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December 04, 1931 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-12-04

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=I M = I I

Purdue game, there would have beeh no $75,000 gate
t t tIJ1Jr at Soldiers Field and the total proceeds from the II
charity program would have been cut in half. The W hat To Do
Published every morning except Monday during the University year best answer to those who cry "Unfair" is that it was 1S I C 1u"
byteBadi oto fStudent Publications. Is u This Mornng41 1 5
Member of the Western Conference Editorial Association, a noble cause, if we were the scapegoat of the con- ____utTh___Mrnmg-___
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for re- ference.
frublcatlon of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise- THE REVELERS G ~ r al
gredited in this paper and the local pews published herein. So, we smile a little crookedly, forget the celebra- GETeYourhrEarly
Entered at the Post Office at Ann Arbor, Michigan, as second tion planned for yesterday, and say "You're welcome" A Review by Richard L. Tobin nyStorefor wh
idassmatter. Special rate of postage granted by Third Assistant to the ragged unemployed of the Big Ten states. Nearly 5,000 people packed them- resse
Potater General..,.rse
Subscription by carrier, $4.00; by mail, $4.50 -_----_-_---------- selves into Hill Auditorium last -ig
night to hear the famed Revelers,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press'Building, Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, REEN EFLECTI Q ad ha aconcethe osAnn GIVE
MiChoigan. Phones: Editorial, 492; Business, 21214. \ E ~ l ik'I IIiII I N adwhtacncr hy o!An T7
EDITORIAL STAFF 188 77 iill 11 iWW 1111Arbor has had musical treats be-EDT RA S AF
Telephone 4925 fore, but there have been few like
s._A EULOGY OF ROBERT WILLIAMS the superlative assortment of pop-
MANAGING EDITOR There have been several so-called skyrocket ca- ular,semi-popular, and negroid ve- FOR
RCRItorIaL Director............ ...........Beach Conger, Jr. reers in the history of American motion pictures. hicles this amazing quartet pre-
City Editor ........... ......................Carl Forsythe There has been one Robert Williams. sented for approval. There were CHRISTMAS
News Ed!tor ... ................................David M. Nichol Unknown a year ago, virtually unheralded even seventeen 'curtain' calls and seven epre
.........-Sheldon 0. Fullerton during the short moment of the height of his career, encores during the course of the . e
Editor..................... .. .Margaret I. Thompson Williams played two roles that placed him undeniably entertainment: and I have never .d salues
ITIistant NewT Editor ...............br L. Pierce on the list of great cinema actors. Shortly after t heard such spontaneity in a Michi- made candies are al-
Frank B. Gllbreth J. Cullen Kennedy James Inglis completion of the picture in which he played his gan audience-for such it was. The ways acceptable gifts.
Roland Goodman Jerry E. Rosenthal second major part he died. very nature of the concert attract- Our R
Karl Selfert George A. stauter He flashed to the screen as a principal for the
Spors As~stntsed one of the largest student groups
Witber J. Myers John W. Thomas John S. Townsend first time in the cast of "Devotion," a picture meant in years. P R E ETmE S
rian Jones Charles A. Sanford to be a vehicle for the exploitation of the talents Victor Herbert's "Sweet Mystery
REPORTERS of Ann Harding and of Leslie Howard. As the genial, of Life," of "Naughty Marietta" Sugar Bowl
L=tiawson W. Beckerm NrmA.nHurt Joshn .reithad
Stanley W. Arnheim Fred A. uber John W. Pritchard indifferent sculptor and rather preoccupied lover, fame, opened the program; and of
Thomas Connellan Roland Martin C. Hart Schaaf Williams, though his part was meager, did his bits the entire series this selection gave 109 South Main Street
='Samuel 0. Ellis Henry Meyer Brackley shaw ihsfiin rline lott vrhdwee
Samuel L. Finkle Marion A. Milczewskl Parker R. Snyder with sufficient brilliance almost to overshadow even the four voices the greatest chance
Louis B. Gascoigne Albert H. Newman G. R. Winters the well-established Mr. Howard. to work together. Other tunes were s- -~2 -
E. Jerome Pettit Actually he starred only once. As "Stew" Smith flashier, funnier, more theatrical;
Dorothy Brockman Georgia Gele man Margaret O'Brien in "Platinum Blonde" his work was of a brilliance something
Miriam Carver Alice Gilbert Hillary arden iblnd"hswokwstfabiline there is smtigin VictorgR WNr
Beatrice Collins Martha Littleton Dorothy Rundell previously unequalled in motion pictures. The title Herbert's melodies, just as the lyric ROW N RE 55
Louise Crandall Elizabeth Long Elma Wadsworth
lisae Feldman rancestMehester Josephine woodham role became one of negligible importance; beside' quality of Schubert, which makes & Company, hm. S
Prudence Foster Elizabeth Mann his stellar radiance the supporting cast was relegated almost anything he writes' a direct,
BUSINESS STAFF ' to obscurity; the story, the direction, and the lines overpowering hit. "Trees," Kilmer's *_-"" "11"C
Telephone 21214omstt ui yRabc o-IV S M N
CHARLES T. KCLINE...............Business Manage were insignificant. pesttomicbRaah,fo-I V SM N
ORRIS P. JOHNSON......................Assistant Manager "Stew" Smith is a shining example of the ability lowed and the smooth, socthingr s NI E C
Department Managers of a great actor to transcend a trite part. How many quality of the strain was welcome.S
AMvertising ..........Vernon Bishop times during the past year has the screen reflected Rearranging their program, the Re- b -----
Adrtertisi g Contracts....... .............Robert Callahantes
Advertist Servc...... ... ......ron C Vedd he story of the reprobate newspaper reporter? One velers closed the first group with 'executed on aN ox.
