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March 20, 1936 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-03-20

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IRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1936



Sports Clothes
For 1936 Show
Many Changes
Ensembles For Golf And
Tennis Show Variety In
Choice And Color
Conservatively cut golf knickers,
tennis outfits that combine shirts
and trunks into a comfortable one-
piece garment, and bold pirate stripe
beach shirts are the most outstanding
changes in spring sports garb.
Knickers this season will form a
part of a complete suit, usually of
some definitely patterned tweed, and
will be perfect for .both golf and
general country wear.
Style in golfing clothes has been
greatly influenced by the outfits worn
last June at the fashionable British
Open Championship games at Muirs-
field, Scotland. Knickers, especially,
will follow the dictates laid down by
the spectators there. No more exag-
gerated plus fours, sixes and eights
of past years, but sensible and well-
proportioned garments of extremely
conservative style will be the thing.
They will be seen almost entirely in
tweed, the most popular of which will
probably be cheviots. The knee
buckle and button has been replaced
by a wrap-around cord at the knee
band that allows more freedom of
movement and does not stretch the
Sweaters Are Prominent
As for sweaters and jackets, any
type may be worn and still be in good
style Best dressed golfers will be
seen in crew-neck, turtle-neck, flare-
neck slip-overs and coat styles. Sleeves
in both will be short and long.
Jackets present a like variety and
as in sweaters, gay colors are promi-
nent. A lightweight cheviot tweed
jacket will undoubtedly find much fa-
vor. In Glen Urquhart check it will
be worn with knickers of the same
color and materal but in hound's
tooth check. Light solid colors will
also be seen in jackets, and a knitted
sleeveless cardigan has been ac-
claimed by golfing fans. It will be
worn under the coat. Jackets are
practical for all around country wear.
An ensemble that will be seen fre-
quently on the greens includes three-
button, notched lapel model coat in
Glen Urguhart plaid with a wide col-
lar, slanting flap pockets, and side
vents. Knickers are of the same ma-
terial in a small shepherd check, and
a light weight flannel shirt and show-
er spot club shape bow tie completes
the outfit.
Socks Have Color
For golf socks, gay colors in small
checks will be in very good taste, and
golf caps are shown in one-piece tops.
Shoes to be worn when the cry,
"fore!" is heard, will be predominant-
ly brown and white Norwegian style,
or as we know them -mocassins.
There will still be seen some plain
brown calfs and buckskins, and all
golf shoes have heavy crepe rubber or
heavy spiked soles.
Slacks will replace knickers when
the weather warms up to this sum-
mer business, of course.
Tennis enthusiasts may like the
new combination sports garment be-
ing offered by several manufacturers
in different colors of mesh material.
It is belted at the waist and solves the
old problem of shirt tails that must
be tucked in every ten minutes during
a tennis game. These suits are ideal
for golf, riding, boxing, and fishing.
Beach shirts are offered in manifest
styles and endless variety of colors

