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October 18, 1931 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-10-18

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Play Account of Buckeyes' 20-7 Victory Over Mich




Following is an account of
Ohio's victory over Michigan yes-
tOrday afternoon, given play by
Eirst Period
Ohio State won the toss and
chose to kick off to Michigan. The
Wolverines defended the n o r t h
goal, having the advantage of the
wind during the first quarter. Hes-
ton caught the kickoff and ran it
back to the Michigan 24-yard line.
Where he fumbled, and Varner re-
dovered for Ohio. Michigan took
time out for Heston. He was pro-
nounced all -right by Trainer Rob-
4tson and co┬▒itinued in th game.
Cramer was tackled by Morrison
ter a. two-yard gain through
' ihigan's right side. Hinchman
ided three more at Mlcig n
left tackle. Michigan was given a
pnalty; Which placed the ball on
tie Wolverine 16-yard line. Carmer
fade a yard at center. Hudson
k Vuchinic for no gain Vu-
ini h v s 1n tdkli f3r no
gi- being tackled' by MorP8on;
Mfih gan took possession of the
ball on downs on its own 14-yard
Heston pAnted to Cramer, who
eaught tie alj on his oen 4O'-yard
line and was frced out of bounds
ifter a return to the Wolverine 46-
yard marJ ers. Cramer hit Michi-
San's right guard for tWo yards.
Vuchinicrt added a yard through
Michigan's right e n d. Cramer's
punt ro 'd out f bounds at Mich-
igan's 14yatd line.
Ohio State was penalized five
yard's for being offside as Hudson
took the ball into the line. New-
nian was tackled by Bell after a
oaie-yard gain. Hestn pirted on
second down and thi ball Wnt out
of bounds at Michigan's 39-yard
lihe. Capt. Holcomb made two'
yards at Michigan's right guard.
Bill Hewitt broke through
and tackled Cramer for a five
yard loss. Cramer completed a
forward pass to Capt. Holcomb
for a 10-yard gain. Ohio State
took time o% Cfiir d*lt the
ball throug h right tacl for
two yards tfa409 t m.&ke
it first down and 'fe Wolver-
ines took possession of the ball
on their 30-yard line.
Fay sliced off left tacle for f6ii
yards. Hudson lost a yard? as he wa
tackled by Gailus. Heston puntd t
Cramer, who caught the ball 616 his
own 19-yard line. He was ta l ed
by Auer near the sidelines on tIhe
Ohio 28-yard marker.
Just before he was tackled Cra-
mer had thrown the ball out of
bounds. The Buckeyes were permit-
ted to bring it in 15 yards. Ohio
State drew a five-yard penalty for
offside on the first scrimmage.
Michigan was offside on the next
|'ay and the ball was returned to
ee Ohio 29-yard line.
Hewitt came around and tackled
Vuchinich for a one-yard loss. Cra-
mer broke through Michigan's right
aide for six yards. Cramer puntect
and the ball was allowed to roll
dead on Michigan's 30-yard line,
where Newman picked it up and
was tackled in his tracks. \
Heston made five yards throtigh
Ohio's left tackle. Heston then
tried an end run fumbled when







he was tackled, Haubrich recover-
ing for Ohio on Michigan's 31-yamd
line. Everhardus was sent in to re-
place Heston. Carroll was sent in
for Capt. Holcomb in the Ohio
Carroll hit Michigan's right
tackle for three yards. Hinch-
man made a tiristing, pivoting
run through Michigan's left
tackle for nine yards and a
first down on the Michigan' 19-
yard lie. Vuchinich made a
yard through Michigan's left
Hinchman made seven yards
through Michigan's left tackle.
Michigan took the time out.
The gall was on the Wolverine
11-yard line. Vuchinich made a
yard at Michigan's center. Bell
tok thehball around Michi-
kin's right end for a touch-
down. Re was given good inter-
ference by his teammates. Hau-
lirich booted the goal.
Score: Ohio 7; Michigan 0.
Goldsmith was substituted for
Samuels. Goldsmith kicked off to
Cramer who caught the ball back
of his goal line. He ran the ball
back to his own 17-yard line, fum-
bled when he was tackled and the
ball was recovered by Everhardus
on the Ohio 17-yard line. Newman
attempted a pass which was inter-
cepted by Hinchman of Ohio, but
the Buckeyes were offside and the
ball was called back and Ohio was
penalized five yards. Fay rounded'
.Ohio's left end for seven yards and
a first down on the Buckeye five-
yard marker. Hudson gained half
a yard at Ohio's right tackle. The
Buckeyes took time out.
Tessmer replaced Newman. Ever-
hardus went around Ohio's right
end for three and a half yards, giv-
ipg lhbhigan the ball one yard
from the goal. Everhardus attempt-
ed a wide end run around the left
side and was thrown for a four-
yard loss as the quarter ended.
Scre: Oio 7; Michigan 0.
Second Period
As the second period started,
Michigan had the ball on the
Ohio five-yard line and' it was
fourth down. Hudson's pass to
Fay or Tessmer over the goal
line failed and Ohio put the
ball in play at its own 20-yard
line. Hozer went in for Kowalik.
Carroll hit Michigan's right tac-
kle for three yards. Both teams
were offside on the next play. Ohio
took time out. Hinchman added two
more at Michigan's left side. Cra-
mer punted to Tessmer, who re-
turned the ball to Ohio's 48-yard'
line, but Michigan was offside aid
the, ball was called back and the'

