
The annual Assembly Ball for un-
affiliated women will be held from 9
till 1 Friday at the League. Barney
Rapp and his New Englanders will
furnish the music. Women attend-
ing the breakfast will have 2 a.m.
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Announces 7 Initiates
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority an-
nounces the initiation of the following
yesterday: Louise Garden, '41 of Se-
wickley, Pa.; Dorothy Gilliam, '41, of
Royal Oak; Mary Eleanor MacCready
'41, of Flint; Marijorie MacRae, '41,
and Betty Mandel, '41, of Grosse
Pointe; Jean Van Raalte, '40, of Hol-
land; and Elinor Seviso, '43, of
Cheyenne, Wyo.
The formal initiation dinner was
held last night. Mrs. Ruth Fliser,
of Ann Arbor, entertained the in-
itiates at a breakfast at her home this

SPECIAL DRENE for dry hair
or oily hair.
Medium Large
49c-- .79'*ca





Spring Suits


The name Shagrhoor
for coats is synonY'
mous with Quality, andw
every coat which car-
ries the Shagmoor
label must uphold this
high standard. That's
why you get n ea
of fit, a casual drop- r
ing of the exquisite '
made look gat ca ready,
made priceswhen you
buy one of the new

Again it's a
* Moulded Man-Tailoreds,
* New Dressnnakers
Three-Piece Topcoats
Moulded Man-Tailored SUITS
that proclaim their newness with
sculped bosom curve, high peaked
lapels, slim straight skirts. Em-
phatically new cardigan suits with
clean-cut collarless necklines,
etched figure lines. Soft little
dressmaker suits, chic box coat
suits . . the 'most important suit
silhohettes for Spring. All impec-
cably tailored. Worsteds, chalk
stripes, herringbones, twills, and
tweeds. Furred, unfurred.


* Elmitates all btlgig at the
* Easiest corsele to pu on and
take off.
. No uncomfortable downward
pull on the bust.
" Hook-and-eye center closure
gives smart separation.
w Center-front zipper prevents
"off-side" pull.
w Allows free brcatiing.
The "Open Diaphragm" is
acu exclusive feature of
"Miss Scarle e" by "i&V"'


pieces from


pieces from $29.75

y PN'
1P1 ' r 1 , k ::
t i ..
1, .


oor Alpaca Tam tx I Z :.


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