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March 09, 1934 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1934-03-09

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J,m 3


Avternoon Goes Found Iti
Navy Blue Is s ?ere Mcde Vents ren imeats


rilliantly Colored Pris



Black Lace Is

Favorite Shade
lIn New 'vles

On Womai A ii Her Fashions Vogue In Semi-

GoWns Ior Evening True Beauty Not Requisite For
Reveal hw1 I Graceful, Dignified Appearance
Old, QuaintDes;Ins
- "I.ntclligent control of your body balance in every movement," says
Spring days may find the college movements is essential to grace and Windt. "She should wear conserva-
xirl forgetting her dignity and M:. beauty, 'states Mr. Valentine Windt, tive heels which would give her poise
director of Play Production,
"clinging vi:p" attitude in ::ollr- i e on the stageione doesn't and improve her entire appearance.
-katng and hiking, lbut when eve- have to bo truly beautiful to 'be "Although clothes in many cases
11nW comes she appears in all ihe beautiful," Mr. Windt contends. "A add immeasurably to the beauty of

There was once a lug named Paris
Jacket Frocks Are Good who judged a beauty contest between
a couple of the local goddesses and
In Prints Or Polka Dots got himself in an awful jam. Now
Wjith Organdy Trims they name garters after him.
It all goes to show that no matter
what one says about women's beauty
The dominance of one color has (and clothes are certainly a part and
never been so truly exemplified as it parcel of beauty) the unwary male
is in the new spring frocks. Navy who feels himself qualified to make
blue is the chosen color. The lords judgments gets into troubl. Anyhow,
of fashion have combined this with here goes. i
other shades to make some fascinat- To begin with, there is one essential
ing new models for the coming sea- precept not to be forgotten: women
son. The popularity of this color does are the clothes conscious sex. Un-
not give monotonous repetition as happy husbands have been getting it
might be expected but charming in- in the neck for not admiring new
novations of the newest in trimmings clothes ever since Eve changed fig-
and smart lines. An attractively leaves one day and poor Adam failed
fitted navy crepe is transformed into to notice it.
a really different afternoon frock Artful Appearance
with the addition of powder blue So the main thing, girruls, is to
linen pleated colors and cuffs of red p::esent an appearance such that the
cording. male fails to notice . . . beyond the
Clever trimming of plaid or polka- fact that you are well-dressed, well-
dot taffeta make an appealing con- groomed, and neat. Your appearance
trast with the smooth navy color, should have nothing that particularly
If the style of the dress is two piece, strands out from the even, artful sym-
the fingertip or eton jacquet is lined phony of the whole.
with material similar to the trim- The utilitarian is opposed to the
mings and the result -an attrac- decorative for campus, my dears, so
tive ensemble. Dainty organdie col- that you may totally lose your inhibi-
lars are used a tions against low-heeled sport-shoes
great deal with on campus. As far as most of the
this type of dress. 2 males are concerned, they wouldn't
These are shown , E care if you adorned your dainty
as ascots, bib-like, tcotsies in wooden shoes. They prob-
or even plain with al / ay wouldn't notice, the brutes!
fine r u f f i n g. The appearance of clothes depends
Trimmings of any M1 a great deal on your carriage and
type 'are cleverly / low-heeled shoes do more than any-
placed on the thing to make you bulge where you
dress to bring out should bulge, and recede where you
the wind - blown should recede. There is also the mat-
effect, that is with ter of pointing the toes straight for-
