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March 03, 1936 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-03-03

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DAY, MARCH 3, 193e


CouneilTo Hold

E7 er d Yound
It's too bad Leap Year only comes once in every four years. People
seemed to have so much fun Saturday night turning the tables around . .
The only difficulty was that after a while it became a bit confusing. The
girl invariably forgot to ask her date if he cared to dance and the poor
boy just sat and looked neglected . . . and the men never did decide whether
or not they should stand up when another couple joined them at the table
or whether they shold seat the girl or the girl seat them.
The League Grill was overrun with people . . . tables in the ballroom
. . . tables in the hall . . . tables in the Grand Rapids Room . . . and
tables in the dining room . . . all filled with people. Such a party as it
was . .. everyone fell in line beautifully with the Leap Year idea . . . and
from this point on so will Stephanie . . . In fact from this point on the
column will be written by Stephanie's date .-.I
Saturday night the streets of Ann Arbor were besieged by a horde of
taxies loaded down with giggling women armed with red carnations
white carnations . . . and various other accessories. The cabs proceeded in
a more or less orderly fashion to the various fraternity houses . . . where
the girls brazenly approached the door to collect their dates. After disposing
of the carnations upon the protesting men . . . they re-entered the cabs
and drove merrily on to the League.
A The Leap Year Dance . .
After dodging between waiters and dancers we arrived at our table
where we took time off to jot down a few names and such. Dick Norman
was dancing with Barb Hanna . . . Dick was dressed in a somber black
creation direct from Valley City. We glanced over at the Pi Phi table just
in time to see Harold Love . . . in blue with lie to match . . give Betty
Scherling a can of tooth powder . . . razor . .. and comb to carry. Grace
Snyder was helping Tor Nordenson to his chair . . . Tor wore a darling
gray sport suit with a yellow and black tie to match . . . probably his room-
mate's. Phil Ordway . . . who was escorted by Marty Steen . . . wore a
conservative black business suit. We were absolutely horror stricken to
see Jack Edmonds and Ginny Benedict desecrating the charming brown
paper table cloth by playing tit-tat-toe on it. Jack was attired in black.
About this point a waiter drenched the table with a coke . . . so we
moved on. At the Gamma Phi table we saw Russ Coward . . . who was
dressed in navy blue . . . talking with Louise Sprague . . . and near them
Bruce Peasley was sitting with Jean Shaw . . . Bruce came out from De-
troit for the occasion. John Bishop and Eloise Moore seemed to be having
an unusually good dime.
At The Sorosis Table. ..
After cleaning away the peanut shucks . . . which covered the Sorosis
table . . . thanks to Tom Danahey. . . who was the guest of Ginny Ooster-
man . . . we managed to see who was there. Julie Kane took Bill Dixon
to that never-to-be-forgotten affair. And now . . . it seems that Mary
Robinson and Mary Jane Guinan deliberately and with malice aforethought
arrived at the Nu Sig house for their dates ... Herb Nigg and Kyril Conger
. 40 minutes late . . . for shame . . .
Marian Donaldson .. . Peggy Duggan . . . and Dorothy Utley made their
dates .. . Hugh Grove . . . Bud Marcero . . . and Verge Glocheski walk.
But now to get back to the Sorosis table . . . it seems that dead silence
prevailed while Marian Edgerton and Johnny Rockwell sat for 45 minutes
or so while Marian waited for Johnny to ask her to dance . . . while Johnny
on the other hand waited for her to ask him . . . finally Johnny gave in.
Larry David . . . captain of our small but valiant hockey team . . .
danced by. Larry was dressed in a brown suit with shoes and tie to match.
Out from Detroit for the dance were.Jud Bradway with Peg Cowie . . . and
Stewie Laud with Jean Seeley. As we passed the Delta Gamma table we
noticed Grove Cannon with Nancy Oldes and Fred Lawton with Sue Thomas
... Fred is another of these people that came in from out-of-town for the
dance .. .
Also with the Delta Gamma group were John Mann with Mary Louise
Willoughby. . . and Willis Tomlinson with Jean Hatfield. . . and with this
we will leave the Leap Year party. According to the League management
the 29th of February will not come on a Saturday again for over 60 years
... so we will have a long time to wait for another such party but it will be
worth it if it is as good as the last one . . . See you there . . . maybe . . .
Newberry's Dance . .
The decorations at Helen Newberry's dance carried out the Leap Year

