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March 29, 1933 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-29

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Tailored But Feminine, otif f Spring




Tailored Grace
Widely Featured
In Spring Suts
Contrasting Colors Smart
Affording Changes; 3-
Piece Suits Noted
"~My father's in the coat and suit
businessai a young shoesalesman.
"The trouble with his work is that he

Styles copy Those Spring Deerees Perforated Shoes Shown As
Of Grandma's Dayd Newest In Sprin Foot
uur~/qj/ ;Plis, Stinpes NwsI oqo""- Srn
But More Coy F
F r ' 'rt3We 1 Delightful airiness characterizes' three classifications: the C

Oxford tie,

Different Type Veils
May Be Worn Any Length?
Dame Style has finally put it with-
in the reach of every woman to ap-
pear ravishing, intriguing as the
sphinx herself. Any one of the many
sorts of veils will make eyes seem
mysterious, but perhaps the most
noteworthy we've seen was of black
horsehair, as stiff as starched le.
and was fastened high on the shah-

low turban so ithati a foam seemned
tpo bedcoorating 'the head rather
than a prosa . i ht. There is no
estalised t~ngh fr ?he adlorn-
met but it my brush the nose,
cloud the eyes, or circle the fore-
head with a row of Iy dots.


In 1890 Eliza was still crossing the
ice nightly before a well-filled house,
little boys still crept off to read Capes And B
"Nugget Nell, the Waif of the Clever Bal
Range" and women indulgedin
nothing more violent than a game S n
of croquet. Not much else was pos-
sible in the presence of yards of rus-
tling taffeta, outside, acres of whale-
bnp imidp nl il ~ of&-trin h

utlons Smart;
hing Suits Are

the newest spring footwear
tions and punched effects
out a doubt, the leading s
in shoes. Everything from
practical sport shoe to the7
olous evening slipper gives

. Perfora- which is unequalled for comfort and
are with- smart appearance; the pump, for
tyle notes afternoon; and the strapped shoe.
the most The last type is with us again for
most friv- the formal slipper. For afternoon, the
proof of wide center strap is becoming pop-


A powerful radio station in the
Duchy of Luxembourg will be used
for international advertising provid-
ing coverage in different languages.


has to change his models so often in """' i 1Um il 1w3
order to sell to buyers.", plume on top.I
The young man had our heartfelt Then, in answer to the demands of
sympathies for not only are all the an age of speed, appeared the mirac-
conflicting reports of what will be ulous bicycle. At first timidly, and
worn along that line of discomfort then in increasing numbers, ladies
to buyers, but took to the sport, taking great care,
it is at best be- of course, to weight their skirts with
wildering to us little strips of lead for modesty's
poor innocents y-sake. Crinoline sleeves were reduced
who intend to to more practical size, from balloons,
say, to mutton-legs, and madame
wear them. o might even show the first two but-
ce econ- tons of her shoe with impunity-,
ciled to strctly dresses were that short! A few daring
aioed lies, ysouls even tried the split skirt, to
tailored ines, the horror of all, but that was a
comes the soft- bit too terrifying an innovation for :
e pe of suit, -the most modern.
fur tp of immed Then came the dawn of the twen-
and even em-.s tieth century, and some diabolical
broidered. We mind introduced lawn-tennis to the
have been pre- ladies, accompanied of course, by
pared for capes necessary modifications in stays and
ad we're als rcorsets. The new sport for women
and w reso met with, storms of outraged crit-
box jackets. We icism. Ministers exhorted their con-
ex ctlsely gregations to eschew "the ungraceful,
hanging lanes # pnwom'anly, and unrefined game
and they give which offended against the canons
us belts. The of womanly dignity and delicacy." a
only thing to do But tennis for the ladies. was here L
iys to decide for to stay, and the Gibson Girl wentf
your ow d tyde.r fetchingly masculine in a sailor
your own type. 'shirt-waist costume with anchors and_
The 1suit .pictured -shows the Ibrass-buttons and four-in-hand tie.'

being grand in whi
Dark glasses are a
in court life.
And with the
dresses that comf
luscious in a frigid
Other good comb
and brown and a
blue that ci] hary
fort use as many
and buttons glore

