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April 08, 1932 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-04-08

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T__ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _~HE MICHiGAN DAIEY FhIMAY, APRIL 8,932: v
C O Q ,atliack's
Martin Announces Membership, Freshmen of Debate Societies fofY
Chairmen of Six Class to Talk on Subject of NOTICE G /^ //- iddy
Departments. Paternalism. Gay, 71~t/ o.-Eds3
Inerstamngte oltiias f Paeralsminte nierit-wl NOTICE-Leave your winter coat
Inteestamog te plitcias o Paernlis intheUniersty ill Phone 8507 and your winter gar-
.l the freshman law class has recently be the subject for theannual fresh- mets will be called for imme- ABSE --
ZwrligsFuho,25-1 As s erT go odro
been focused on the appointment man debate classic between AlphaI diately. Finest storage facilities
I n accordance with the tradition of Liyesteray by JonrW.oLeeroeletervice.583 atres morehe attractive thana
ofmmestyixcascmit estrad byeJhtWasannounc3, edrLiet.2yar8f3omlee f reswh-a-temorning-dewv dancing
past years there have been named and Victor Rabinowitz '34L, spon- partner? And what is more re-
*executive, social, public relations , volting than a dancing partner
x sors Qf the respective teams. Adel-- afflicted with that dread disease-
inancial, athletic and legal -ea rmdoi Bd drTk
tions bodies. piwl aeteafraieadWNE this warning and start using this
> ,Alpha Nu the i egative in the de- _____ e cream deodorant Ab sent.
Ra".Mrij,,eetdpei bate for the freshman trophy to be - i It is only 25c.
s d the following committees: ex- hedMMy 3.TYPNG-raduf.tessa9pcilt.ManFlo
e~n oftheclas astfal, anouc- The question has been tentatively M .Hrsf.98.56tl ~ai ftenwwoe
ecuive Nel Cowly, haiman D.stated, "Resolved: That the resent C VS O A
F. Cassey, E. D. O'Neill F. W. Al- practice of p ternalism by the Uni-- IS RA
sbe:rtson, A. B. Freeman, Peter Mon- versity of Michian is detrimental." istenmeo h nwwoe
Sraghan, and C. W. Furst. In the line-up of prospects for the FOR RENT sport hat for the lucky young
,.Members of the social committee two squads are several speakers who whc o inforspor wear ina aig
"1 "',"are James Van Hook, chairman, R. wnsaepoiec nhg way. But, heaen knows, the price
4 "ir.. . Hensel, J. W. Steen, G. D. Brown school work. Adephi prospects in- FOR RANT-Two lovely room suite. is small enough for this pliable,
J. P. Gates, and B. B. Shorts. On edude John A. Mokle, Alexander $6 a week; across from Arcade. crushable little hat .., only 2.98.
"the public relations commite Hirschfeld, Abraham Zwerdling, Phone 9025. 587, Black, green, navy, sand, blue,
there were appointed Edward Gal- Max F. Recks, and Arthur Carr. ______^-______________ green.
loacaraD .Wnes .The try-outs for the PAlha Nu Second Floor
~V( i'~s~Ph.to W. Brighton, G. D. Snell, Nathan team are Robert S. Ward, James B. FURNISH~ED apartment with pri-
Prince Lennart of Sweden, who traded his title for the love of a Levy, M. H. Ademan, and W. I. Eaman, Walter Morrison, Wheaton vate bath and shower. Also dou- DIDY PANTS-
commoner, is shown with his bride, the former Karin Nissvant, after Robinson. Strom, Donald E. Deyo, and Charles ble and single room. Available
their wedding in London. King Gustav and Lennart's father, Prince For the financial committee Rob- B. Brownson. for permanent rental, spring va- for young ladies. That's a new
Wihlojce oth edn u ae bt ogv ~e.ert Kelt was chosen as chairman.-- - ---- cation, or week-end. Steam heat, one-but very practical for they
Wilhelm, ___objected___tothe__ _______ ___butlate__ Othrhmembesaofethhem.mithoHIGHCHOOLaCUB.showr, garae. Dial8544.b42 cannbuwornruderjpaamasaan
are Ernest Ptleiderer, P. A. Kunkle, * I C P T L They are Van Raalte, which will
Ph tgahD sly {G. T. Roderick, E. S. Wunsche, and VIImAIAL Eseahngo.56 anmthing uioaswel seeryday
MA Y W L TE D htgahDScpye, G. H. Knowles. On the athletic know the Good Names and God
N YWIL TT as Variety, cp committee is Robert Crawford, Washington Club to Take Tour AN UNUSALLY desirable office for Makes. They fit very tightly, are
chairman, and H. H. Dobbin, D. L. Through East Next Week. attorney, doctor, dentist, or engi - glove silk and come in all sizes.