Yards from scrimmage: Ohio
State 146; Michigan 41.
First downs: Ohio State 9; Mich-
igan 6.
Passes attempted: Ohio State 3;
Michigan 11.
Passes completed: Ohio State 2;
Michigan 4.
Yardage from passes: Ohio State
17; Michigan 96.
Punts: Ohio State 10; Michigan
Average on pants: Ohio State 34
yards; Michigan 38.5 yards.
Penalties: Ohio State 25;. Michi-
gan 5'0.
Wolverines penalized five yards,
giving Ohio a first down on its own'
30-yard line. Hinchman failed, to
gain. Vuchinich lost two yards. Car-
roll fell and was tackled by Wil-
liamson for another two-yard loss.
Cramer punted to Tessmer, who
caught the ball on the Michigan
27-yard line, and made a nice re-
turn to the Wolverine 47-yard line,
where he was forced out of bopnds.
Nasman tackled Everhardus for a
four-yard loss. Hudson made six
yards through center but the ball
was called back and Ohip was pen-
alized five yards. Fay made a yard
through Bell.
Hudson plunged through center
for four yards, Tessnier's punt roll-
ed over the goal line and Ohio put
the ball in play at its 20-yard mark-
er. Auer and Hewitt tackled Vuchi-
nich after a one-yard gain. Morri-
son held Vuchinich to no gain.
Williamson brioke tiroughi
and blocked Cramer's punt and
recovered. The ball bounded
back over the Ohio goal, where
Williaison fell on it for a
touchdown. Goldsmith kicked
the goal.
Score: Michigan 7; Ohio 7.
Haubrich kicked off to Fay, who
caught the ball on his own goal
line. He ran it back to the Michi-
gan's 27-yard line. Everhardus
rounded Ohio's right end for six
yards, before being forced out of
bounds. Hudson added two yards
at center. Everhardus fumbled
when tackled and Nasman recover-
ed for Ohio on the Michigan 34-
yard line.
Hinchman fumbled on the first
Ohio play and Tessmer recovered'
for Michigan on his own 28-yard
line. Fay rounded Ohio's left end
for 22 yards and a first down on
the 50-yard marker. Cantrell re-
placed LaJeunesse. Ohio took time
Everhardus lost two yards on an

attempted end run. Fay failed to
gain on a wide end run. Everhardus f
made two yards through right#
tackle. Tessmer punted to CramerE
who caught the bali on ns 13-yard ,i
line and made a brilliant return to
Ohio's 31-yard marker.
Cramer punted to Tessmer, who
made a five yard return to Michi-E
gan's 24-yard line. Everhardus1
made a yard at Ohio's left tackle.
Everhardus was tackled for a four1
yard loss. Hudson went throughr
center for three yards. Tessmer
punted to Cramer whocaught the
ball on his, 32-yard line and re-
turned it 10 yards.
Ohio took time out for Haubrich
and Keefe was sent in for Hinch-
man. Morrison *intercepted Cram-
er's pass and was downed on the
Ohio 47-yard line.d eBaker re-
placed Everhardus. Hewitt's long
pass, failed. Wi'sert was sent in for
A pass from Bill Hewitt to
DeBaker netted 30 yards, and
a first down on Ohio's 17-yard
line. Tessmer's wide pass fail- c
ed. Delaker fumbled a delayed s
pass from center and Bell re- r
covered for Ohio on the Buck- f
eye 39-yard line.V
Cantrell recovered a fumble forc
Michigan on the Ohio 38-yard line"
as the half ended.
Score: Michigan 7; Ohio 7. f
Third Periodt
Newman was at quarter, Hudson
at fullback, Fay and Everhardus at
the halves as Michigan started thea
second half. Morrison was at center,
Samuels and Auer at tackles. Ever-
hardus' kickoff was caught by Cra-
mer on his goal line and run back
to the 21-yard line where Hewitt
made the tackle.
Newman received Cramer's puntt
on his own 37-yard line, and made1
a brilliant return to the Ohio 42-2
yard line but the ball was calledc
Sback and Michigan was penalized1
five yards for being offside.
Michigan drew a 15-yard penalty
for holding, giving Ohio a firstY
down on its own 43-yard line. Cra-1
mer was tackled by Samuels for nor
gain. Hinchnan made a yard at1
Michigan's left tackle. C r a m e r(
punted over the Michigan goal line
and the Wolverines put the ball in
play at their own 20-yard line. ]
Fay made a yard around the
Ohio right end. Time was taken
out for Carroll, Ohio halfback.
Newman struck the left side for
four yards. Everhardus punted i
to Cramer who caught the ball ]
on lis 45-yard line and return-
ed it to the Michigan 46-yard
Carroll found a hole at Michi-
gan's right tackle for five yards.
Hewitt was offside for Michigan
and the Wolverines were penalized
five yards. The penalty just failed
to make it first down. Hinchman

