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March 29, 1933 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-29

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eiumeShoc-I dunit ceasion; ?Slender Effects
them s tha the becoe mos ,dace 3sobviuslyou?.a ohr botThese new silhouettes are real
aboutatwhensthtthey a becioerl ost dnce sotvyour y ou. nL thr .omething. Rather architectul,
im orsnew enthySreim roery wd, it your erue o ht kind oc-w ith blocked shoulders that will bui
used sio wit yor ey on hat indou onut. and slim you down. In oth

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Furs Will Feature New ToG
Spring Coats And Suits J'hre'l
Furs will be used with a lavish


l '

s ,,.

~r~JI1Aan's will turn to
:w-1 loes. And not so light-'
wi.th Spring comes an,
:~ nhe feminine heart
w U.- i .nd there is no
,:Mo~.~uuld not, if the
~ --i~'*4 have seen are


, . , . . A ' - . . . . . ..

they >een'7i so '~ii~ ~ 'wi~
shovdd tA. (1)~.S~ Li V"U1 -i '.1 ~v A
care. Pol.stK; U~s
smart but pr'~.c1 ~uuI io. Aie leather
faL~ri"s 1ia ce ~x'~xi PU ~cd with
an CYO br ~orag Ii U~.
lKoiv4a ("1.11, pP ~J 0 P0 A
b!na~IOU$ 01 the t~ ~ u~ ~t ix
the 1eathi~>r bVgs. 'Tapest :~-:
and aA kinds crY tabi ic~ .. iv' a. -o ~j..

I' ~'2flV' . Is placed
.'V x ~ad full, puffed,
n~,they endear
~ tie feminine heart.
u, u-ual choice of Spring
uA~ honors going to the
, rialz used are, for the
crinkly. crepe, pebble
d KILatin-back crepe, and
ac lingered for a
B:, ; ~ '~blues; every
~.i. iw p -o ,iaquamarine to
~- 'o 11beautiful dress
-v -~ nf"I blue silk, with
B' ~ w . leeves of drilled or-
v. 211 i ndydotted swiss. A
~oow~ colar added Just the
~ ~ make the dress au-
.._ 'alydmure.

_nar -ta ,eas1 vgeneral
cuxn~ersu t, ir~i'(0)01 lsized
ones wll prlxab.yb all
Ih( loruino law o ,Blue,

11 3

Perfumes should be subtle. When{
they are outstanding either be, a
of quantity or type, they are obnox-
ious. Imagine an e{;-'o:'t ittin- o
to a fair dam: el for two hou., _ n a
warm theatre trying to keep his in-
terest on the development of a hectic
love story, while the sickening aroma
of some flowery scent greets his nos-
trils every time he takes a breath.
It can't be done that way.
Perfume should be worn so that
the odor is part of the person and
not like a new spring hat. And this
:;an be done. Perfume applied with
an atomizer does the trick.
Perfume is basically alcoholic and
when exposedi to the air evaporates.
Also the heat of the body brings out
the odor with just the proper effect.
A very good hint for daytime use is
the substitution of a good toilet
water for this purpose.
Of course, there is no objection to
the well-known touch behind the
ears if the amount is the same on
both sides. Spraying the hair slightly
adds a nice touch too, but make it
slight. Another little trick used by
many women is to spray the neck;
but, again, make it slight.
Then there is. the important q 'e
tion of what to wea=,. He ,e cv-
judgment can run riot if a
simple rules are followed. Rea..
ing that perfume if; pa:
' son should give the c e. K-
that blonds sho Idl
heavy perfume'
odor is not d'r ( 4-
:7a '<^ap a. .
} Yi *'

are in. With the coming of :pain~
comes that lovely, adiventure, o-n'
dream-- feelira'- that can be mat P
that a c l-n -1c1- >}, ra
turer prod uces.

" nL ..J±± ,y tt Ct S. . nAIXl ivhn" mo 07 V"V

words your clothes are built no
SBaits seem to be about the
some bfancy new coats with d ..
- 'U ,~.that are very practical
ac ,ithnn+ the ca~ne theyvaregrand


