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March 04, 1938 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-03-04

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f'-fiiiiAV, MARCIIH 4, J92IF1

Diabetes Takes'
A Half Million
Victims Yearly
Dr. Earl Kleinschnidt
Reports Number May
Double In A Few Years
PuN1ic Hcealt Helps
Diali:tes claims approximately half
a million victims in the United States
a year, according to estimates made
by D. Earl E. Kleinschmidt of the
Depariment of Hygiene and Public
Health in an article appearing in the
curren. issue of Public Health Re-
views, 'university publication.
This number will double at the
present rate of increase within 10
or 20 years, according to Dr. Klein-
schmimdt. The great increase is ex-
plained by the fact that many more
people are reaching the age period
of 40 years than did in past times.
Diabetes, the article points out, is
twice as prevalent in the period fol-
lcwin' 40, as in the period preceding

California Institutes Lethal Gas Chamber

Italian, British Democracies Must Unite New Housing
P CAid SelvesMan sayP
Pact IsCaled rrT Mt7 ann SaysPlan, Praised

{ i t. r auii, whose son-in-
H ope orPeate i.fi o t Ae n.outstandingEng-
(Continued from Page 1) poe has been actively partici-
______ 'rng in the struggles of the Spanish
He cautioned the audience not: t nd Chinese peoples, declared that he
"underestimate the extent of the ofld lay down no general principle,
cd that individual action must be
Italian threat to British control of Itrined by individual men.
the Mediterranean." "A first chs "'As for exchanging the pen for the
"or entrenched in Siain and un," he said, "I do not know what
control of Spanish Morocco and h I would do myself were I younger."
Balearic Islands would make GIbzraann is 63 years olde
tar exceedingly uncomfortable," h: In connection with the principle of
said= cliefive security, Dr. Mann assert-
Gibraltar, nossessin no air bas c dthati inspite of the "confusing in-
is particular vulnerable to attack t rnal situation in the U.S.S.R.," that
plane, he said. In addition Fascisi :atIon could be depended upon as an
control of the Balearic Islands w)u3 influence for peace. "I believe so-
be a threat to the French route 'o Jial sm is essentially a doctrine of
her native African troops, c .ace," he stated.I
proved so invaluable during the World Dr Mann praised the Progressive
War. (Majorca, the larger island is Club for its activity on this campus
already in the hands of the Rebels, in connection with peace and democ-
Minorca is still held by the Govern- racy. When told of the club's aims,
ment forces.) he smiled enthusiastically and said,
Professor Carr traced the pre-nt "Das ist schoen, das ist schoen."
Mediterranean crisis back to the Ethi-
opian invasion. "Until October, 1935, New Diocese Is Created
he said, England was the Mediterran-I
can power . . . The Italian possessions in Saginaw By Pope Pius
were neither as extensive as the!
French nor as well placed as the WASHINGTON, March 3.-(1I)-
British, which controlled both ends." Cleation o fa new diocese of Saginaw,
Although Italy proceeded in Abys- ViCh , by Pope Pius Xi was announced
sinia after a tacit agreement the prev- t'night by the most Rev. Amleto Gio-
ious January with Laval in Frence ainni Cicognani, Apostolic delegate
Professor Carr pointed out that it was ;o the United States.
the first time a Mediterranean power Changes in the territory embraced
had undertaken an armed move by the Archdiocese of Detroit and the
against the potests of Great Britan Diocese of Grand Rapids and Lansing
since the War. also were announced.
But Italy's challenge to British su-

By FHA Manr
'It's The American Way,'
Staff Evaluator Contends
Of New Amendments
"It's the American way of doing
business," was the way Harry M.
Steffey, field representative and staff
evaluator of the Detroit insurance of-
fice of the Federal Housing Adminis-
tration, characterized the plan set
up by the 1938 amendments to the
National Housing Act, last night be-
fore the University extension course
in building.
Mr. Steffey emphasized that "Ann
Arbor banks lend Ann Arbor money
o Ann Arbor citizens for Ann Arbor
houses." He further explained that
.he Federal Government merely in-
;ures or guarantees the loans from
the local lending institutions, and
provides a well-planned budgeting
prograin to aid the borrower in in-
telligcntly systematizing his pay-
ments e
These new amendments which give
the borrower a larger loan, an un-
biassed appraisal of his property's
worth, a long term in which to repay,
and a scientific budgeting plan for re-
payment, should "give the American
citizen a new incentive to live in
his own home, which is the best way
to live," declared Mr. Steffey.