All Winners Of
W.Ao Spor sw1Iaset
For Thursday, March 5,
At Barbour Gym
For the first time in the history of
W.A.A., a Sports Spread for all wom-
en on campus is being sponsored.
Banquets of this kind formerly were
limited to girls who had participated
in W.A.A. activities and earned re-
cognition along this line. The affair
will take place 6 p.m. Thursday in
Barbour Gymnasium.
Winners To Be Honored}
Winners of the fall and winter
sports tournaments will receive of-
ficial recognition at this time from
Dr. Margaret Bell. They include Al-
pha Epsilon Phi, winner of Intra-
mural Volleyball, Zone V. winner of
Intermural Basketball, Lillian Scott,
'36A, winner of the fall archery tour-
nament, Katharine Johnston, '38,
winner of the fall golf tournament,
and Merida Hobart, '38, winner of
the fall tennis tournament.
Ruth White, '36, winner of 300
W.A.A. points, will receive her M.
The following girls will receive class
numerals for hockey; Carolyn Salis-
bury; '36; Martha Pillman, '38; El-

aenor Bale, '39; Mary Wheat, '39;
Barbara Eppstein, '39: Helen Harp,
'39; Margaret Neuwman, '39; Floy-
Idlene Beardsle, '36; Louise Paine,
'36; Brenda Parkinson, '36; Miss
Scott; Ruth White, '36; Jean
Gourlay, '37; Thelma Peterson, '37;
Louise Lockeman, '37; Lois Spreen,
'37; Sally Kenny, '38; Mary Redden,
Faculty To Attend
Tickets, priced at 35 cents may be
purchased from the following mem-1
bers of the ticket committee: Miss
Lockman, Miss Paine, Betty Greve,'
'36; Hope Hartwig, '38: Janet Alling-
ton, '38; Miss Kenny, and Lois,
Spreen, '37. Miss Spreen is also the
general chairman of the affair and is
assisted by Miss Lockeman. Lists
will be posted at Barbour Gym and
the W.A.A. Building, and those who
are unable to contact any member of
the committee may sign up there.
Anyone interested is urged to sign up
by late Tuesday afternoon.
. Faculty attending include Miss
Dorothy Beise, Miss Virginia Peasely,
Miss Ruth Bloomer, Miss Nelda Dov-
er, Miss Hilda Burr, Miss Marie Hart-
wig, Miss Jeanette Saurborn, Dr. Ma-
bel Rugen, and Dr. Helen Schutz.
State and Liberty '
Watch Repairingl

Council To Hold
Interiwiws For
LeoIU-te Plaees
Seventy petitions have already been
turned in to the Judiciary Council
for major League positions, according
to Winifred Bell, '36, chairman. It
is still possible for women desiring
to petition for the secretary-treasur-
'er or one of the vice-presidents to do
All other positions are closed, Miss
Bell said. This year marks the first
time that mmebers of the Architec-

tural School have been able to peti-
tion for one of the vice-president's
The schedule of interviews that has
been arranged by the Judiciary Coun-
cil for all applicants for the various
positions on the League Council is as
follows: vice-presidents from 3 to 4
p.m. yesterday; theatre-arts chair-
man, 3 to 4 p.m. today; orientation
chairman from 4 to 6 p.m. tomorrow;
presidency from 7 to 8:30 p.m. to-
morrow; house-reception chairman
8:30 to 9:30 p.m. tomorrow.
Point system chairman from 3 to 4
p.m. Thursday; social chairman, from
4 to 5 p.m. Thursday; secretary-
treasurer, 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday; and
publicity chairman from 5 to 6 p.m.

