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January 27, 1932 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-01-27

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:6T RA UAE FV-E W M NC S HE RT L Sy it~ Beverly Stark. thirt reakby h wan sses
five Messages Francais or portraits soul." Yvette Guilbert, the concert
- ew Members Added to League Meeting Called to Familiarize of famous French men and women artist has written "The Art of Sing- Wly
'EM IIM L AME NSocial Committee Which Is Members of Play With has been offered to thirteen Ameri- ing A Song" and her memoirs "The Hed
ra Cok ys JorNow Complete. Rehearsal Routine, can colegesgan univer ss io Of y dLife."Shen is par Hel
Kappa Alpha Theta Plays Additional appointments to the Tthis highly interesting gift are M. old French popular songs.
. Bush, '33, chairman. The member- day afternoon in the Lydia Men- livening a series of lectures i this sion for Normandy and the Orient. day nigh
ship list is now complete for the delssohn theatre of the League country some years ago, and M. M. Gerrad de Houville, daughter of the the Uni
rcs ByBeto Begna building. The purpose of the meet- Manuel, art photographers.mosCarn hedeHnesse
U ter gitaofoneasketbd ad th reddi and wife of the elyfin- ONC STR A R
sing was to give the schedule for The choice ranges from Clemen -a anous ubarilen rthey He- .cMahon,
senives rom a dormitories on the rehearsals and to explai the ceau, Poincare, Marshal Foch, Mar- ous Academecian Henri de Regnier sports, wi
Semester. campus ewmme.icueRt routine work of the practices. shal Lyautey, Ambassador Jusser- shows remarkable analysis of wo- Mv. Ma
Spp h lpT n membttes icdesu Jean Botsford, general ch anrmand, Ambassador Claudel, to Bour- mn ingh er oteorTelocnalc1
K DepAlpta andT the a Ck p Duhm, '34, Helen Newberry resi of the play, conducted the assemb- delle Paul Valery, Andre Maurois, nTe o Le" n "rThe nlve." our ear
appa Det n ataCo dence HeleneClark, '34SM.,Betsy ly and introduced the speakers. Paul Morand and Jean Cocteau. Frace rtes Countess Noile as flar withr
Ir boa Hall or ho Ret Rin ' Miss Alice Lloyd, dean of womn, The collection represents a varied one of her great poets for she por_
il a Jo h ra al inbhsemi-l 34Mse. al rgaret anidaret gave a~ resume of the past Junior choice of French personalties, pol- trays the joy of communion with to 5Wimfl
H s '3M Joa Ck and HGirls' Plays and told the necessity tical, diplomatic, literary and artis y nature in verse of pure lyrical qual- ming.
urnament which has been held en, , a ormi- of eligibility. She advised that wo- tic. It includes most of the meim- ity any wo
r the past foayr weeks. These four Ado members of the committee mn carry a lighter academic pro- bers f the French Academy, some Princess Bibesco, Marie-Jeanne Universit
hae o trog s fr Sosucssulhs Do'> 'n, Othrngamfte exteester.atdrfourdwohmn wrieluchasno-urarll Cal sb laensa
ms r7 committeehor the Lya si ucsersadCitted ae Elizabeth Eaglsfield '33, Pa- Mararet Bell, directo of physi a lette andl esse de Noailes r , Colett Yversand Rachilde in the cli
tape ttame originally d ci as a public speaker that the re- jEleanor Walkinshaw, '32, Josephine clan to the health service, spoke novelists, a few outstanding poli- r ter annames wellknown, ere- PAI
osher Hall in the quarter-finals, r o spkig to o ve states. Oren, '33. 3,nd wer ar oman wPesa Ecl ye - ar Herioe A. Tariu an on the Contine and among those tof cobwe
to 2. This was a close game, but T re m r s n~here versed n Eopean literature bare skin
Sbliant playing was exhibited. r n ee be ayarriet Brazier, directr, the most eminent French profes- of today est Sund
_ucs udneeccrig lssoen tetro the egey ounsrs omethersoeand Mh.CoM.-
e gmer was athe rughl Pau~ Bush. The committe has carried romptness and attendance at re- lege de France.t ii
n os oh fgi nbut uie plan of monthly teas for hearsals. She announced thatthhere Each portrait is personally sign-
r Kexpaeehpteall rwome on campus, and has as- be a meeting ed and
t kTet hey isisted with the tea given y Dr. and day afternoon, Teb. 15 for that represented. Some of them beare-
operated well together. Evelyn L. Mrs. Ruthven for all students. Sevs committee and for those women inscriptions from the hand of Mar-
allSlaed Hanice game at cm sruiwrofh eral new projects will be undertak- who are interested in doing their shal Lyantey, Jusserand, Paul Val-
ap fMaher C awl en by the committee next semester. own make-up for the play. The ery, Maurois, and others either
d eturdBMartha CooWins.a Ms Ed"ily White, Instructor, definite- time will be announced short extracts from their works, N ow Down