Predict More Labor
Strife With Bridges
WASHINGTON, March 3.-( --
More labor strife on the waterfron~t.
appeared probable tonight after Harry
Bridges announced he was moving
into Atlantic and Gulf ports with his
CIO Longshoremen's Union.
Seated in John L. Lewis' office,
Bridges made that statement at a
press conference he called rrim n riy
to assail Senator Copeland (Dem.,
N.Y.) and the Senate Commerce
Committee Copeland heads.
Bridges accused Copeland of doing
a job for the ship-owners in spon-
soring legislation to restrict the right
of seamen to strike. He said the
Copeland Committee was disregard-
ing all democratic procedure in re-
fusing to hear the views of the CIO
longshoremen of the West Coast.
Ann Arbor automobile dealers will
celebrate the National Used Car Ex-
change week which will be observed
nationally beginning tomorrow. Na-
tional Used Car Exchange week was
established by automobile manufac-
turers, dealers, suppliers and allied
Should I Ever
Borrow Money?
* Intelligent borrowing is the
common-sense way of smooth-
ing out the ups-and-downs of
income or expenses.
There are two methods of self-
1. Save first, then buy.
(Savings Account)
2. Buy first, repay later.
(Personal Loan)
* Your choice of these two
ways depends on your own sit-
uation. But emergencies and
opportunities seldom wait until
you can save enough to take
care of them.

llbliC Health Is Helpful
"Public health organizations, both
official and unofficial, have shown
their worth in the control of tuber-
culosis," says the article. The de-
cline of the tuberculosis mortality rate
is the result of the work of these
organisations, says Dr. Kleinschmidt,
and he points out that similar or-
ganizations can do a comparable piece
of work in combatting and controll-
ing diabetes.
"There is an urgent need for mak-
ing diabetes a reportable disease,"
the article states, "Present mortality
statistics give the student of the sub-
ject a very inadequate concept of
the problem, and are unquestionably
misleading. Were the public better
informed of the extent of the problem
the present situation would undoubt-
edly be corrected."
Many Suffer Needlessly
While "diabetics should not die of
diabetes," the -article declares, many
do die needlessly. Others suffer un-
necessary pains and acquire compli-
cations resulting from ignorance, it
adds. Lack of suitable guidance and
education has led many of them to
resort to drug-store "cures" and to
harbor the disease or tendencies to-
ward it unknowingly.
Goem Legend Cited
As Basis For Film
(Continued from rage 1)
were each credited with having cre-
ated a Golem. The film concerns
the huge, clay, man-like figure which
Rabbi Loew of Prague brought to
life to serve him, by writing the He-
brew word for "truth" on its fore-
After the Rabbi's death the Jews in
the ghetto were persecuted by the
crazy Emperor Rudolph II, played
in the picture by the famous French
actor Hurry Baur. The Golem Was
revitalized by the Jews for protection,
but as soon as the mechanical figure
had routed the corrupt imperial
court, it turned on the ghetto. It was
then that the Jews reduced the Golem
to dust oy ,erasing the first letter of
"truth" which left the word, "death"
on the brow of the monster.
The Golem, Dr. Heller pointed out,
is symbolic and applies with even
greater force to today when man, like
Dr. Fra:ikenstein, is threatened by
the very machines and inventions he
created. "The Golem," he said, "sym-
bolizes a blind force acting without
ethical and social aims; the legend
has its contemporary counterpart-
posed in the question 'Is man made
for the machine, or is the machine
made for man.' "

Gas instead of gallows will be used for legal executions in California
when this lethal gas chamber, which was built in Denver, is installed
in San Quentin penitentiary. All California executions will be in San
Quentin when gas legally replaces noose.
Chemistry M ayProvide Answer
To The Modern Cancer Pla orne

periority in the Mediterranean as-
sumed a niuch more dangerous form
when it became evident that the
Spanish Civil Wa omight never have
occurred had Mussolini not promised
support to France, Professor CarrI




3c per Day

1Oc Minimum

Dr. James T. Bradbury
Tries New Hydrocarbons
As A Possible Cure-All
(Continued from Page 1)
The obvious inference that the disease
"As for exchanging the pen for the
developed from chemicals or distill-
ates contained in coal tar gave im-
petus to investigations in laboratories
the world over for the "hunted"
chemical. Partial success came in 1915
when two Japanese scientists succeed-
ed in producing a coal tar distillate
capable, after long application, of
Inducing a cancer on the ear of rab-
bits. But efforts to track down the
guilty cnstituent of coal tare were
fruitless until the latter '20's when
flourescence spectroscopy came to the
rescue and revealed the characteristic
spectrum bands of hydrocarbons to.
be strikingly similar to those of the
cancer-forming coal tar. Today meth-
ylcholanthrene; 1, 2, 5, 6 dibenzan-
throcene and derivatives of the two-
all hydrocarbons--are known to be
highly carcinogenic, or cancer induc-
Cancer, the scientists tell us, is
a disease of the body cells. In the mul-
tiplication of the normal cell there is
a stopping point, a point at which
cells grow no further. A piece of
skin, for example, when taken from
the thigh and placed in an arm
abrasion, grows and keeps filling over
the exposed area until its edges bump
those of the surrounding skin. Then
it stops. But cancer cells are out-
laws who know no rules. Their multi-
plication apparently has no limit and
they pay no homage to the cells from
which they derive their identity, hav-
ing few of their original character-
istics. Squashy pulp-like units, they
elongate in all directons, enclosing
the surrounding tissues, breaking off
into carrier or lymph channels and
finally setting up sub-stations in other
parts of the body. If unimpeded the
process continues until the organs
of the body are completly shot
through with diseased cells and death
is a matter , days.
Because cancer was already known
to originate from a variety of sources
-X-ray, radium, sunlight, soot and
certain oils, the importance of coal
tar and the hydrocarbons was at first
discounted as incident only to a cer-
tain type of occupational disease.
Such skepticism was put to rest, how-
ever, by investigators like Dr. Brad-
bury who traced a mysterious connec-
Mrs. Haber To Speak
For Hillel Foundation
Mrs. William Haber, wife of Pro-
fessor' Haber of the economics de-
partment, will speak on "Labor
Trends" at 8 p.m. today during ser-
vices at the Hillel Foundation.
Mrs. S. G. Bothman will be hostess
for the social following the service.
Bernard S. Rubiner, '38 will act as