Two Definite Style Trends Gain
Favor For Campus Coat Wear

Prince Of Wales Model In
Many Patterns Assumes
First Place In East
Two definite style trends in spring
topcoats are represented by the
Prince of Wales coat and the knee-
length covert coat, both of which are
gaining favor to the exclusion of most
other models on university campuses.
After taking eastern schools by
storm, the Prince of Wales coat is
finding unprecedented popularity
among smartly attired undergraduate
bodies from coast to coast. This
single-breasted, fly-front, raglan
sleeved coat will be seen in cheviot
tweeds of Glen Urquhart and other
bold plaid patterns,, and in hound's
tooth check and Harris tweed. Slash
pockets and double-breasted lapels
are features of this tweed coat, and
its colorful patterns keep it in line
with the present demand for gayety
in clothing.
Coat In Solid Colors
This coat comes also in solid colored
tweeds and is very effective made up
in harder materials such as whip-
cords, heavy gabardines, or covert.
For a general knock-about topcoat
this model has no equal. Its loose-
fitting arm holes and its swagger
flare add to its smartness. It comes
only an inch or two below the knee.
Mainly for country wear, younger
men may use this coat in town, and
it goes well with a bowler hat.
The other coat is ideal for town
and country for all ages. It is short-
er -knee length - and is gaining a
wide following. Made up in covert,
this coat is an excellent choice for
spring weather. Among the features
that give it that "horsey" appearance,
are the raised or strap seams and the
heavy extra stitching at the cuffs and
around the hem. This topcoat has
slanting flap pockets, is double-
breasted, and carries peaked lapels.
Besides natural covert cloth, it will be
seen in whipcord and melton. Suitable
for sports, rain, and dress, this model
will probably meet with much success.
Camel's fair
The camel's hair coat, although re-
legated to the background for the
season, will not disappear altogether,
but will be seen every now and then
in single-breasted style with leather
buttons, military collar, and an all-
around belt.
Even raincoats are shorter this
year, most of them stopping about
three inches above the knee, and
carrying side vents. Raglan shoulders
will be seen in light,, almost white
and materials this year. There are
long-sleeved horizontal striped wool
shirts with wide collar, and there are
solid colors inshort-sleeved models
that sport a contrasting trim. They
come in cottons, silks, wools, and ce-
lanese, in whites and solids, and in1
horizontal and vertical stripes.
The newest thing in beach shirts,
however, is the bold pirate stripe shirt
opening all the way down the front,
with short sleeves. These widely
spaced vertical stripes lend a touch of
the flamboyant to any costume, and
it is believed that they will find pop-
ularity every place where sports shirts
are worn.
Gold animal scarfpins are all the
rage from coast to coast, from coats
to coats. Introduced at the Royal
Ascot races in England, they come
in horses and dogs and other ani-

Reversibles Are The Way To A I
Adjustable For' Is Through An
Erratic Climes .
Meerschaum And VarietyI
.oSOf Grains And Shapes
P opular Top-Coats Suitedl Popular On Campus
To Varying Weather;P
New Types Improved A recent survey on the campus
fmid th t. tho j ~ritv of the fair

Woman 's Heart Skimpier Beach
Old Briar Pipe; Outfits To Have


A oua lM)IlEW iod~el


color, with tan and darker shades also
worn. Large pockets with flaps are
featured. The shortness gives extra
freedom in walking. The reversible
will continue to be preferred by many
as an extra coat. Smart looking
raincoats in gabardine are being of-
fered this year, and like the others,
have side vents.
If there's any chance of being
caught in the rain, there is the new
waterproof protective garment made
of such high grade silk that it can be
tucked away in a small pouch to be
carried in the, golf bag or automobile.
The whole garment weighs under a
pound, and might be a useful thing to
have along on hiking, hunting, or
fishing trips.
As King Edward
Purchases So Buys
The Entire World
The Prince of Wales set about as
many styles as any man of his time,
but now that he is Edward VIII, that
honor will go to somebody else --
Douglas Fairbanks, Clark Gable or
the Duke of Kent.
The Prince set many styles by
sheer accident. Attending so many
public and private functions as he did,
it was necessary sometimes to change
clothing many times a day. If he
attended a wedding in the forenoon,
and was slated to visit the London
slum district an hour later, he had
barely chance to change his coat
and hat, keeping on his shirt and
trousers. Being news the world over,
the -newspapermen sent the details
of the princely attire to every nook
and cranny, and millions sought to
duplicate the royal combinations, even
though he wore a soft blue shirt with
a morning coat and striped trousers.
But the coat now named after him
was by no such accident. Seeing the
model in an Edinburgh shop window,
he liked it, bought it - and so did
the world