As much as th
picture resembles
a English gentry-
woman dressed for
the hounds, that'
touch of horsy'
smartness is as
simple as knowing
your plaids. Put a!
t h ree b u tt on
b rown-and-white-
mixture plaid over
jodhpurs of cal-:this'trend. Especially suited to this
vary twill, add a style are the one-eyelet ties for
striped shirt and afteinoon. One pair was seen done
yellow string gloves in navy blue kid with thousands of
and a fur felt hat tiny perforations, giving the shoes a
and voila--the pie- lace-like loveliness.
ture. As for riding The buckle sport type in pigskin or
hats, a new shade calfskin is rapidly gaining approval,
h a s come with as is the arrival of the round-toed
spring. The man- shoe. Of course the matching bag
nish visored hat and shoes are always good. A ,very
will r e p 1 a c e all smart ensemble is of fine Moroccan
others for active leather, the bag being a soft enve-
sports, coming in lope pouch, while the shoes are high
all materials and cut pumps with a narrow strap cross-
te linen for tennis. ing the vamp and fastened in a trim
thing of the past buckle at the side.
Daytime shoes may be divided into
hat the low back- -- -- -----
e wi th capes,-,are,
new shade, melon.
inations are pink GLOVES
Issorted shades of
nonize. For corn- A large assortment
pleats as you like of spring styles and
mean style. shades. Kidskin.
- - Pigskin and cape-
r Iskin. washable $1.95

Materials are varied but usually
smooth, with kid the favorite, espe-
cially in navy blue. Calf is popular
with tailored shoes, while pigskin is
widely used for sport. Advance styles
show crash linen and buckskin in
white or fawn to be useful for sum-
mer. A new spring shade, "string,"
or, for those of us who claim knowl-
edge of French, let us say "ficelle,"
is a nearly neutral shade of leather.
It is very effective when combined
with either matching or harmoniz-
ing kid.
With all these smart styles it
should not be hard to find something
to suit everyone. But keep two points
in mind. For daytime, wear only,
those simple shoes which at first
glance show a wealth of smartness.
For evening, let your taste run riot,
be giddy and gay-but comfortable.


$2.00 to $5.00

Hats That Are
Different ..

High Back Turbans
High Back Brims
In All New Shades.

227 South State Street

.w -= ,,,,
, q
tA "' i
~ y i
' wti
- kyK
! aJ ,

529-531 E. Liberty S Mkchigan Theatre Bld.

. .

hipline jacket with
ered patch pockets.

large embroid-
This suit is in

direct antithesis, although not a whit
less smart, to the tailored type fash-
ioned after a man's morning suit.
Such a one was composed of a grey
worsted skirt and a fitted jacket
that was amiusini in its comprehen-,

The bloomer dress had an inter-
esting history. Invented in 1851 by
Mrs. Amelia Jenks Bloomer, an
American dress-reformer and wom-
an's rights advocate, it consisted of
a dress reaching to the knees, be-
low which trousers cut full and gath-


siveness of masculine detail even to ered to the ankle were worn. Mrs.
a white silk muffler and a white Bloomer's reform was ridiculed,
pique carnation in the buttonhole. everywhere, and not till 1900 did col-
leges adopt it for women's gym
Untrimmed suits of a dressy na- classes. The original bloomer was
ture, distinguished by uiq~ue trim- evidently more close kin to the pres-
migand ;odd sleeve and shoulderx
mings ddent trouser fad than anything else.
lines are proving quite important as
well as the silk trimmed types. One History repeats itself, and so wet
suit of incredibly soft self-patterned see the mutton-leg sleeves and high
tweed was trimmed with deep brown neck of the mauve decade reappear-
taffeta, which was, paradoxically ing in chic mess-jackets and blouses
enough, mannishly stitched; while for Spring; and hats will blossoml
cocoa brown crepe lined and trimmed forth in posies and veils like Grand-
an English swagger suit at the cuffs mother's own. But even Fashion
and neckline. learns by experience, and the 181-inch
A great deal of interest has been {waist, the trailing street-dress, ridic-
Ahow gad he fitres-hiseceyesulous bustle and unbendable stays-
shown toward the three-piece types all have passed to oblivion with
in which a matching or contrasting horse-cars, gaslights and Victorian
top coat accompanies a short-jacket phors.t
"- " 1. parlors.

$3.95 to $10.00
Smart New Styles
J a .bets, ca es and novel sleeve
Newest Prins
Newest Colors
Se toam, gray, rose, Eleanor
blue, beige, navy. Sizes 14 to 44.
New Straw Sa'lors
$1 .95 - $2.95
The. new depth in the back of
the crown makes these sailors
easier to wear.