tion between human sex hormones FIh Lab Code
and methylcholanthrene. The phen- F


322 South State Street

anthrene nucelus occuring in each
further suggested a relation between'
hormones and cancer.
"This inference was substantiated,"'
Dr. Bradbury said, "by experiment.
In Dilue Brown Mice(a strain inbred
for 40 or 50 generations) 90 per cent
of the females die from cancer of the
breast and none of the males ever
contracted the disease."
If the females' sex organs are re-+
moved, however, he says, the percent-
age of cancer incidence is negligible.
When, moreover, female sex hormones
are injected into males a high per-
centage of the latter invariably de-
velop breast cancer.
The key to the chemical explana-
tion of the cancer phenomenon ap-
pears near. Hydrocarbon research has
pried open a new perspective in the
field and new developments are tum-

Is FinallyApproved
PARIS, March 4.-(Friday)-) -
The Chamber of Deputies early today'
passed the first section of Premier
Camille Chautemps' labor code after
a five-day deadlock which had
threatened a Cabinet crisis.
The Chamber voted 424 to 134 for
the measure on its sixth reading after
accepting unanimously a Senate pro-
vision excluding farm workers from
its operation. This clause had been '
the bone of contention.
bling into scientific journals with an
unprecedented profusion. Given the
cause for the plague scientists will
mark little time in effecting a univer-
sal cure. And the cause may be found
in a little out-of-the-way Universit3
laboratory any day now.



_ .
- :- --

Sup erior
Vanilla and Almond Toffee
Superior Dairy Company
Phone 23181

a loan here: your ability to
repay small, regular amounts
on the loan plan that's easiest
for you to handle.


* No endorsers required. Pri-
vacy assured. Loans available
to all university people except.
Up to $300
Personal Finance Co.
376 Offices
10th Year in Ann Arbor
Ground Floor Wolverine Bldg.
201-203 S. FOURTH AVE.


Phone 4000

R.W. Horn, Mgr.

----- .





--- _
. - _
".mar . _ _ - = ,Z$
_ . -




{Continued from Page 41
Hall Saturday, March 5, 8 p.m. Pro-
fessor McClusky will speak. There
will also be .movies, songs and re-
Economics Club: On Monday,
March 7, Professor Z. C. Dickinson
will speak on the subject "In Search
of Wage Principles" at 7:45 p.m. in
Room 304 of the Union. Staff mem-
bers and graduate students in Ec-
onomics and Business Administra-
tion are invited to attend.
The Christian Student Prayer
Group will hold its regular meeting-
at 5:00 p.m. Sunday, March 6, in
the Henderson Room of the Michigan
League, Christian students are urged
to attend.






This is indeed a streamlined age. In the last ten
years, great progress has been made along these
lines, until at the present time, anything that moves
with appreciable speed, has been designed in such
a way as to reduce its resistance to the wind.
BUSINESS, TOO, has a huge problem to overcome . . .
the resistance of the buying public. To accomplish this end


Buffalo, N.Y. Men: Prof. John Wok-
ley will show his motion pictures of
"The Seven Wonders of the World"!
at the smoker-meeting of Scalp and
Blade at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the
Union. All Buffalo Men are invited
to attend. Refreshments will be

1602 Packard Rd. at Marion St.
Dinners served daily by
reservation. Sunday from 12-8.

Feeling like a millionaire
This fellow with the shining countenance has just stepped
forth from an invigorating session with one of the Mich-
igan Union Barbers. While he was there, he was given
every consideration which could possibly add to his
comfort. What with haircuts and shaves; shampoos and
.Rno rCvac.n~1rnd A n nn nmiri t-. 44 I' An 11.,nn flnntipr


the Michigan Daily offers to its advertisers increased facilities
that find expression in the indidual servicing of accounts,
the adaptation to the advertisers' needs of two exceptionally
fine mat services, the Stanton and the Manhattan, and an
increase of 350 over last year, bringing the reading public
of the Daily well over 10,000. The Michigan Daily keeps

1 t". Isr




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