the emphasis of ward and walking with the feet on
t h e contrasting an imaginary straight line. The man-
color in front. The nequins who display clothes use this
collar pleated and method. It imparts a lilt to the walk.
spread fan-shaped Styles And The Woman.
around the neck, A student of inhibitions might well
brings a jaunty air learn a few things from the ordinary
to the otherwise clothes-salesman or stylist. What is
very conservative there to this thing of being in style?
blue. A 'decidedly tit's far too deep a problem to at-
different note is tack. You women will follow the
affected with what styles in spite of anything the men
is called the wind- tell you. But in so doing, remember
swept line. This this: stick to your type. If you are
cut places the em- Mi\ " fluffy and ingenuous (looking) don't
phasis of color on go in for the slinky, sophisticated-
the b a c k, T h e looking things and vice-versa. Don't
plain collar of the ever be afraid to look feminine.
dress has a small Following out this idea, avoid the
but graceful cowl style extremities that lead to the an-
and above this is gular appearance. Never forget that
inserted a dickie of the woman, like the baseball pitcher,
taffeta or linen as the case may be. must have at least a few good curves
Fashions, however, are never lim- to get by in any league.
ited to any one type; many other South View of Seams
striking color combinations are be- But ah, here is a besetting sin of
ing shown. Brown and green, blue nearly all Michigan co-eds. Ever since
and green, and brown and blue in the day when women's limbs have
soft shades are being worn again come out into the open about it all
this season. \ Later in the spring, and become, frankly, legs, stocking-
pastels, especially dust-pink, aqua- seams have been a problem. And
marine, beige, and chartreuse, will there's nothing that can make you
dominate the afternoon dresses. look worse from the south side than
Fashion decrees that ensembles will twisted seams. Don't get excited, I
be worn with coats ranging from know what a problem it is here what
long redingotes to short box jacquets with all the walking one has to do
without belts, and the heavy coats and skirts that
This season's gay and colorful create enough friction on the hose
prints demand an important place with every step to twist the seam a
in any wardrobe. Many prints have triile. But try to be more careful,
jacquets in solid color that are lined will you please? A little less time in
with the same material as the dress. the time-out with the makeup box
Flowers with dark background are would make one look maybe a bit
used most frequently for the designs less painted and furnish a second or
of these smart afternoon prints. two to line up the seams . . . all
-- this so as not to make the ignorant
Play Production Tickets ale believe you have two right or
T two left legs.
Offered On Sale Today And here is aother, more personal]
dislike. Those fancy pince-nez glasses
Tickets for Maxwell Anderson's on a chain are fine . . . if you weigh
"Elizabeth the Queen," to be given aound one-fifty, are forty-five years
March 14, 15, 16, and 17 by Plfy Pro- old or upwards, carry a Pekingese dog
duction, will go on sale at noon to- under one arm constantly, and say
day at Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre rulluh?" whenever anyone tells you
box office. Reservations already re- anything. Otherwise, young ladies,
ceived include several from out of they are lozee, in my own opinion as
town, especially from Detroit, Toledo, well as in the opinion of many others
and Jackson, as well as from neigh- of the less tactful sex.
boring schools such as Hillsdale, Al- And now as to pigmentation: try
bion, and Wayne University, to make it enhancing and decorative

