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January 26, 1934 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1934-01-26

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St 4en peak~s, Ballerina To Dance Mon te ,Carlo&i et fland Nut
l W:/IHr Soj ousrn lax;Th Russe Will App(ar A ret
in Detr'tA.feb

l_____ay ELEAR J~f ,hNI~SON t£S
w w ~ ~Feasting with royalty, doing thercat,
irnwd wI:m h~ O ula with the natives and :wearing
i11E S CSrap75-gardenia leis to parties were just rr vas >
arty F'rcetrs Wilafew of the experiences Mara Hoff-5r,
e Pary Fetureman, 37, enjoyed when she spent
summer in Hawaii as guest of ;y, 1 r
ms for the Aron Arbor ball inisho red n eaie h r
ration of President Roosevelt's x f pe.rmanent residents of, the islands. r:, . . v
day have been completed, ac - Miss Hoffman was present at a ~ ~
ng to W. F. Angell, secretary of t f M native feast which Princess Liliuo-
arrangements committee. The f kalani attended: It was an aloha din-
7will be held at 9 p. m. Tuesday her iven in honor of a 'friend leav-
ie Masonic Temple ballroom ing or the States. Over a hundred
William A. Comstock will speak g.uests were present, including vaca-
~e assembly before leaving for tining screen notables, and the feast
Roosevelt party in Detroit lasted for all of two hours. Such
huxge birthday cake, weighing cw ";,'eiccis s'oousazet a" i alybuehi s a w1
200 to 311,, pounds, will be bak~ed tuce-like vegetable, raw and baked
on display by Saturday after- squid, (which we know as octopus);apa sSl~i~i h ru
and one-finger poi with uncooked tio of the 14 it . Cra Rusa
'it is expected. Immediately
r.;t ^ salmon made the dinner a special lgallet too, At presented to Detrot 447
the ball Tuesday night it will iieFb.5int lsi eml
elivered to University Hospital afarMAtr'teoeoaa oe tAui~tor iuni. Tebale comes fromi
distributed among the children4,' native liquor, had been passed, na cesfI p e ,e n e. ol
araainstee ~tv uiin played Hawaiian jazz _________________
tsic will be furnished by the . . . . .whil members of the crowd danced
-Corbett, Orchestra, which will ..*. tenl. Mc~HfmnepandSagr is T
:nd pilaying for an hour at 11:15 rhe sil,0,
rmit introduction of the huge is a purely narrative dance, told with _
the hands, and there is a differeastJS
kn-wide broadcast of music. Ra- «:"
batins W J an WJR Detoithula, for every kind of story that you
CXLWT, Windsor, Ont., the localFowattell.growiprousely on th
ssentatives of the two great corn- FlwrnAf1'th
Llchains, will broadcast three- . - ins and everyone wears flower bBeleve itornt epepsib
ters of an hour of music by Associated Press Photo in the morning. I lzards and hurricanes, Srin ifi$r
aof the nation's finest dance This glamorous creature, looking enough like an Crawford to be when asked about Waikiki Beach, intear n 'h ~~~~th
:srsand ea 15-minute talk by her tWhn is Gwenllian Gill, a Scotch lasfrom Edinburgh who was ies bsayofngtln st ind tronat9 ut"t"oe i~n
ideasbtsayngutatenrtuth it w. nVXO
Presidetunr present planes. imported for a minor role in Hollywood, but who is to remain under a towasri~zd n it o ergie,~ cQ~ r 'Cflh ,th
is part of one of the most gi- long-termi contract. to hng. h
cnetwork hookups in the his- to________ appjreciate.godl sadbs ;fxzt-vye
of.brodestirginolvng or Miss Hoffman's home was located and somte featuring new and di rosn
200 stations. - "I 1 1 on the side of oundtop Tantalus, an novelties.
plifiers in 'the rooms will carry W ort"" W ar~" Ins p rah on 'or e~tinlet volcano. The beach was close This spring we shall see more sit
enough to permit a great deal of than ever, and fo the' most dart they
i ietnt prmitthgestshorgee 1 "litt P e en .ok swimming, and surf-riding was an will be, very conservaively tailored.