f iki sA_._ neb ch V Q eer. Now available in First Na-
B L~ IA T TO as Po. SusRabWiki, A.B. enaifnbacL . ScodFlo
RainwizBejmi: . sua Members of the Ann Arbor high tional Bank Bldg. For informa- Seod lo
---_ and L. L. Olwell. school Washington club will leave tion call bank office. 560c ADPESO
DistngushedforitevarityrndiApoitedtoitetlgalrelaiAnpSatrdatafdrnon frha ourtoal__relations______Saturday____afternoon______fr__a__tour___to__A__DEPRESSION____
53 Applications for Adtmittance soe collection of 128 photo- committee are Callel Jacobs, chair- Washington, D.C.. and the east. TheJ FAD-
t Uneriy Sain graphs is now on display in the m. airns, Rosi . . StnleyF. 17 girls andt 15 boys will visit his-j FOR SALE Knit your oawn sweater, dress, suit,
Have Been MVadie. first floor cases of th~e Architectural DFarnkRM.Zhig,. .toie places in the captal city and ______ htoranbg.I's ey
___builditig. Jean Paul Slusser , profes- Cooper ftecas lce atREPOSSESSEDfor ARS-oruy f -m and it's .really scads of funs Every-
sor of drawing and painting, 'has f iersofrtheclasletedWalathenhadEorOewSorkSSEoDysCdinS-itBYo'llseeth
fallpwer Martinpresiden;sWalter The girls will visit Philadelphia Finance company for baodcyCras fdocn itYouclcking ther
Dsietedpre~in eita termed this exhibit, important,- while the boys are looking around-CemoScitclknghir
tion for the 24th anual session of fairly representative, but not radi- Herrick, vice-president; Frederick Jerseya due. We sell all makes of new needles at ritzy tea parties, poor
teBrace, secretary, and Jack Hor- Jre City, and then loin in New cars. Investigate, working gl lcigte fa
he nriys bee rceiolgcal a on al. witch treasurer.Yr.Teetr ru ilatn ASSOCIATED MOTOR SERVICE cvening to rest tired nerves. Even
hsbeprceigaanoml "The most unusual photographs,"______ the "Follies" Tuesday night, and 31W HuoPhn201 dbsaetkgitp. y?1.
rtPf.GogR.au, ie-said Professor Slusser, "are thee viit other places of hiterest on 25 Because it's fun. 2. Because knit-
ton of. the station, said yesterday. vegetable shots by Harold Westland. Local Students Ask ' Wednesday. They plan to return 235c_ ____ ted bouce dresses cost a small
Aready 63 aplications have be en Just_ _as _the_
recive Justmitanast the psycho-analyst is able Red rJ UIqur some time Friday. frtune ready made, or made o
rcemivedforaittane eldtoisyea to read character in the lines of the R.e ~r~ nur The trip will be financed by funds your order, while hand-made of
cap hc ilb edti erhuman" face, some men claim the rased b the students themselves the sAeoarn it is a mere pitt-
from July 27 to August 20 at the (Continued from Page 1) Y nce. m About twenty dollrs will
rgurloainoDogaslkinability to read in the contours of? ovr a period of a year by the sale make a 3-piece sit, whic ready
reus oainonDuls aeo plants their subconscious drives a andHebr the student tdn.bodyi stood eb~ehind i of merchandise and varous other ev44 ~ ade is around the hundred dol-
MihgnIplctoswl o-ad ilgclugs nhspooI~enHretB aksi h x projects. - lar mark., Miss Batrice Ford,
tneutlArl1,atrwihgraphs of vegetables," said Profes- puso- __rk.~ iE ~ Cwo really KNOWS this business
tneutlArl1,atrwihsor Slusser, "Westland has attempt- Editors of the Campus, under- Switzerland's entire consumption CU gSI I D AD of k ni t tin g, wl ehr
hewilbjugdothbaiofed to portray these" underlying graduate publication, of the College of gasoline and other petroleum April 4 to 16, to give free istruc-
merit, the enrollment at camp be- forces." of the City of New York, have sentIprdcsi e b p tion to anyone intereste. New
nglmtdt10.a petition of protest to 250 collegeprdcsimebympt.Moei rI S iS shipments of Columbia Bouclette
Prfs~ aRue said that oppor- I The exhibition also includes many edtr hogottecuty. wthan aer akemiin 1and a halls barrels Jl have arrived for this event.