iouna LaL ne maoui y1 u:ic
Ann Arbor's erratic climate and sex's hearts beat faster wheh they
see a man smoking a pipe. However,
the need for a comfortable coat for they specified no particular kind of a
campus wear are both taken care of pipe as being especially attractive, so
in the reversible top-coat. Having it seems that the pipe field needs a
two sides, one of gabardine and the little attention.
other usually of tweed, this coat ful-i Of all the shapes in pipes, those
fills the requirement of fashion with with the straight stem are the most
popular, the ones having. a curved
raglan sleeves and full cut bottom, stem running but a poor second.
besides being extraordinarily prac- Judging by the numbers sold, pipe
tical. merchants have reported that a me-
In its earlier days, the two sides dium length pipe with an apple-
of this coat were stitched together shaped bowl is the favorite for camp-
ofus use. In this shape, the smooth
at the bottom, and after some wear finish is preferred. In the long-
the tweed side of the coat became stemmed pipes, a rough finish is giv-
larger through stretching than the en preference.
gabardine side. The range in price of pipes is found,
This difficulty is obviated in the after investigation, to be very wide,
newer coats which do not have the and the variety of shapes infinite.
old fashioned stitching at the bottom. The difference in price is of course,
There is also a recent trend toward due largely to the quality of the briar
hound's tooth designs in shades of and the workmanship. In briar pipes
brown. The ever-popular tan camel's the straight grains and shell briar
hair has also been used effectively represent the top outlays, the only
in this coat with a contrasting dark one costing more being an all-curly,
brown gabardine on the other side. grain pipe, of which one is found in
Though the reversible coat has en- about every 100,000 manufactured.
joyed a recent rise in popularity on Darker colors are more generally ac-
the campus, it is not because-of its cepted, but a variety of light tones
novelty but rather its utility. Its is being shown in good pipes.
particular adaptation to the Ann Ar- Meerschaum Preferred
hrn c nlivraofPha. G ra, Meersmha.nvPreferre


have greater interest for the collector
than the average man.
One of the stores has been foster-
ing a "Carved-Yourself" pipe contest.
When purchased, the bowl has been
bored and the bit inserted but is
otherwise unfinished. It is reported
that quite a number of these haveI
been sold. The carving of these pipes
has been given an added incentive
by the offering of an imported,
straight grain pipe as an award for
the best pipe entered in the contest.
A number of years ago when Dad
was in college, pipes with fraternity
insignia, or class .numerals were
greatly in vogue. Interestingly, this
vogue is now returning in great force.
One pipe merchant reports a com-
plete sell-out in short time of all he
had on hand. These pipes may be
had in a number of shapes in a good1
briar. The letters in insignia are in-
laid in silver on the bowl. You're
going to see more of these .
Old Bathrobes
Now Replaced
By Corduroys'
Light Shades Are Popular
In Full Length Fashions
For Lounging
The out-worn bathrobe is now
passe, according to the fashion dic-
tators for the male word-robe, and
to be sartorially correct even when
reclining with pipe and book, the
well-dressed man of today must own
one of the many new varieties being
offered in the line of smoking and
lounging robes.
The short jacket type of robe is
now being supplanted by the full-
length robe that can be used as a
smoking robe or bathrobe, since it is
neither too light nor too heavy.
Light corduroys are expected to be
exceedingly popular this year, and
are being shown in many shades from
white to black. For those desiring
something on the conservative side,
browns with darker brown belts are
Initials look decidedly smart on any
of the new smoking robes, and large
pockets allow for any size tobacco
pouch and pipe. The more expen-
sive robes feature soft silk linings.
Paisley print robes in various de-
sign are selling fast throughout the
eastern colleges, for those undesirous
of the corduroys.

New W ools In First Place;
Window Pane Patterns,
Stripes Featured
Gentlemen of fashion! This year
more than ever the beaches will see
less of your swimming trunks and
more of you. In line with the con-
tinuous decrease in the amount of
material put into bathing apparel, the
designers are offering skimpier and
skimpier outfits and have produced,
perhaps to make up for the reduction
of material, a startling variety in
color, design, and weave.
Knitted wool still holds first place
in popularity among the different ma-
terials, but instead' of the customary
plain blacks, dark blues and reds,
there are chalk stripes (similar to
those in last season's most popular
lounge suits), waffle weaves, and win-
dow pane patterns. These are of-
fered in several colors, light blues,
grays, reds, and browns, and for the
most part have conservative back-
grounds with bright accents in the
featured designs.
For more conservative swimmers
the gabardines that have been used
extensively in the past are still good.
These have more generous proportions
and are offered in plain blues, browns,
and maroons. And there is a new,
silky material for bathing trunks -
Celanese. Until this year this ma-
terial has been used mainly for liv-
ing room draperies, but the remark-
able rapidity with which it sheds
water has proved its adaptability to
swimming, and it should compete fa-
vorably with the more customary
For those who frequent beaches
that require tops there are those
which zip onto trunks and answer
their purpose with the least amount
of covering. Regular jerseys are be-
ing shown in plain colors and also
with three or four thin stripes across
the chest in contrasting colors.
To go racing, or as we say it in
America, go to the races, the English
have developed a suit that may be
worn all day without changing. For
wear to the office, to the track, and
later at dinner, it is seen in popular
lovat green in Glen Urquhart check.
The jacket carries slanting flap pock-
ets and side vents and it is cut full
under the arms.