iy nd th da ocetawl -r t ll t t e e o k atraction. One -has to be an expert The swagger suit will be especially
inquittoprmitgestst to do the job successfully, and as good;, made with, a coat long. enoug
iozationOSElThy-isnownsithli she was far from proficient along so that it can be worn. wiL othe
ras' music. DT 'SNt-hiIsteixhn and when they could, Dr. Elliott was
a series of articles on Prominnt womendegadt6pcethm that line, Miss Hoffman took up out- dresses and skirts. The typical coa
e cntrl ommtte i chrgeinthe'u'ivrsi1,elratdwokthrlaedheratte.loerigger canoeing. This really has just of this type is eltles. , but some ar
sass for the 1biall comprises Her- YEENR1L1~ e okteeldhr ttecoea aytrlsa culsr-iig osl etd nsl- eia
Syllrester, president of the:B.EEN L1Mof the War, to accept a position with spemanly thills e as fctualtsu re-loeybteinef.aei1
ga lyero A Ox7>lreynsce up~imchiman Personnel work anid the study of the Waitt and flond Corporation in epcal hnoei ocdt e Fur:-trim is not so popular as isuIl
ber ofOaetcara; flain outside the reef surroundingth nekoth catbigofr
'alyA ans ueitn economics iughntiever have been Dr. Newark, N. ., This comupany wastenckoth h dsbn f1
6k, University Hospital, and the Margaret Eliott's line of work if the starting a new factory ini the tme the isglan o e ta evnhut.fnshdwtSbih ilk scaf s o
ving locl leades: harr Rei- V'ai hadnot givn her teefirsttable otocseeeathinshstthat thseewitngsutut tal collarsi whoselars,,whose F
,lngloca leders Hary Ri- Wr ha no givn he th firt tate f acte lborshorage;ordnarytourst oes otoseisdtigsdotensimuatesowseTheand
venneth Wilt, Jack Dunn, Biar- of it, for it was in the Industrial She left the industrial concern digtings thtacaulvsiotxeionalate bofs.The cotsly
;Olds, Elton Wenzel, A. R. Pu Ser vice Section of the U. S. Ordnance then to get her master's and doctor's denodowsvhtrlymaexcusu ally fu in the leevs ive
Fred Norris, and W. F. Angell. Department of a munitions plant degree in economics at Radcliffe Co- the trip especially interesting," Mss ths"r 'itsblepul n x
;kets are on sale at Calkins- that she began to be interested in it. lege. There she received the Whit- hoaffmian concluded. these ale-of sbdedm uftonsa;isp-
her's State Street drug store Dr. Elliott was born, in Lowell, ney Traveling Fellowship and travel- Cree lg-o bi
at the Crippen Drug Co. store Mich., and educated in the public ed for a year in tirope studying p: tired from the style horizon. The
:io, Street. They' are also being schools there. Wellesley was the col- economic conditions in tEngland arnd S seI ~ ~leves featured in the new suits ar
bbuted by nearly every local loge that she chose to attend, and on the continent, She was also ce- ".flidailcosyatheopbu
organization. Proceeds from the her interests there were quite far re- rolled in the University of London. G1(l dtfiif gNeN'V t &' f ,'11 'Hu , an( become h34-like it the
dad balls all1 over the country moved from the field of economics. In 1925 Deanl E.E, Day, then head j xesv 'r~ ~ iona e x o cu~ h l hdsa
being donated to Presidenxt Dramlatics, athletics, and the presi- of the EcoilomiC's Depaient asked A~ tforh colaortii cmpsgP.' i; atdhcoolda desn avre
evet'schif etragoernentl dncyof heStudent GovernmentbtswhAc d adoercmu her to comesf to Mchigani as assistant . ws.I r n oo rw~nv
vescifetagvrmnAsdecyatoof cuth e d much of her Professor of Economics and Person - sic c.eis155I~ddh o nx n, a shade ;just a lit lighter than
dation. time. ne1 management. She later was given e~S c yApaN fKpaPia',;yill be popular in the spring