tunities for biological work offered industrial photographs taken inweetkni19. _ScodForAtDp.
A number of editors already have -Second------Floor-Art---_____Dept.___
at the station are almost perfect. Russia, Germany and America by signed it. They include thy e of !ecano ae ertecm agrtBuk-hta ela
offers an unlimited variety of mar- pictures by Charles Skeeler, recent- IntthYaeDoflyTecshnologaPupetASIMSTO A
iue studies, while the entire region ly commissioned by Edsel Ford to Th MchgaADiyth AercaMnEaityemrodryruDhltr
is unusual for the amount of plant photograph the Detroit plant inUnvriyEgeDtotClee A REAL ENTERTAINING PICTURE skele m~roherretistdnheets
life of scientific interestti. Collegian, and several New York JOHN BOLES we've seen in many a moon. They
Excursions are made to points 25 There are in addition a great colgsulctoscID AKNSaeceed-hn n oi -
miles distant and overnight trips aY portrait studies by David FHill, colege______ whit O a e rtead e ie s 32-36Tre
are sometimes taken for 100 mies noted Scotch artist, and others With wtrte s amtonte-bal-oerdiem-
or more. The camp itself has all photos of- Isadora Duncan dancing STARTING TOMORROW?!owt h aealoe m
the modern facilities and excellent adsuiso h cooi yE--bodri ls rtars.3-H T potnte o erain ward Steichen. Many photographs tA®S OR -38.. x$1.5.
pport onitesefo .erletinte of odd nooks in Paris by the French- Second Floor
ourse are advanced students in bi - man, Eugene Atget, are included
ology. Enrolments are received besides a large variety of others too
from as far east as Maine and as numerous to mention. CZECHOSLOVAKIA-
far west as California, ,giving the -, Prof. Emil Loch, director of the
capacsooitncaatr architectural school, who arranged is making a greater share of this
.apthis stop-over in Ann Arbor, cn country's jewelry, and ot reason
i usin Professor Slusser's Ivwseorthicuces isthforsan
tovritILLEGAL, coker hichs jut been ship.-
of'motn"adrpeettie'sv°h ped over o us. The beads look
Poltis. ayFrind Ilife of the like enamel, and they come in
1,NT IN p i $ he these' color combinations: black
LN NArl7.-(A)-Friends Pak 4 MAIw omand! ad white, blue and white, tai
f David Lloyd George said today P$1.00. Earrings to match.s
Coklins, etc., an1.rwngrennad wite
he had decided virtually to retire A 1 u" p 100 arns omth
rom the house of commons and arg ncbieasohet Main Floor
devote his time to, writing an d j bl g.,SAiB Continuous
faming impotncyee wl ngthimf1o314 S"State VVSt., An FROM
tarmingimran e only events im1 of. out-or m I Sat. BRIDGE FIENDS-

1 l
". ............
e #I
/{Y x x IG
Yxl .......

back int teAouer --. EA BY-'WE will like these new Congress Pla-
______ ___ ~~EAR Y FARMS..:0.g axlwihterquitsl
SPO T W W11:0 ngCadwt hergtztsi-1 . ,A ARJ3ORA MATINEE 35c PM houettes. And they will- consider
COLLEGE MAN BRIGHTST TO 5 PM NI them, exceptionally good values, at
UI\Ih...IIIonly 50c. (The new Golfer Play.
