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March 12, 1933 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-12

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{{ ? ' "' 0UJ4 'i s e ~ uA PC 1PAYASIE TC T S 8i-A)KER }iFOP U*NO; }
1 a A"FZEP94ZW ANO +e Ci Jd C7T 4E tcLU ' AN -iu F t cd
}-rVH £12 tt =R f .M.C'!SI. ' T 1 F3I CS5 u F h r; AN
" . , tj +«7,Ao r..Ei a C *AM :-'r , ., C >t -r9 g3,'
± A, '6 " 4 i~ w- s.l -~m .er <. ai. a: .F -: '
{{f 1, 3 ...Vgp. ' i ii a1 . t " ILLIW O1 z" S t i { .r
4 d~r' ( r. - 6rT ! '^ r d a. 6 4.,.. 3r. ttn ,;* a
.._ _-..". ,io.rr~c- e.cYaF7;.as t:. :x+>c-'; td .l..s's+..r w_.- ...i .t fwaAi..~rx.. ,aa e UwM -^ .r.n rxHM

30 MenrTakin
For Air Corps
(;r~(ItJ.1te Students From
f18 ro 26, 'Unmarried,
Are Eligible To Compete,


- -As~dad Prs~ Pt'~t
y a ,OO t L13 n s ?i' lke this illbeI s b b-,.z ..' " C t ln4 h lh m e tou,:rw. rJlm bills were
r-i En a- te esys: .,rdaY; a.fteroon l d wil1he4-?. y fr ditra C anhz'.?K4 wen te baks2oen j
th1nrn. ]The scr i wI1!'ial al o ~o.:-c; A~L .ce tdi~''cy~suhpayroll
k2y-oIS, Dtoi Ankn fiil adysedy h e f~e~rna: r enfral
iydb Acrtr f t11r1 60Wlie . ~ d i
pve 9rp ~i c'r

I~i1 11 ~l117;V T~a durim coin'cidenc eartih-r
Alto,' the St , foid aspts And t
MexcanA ",-, G~es llying checked with careful n ;cay
Philosonliv Of Paintln.g) last Monday by the seismological dt.-
In Iifoina tm1iipartment of the Carncgie Insttitute
In iforu al Yal of '4 .,Joington, Caliif., according~ to
t.hi;Daily Califorma n of the Univor-
Diego IRiyiera, famous Mexican itiy of California of th. (hte
miural paintre, and Mrs. Riviera were . n,fi.. r nr n fmn r s

2 a Ins zd I Jan tr, Allen
17i14 Addlress Conserva-
three members of the faculty of
the School of Forestry and Conser-I