Publications......WViliam T. Brown/ forgets "The Front Page," "Five Star Final," "The the Rachmaninoff "Prelude in G.
irculation..................Harry R. Begley wgsAconsord
Acornts..................................Richard Stratemeir Racket," "Sob Sister," and all the rest of them when Minor," wherein Mr. Wilfred Glenn, . A COIed
Women's Business Manager ......................Ann W. Verner Robert Williams does "Stew" Smith. As there has (whose bass voice plays your senses on eonservativ margin.
ArAronsn oh sseea CraftW.Shar been only one Robert Williams, so there will never a trick by going just about three
GlbertE. Buraley Arthur F. ohan Donald Johnson be another "Stew" Smith. notes lower than you suspected was 1eephone 23271
obet rk ame L Schnackei BnLyoThe screen has lost a great man. -K. S. possible) took more than his share
of the spotlight. *He duplicated the ANN ARBOR TRUST BLDG
Martha Jane Casel Katharine Jackson Minnie Seng feat thrice during the evening, the is FLOOR
Genevieve Field Dorothy Lyin Helen Spencer last being When Yuba Plays the
"maxG ineyscgrund 'Virginia McComb Kathryn Stork ,'{ "Whenf Yuba
Ann Gallmeyer Carolin Mosher Clare Unger iv INJRumba Down in Cuba," but we're
Mary Harriman He ilen Olsen Mary Elizabeth Watts
coming to that later on."
"Nola" was the first encore. To
These questions are modeled on Part I of the ex- those who have heard it as a piano
NIGHT EDITOR-J. CULLEN KENNEDY amination for the New York Times prizes in the In- solo, the shock of words and music
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1931 i tercollegiate Current Events Contest. See story on together is amazing., '4The Woman W ith X as Just
____page 1. in the Shoe," one of the very best
I of the stacatto numbers-the sort
The Business Answer the following in a word or phrase: of a song which gives a male quar-
ofEducation1. Who is the newly appointed Senator from Arkan- tet an excuse to bite off its words
sas? -was followed by the comparative-
2. What recently elected Mayor once led an army of ly dull "Grandfather's Clock," and
S. new method of instilling an education into unemployed on Washington? the negro spiritual vaudeville act
college students is being tried with meritable 3. What well-known radio character was created by called "De Gospel train" in which is prepared to offer you
success by several of the major universities in this Phillips H. Lord? there are chug-a-chugs, whistles, moderate prices. In fact
country. Notable among them is the University 4. What noted actress has returned to the stage in a andsteam. "TheGingerbread Bri- s ior ae
of Illnois, of which Harry Woodburn Chase is Shakespearean roleade" is unbeatable as the Revelers tre department store
resident. Mr. Chase, in his inaugural address last 5. Who is the Dean of St. Paul's, London? sang it last night; for it conclu- articles.
spring, stated that the business of education was 6. What American, formerly ambassador to two great sively proves that the greatest pop-
nations urges limitation of armament? ular music stil is ragtime and thea
to se free the minds of men. 7. Who is the well-known prisoner in whose behalf most alluring rhythm is the off- ades Robes
President Chase immediately set himself to Mayor Walker is activeobeat progression up and down scale
dleveloping education along such lines. Uinder his .Who is the President of the Irish Free State? -the very tling that the Revelers In silk, flannel and wool, plain
leadership drastic reforms were instigated. Stu- 9. What other country besides the United States has enjoy. And we enjoy, when it's and quilted. Remarkably low
dents were given a new freedom. Records of class nation-wide prohibition? done as expertly at that. prices. Priced at
attendance were done away with and all forms of 10. Who attended in unconventional attire a party Encores two and three were "Old-
rigid discipline were abolished. Men and women given by King George and Queen Mary? Man River" (what more can one $2.50 to $8.75
say?) and "O, Miss Hannah," a re-
were given the opportunty to decide for them- II -cently revived melody of 1901 which
selves how ernestly they desired an education. A Identify the following, indicating briefly- the part is, nevertheless, just about the most
few found that they had more pressing things to .each played in the news of the past month: tuneful thing in popular music. C
attend to than classes, but the greatest majority 1. George W. Olvany- al"Song of the Bayou," featuring a Christmas
I discovered that they had seriously come to college 2. Hiram Johnson. grand prelude by Frank Black, Boxed Handkerchiefs
to obtain an education, and-that the best method 3. Amos W. W. Woodcock- pianist and director, and using the
of obtaining that education was to attend classes. 4. Duke of Manchester quartet as a background off-stage, When in doubt, buy handker-
When this discovery became known to the stu- 5 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. was followed by "Mardi Gras," per- chiefs. You will never go
