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March 16, 1933 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-16

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___ ___ __ ___ ___ __THE MICHIGAN DAILY


.AVII sirSf,


-Namn.e Milit arytSor-orit ies 1inlertfiiiiAt Guest
Ball Chair nan itt R us i ItPrieTa
!T~.i1Ui L I Sci critcs are crteiainingTthi

Suggest Men
SFor Board Offir 1-

_____wcola-,with rushing paries, teas and
Kol L,. t nihtidinner wn; helltt
Aides Aih'. Omicr'on Pi for pedgs, 1um
Amnong .ilisChosen ria lc, 2nd the follo ,,in, pati'onnesses:{
:i'rs. "t: C. CristoMrE . S. Lloyd,
D onald E. Knight, ': 3E, was an- _,P. Wn. Inglisi4Mrs. R. W. Bunting,
nounced ye:ter'day ais general chair- :nd Mr,. "a ul Buckley. The tbe
ma,,n of the Military Ball committee iY 0, 0ti vely decor'ated wt'ith
by M aj. Basil ~ D. Edwards, head of ~ foesedhrnnzigtp
the0 military science department. ALPTj A XI DELTA
Other members of the committee!i Mrs. R. E: Ferrin was a dinnerj
are ,rlic son F. Comstock, '33E, dee- _gues:t list night at Alpha Xi Delta.j
orations; Joseph C. Wagner, '35E,rVloro nihMs.BH.atet
will bc e utartaincd at dinner.
decorations; Paul J. Firring, W3E, ALr:A il
ent er t ainment; Herbert H. Roosa, '33, AlpaPMii ;shes to annoilnce the
tickt'," Wiliam '. Sb~m, 34,p~ldging of Carolyn Wose, '35.
tickets;5WillamW0. Sabo .
tike rre~rik .Kohl, '33E, pub- ~AM H 3T
tickts;Fredric S. ) io MurphI)Iy, _3j, has been elect
licity; and John C. Healey, '35, pub- edI ;-~ictofCmr h ea
licity, Oher" officers arc Margaret Beckett,
Robert S Fox, '36E, and Terrils '34, vce president; :Anne Dunbar, '35,1
Newnan. '36, complete the list. The Irauc;Em Shi,'6 e
committee is divided according 'to cording secretary; Elen Jane Cooley,
classes in the department, there be- '34 'rushing chairman; and Florence
ing four seniors and two represents- .Harper, '36, corresponding secretary.
tives. from each of the other classes. DELTA GAMMA
The committeemen from the advane- lta Gamma held its yearly elec-
ed course, including the junior and tions Monday. The results are as
seniors, wFere appointed by the de= follows: Mary E. Reif, '34, president.;
p artmnent, while the freshman and I argaret Smith, '34, vice-president-,
sophomnore mr.emnbers were elected by ;Ali;ce'E. Morgan, '35, treasurer;
their classmates. The dance will be lMary E. Hanel, '34, recording secre-
held April 28 in the) Union ballroom. tLary; Margaret Wineman, '35, coi-
it was announced "rsponding secretary; 'Elizabeth Aig-
ler, '35, pledge mistress.
Miss Marguerite Winant, of Newv
__hikifat~h, 'ork, National Presient of D 41 t
d~(ATamrna. is to be a guest at the loo

tSunday and Monday of next week, A Us) *",1 L VJ.e NX PY'
test Sbeing planned in her honor for____
S,1undia fternoon. Nmntost ilteyal a
~ .Gam gaeadneTus cancies on the board of governors
uay venig fo fiv rusees of the University of Michigan Club
)~Apa Delta wl ntran .i of Ann Arbor" were offered at a meet-
at arusingdiner oniht.ing of the group Sunday night, it
in, , eur of St. Patrick's day, the, anucdtaybT.Hwe
pT~utts will be in green and Tapping, general secretary of the
KAPPA Alumni Association.
R r 11'A Milo Oliphant, Dr. Dean W. Myers,
igaKappa will hiold a rushing L.H: Hollway, Frank Devine, Her-
dnr oigtfo ou uet. e-I et wnnn, n'Hny .Eahr
raton illhbeforfor es tsinDma- werethewingaespreentyBErbyt
c and'wilavene rrineorinma-ofer nomnacomit peseedbyvted
o o de rdand lavender tapno.the eleof n m naig ctonm wille t be eld tes-
of eepredandlavnde tai-Ion. Ty, Marct1.it waslannod une.
--- The board consists of nine men,
three of whom are elected each year
'Sen or Suprper in order to rotate the new members.
Three of the above six will be chosen
~WT11for this term. Then the board as a
i isW illwhole will elect officers for the com-
r~~um ing year.
.o dT om orrow The club is also making plans for
__ __a spring party to be held sometimet
- in April.
Tickets for Senior Supper wil go __
on sale for thc last time tomorrow,
according to Jane Rayen, '33, gen-
'cral chairman. The sale will take
place from 1 to 5 p. mz. in the LeagueItW nt eS
udergraduate office.I
3Girls' Play will be givenou.f
ngecA)crs of a group desire to sit to- 19 ~ 3 3 lw , .
gethcr, the:y must secure tickets at
-the same time, Miss Rayen an-
nounced tod, y."
New; w.ords dedicated to the juniors
hs ,t en written to the tune of last
yrsJunior Girls' Play hit song,
'vot Can't Get Along Without Love,"
Visclle Bartlett, last year's chair-
1 auo the music com'mittee, and_
A'a~e'tO'Brien, author of Not
ansLand. have written the new
No definite sreating arrangement " i
hs been made for the supper so that $ 5
:>omenr desiring to sit in groups may. " rf
Th'_ere will be definite places for pat-
r'onesses, members of Senior Society
)d Mortar board. Tickets must be
.,;-cured tomorrow, Miss Rayen stated. Pierced wirth a gay medleyc
Jud i#ai e r wit~h dashing lines of two-t"
Activity Pep Talks CBAAianognaad