_______mixed groups." Miss Mar ie Hartwi-
Tests arc now being given to grad- Several world-famous physicists stated.
uate students here for entrance to have been secured for the symposium The Swvimmning Cluob is p)laningi
the Naval Air Corps, it was learned on theoretical physics to be held in splash parties forwmni tepo
connection with the. 1933 Summ er in connection with open house.
ye sterdcay. '-es Jon, it was announced yesterday
Already eight men have taken the ay Edwar~d 11. Kraus, cean of the
required tests, given at the Health Summer Session. ;John Johnstonre wiltlehave hris Var-
ervice and continued in Detroit . The' Michigan physics vymposium~z city fencers give anl exhibition at-
Thee s agrup f 0 wo re ~-hasataind woldreptaion.~7:45 Wednesday inl Sarah Caswell
in,, the tests and from that groupn afording an excellent oppor-tunityAnelal;ftrrdthywlas
about twelve will be chosen. Early in for dicuss ion of significant develop- sist in the coaching.
Aprl, rmyoffces wll eetin hemenits in this field, Dean Kraus said. According to Martha Ncuhart, '35,
Unio an mae te fnalassgn-It has been given over a series of fnigmngr ln r en
Uenisn ath taeeettblishedlcustomnofmade to divide the fencers into class
Ius bringingt aIstanlding ment here from teams for intramural competition,
The applicants for these tests must ithe Uni)ted States and abroad, and to challenge the class teams of
Vic, unmarricd college graduates aind 1 h ~ol~r mn[ n l, other schools tthe end of thec sea-
not younger than 13 and not older Tepointmnfmeleson.
thn2.where who1 arecto b here n' ext Sumi-
"mer arc Prof. Enirico Fermni of t h
The mnen accepted will leave June1Natioa ivriy tRmePof Mixed badminton gamnes played
15t for the Great Lakes Train ing Nils Bohr of the Univecrsity of Cop- Wednesdaty nights ini Barbour Gym-
S ntin for' 30 dlays of flight train- eheeand L2i. cxzI Van niasiumn have proved quite popular.
la.Following this they will spend V'leck of the Uiv ersity of Wisconsin. Last weck 14 men and wvomen corn-
nine months in the U. S. Naval Air! ouse will also be offered by Pro- peted... we haven't heard the
Station at Pensacola, Florida. If the fess ors Ernest E_. Barker, David M. results. Anyone interested in playing
men pass further tests successfully Dennison, and George E. Uhlenbeck is welcome and no reservations are
at this station they will be commis- of the department of physics. nccssary.
sioned as Ensign or Lieutenant in0 Well-known physicists from cut- The Ann Arbor club heas ch alleng;-
the Preserve Corps and will be at-I side of the United States wvho hav ; ed Un1ivers;ity players for a mhatch
tached to battle ships or aircraft: been here for past Sumimer Session' game Saturday morninig. Tryouts for
carriers. symposiums include Professor Fermi, the teamn to comnpete will be held in
Johanxne's Lodoesen, '32, who re- Prof. Paul S. Ehrenfcst of the Uni- Barbour Gyminasium from 2 to 4 p.
turned from the Aircraft Squadron versity of Leyden, Prof. Werner Heis- !mi. Wednesday.
Fleet in September is taking charge enberg of the University of Leipzig, oft e a pi ns.P f.A ol Su m r ld fth U i-
of he pplcans.I Pof rnod Smmrfed o th UI Realizing that with the present
- ____- - versity of Munich, Prof. Wolfgang {fashions good posture is essential,
IPauli of the University of Zurich and woeaebe iln h orc
Vl aox SSpeak Ill Prof. H. A.. Kramas of the University tfUrct ive classes until the Wednesday
Preliin.aries Soon Urct ____ night one had to be closed, and there
- i are only a few vacancies Tuesdays.
Preliminar y hearings for the an- Sin colslCnai
nual University Oratorical Contest In Debating Efliiii at tals Sorori ties have been turniing outi
will be held March 34, Carl G.'BranidtI for inltramiural basketb~all withi mutchi
of the speech department announced As a result of elimination debates enthusiasm. Final competition will
yesterday. The finals will take place held March .3, the contest in thf. start the middle of niext wecl: ant
April 4, he added. Michigan High School Debating; about 14 teams will enter the coal-
The inne of his ontet WiLe Lague on the desirability of a State' petition.
awardedthChao Alumni Medal Income Tax has narrowed down to
for excellence in oration and will also !16 schools, who will again debate'!
receive a trip to Chicago where he March 17 to eliminate another eight.I Chicken Sandwich 10OC
will speak before the University of The quarter-finals will be held
Michigan Alumni Association there. March 31, the semi-finals on April ojrEN ALL NJ.('
Twenty-five students have already 14, and the State Chamlpionship De_- BALTIMORE DAIRY LU NCHI
bate wll be held here April 28 in Across~~ front An~gell Hall
signified their intentions of entering, illAIdtrun Ladies Iii Itedr
this contest which is open to allHiludtru.__________________