declare dogmatically that it will be
in the play as long as white shirts
are worn
Gloves Regaining
Favor For Spring
Gloves are supposed to be regaining
favor for spring wear. In the past
such accessories have been conspicu-
ous by their absence from the local
spring costume
*The most popular gloves for sports
wear will be waffle-knit and string
in natural, tan and pastel shades.
Those featuring stitching in brown or
black are especially good-looking.
Sharing the spotlight for town
wear are fawn colored mocha gloves
yellow chamois gauntlet gloves, and
white pigskin, and are very effective
with the new covert overcoats are
gloves of red capeskin.
Semi-formal wear demands gloves
of course, and yellow chamois gloves
are the order of the day. Formal
day clothes call for gloves to match
the waistcoat unless it is black, in
which event grey gloves should be
White string gloves, together with
white silk and kid, will be seen with
formal attire, although gloves may or
may not be worn.

In pipes other tnan the briar the
meerschaum is the most expensive
and most generally preferred by
smokers, but because of the cost,
fragility, and care that they require,
they are not as common as the briar.
from abroad, the majority of them
The best pipes continue to come
from England. The English seem to
have had the preeminent craftsmen
in this field for a number of years.
Recently, however, American pipe
manufacturers have placed a num-
ber of pipes in the quality field on
the market.
For smoking in the room, several
novel pipes are being shown. The
large calabash pipes are highly rec-
ommended as some interesting look-
ing pipes made of imported French
cross-sections of a limb, still having
cherrywood. The latter are really
the bark on the outside. They are
cut off at the bottom on a tangent,
giving them a broad base so that they
rest very nicely on a desk.
Unique Pipes Shown
A number of unique pipes were seen
in the shops. Among these were
water pipes, sometimes called "bub-
blety-bubbletys" from the sound they
make, and clay pipes, the Irishman's
traditional favorite. Quite a striking
group of pipes were those with the
bowls carved into the shape of a
death's head, or a horses head. Most
of this latter group, however, will

_ 1

rirr rr o r

Plain - Patterned!

The New
Hanley Hall
by DO-BBS_--

_ .. ^ T

--_ 1 '
t ''C i ,. . r , 'r
\ ,- f
,,, \
\ l W % \\ _
/ 111 (fj
! .
j ( \
, , , /"

Society Brand"
Have that smartness and dis-


tinction appreciated



who wear them-
$35 d U
Other makes at


Favored on dic campus this spring by :elI
karc=4 lY ?uag Lucu,
Two New Colors for Spring!
LOVAI"-A new sl--.c created by
Dobbs, an ideal color for any topcoat,
PELCAN Hlere is new color to re-
place your dark brown hat.

$22 50

- $25.00


"H udde r" Topcoats . .$40.00
Rumbly Topcoats .. . $30.00

CustonTa .il.red $35
F YOU'VE never worn a gabardine suit
you're probably wondering what all the
shouting's about! We'll tell you! Gabardine
is one fabric that practically "wears Jike
iron"! At the same time it drapes easily
and is comfortable to wear. This spring gab-
ardine suits can be had either plain or pat-
terned in a variety of colors. Be sure to see
our gabardines before buying any suit,

Others at $22.50

and $25,00..

Stetson Hats. .$5,00 and $6.50


Hats. $3.50 and $4.00


A I T A 11J A T A %!FCV


11 1 ST'ATE S'1'I1 1'41 IEAST ADAMS 1I

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