dent6,V decided improvemeount of Ickornshaw- haps the least valuable of the pro- wrong. Priced lower than ever
noticd.ci. kenz- gram. Ever popular "Dinah" and before from
noticed. 8 Mukden. " trkeforhe andf(rommh
T9iis improvement was only to be expected. 9 Albert C. Ritchie. show of the name) were encores. 50cto $1.95
After all, higher education is not to be forced upon 10. Theodore Dreiser. "Hosanna" wasn'textremeytinter-
i college students as reading, writing, and arithme- III esting, nor was "Raquel" (perhaps Per Box
tic is forced upon children in grade schools. If a Indicate which one of the following "multiple because the lyrics of both are so
student comes to college of his own volition, it is choice" answers is correct in each case: terrible) but when "Dancing in the /
only logical that he will attempt to get the most 1. Nizam-German Fascist, Indian Ruler, Russian Dark" and "Yuba Plays the Rum-j

out of it. And the student is the only person fitted City famed for fairs, African dam. ba" are in the same series, one
to decide exactly what he wants to get out of it. 2. Glen Warner-patent medicine manufacturer, vet- could sit through "Just a Gigolo"
A step towards this new method of instilling eran football coach, moving-picture producer, and never mind it. The "Band I
brother-in-law of the Vice-President. Wagon" tune was particularly nice.
an education has been suggested here at Michigan. 3. Leonids-artistic dancers, species of leopards in You realize what possibilities there
That is to abolish the present system of marking Central Asia, members of a Swedish youth cult, are in harmony when you the hear CostumeJ
numerically in favor of the system whereby only meteors. blendings, mixings, and endingstu
two marks are given out, "satisfactory" or not 4. Richard B. Bennett-English novelist, Prime Min- those four voices employ. The lastB.u.lary
satisfactory." This undoubtedly would be the most ister of Canada, owner of New York newspaper, two encores, "The King's Horses" new items n
logical initial movement towards greater freedom. husband of a movie star. and "I Know that You Inow," are drops and Wristli
It would necessitate a decision on the students' 5. Robert Lincoln O'Brien-Chairman of the Tariff just as good if not better when you at
part as to whether he simply wanted credit for a Board, Assistant Attorney General of the United see them sung as when you hear -$ 00 to $
course or really wanted to get all he could from it. States, caricaturist, editor of a leading newspaper them over the radio or on records.
This system of grading would allow the student ANSWERSgThemreo aene lis a
pu uhltl ok sbec .Ms ateCrwy good male quartet so well is, I think, I n Our
to1. Mrs. Hattie Caraway. because nearly everyone can sing- What wo
he wished, and thus would automatically cause 2. Jacob S. Coxeyn
S. Coxey.no matter how poorly-and con- o
him to specialize along the lines he was most in- 3. Seth Parker. siders himself a more competant able gift
terested in and most suited for. 4. Maude Adams. judge of vocal music than of in- Step-s,I
This action would be a worthy step towards 5. William Ralph Inge. strumental. He isn't, of course, but Petticoats,
the modern idea of the business of education which 6. Alanson B. Houghton. he more easily understands the Pajamas a
is sweeping the colleges and universities of the 7. Thomas Mooney. music at hand, the method of de-
United States and must ultimatly reach Michigan. 8. William Thomas Cosgrove. livery, and he likes it. It exhili-
9. Finland. rates him to hear four men sing
_- 10. Mahatma Ghandi. with the training and the voice Lad
these Revelers possess. And with I ol
EDITORNAL COMMENT 1. Former leader of Tammany, under investigation a program like lastnight's there
bythe New York legislative committee. can't be a more responsive audi- more sit
2. Senator from California, attacking the President ence. - .latest sha
YOU'RE WELCOME and his policies. But there is more to the Revelers' all silk h
(The Daily Northwestern) 3. Director of the Federal Prohibition Plans for en- sccess than just popularity and 1.00
If Northwestern had won Saturday's game at Sol- forcement vaudeville. They are trained to an
diers Field and had retained an undisputed claim to 4. Seeking a Cuban *divorce from the former Helen indefinable point; they sing well to-LE TY U OR E
the Western conference title, this column would have Zimmerman of Cincinnati. gether. No one voice is stronger,LEST YOU FORGEt
been devoted in its entirety to paeans of praise for 5. Sculptress, founder of a museum of American Art. no one voice has more quaver than BRIDGE SETS BOUD
the team, its coach, the university and tall concerned. 6. The tit'Q of Philip Snowden, Lord Privy Seal in the the others. You can understand DIARIES LADIE
That we lost makes it harder to pour forth enthusi- British Cabinet, every word (I'll never forget the LADIES' HAND BAGS PERF
asm spontaneously, but that we lost should not can- 7. The commoner wife of Prince Nicholas of Rou- suddenness of the verbal "Nola"); COMPACTS POWD

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