Annal Style Show
To Be Held Tonigh t
The Michigan Dames will hold a
fashion show at 8 p.m. tonight in the
Grand Rapids Room of the League.
This is an annual event sponsored by
the Homemaking group,
The models are Mrs. W. L. Hind-
man, Mrs. Irving Palmquist, Mrs.
Clifford Kiehn, Mrs. Carleton Brick-
ell, Mrs. Paul H. Crampton, Mrs.
Francis Dorner and Mrs. Alfred Arm-
strong. All Dames and their friends
are invited, and a small admission
fee will be charged.






4' __ e .



-- Jacket

motif to the letter . . . against one wall was
fashioned girl proposing to an old
fashioned boy . . . and the programs
were made in the form of a mar-
riage certificate. The marriage cer-
tificates added to the fun of the
evening . . . and for those who want-
ed a mock wedding on the spot a
justice of the peace was easily to be
found in the person of Miss Daniel-
Among those who attended were
Alex Neill with Florence Rogers
Norman Smith with Rose Mary
McKay ...and Bob Choate with Ei-
leen McManus. Norman was enthu-
siastically enjoying the punch . . .
and we saw Bob chatting with Miss
Danielson . . . maybe he was trying
to cash in on his marriage certificate
. . . although we can't prove it and
are only guessing anyways.
We noticed Bob Carney dancing
with Dorothy Briscoe . . . and as we
wandered into the hall we noticed
that Blanche Tobin had put her
date . . . Harlan McCall . . . to work
carrying in some more punch. Some-
where nearby we heard Red Under-
wood laugh . . . you just couldn't
mistake it. Red was there with Ruth MA
Allderige and they were doing th.%r
best to keep the party in the best
of spirits . . . abo
Sorority Party.. .
The Alpha Chis were also among
those who entertained at a Leap Year
dance Saturday . . . and from the Bel
various reports that we got of the
party . . . everyone seemed to have a e Higi
grand time. Here are a few of the wrinkl
people who attended . . . Finley Mc- Sharm
Queen was there with Virginia Wal- made i
lace . . . and Bud Benjamin was with
Maxine Blaess . . . Maxine was heard foot siz
complaining to Bud about the great in widt
accumulation of cigarets in the ash dlings,
trays that she had so carefully placed colors!
about the house. And on the dance
floor we saw Bob Rouse dancing with Yo
Jean Nelson and Ralph DuBois with Yo
Margaret Waterston. Br
That's all for this week . . . maybe M
next week we will get back to normal Du
. . . and act just as though Leap Cl
Year never came around at all . . .

a large silhouette of an old

i .S

Who's Got the Jacket?
WE have, of course-
They're featured in these two ensembles done up
if the perfect Paris manner.
Some like 'em long, some like 'em short, some like 'em
belied, some like 'em swagger . . . but however you'll
iake your jacket, we've got just what you want.

Sketched are

two of six smart jacket ensembles,
designed by Coed.


4. .'
, ._ _- .
c ""i ilr

Left: Navy triple
sheer, with hip-
line jacket, trim-
ly belted, and a
short - sleeved
frock that has an
adorably femi-
nine tailored top
of grey crepe, fin-
ished off with a
scalloped bouton-
niere ...

w Tr


I e-Sharmeer
h time you revolted against
es and runs! Wear Belle-
eer Stockings . . . they're
n your leg size as well as your
e. Individually proportioned
[h and length for smalls, mid-
tails and plumps. Spring
Here exclusively.
our Foot Size Has a Number
ev . . . . . for smalls
odite . . . for mediums
uchess . . . . for falls
assic . . . for plumps

_ ; ,
/,' :. , , 7
f jf .. C
r f
.'. - ' 111
F1: tl J R Y \ 1 U
=- . ,
/ tl-6U.rra#r .

1 "
-- ,,,.


Right: A slick little frock
of multi -color - on- color
print, under a swagger
coat of navy sheer, lined
with the same print as the
dress. The coat's tailored
with reverse and patch
pockets . . . .





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