and His Inimitable
Harlequins will play
just for you, tomor-
row night, ot the--
Tickets $1.50
Hut, Den, Union,
pring Withouta




U~~~~~ VV IV.IW ~ eeBlo quis1
During rWeek Cnrce O


Entert-!ainmenit of o u t - o f - t o w nI
guests and initiation of pledges have
occupicd campus fraternities in the
past fewT days.
Acacia entertained with a guest
day and dinner y-esterday. Chaperons
wel e Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Mit-I
chell. Among the guests were Connie
Beery, '33. Dorothy Norris, '33SM,
Helen Bailey, '3:3, Esther Smith, '34,
Marian Sweet, '35, Ruth Bixby, Bar -
bara Shooker and Josephine Mille',
all of Deto)it. Hatrold Bjornsltad, '32
B.Ad, of Mu-nliin, was also present.
The following pledges were initiat-
ed by Phi Kappoa Tat. at its annual
initiation ceremonies recently: John
C. Leckexr, '35, Detroit; Bern ard'Still-
son, '35, Detroit; William Mosher,
'35, Tonawa'inda, N. Y.; and Donald
Lewils, '35, Tonawandai, N. Y.
The following 'pledges were initiated
into 'Phi Delta Epsilon recently: Mor-
ton Helper, '361M,,Detroit; Herbert
H. Holman, 36M, Newark, N. J.;,
Samuel Cohen, '33, Brooklyn, N. Y.;3
Jesse 0. Halpern, '36M, Newark, N.

Cabaret S~
Celbrities P lnnd or
All-Cahnptus Cabaret
Pete Blomquist and his orchestra
,.as been contracted to play for the
A11-CaT~l IN h ,rpt Anvil 1 in tilhp


of perforations

tone stitching . . the 1933
exclusive W/alk-Over design.
iLkOver Shop
Ann. Arbor

League Ballroom, according to Mar- Elsie Feldman, '33, president of
Igaret O'Brien, '33, general chairman., Jra al odce e et
Althughno efiite lan hae Iint' for residents last night. The ob-
been decided upon, a program :Lea-j0 fth etngwstiitrs
turfing campus celebrities has been1set the meingcapstivtires.
promised, according to Miriam Car
e,'33, entertainment chair :an. Ka h lenine Beeson, '33, spoke on hon-
Both men atnd women will entertain o :rysocieties. Helen DeWitt, '33,
wit sigin an dacin nuber, soke on the League, Glendora Gos-
The price, as announced pr'evious- ]ng , on W.A.A., Mary Earnshaw,
ly, will be 25 cents per couple and 15 ~ on glee clubs, and Mary Kather-
cent fo a sngl admssin, Dne-inc Snyder, '34, on dormitory activi-
ing will be from 'i9 p. m. until mid- ThwekyMsrJodntail
night, and will cost five cents a b weklyin oan-torda tswek'
dance. (, telidbingsordnsodayTheswoen'
"' The cabaret will feature an eve-tca sensotywowillbataswoe-
Ining of ineXpensive entertainment,' fSxirsceywowl c shs
according to Miss O'Brien. No deco-teses. The tea is to entertain the
rations have been planlned, but the fehe and transfers from Helen
object of the cabaret is to make it an N iewb'erry and Betsy Barbour Resi-
C denc~res. Florence W. Tousey, director
affair" of interest to all by including of Hele Newberry Residence, and
I mn g th eiwelltwn -n cs mena nd I l' 1: ,e W. Fournier, last -year's as-
men ell now on ampu. ~di'ector of Jorda~n Hall will
Spanishi Club St. rs atricks' day decorations will
Giehfrmal , . be used to give the rooms a festive
{ta Air.