What You Need c
Is a'Bit of Spring
A dash of This Loveliness we have to
offer you will pep you up no end!
1~^j ^t) t) ) t ,;~+tl ) ) t t){.."_""~t) ) t : tCi}


ing in the morning. The only thing
particularly distressing in the mak-
up is the variety which comes off on
slight provocation or the male es-
cort, depending on whether the prov-
ocation or the escort is nearer at
the time.
Seriously, lipstick that comes off
on clothes can be very annoying at
times. Short women dancing with tall
men should take especial precautions
not to nuzzzle up a a nice starched
shirt front or a soft and fluffy tie.
And now we come to the eyebrows,
which have more to do with the ex-
pression than any other thing. If you
must make a thin, tiny line out of
them, for goodness' sake don't arch
them so high that you have a per-
petual expression of surprise. One of
the greatest American tragedies is
the confusion which results when one
of these surprised-looking females
sinks down into the depths of a booth
in one of the local tea-establishments
and sighs something about being
Hastened Finis
And now a message to all the
ladies: An assignment such as this is
always a severe trial to a Mere Man.
So do not leap five (5) feet (ft.) into
the air if you are at all touched by
this little message. And don't take
down the old family blunderbuss and
go gunning for the writer. It won't be
the slightest use; he'llbe out of town.
ndulgent Style
Allows Glamour
In Dress a
Indulgence is the note struck by
the dress hats of the mode. One buys
that bit of fantasy in a veil or un-
usual style which spring fever de-
mands. These rare bits of millinery
permit a glamorous nature to be ex-
pressed in a subtle but convincing
Trimming is the forte of these
models for dining on campus in the
evenings, or keepng
a tea date. While the
features are unique,
these are seen on
every hat, and yet o
not five an air of a
c r e a t i on overdone.
Pillboxes are not ex-
treme in cut and
fairly demand one o
these huge circular
horse hair veils that
floats about one's
features in an intriguing way. One
mcdel has a lacquered fcathr
perched on the very top.
Large hats are coing in for their
proper treatment again, and have
new and engaging dips in their
brims. Baku and other crisp straws
are used, with ribbons attracting at-
tention to the lower side of the brim.
A clever arrangement has the band
of the shallow crown dip through
the bri mand adorn the side next the
face with a stitched bow. On these
wide brims, one often finds linings
of a complementary and lighter
Play Suits Neessary
Everyone should includ in their
wardrobe, a "play-suit." One of the
most striking of these is composed of
a white corduroy suit with a match-
ing three-quarters length coat.:Bands
of red and blue circle the coat sleeve,
red stripes decorate the shorts, and
a red and blue sailing ship adorn
the shirt. The back is low with ero>',

rather than something designed to
cover a multitude of sins or not wash-

IDark RBius 4And Blacks
Still Holding Sway, But
Pastels Increasing
"Black Lace? Ooooh, naughty!
Knows all, covers all, and hide:
nothing," quoted Vogue magazine re-
cently. However that same "naughty'
fabric is the favorite among sprinf
Sunday night dresses, or restaurant
frocks as they are to be called thir
season. Following the lead of blue,
which began so early, the midnighW
shades are to be worn by everyon
and ;een at al.
the campus for-
nrm a 1 s. Beginning
with black itself.
St"he colors a,:cen
t h r ou gh t h t
/- -lighter p o w d ex1
f ' Eveninrg suits
are more desirable
than ever, particu~-
larly in black chif-
\fon, totuched witr
an E14z a betha>-
ruching, or with
black lace insets.
one striking model
a ~is trimmzedl only by
the sunray tuck;
h on the hip-lengtl
,- Jacket end th
: kirt. BMouses art
also chiffon and white or offwhite in
For thouse who pw.efer cne-piece
moedcls, nothing more enchanting ha'
ben -found than the lace insets of
graduated width from shoulder tc
waist . n an otherwise sleekly fitting
" "ck. The kirnona cut sleeves,the-
areeter length, are finished by the
n :rrcw pleating which also closes the
c'o,.e-to-the-throat neck, and is beinm
iidely use:d th 's year. "Little Wom-
en " collar effects, of large bows, or
soft lacy affairs in white are de-
cidedly correct for those who insist
that they can not waar dead black
Navy blue, works well with the
'blistered marte4 age chiffons and is
omten trammed by a c:holder cor-
sage (artifici'al of course) of a lighter
shade. The _ame rtit fetal flowers are
decorating everything in every ar-
rarngement. The preferred styles seem
to be the single large flower, or a
circlet around i _>neckline.
Lighter chades are of course being
used, and ma iny delicate hues have
been copied from the spring flowers.
The new namoe s arc champagne yel-
low, ashes of roses, dust or powder
blue, and nile green.. Striking conm-