a~tt s, ,[;xxr xu ,,xN..., 1Ui Uy -ULa. jJmanLuti monUiiumets ~vat'o r~t pakMna tvn
the guests last night of Mrs. and Mrs. have been set along it at intervals ofciaet par odya ai
Howell Taylor at their studio-apart- a mile outside the fault zone and ; (us sessions of the symposium onk
ment on South State Street. Previous half a mile inside the fault zone, the ceniserva tioni, idle land, and forestry
to this gathering, dinner was served pae ttd<Fo eetdsi- to be held at Central State Teachers'
at Tppa JuiorHighSchol ithveys of the horizontal and vertical Colge, Mount Pleasant, it was an-
Mr. ,Riviera as the guest of honor. relations of the monuments it will be ; nouneced yesterday. The meeting is
More than 30 local people gathered possible todsoe ghether ythe sponsored by the United Sttsr-
for the dinner and the discussion at monan reyedn gaulyt est Service, the StateConservation
the Howell home afterwards. the pressures that produce earth- Dzepartment, and other colleges in,
Mr.i Riviera came to Ann Arbor di- quakes or whether they remain fix d the state.
rectly from the :art Institute of De- for a number of years and then jump.; Prof. W. F. Ramsdell will speak on'
troit where he has been painting Either kind of motion may be re- "The Michigan Situation" at the
murals for some time, according to Igargled as both possible and prob-; morning meetinff, while Prof.E.V
Norman Edelmann, who° was instru- !aide." Jotter will explain forestry extension
mental in getting Mr. Riviera to ;----work in the aiftrc:noon. Prof. Shirley
coetote iy Allen will be one of the speaker s at
V 1iAt tie "Howell home Mr. Riviera .user oaks'~-' the sportsman's and conserva tion
gave an 'informal talk on the philos -fe I~r01~1 edta ih.Ehbt
ophy of his paintings that has in~fu-L will be arranged by most of the in-
enced the character of all his wvork. I stitutions sponsoring thie event.
He stated that he associates members Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen, main Prfso otrhsbe okn
of the colored race with coal, because speaker at the state conference of3drn h atwe nMseo
they are oppressed, and with fire be- Student Christian Associations iiCungteitpast leredndwillego
cause they invariably are gay and Lansing, will speak to students to-! directlv frcm there to the Mount
fiery. Following the same strain of, night at the Women's League after IPleasa-tnt eeting.IHe has been con-
thought, Mr. Riviera said that he as- the play, ''11c Came Seein."ferIp n i tL conser zvaltion and farI
sociates Orientals with sanad. A reception is also planned to fol-bra epeettie na«rga
After leaving- Ann Arbor Mr. R~i-° low the play ini order that students ' of fire prevention and development
vicra proceeded to New York where m zay have an opportunity to meet';o uiia oessfr"~se;n
hec will dlo some murals for the new ' with Professor Van Dusen, Robe.,t o uiia oet o ukgn
Rockefeller Center, and will then re- Hayes, '33,, announced yesterday.
turn to 1exico. The purpose of Professor Van Du- C luiii h m
snsvisit to the city is to afford stu- m r~ i
i_- -; -dents the opportunity to inetk him 10 lk J~Wednlesday

undergraduates of the University.
The orations are to bae persona lly
selected and written by the contest-,
ants and they are to be 2,000 words
ii length.
v i'inn FTA . LkWillorv 1 J, .L Vi 1-Y


? V 1'1IC122 .C . tillif;iy, lDt , .C OI'L

i nomasIAI~ I' rGand discuss with him in iprivate coil.- _' rth, lTex., has been appointed by
GeneratoDr Is Exhibited Pere iic c. the' advantages n io Marston T. Boger t, professor of or-, President Alexander G. Ruthven to
leans relative to entering the minis- ganic, chemistry at Columbia Univer-' represent the University at the in-{
One of the first generators ever try. The political and economic a5- .t, wlpa t415p i ens auguration of Dr. Pat Morris Neff
builtbTomas E~dison now standsR pects of the depression, seen from 'day i Room 303 Chemistry Building, as president of Baylor University,
as a mum, piece in the corridor ofj the religious v-,iewpoint, will also bie on "The Chemistry of Vitamin A." Waco, Texas, on April 21.
the West? Engineering Building. It t dscuseci. withi the students while lIc Tla lecture is being presented under' _._______
was ins talled ini1881 at Superior to!I iin the city, S. C. A. ofliciAl!; a--'the :joint auspies~ of the University
supply pow"er for incandescent light-' nounced yesterday. T 0nd2tc, Arericen Chem'nical society.
ing in this i cinity. - - Poeso Bgrt _oi.wl
After it became Obsolete the De- netic flux a rulTnnin- starut to , pan<~~ for is5uwo3in ? 1the climis- T IL B O
troit Eio Company took it over? the air gap bettecr. ; ry of perfumes, will discuss the im-
rind then la Dter prese aterl; it to the; A modern enraor of the sancme tci advances made in the knowl-
tUniver sity for an exhibit. ond weight h)as ain output m11any, edgeCo F the structure of vitamin A.
The generator sta ,nds about five tiesgratrthan thi~ antIqut Ill' wil.a sohow the relation be-
and on-h'alf feet high' a.ndws built dyam of the early clays of clO;iiCc rn caroee th^ yellow color of
this wayin order Lto give the mag-I lrgtnY 1 _ utli vtmi.REPTILE1




BANK HOLIDAY P IC .-- ,as., i .NE F Saa'7 ' e ?1
(T-F, E STEI ( l irNER 1.0c) to.
NIE8TYCAFTE Ao th niC . l- r c ti es.':'c e, -°-A-" irL"

State Street Main Stree-t




continue, many people find-
ing that the entertainment
is not as big a


as they thought it would be.
Along with this solution
there is

._ ..



iehr11 -l

fLlutE I1



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