Burton)s VV
115 South Main


t _____________________________________ _____________________________

A Slashing



The g;uest list iincluded Dr. D. Y.
LevnsnDr. Theof~iore Stone, Dr.,
Rubiu Kahin, rDr. Jerme cITusci', and
Dr. Milton I'D. Goldhanimter".

i -

J~ee oGO'

Thiis 'is no time for a selling holiday. A ba ". holiday is no excuse for a moratorium

plo}yces ' Entralcnce";Maestic, "cFaith-
less"; Wleit h, "'Thec Devil is Driv-!

The first meeting of Sociedad His-
panica this semester was well at-
tended Tuesday night., John Rishell,
'33, president, presided and int1'o-
duced the advisor, Prof Jose Albal-3

Flays: ''hay Fcv','' 8 :30 p. 21;inI .) . , i "'U tJ ( IT7jJ~ (UA U IJ, VIKU )I
'Schmidt, '33, vice pre sident,sng'L
Laboi',atory Theatre. Paloma" and' several other Spanish F~n-,sle og.Cee ecitoso el
Shield touramz ent, 7 :30 p. in., Ai'- Jknown meni and places, written in? an
mor.y, admissionl 40 cents. a aybigous manner, were read by Jane
Eixhibaits: rrravehliing exhibit, Alpha; Beckett, '=3d., Eresto Angles, '331
Alpha Garmma, Underg-raduate Roomn, 1 Marion Milezewski, '34, M ari1o n
Les aI~rAun uenzilHl;e oguestesbet MLa -odern Catalani paintting, . Schmidt, and the company attempt-:
Wiomen,. as A'-uhor,,General Library ;---*
Leath7er bookb inlding.s, Wtil.iam C le-
phlotograIphs, rchitect ure Building.
Dace: eadanicing,, 3:30 to '5 p.1
mn.,; Inormal 1dancing, 8:50 to 10:'20
p. in., League Grill.

r ;, r lh Sc ho l Guest Choir of
300 Voces. Federick Alexander,
k xcerpis from B Minor Mass;,
3 Cantata: "Schiage doch";
? h.arpsichord.
l' ISE .AUDITORIUM, Ypsilanti
'Tck'1s't)icy( o"oer }guest choir expense

on selling to the Public, or creating v iue w which invite attention.

mnarket now is stampeded with orders -fro :n'xretailers.

This indicates a general rise

Tfie wholesale

iooji of all commodity prices.
We are offering our overstock of hundreds of volumes of interesting books touching
almost every subject, fine writing papers, fovntain pens, and in fact every item in our
stores, except textbooks, at prices, which yo t" Will not see again for years to come.
Our' record is one of concrete, constructiVe performance as regards the selling of
pia.i~y nerclxandise. Quality is a religion at'lour stares. We are pledged to preserve it
so long as American people insist on geni.-unc v.-lue in return for price. And now this

The ftollowing, pledges were initiat-
edl into Phli Beta Ph, medical frater-
rlilty, zat its rglrfiiiinitiation
recenitly -: John Wod,'3G~M, Pitts-
buigh:Fi'nk hafer,'SC6M, Olean,
N.i ,. dwnC. F<<lk.'3CM, Mlonrtoe;
Leo Bbowi,'C.Detroit;. Carl,'
Duibuy, '36M. Charieston, S. C.; Mil-'
lard S. Roberts,'301, $choolcr-aft;
Ed Seybold,'36M., Ann Arb r; land
DickWagonerTISM St.' Loumis,
Spea ers at. the formal banquet
wr rAletC. Furstenb urg, Dr.I
i. , "!C ow, r. Fi. .A. Browt. Dr.1
At S. Hodgecsz. Dr. A. Kl:ingumn. ;





it WiI~ Certainly Pay You k~ To Visit This -Sale.
nu v inspect~ion of the Values We s, s 'C,-Bated Is Crdialinvited.




The Meilink Cha.isbit 'i ouble steel walls and
sol)idly insuted xxth Tevt-C'l tI u protect from heat.
(*J 311Iuitb aC('>acb !c hflh r bsolute neI~'d
io'lo ot,(UV1.'n i''1) i~ ~. Every ('hest
guaranteed t .(l 1id; ' 1 ia i PCene < 4in a).fujrnc c

!' al t ' 'C QD1r"fl

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