histoy proessoial hle mn, scrlin to Wspeh msoeyngfor whitednays oit wasclatseasonowill
-vhaving prepared herself in hsoyfull poe ..oilrank. THer -work iee mn accrn to liaeech oetyfrw, egatoghcranynta
%NOUNCE ENGAGEMENT and English, her first position when has included a researeh project on 34-'36L. till be rdnaitwsltseonil
and Mrs. Barry Brayton Town- she left college was that of a teacher women in business and in the pro- Groening was elected president ofstlrtos uiswicbremr
Penn YIan, N. Y~, recently an- of science and mathematics in a girl's fession for which she had the co-theosotiety at its eleitionreeeoin
,ed the engagemient of their private school, Abbot Acadaimy, i operation f the rational Business Weneda ight Others chosen at stritly for sport wear we find light
~ter Heln G Towsen, '3, t AndverMas. an Prfessona W 0m en '5coloed weed poularfan rforhis
iter, elen G Townend, '6, to ndove, Mass and Pofessonal W men'sClub. the same time wer e: Leo Walker, 34 typee the very ed tailored pplr suit, decidedly
tr M. Coon, Grad., of Buffalo, She had completed a year of grad- Later, in collaboration with Dr.f vice-president; arl Nelson, '37, sec-mansinperncis ota-
* Miss Townsend, formlerly uate work at Harvard when she was I Grace E. Manson. she published a retary; Arthur Marlow, '36, trews-
d tKuaCollege. Mr Coon, stationed at th'e Watertown Arsenal catd nite Erigso oe rer, and Charles Rogers, 34, seniorprrit.Tee'aueshtan
went studying here for a doc- The munitions plant there handled in Business and the Professions." critic, very fitted jackets.
degree in English, received his only the heaviest munitions, so that On her sabbatical leave in 1931, -_______
ate~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ofCrelUiestweeWehwvrlh hotg flbrsuyeooi odtosi h of considerable interest to all who IA eetmeig'iBt h
is editor of the Cornell Widow. compelled them to use women where Orient, kethcop.sriAtyaerecetefieingoPithe ca Phi
__-_________ ___ As the only worn an in the eco- ke h ope ooiyeetdofcr o h on
nois"earmnt-r.Elit's-r Dr. Elliott is interested in her ing year. They are: Arn Osborn,
j I"1 nmic deprtmnt, i. Eliot's orkpupils and willing to help thema. This '35, president; Ruth Bosse, '35, vice-
- attracts considerable attention among 'fact together with her gaiunspridt;MreeMofr, 35,
thestuent. Oe, n iquiingin~ an chrmof manner makes her very ecretary adMxn anr,'5
tuC ther enthusiasm for her work, asked poplarMithiheesudetygrup.,reasrer
3 T O HSNER-- A IN AN TUt. YL the professor if she liked personnel popular___with_ the__student__group.__ __treasurer._
work so well why she didn't continrue
C3A!J CE I ECI TAL sidi The answer to that, Dr. Eliott
DANCE REC TAL aidwas that academic work offers
LYDIA MENDELSSOH N THEATRE a wider range of intellectual activity,
February 13th at 8:30 P.M. Tickets 50c and 75c and in that way is more interesting
and challenging. Be innuo a
Her marriage on Dec. 20 to Prof.

I1 I
I-las It. .
that the 1.M.O.C. are being seen regularly will Be Offered at
at the Michigan League week-end dances
that the co-eds claim bill marshall's 12-pc
orchestra is a. revelation in campus music HLF P R IC IE
that the friendlier atmosphere insures an j7" hese are all highly styled, bet ter garalc comats
enjoyable evening
that the glee club arrangements of "Sylvia" The Materials: The Furs:
and the "Shadow Waltz" are worth your Wool Crepes Kol insky
hrigKSuede CSqs uirrel
Cloby its Marten
FOR YOURSELF Tweeds Beaver
flIflAY 9--1 ATUIRDAY 9-12 1 i I Jus~t Six Sui~ts In1A,4v _'I11r RorlMrtac I



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