Jlamorous femininity which sur-
ounded her during the winter'
Her formal gowns a.'e planned t^
:resent as great a contrat; as pos-
ible to the sweater and skirt in
rhich she spends her days. :7,I-
his aim in mind she chooses th<:
oft laces and nets, sheers and
tarched chiffons. Crisp orrandy i:
scd and printed taffeta in hu:
laids or geometric design is mad:
p in quaint styles and in bri1h
Crepes in bright flower prints pro-
Ide another striking note and dIuller
%rints are shown in angel :kin sati.
satin with an extra soft and
lades strike a son - iat subdued
ote. In fact, absence of color i,
martest of all, for solid black anc
,hite lad the fashion parade
?astels are as popular as ever though.
;ith blue shades continuing in- th
public favor and maize staging a
decided comeback.
Despite all those who have learned
>y experience and who have faller
up and down stairs and tripped
hemselves and their partners up in-
numerable times, the train continue
in public favor. Perhaps it is be-
cause nothing else contributes quite
as much to that "dressed up" feel-
ing or makes one feel quite so fem.
Aiding and abetting the train ir
he cause of femininity are ruffs
ruffles, and, bows. The ruff is a
,harming frame for the face -eher
fashioned of net and is often do
'achable. Many of the newest frocks
eature rows and rows of pleatec
ruffs all over th'6 frock.
Even when the train is not fea-
[ured, interest is always centered in
the back with all fullness occurrin"
binations are being made by the Ia--
mons designers, and one of them fa-
vors a lemon yellow gown, topped
by a crimson coat with flowing lines
Fir Coots Remod
S Rined, Cleaned, to
448 Spring Street

charm th-A could not be acquired in
any other way,
"One should capitalize on one's de-
ficiencies rather than try to hide
them. A tall girl should make every
effort to wear clothes and move with
graceful lines rather than be stoop-
shouldered and give an awkward and
unattractive appearance. Tall figures
always look better and are really
smart. The Amoricar hwomen has
the advantage over the European
in this quality, their height gives
the ma true loveliness of line. Mary,
Queen of Scots, one of the most beau-
tiful women in history, is said to have
been six foot one.
"Just because a woman is short
is no reason for her wearing ter-
ribly high heels which throw her off

actress gains all her charm and
beauty through this ability. Eleanora
Duse, the famous Italian actress ac-
tually almost dowdy looking, could,
when she wanted, manipulate a mere
rag and make it seem a shawl of
Evening Wraps Change
Little In Appearance
The evening wrap has changed little
from previous seasons. The short
jacket is the favorite style. A new
and picturesque fashion which is
coming into popularity is the cape
which appears in all shapes, sizes,
and varieties and in almost .all fab-

It's This Afternoon

The League.
Fashion. Show



woman should have control at allI a woman, even more important is her
times of her movements and make ae veme an t ih
the most of the qualities that she grace of movement and ability to
I hn' Thp, r,'ilt will bp a ignity and manipulate herself. Very often an

3 TO 6 P.M.


icludes Tea and Dancing to

- --

__-_. _ _


See the NEW
Burr, Pat-so n
Jrtirn .y brIrs
{ (0N3 . S,1. ''1
- y

C) f

A /eRING u ; wesL TprN EaLuOPs-



Ids , y . .a-, :.ap naa ,aa- -


When Selecting Your
include a

From a fashion standpoint as well as one of utility THE FUR
JACQUETTE'S THE THING - and to add a distinctive touch
to your Spring Suit -A FUR SCARF. Here you'll find the
latest and best to suit your taste and purse.
A Small Deposit Will Reserve Your Selectioni
Tnemrr1 . nr +a n'* n . er,,n r asare

We want the women of Ann Arbor to become
familiar with the excellent quality and styles of
LI.LEN-KAYE FROCKS . . . we want them to
know that every dress in our shoppe is dependa-
ble quality merchandise. That's why we are
pricing our famous line of Ellen-Kaye Frocks,
sold exclusively in Ann. Arbor by us, at this
one low price. Sizes 11 to 17.
. .as egra/f iii(lsIojilcr icolstts:
She goes on to say: "Men may like us little, but the stores
don't seem to know we exist. I used to tramp miles and
miles for my clothes -- now all I do is make a bee line
for The Collins Shoppe."

Y ?
J h 1
ti ,
* :
f . "
' K
\ J
.. /
l ,1 I' _
_ e J
- -- - -
-_ :
/ r

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