:ap Dea andtharoktehated .' l ,n itoue h paes.Pu aadad ea ota.fu e
ila an Dednallith8. enthisas Holds Social Meeting Robe Worn by Mrs. later. She stre afed secrecy in all words of greeting to the studentsacleov
pa ni Deltaxha pt 1a8 This as and Recital. eof the actinties of hepla.fg o ts univet o origia A chart of economicy s
gave fr eachme heaslJuor oth fFec esnlispl-itastejyofcmuinwt osi
al oreeionualyaswebll-play- /.,Joans l l ade ari tim atwr none. huhsadmxm.oc uo
ichorus and tdtee ced. graphs and mottoes will doubtless years shows that busness pulls up 0
iiiiamt wi aeeieSan n hedraHode;hrt C om-o lgblty h die htw- i.Inldsms fture miy
hat eas A combined mof the resdent Is hown These will start Feb. 15 and will prove of great value in the , ion. The recovery may be fast-it
k point scorer fon DMtha rn'hythm classes of the physical edu- continn all that week. Announce- some of the personalties who wrote, -but it is certain. Conse tive ma
oo For Alpha XiDelt, Jea n dp ar wlhlisa ment o the defnite cast and chor- them (Marshal Foch, Clemenceaur
mo uardms3i3, ayed a beautn-l atiron epartment will be held t WASHINGTON, Jan. 2G. -- (P) - uses will be made at this time. Francois de Curd, etc.) have al ness, guarantees a confident march i
me of ~~g'uardng. afternof c res4d15toC-5:15 po'lck rssie, wo rnarht oerr - Neucto Mn'Ladisteileorayde.dwnofcnoccces
en the third game, Kappa Delta in Sarah Caswell Angell hall. The ties tis winer closely resemnble o n to ea's lad h ihs eritten o va wi oed Fsanm aeayenow re
fead es Tlta e taa te 13. gathernnating to in lthe form of aworn by a former Prsident's w if, baet Bien. The fir per and assuredly boat of er ache The straight-thinking individual
bshgaer asi, cerathh recreoiaetigtnalwahl- soignlofbuebrcde onawenc al tbe gien ar fech t28, ersnthfieldsuof femin hineonh lnitr an eatooinmpaired or.onlyt
ows. Kappa Delta was never neal- bers of the various classes to be- satin, recently was taken from the imdomantely after gte aa men an theit fo Fn e it h ine pe ods of mpa i-ed lyn
out of the danger zone. Delta come better acquainted gnd to wit- trunki where it had lain for 40 years eiorupe, and wle in honor oduced and fostee ce of not ilepeids 4epresson-h4
.,mb fo w r sbee o er a xreseh or h y h a e b esdi g a dkrp r dionehi i i n
Showe,2r0 their forwas se- durin the semeter. bndutThe resswa fosr byCaroline of the senior women. The play will only successful but worthy women , saves regularly and spends normally.
some excellent pass work. Delta E Iach class will present at least Scott Harrison, wife of brsi e gvn Monday, aTuesday Wed- novelists, poets and critics. eTher fuse the. hoarding of money with
Preidet nsdy, ridyngnd SturayesxoleteihoeomnatsShrne-a
nma oftena i had the ball but one dance which has been worked Benjamin Harrison, when she was nights excluding the Thursday tire generation and known for the He pridently saves when most peo
led to make the best use of it. ou in class. Every person in all inaugurated the first president gen n t onen eSre he alaes
.n Deible, '35, and Virginia Olds, the rhythm department will parti- eral of the DAeR in 1890 She had dnaatedanceat e- lad er inen thers are n
,did some beautiful work as cipate in the recital. Beginning, as her portrait painted in it. saving" or hoarding.
ewards for Delta Gamma. Alice well as advanced and major classes One picture hangs in the WhiteoandIdedeated FederaleReserve
~odenow, '34, and Margaret will present their czances. H~ouse, another in the D.A.R. head- Exclusive Models for MebrFdrHRsre
jedrich, '32, played well as guards This combined meeting will not quarters. E TVHI L~ FoCrmal
opKppa Delta. Elizabeth Coop- be opened to the public, but ther The dress perhaps will be even Wear
'$4, played the best all arond best dances and those exhibiting more admired today than when it crtionsf mthn
me of any player so far. Her the best possibilities for interest- swept through the White Houseateration sescn g
was smooth and she work- ing development will be chosen and rooms. Of regal, graceful style it
weg with the. other team mem- prepared for a general public re- combines the artistic touches of to- Dial 21129 620 East Liberty Street Huron at Main Street 33
rs. Emily Bates, '32, was high cital to be held sometime nextCsd-aay' gns hme b e
mt Scorr. ineter. ~day's gwns wih moreelaborte activities______________of_____the__iIplay. ofIII theI UniversiJIil~I~lllli~i~i
t . s er mesyer.npainstaking workmanship. ______husisticadRectal
JMiss Emily White, dancing c s-hc.d_grapsandmottoewilloubtles___yersshos__hatbusinespul__up_

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