X42+ :°. .x
- .
r .A
- - r {
-k . 1 , :.,. : ,. s-i-a
. -: ; '
,6 j, y ,:...


for day and evening
wear. Fine genuine
leather and silks of
superior workman-
ship: $1.00 and up.

Here's Your
Big Opportunity
to Save Money
on. Your ..,.

f e /

N r=W

t ^.'t
i1 ':'
; ,z
, r ,,, x
, . 3
,, .
,,J ., , w . , ,.
' IK J-
lY 3

Chiffon and Semi-
Service. 69c and up.


.1 ,


iy.i ya
y.'t. ' r
,.i; v i
t. { 3iiL"rJi

'.. IA
A:'e :


of the new spring
slks and organdies.
$1.00 and $1.95.

. f y .a
c + .Y ,s 4.
"'} 11, a '
i' .

suit. These dress suits, so-caiied,
go the two-in-one ensemble one bet-
ter, they are usually made of fabric


,, ..~

Occupational Adjustment


and can be worn in several ways, so'
that with a little ingenuity at least Group Will Aid Worme
three costumes can be developed. "The Occupational Adjustment
Coats range all the way from loose Discussion Group for Girls is an at-
top coats having at the most a few tempt to bring to the attention of.
buttons at the neckline to hold them girls the attitudes which are impor-
together to the belted, fitted type. tant to their successful adjustment to
However, there are some features, the occupational world," stated Miss,
such as straight lines, shoulder Gertrude Muxen, Counselor on Oc-'
widths, and as a rule a surprising ab- cupational Information, yesterday.
sence of fur, that they all agree in. The meeting will be held at 4 p. in.
Vionnet shows a three-quarter today in room 205 Mason Hall.
length coat in gunmetal gray wool The Pan-Hellenic Association, the
with wide revers that attains shoul- Board of Representaitves of the
der width through padding and a League, and the University Bureau
series of tucks. The patent leather of Appointments and Occupational
belt is gaining again in popularity Information are co-operating to in-
this season and it gives a neat mili- itiate this project. The discussion
tary appearance to the wide revered group' will meet twice a week for
double breasted town coat. eight weeks. In one meeting each
week the discussion will be general,,
ENGINEERS M 'S ORDERCANE and in the second the discussion will
SMS CNSSenior engineering students must cover some specific occupation of in-
have their measurements taken be- terest to girls.
fore spring vacation at Wagner's,
according to Robert F. Dalzell, '33E, for senior engineers by the class of
chairman of the cane committee. 1932, have been reduced from $4 to
These canes, which were designed $3, it was announced
~ ___


203 E. Liberty 229 SOUTH STATE STREET

Fur-Trimmed $25

s cy
t i
" A
+ r.
ly Y
, a I
gal t " {
\ IJ "'ta
Y ta"
WV tt ''t"
taa" .1.' ; t a a" I
r t t" t' :-
\ k y



a " '
ti t
, -J
L ,
' :'



Cape Coats! Fox Scarfs!
alyk Jabots! Smart Self Trims!

N OW that spring weather is really here,
you'll want to hie yourself down and
inspect these marvelous coats. You've never
seen so little money do so much for you.



,:; -
' ., '<yor,
. r ," 3
{ Y ' '
f" .t. \ vfy t
' .t l .. ,,.
' i"
O wyf 84 ' .
> :z
: ,
c:: ;;:&
4. " ..r

New Crepey Wools!
Matelasse Woolens!
Block! Navy! Beige! Grey!

New SPRING Footwear

to .
:, -- , '1 ; _ .
w ?
Fri .n' n
. ,. -ar r '.

of Quality
and Exclusive in

The new EASTER outfit needs the piquant
highlight of such smart new jewelry as
this! New spring shipments include every-
thing you'll need to add just the right
touch to your spring costumes . . and
Vou'll be pleased to know that everything
i, moderately priced. Drop in and look
L ound. We will be pleased to have you.


All the Coats, Frocks and Suits
exhibited by Marilyn at the
League Style Revue, are taken
right out of our own stocks.




per Pair



Sport Shoes
for the Family


ein~cied in our stock is a new
dislAhy of s.pcial spring jewelry
. . .priced at One Dollar.



'' "


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