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November 18, 1936 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-11-18

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 18, 1936

Insurgents Shell Madrid As Loyalists Blow Up Bridge

City Council Defers
Action On Hawkers
Further delay in settling the ques-
ticn of the hawkers and peddlers
ci dinance involving fraternity sand-
wich men and their license fees was
voted over the protest of Alderman
Max Kruttsch at the meeting of the
City Council Monday night.
Alderman Krutsch's demand for a
shcwdown on the ordinance which
has already passed the first and sec-
ond readings was defeated by an
eight to five vote after he had
proposed a ten-minute recess to ob-
tain a report from the committee!
in charge.
A petition signed by 41 persons
engaged in business in Ann Arbor
had protested any change in the
existing ordinance.
i an A , CA N

Insurgent artillery, some of which is shown in the Mdrid suburb of Alcoro
arteries of Madrid over the week-end, while defenders of the Spanishc
railroad bridge over the Manzanares river in an effort to check the advance.
telephoned to London and sent by radio to New York.

- Associated Prers Photo
n, heavily bombarded main traffic
capital blew up the Los Franceses
This picture, flown to Paris, was
Gates Declares
Health Meeting
Best In Years


WJR Stevenson News.
WWJ Ty Tyson: Dinner Hour (6:10).
WXYZ March of Melody.
CKLW Little Jack Little.

f' K t At . K A IVE!'S

Miller Scores Interference Of
Government In Economic Field


deed paying for the upkeep of their.
unemployed they will be more careful
to weed out the ones deserting of
such support. As it is, because they
are unaware of the amount of money
that goes to government in the way of
indirect taxes, the people think that
thev are not nayina for the admin'-

Surgeon - General Speaks
On Syphilis Problems At
State Conference

iy Ul 1Upayl g i1 U1 1
istration of relief by government." The Michigan Public Health Asso-
Government should stay out of bus- ciation recently held its greatest an-
iness, Colonel Miller said. He point- nual conference in 16 years, Mr.
ed out that a few talented men have Clare Gates of the Universitv Fx-

been responsible for the highly com-
plex industries and their successful
management, from which have come f
the great amount of commodities and
luxuries the mass of people enjoy
today. Talent is scarce, Colonel Mil-l
ler explained; competitive industry1
with all its faults, at least, encour-
ages and uses to the utmost this
scarce commodity.,
Government A Failure
Government in business, he de-
clared, only discourages and doesn't
employ talent. It is foolish to think,
that government officeholders could,
manage industry, Colonel Miller stat-
ed; for the average officeholder has
about the same intelligence as the
average of the people by whom he
is elected. It is also fallacious to
think that government could com-
mandeer talent and force it to be
used for the good of the rest of the
populace, he said. After all, the gift-
ed ones can always under any system
earn a living, and if the rewards of-,
fered by competitive industry are
taken away, rather than exert them-
selves without compensation the tal-


tension Division announced yester-
Mr. Gates stated yesterday that the
interest shown by the attending pub-
lic health workers is an indication of
the importance of the meeting which!
was held in Lansing.
Dr. Thomas Parran, Jr., surgeon
general of the United States public
health service was the principal
speaker on the program. His speech
concerned itself with the problemsI
of syphilis as a communicable dis-I
Dr. Parran emphasized the ease!
with which syphilis may be con-
trolled, but because of general social
taboos and apathy on the part ofa
the public the disease is continuing
unhampered, Mr. Gates reported.
Several months ago a speech by
Dr. Parran of similar nature for the
radio audience was banned by one,
of the large national broadcasting
chains because the company believed
the subject would offend the people.
Prof. Joseph R. Hayden of the Uni-
versity addressed the meeting on thet
Philippines where public health mat-
ters were directly under his juris-
The attendance at the conference
was estimated by Mr. Gates to be
approximately 1200 people interestedj
in public health.

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8 :30-
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(Continued from Page 4)
meeting of the "Freshman Techs";E
1940 Engineers' Caucus, at the Thetar
Chi house, 1351 Washtenaw, at 7:30
Chemical and Metallurgical Engin-
eering Seminar: Mr. K. C. Lee will be
the speaker at the Seminar for
Chemical and Metallurgical Engin-
eers today at 4 p.m. in Room 3201
East Engineering Bldg.,
Yeomen of the Guard: Tryouts for
principal roles this afternoon at 4
p.m. at the Laboratory Theatre.
Those interested in joining the chor-
us report at 2 p.m. Thursday if pos-
Polonia Circle will resume activity
for the current school year tonight.
All students of Polish ancestry are'
urged to come to the meeting, get
acquainted, and plan a program for
the present year. The meeting will
be at the Women's League at 7:30
Faculty Women's Club: The sec-
ond program of the Faculty Wom-
en's Club will be given today at 3 p.m.
in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre,
at which time Prof. Arthur Hackett
of the School of Music, accompanied
by Mrs. Hackett, will present a song
recital. Each member is privileged
to bring a guest.
Hillel Players: There will be an
open meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. A
one-act play entitled "Theatre," by
F. Rubinstein, will be presented..
At the business meeting, plans for
the next program will be announced.
Coming Events
Phi Lambda Upsilon: Business
meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.
.Nov. 19, in Room 303 Chemistry Bldg.
The International Relations Club
will meet Thursday evening at 7:30
p.m. in Room 2037 Angell Hall.
S.C.A.: There will be a party at
Lane Hall on Saturday, Nov. 21, at
9 p.m. All students interested are
cordially invited.
Student Alliance: Prof. Arthur S.
Aiton, of the History Department;
Prof. Norman E. Nelson, of the Eng-