In buying your perfume., f S 1LUU L UVu'c uc5
spring, keep one thing in mind. Try ' or the morning and then with the
to be individual. If there is someone -cllar are just the thing for after-
in your eight o'clock with an exa noons.
duplicate of your lovely new green Color s vary and should be extremo,-
suit, your day will be ruined. Yo-... =-- pleasing. Combinations are many
should be equally conscious that sh< and we can see that the campus will
is wearing the same well known toilet be wild , with blues, navy or this
water or perfume. Yes, of course, the "Coastguard" which is quite bright.
Purse should be taken into considera- Grey is doing well this year and is
tion, but the number of makes and especially good with other colors.
scents is appalling rand shopping for What we hope most to see though, is
this necessity is just as much fun this lovely shade of twine that com-E
as for the green suit if you are per- bines so well with black.J
fume conscious. And if you aren't, get In our ramblings we saw a smart
that way: there are those about you beige wool coat suit with red and
who are, and, after all, you are wear- white revers and gloves. Another that
ing it for others and not for your- caught our eye was a navy blue coat
self, that had a lighter blue scarf and an


of a suit of black wool with a red and
white striped blouse. The opposite
was of red with black clips and belt.
For, a person that can wear pecu-
liar things we saw a black and red
plaid skirt, a black wool blouse and
to cover, it all a red coat.

Every Thuriday at the~
Phone 4300


especially popular. Gray-back-er-s Lectures: Count Sforza speaking
mine trimming on a black coat is an, on "Problems of Central Europe; Po-
interesting novelty for spring, land, Austria," 4:15, Lydia Mendel-
Another attractive suggestion is ssohn Theatre. J. E. Ehrhard speak-
silvery gray fox with a violet under- i n on "La Fran:°e Aut Travail," 4:15,
one on light gray woolens. Silver ^ .jotr1'r'? to' a~ Jn
bxis effective on all the light neut-
'u- ls, s:...s,1l. yed J _anosc ma 1140'ILCOhPtVtlO
cntwiely o;
w uwl C~ ~Ual as well as smart , t -~vh 1 .2iVO
E _.u .convertible scarfs oul the long- ' ~d~K xrAio uA-
aiaired furs, which lend a necessary ~--leI:O1 .ii l~i
feminine touch to the new mannish ; ~O~lIr2h 11dT-.1 'h tnd
suits, will be worn this spring. a\ olx, JPhi'OIYauld
abs~olu~tely pale blue dress-. Tu i 'a x("'Fh
also a blue dress with a fancy twisted'' :L-ea -ate Grill;' Faculty
sash and grey swagger coat. Jackets Dan,(,. 3nn 1 al ooxn

A aoth-ardi.ess of pebble grain crepe
av : v;jpliain lines, Was of aqua-
s, m 'arine shade and boasted short full
7 1 h agoting and the
.,.~olet' ,-krtnmade the dress
Aoc dances and Sun-
;day night wear.
Pa'~ A: l.ynight fro Wk
vas found in the next store into
vt xi( 'aI.-implicity
~. aK'- . : i un lines
K: ~.~- 13~, i " ;Ivi hih neckI
liT~~~~~~~~ ; o m ~spr1wi h ack



oi .,..]C , tero_.. a---,u Kr'a
ou l . th,1. x desoae:-'
oes-. .o u0 a:p a_.,: .
I f ;rod.r+' x, .



Y F. }~~'h i~
s ~u~ I hi 't '~
I<.20 I~-iit ~O f(0'
''- 2 : 1- 1 Xl O i('

-~ 1;' i~~: I
- ''~ 1-, ~l' - 3-- - 'A
-- - 2. 3 122''3''''3- 2 '~
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iar1 or .. . ' :1_ o.. ..- 'i ira _.. _

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Bel t 3 a + rP 's' )>Lb- a 11-Lm OJ'.2


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ea 'i-~1iVha) 1-4thAve.
F und


a! she


( x11, i~rs STYLE CENTER
- 5 - 171#y f 1)
r 3 S
_ t'0f )--Sf


.>: ® ,
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<<s .
k {
:. :"

2gi RNOONz
TI Marlene Dietrich
3-Piece s;arts sunit, fca Wring trousers
n th - ,, nc'.'laam 'ns/--Pas the
conventional skirt.
The Baby Dress
A stunning concoction of grey net, for
grownup "babies" as worn by Dorothy
Dare in the current success, "Strike
~._ r - h oulders"
e a~
- x ' ers of bracelets on -the
_,N~- Vionet inspired and de-
!^ r'H :l inthe fashioctble Perle Blue.
Th-)v ' -K i~1~red-.her, featuring
r nt-. 0- f'm~~ s in th-e skirt.
,.: hng to Worry About'
voaor coves and bag match your
hat. Well, they better, hod --- you'll

F r:Caty Ii? r'J CriiI
_nem 0 -. a2-

(21 U-. r

rnoC ' a Iia>. ,,a .. c
,,'rw r e ; - -t--_

l _ _ _ . 1i

-'a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0_. 0- -Uec1 ltl7Ll
- From $1.-a


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