'A EDDAIRY - ~-~---- - - _..._-"__---------: irg Card is essentially a man's
WANTED ~~~802 Packard St. I ad n t oi ~)
to 4Mi lo
Work WyThrough School Tda,113 t :3 ___ManFl-
Watie f adc JO ~ e )THE MARINER'S
We ldV h ave a l o [)oppotuit ow, op~n vegetable Plate with Eggs R em em ber H eE x i m nt
for oe or Iwlo men iprominent i Breaded Pork Chops ISIT
athlete and cole ctiiti e, to wal0ka'R ^
way h ~rugih cool selling to students Roast Beef in t3hl.go
011txisln v dl s lsl~~- Salmon Salad, Potato Chips At fgo ilwt oei now being combined with a 3-
sionY leiage ernin s bout Cramed PharoesyCsrots ad Peadseoy D, Jepyl cnd jerseyeesuit.ey Thet. shirthiis sdizzy
Z,, $rdo'. il a 3 Cormi- Crae'oaoeCrosan esILr.h~nauandI leadr a youngh oiona V h
m~oreiperXwek. t ci, sae. aevoft -Chocolate Cocoanut Custard J vt. withc horizontal sripes, wichony
Mr10 sax player l ~I ~who caresthnglcnwabuHO
fees yiola1101rtoun1dl work,11 bah dit gCfee ik yd ?atin glca er u O
It a'r th an~dt11(1 oumle, vacth iii mn'3cofe, Ml '~ alSf1 odu naISHE CAN! It has a high, round
your own town. Write for complete 3-cM Oh es, toam.!.a h on bn lor1kifrain ivn gyai colar te unof a neCck. The jacketgad skirt ae
college and athletic activities, clubs, fl1 . fwd- 1
f rte rnity. acidl other iuflforfat on u T mthaouiy and 16. $9.95.
qlaifito/5 you for this position. i nitt'i Fried Perch aScn lo
time makes it necessary that we hear i
fromi applicants immediately. Address Spanish Omelet y -
tha Sret, anaSas City, h' Btk dheeseRaisin OmeletA-1JV~PI'L GL
Sirloind c t . Res, 21 W stC Sek O ma eole I G O O D G OF O R M-IV
ox k- .C o3 -W---Sron Sea , a I r oehen you get out on the links
a________________ okCos,,ndnpureanPok
Mashed or French Fried Potatoes , an swat hatI t airwayth wiblobe
Wilted Lettuce with Bacon intg down the fara-ilb
PARSRIEBes onbecause it comes to its F ,~chll, u your leather jacket will
Ice Cream, Cake dal rmtefrs n orgm.Ou e akt r
l ~~~~~~~Fruit Dessert al rmtefrm n._nih n
Cl'sJewelry C 'feTea, Mlkdairies in the vicinity. .LN tRfE ihtinwigt nfct ogive
40 c W ' o let ffedo.A mr
Wepasteurize and dg- V 3_"I as any pnotchgleyot ih
OPUN DU~tNpnVACAhIONliver it to you withi
liver__it__toyouwithin__a__ $9.95. Corduroy jackets, 30..
SPECIAL SUNDAY few hours after it leaves V A R t~IScn lo
12 NOON TO 3P. M. I the- farm.
With I MMM M M- -
Roast Turkey, Dressingh
} ried Chicken, Corn Fritters Phone 40 these mouth-watering Pembroke
____________ I -Boe Seak 411 IRIAM chocolates taste ike.MOlRE! just
____________ _Mashed Potatoes bury your teeth into a muiinchy
String Bean Salad orAn haeoe fowHO IN caramel, a creamy vanilla, a bity
E Hut BisCarr ts n"Pa peppermint, or a: crackly peanut [I
dri verspc leave some at 4 A Kr{utrciadTYt xr
- a, Hot Biscuits_..r.i...............: .:..... ...¢......ACK OAKTF I .uterchp_ annRt xr


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