Business Fraternity
To Hear E. J. Failor
Alpha Kappa Psi. bu";in"s adm n-
istration fraternity, announced last
night that E. J. Failor, vice-president
and Comptroller of the Naticnal Bank-
of Detroit, will speak on his experi-
ences in the field of banking tonigpt
at 8 p.m. at the Alpha Kappa Psi
This is the third in a series of
lish Department; and Prof. Roy W.
Sellars, of the Philosophy Depart-
ment will participate in a round-
table on the subject of "Democracy
and Dictatorship," the first in a
series of Essays in Definition. ThQ
meeting takes place Thursday eve-
ning, Nov. 19, in the Union at 8
p.m. All students are cordially in-
vited to attend.
New Jersey Students: There will
be a short meeting of the New Jersey
Club Thursday, Nov. 19, at 8 p.m.
at the League. Plans for the Thanks-
giving hay-ride will be discussed. All
New Jersey students are cordially in-
Faculty Women's Club: There will
be a regular ieeting of the new Art
Group (the group whose chairman is
Mrs. Robert Hall), on Thursday, Nov.
19, at 2 p.m. at the home of Mr's.
Hall at Barton Hills.
Michigan Dames: Book Group will
meet Thursday, Nov. 19, at 8 p.m.
at the League.
Michigan Dames Drama Group:
All Michigan Dames and friends are
invited to attend the next meeting
of the drama group, which will meet
at -the home of Mrs. Carl Weller,
faculty adviser, 1130 Fair Oaks
Parkway, at 8 p.m., Thursday, Nov.
19. Those wishing rides meet at the
League desk by 7:45 p.m. Maxwell
Anderson's "Winterset" will be read
with Mrs. Louis Coffman as chair-
Stephens College Alumnae: Presi-
dent Wood invites you to dinner at
the Michigan League, 6 p.m. Friday,
Nov. 20. Call Violet Brodbeck,
2-2591 by Wednesday for reserva-
Dial 2-1013 .. 308 North Main Street
Downtown,North of Main Post Office


Exactly the HEATER You Need!
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seeming cruelty are yet good laws, as lnted one willusjut enough of
proed y te fct hatther wrk-nted ones will use just enough of 1
proved by the fact that their work- their natural gifts to secure a livingt
ings always produced a better, for themselves and families.
stronger, and wiser race of men. To
continue saving the unfit without New Zealand Cited
vigorous measures to prevent the pro- The case of New Zealand furmshes
duction of still more of their kind an excellent example of the failure of1
means the ultimate degeneracy of I government in business, Colonel Mil-i
the race, Colonel Miller pointed out. Iler stated. There, he said,a parlia- I
aI ment with a majority of labor men
Breeding Is Solution was elected; the government proceed-
If there is a solution of the social ed to tax capital so heavily that they
and economic problem, it lies in the taxed it out of existence. Imports
breeding of a resourceful and capable were taxed 200 and 300 per cent, Col- I
men rather than in a vast paternal- onel Miller added, with the conse-
istic- government, he said. quent result that even the so-called
' "Perhaps it would take a hundred well-to-do cannot afford the com-
or two hundred years to finally ac- modities which every middle-class
complish the desired social security family here possesses.
by this method, but we must remem- I
ber," Colonel Miller declared, "that 1 PASSENGER DIES
nature works in terms of centuries, BERKELEY, Calif., Nov. 17.-(P)-
while man thinks in terms of daysIM R. LEYan a lif.,rNon, 17.-was-a
and years. The question arises as to Mrs. Miranda Stewartson, who was a
what to do now. I would say that the passenger of the first transcontinen-
philosophy that you must take care of tal railroad train, died today at the
philsopy tat ou usttak cae a ae of 102. She was born in Canada.
yourself and your own dependents isag
the best one. Let each family and
local community take care of itself.
A distant centralized government can Jewelry and
not know the details and is easily Watch Repairing
imposed upon in the provision of re-
ief HALLER'S Jewelry
"When the people of the local State at Liberty
communities realize that they are in- -

215 West Liberty Street

Phone 8575

NEW CASTLE. Ky., Nov. 17.-(P)
- Special Prosecutor Wirt Turner
said tonight that enough evidence to
hold Brig. Gen. Henry H. Denhardt
to the grand jury will be presented
at his examining trial Friday on a
charge of murdering his stately,
brunette fiancee, Verna Taylor.

Every Graduate has been Placed
William Street at State
Approved by the State Department of Public Instruction

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wXYZ Dance Music.
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I 111111


Set for December 18th


Arrange TODAY to have your

of Distinction
Evenings if desired.

picture takenatone of our three official Michigan-
ensian photographers: Messrs. Dey, Spedding and
SENIOR PICTURES Ill f"r !.0 nf whik nn


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