The Score by Quharters

was tackled by Hewitt and Hudson
for a four-yard loss. Cramer shook
off several Michigan tacklers for a
first down on the 34-yard line.
Carroll made a yard at Michi-
gan's right tackle. A lateral pass
from Carroll to Cramer netted
three yards. Cramer went, through
center for a first down on Michi-
gan's 24-yard line. Michigan took
time out.
Hinchman made two yards 1
through Michigan's left guard. Bill
Hewitt tackled Hinchman for a
one-yard loss. Time was taken out
for Capt. Hudson of the Wolverines,
who was injured. Cramer hit center
for three yards. A forward pass
from Cramer to Hinchman netted
six yards and a first down on Mich-
igan's 13-yard line.
Williamson tackled Carroll for
no gain. Hinchman fumbled after
a three-yard gain and Bell recov-
ered on the Michigan 10-yard line.
Hinchman took the ball on a for-
ward pass, completed back of the
line of scrimmage, thrown by Cra-
mer, for a five-yard gain.
Cramer hit Michigan's right
tackle for three yards and a
first down on the Michigan
two-yard line. Vuchinich was
tackled by Samuels for no gain.
Vuchinich made a yard at
Michigan's left guard. Gold-
smith replaced Samuels.
ell found a hole in Michi-
gan's right tackle and went
through one yard for a touch-
down. Haubrich missed the goal.
Score: Ohio 13; Michigan 7.
Goldsmith kicked to Cramer who
caught the ball on his 10-yard line
and ran it back to the Ohio 37-yard
marker. Hinchman hit LaJeunesse
for one yard. Cramer lost two yards
when he was tackled by Goldsmith.
Cramer punted to Newman who
caught the ball on his 20-yard line
and returned it 13 yards, to the
Wolverine 33-yard marker.
Fay was tackled for a one-yard
loss on an attempted end run. New-
man's forward pass was intercepted
by Smith, Ohio center, and the
Buckeyes had the ball on the Mich-
igan 43-yard line.
Auer tackled Cramer for no gain,
as the quarter ended.
Score: Ohio 13; Michigan 7.
Fourth Period
Williamson tackled Carroll for
a one-yard loss. Vuchinich hit cen-
ter for three yards. Haubrich
punted out of bounds at Michigan's
20-yard line. Everhardus kicked
on first down to Cramer who was.
tackled,'in his tracks on Ohio's 41-
yard line.
Cramer punted to Newman who
received the ball on his 10-yard
line and returned it 10 yards. Run-
ning from punt formation Ever-
hardus lost three yards. Everhar-
dus punted to Cramer who was
forced out of bounds on his return
at the Michigan 48-yards line.
Hinchman made a nice gain
through the Michigan line, but
fumbled when tackled and Wil-
lianson recovered for Michigan on
the Wolverine 37-yard marker.
Newman rounded Ohio's right
end for four yards. Newman's long
pass was intercepted by Cramer
who was tackled on the Ohip 35-
yard line. Ohio took time out.
An Ohio lateral pass failed
and Carroll lost two yards on
an attempt end run. Capt.
Holcomb replaced Carroll. Cra-
mer faked a punt and then
rounded Miehigan's right end
for 2 yards and a first down



(Continued from Page 8)
each dealt with by an outstanding
Mr. Arnold Lenz, plant manager
of the Chevrolet Foundry at Sagi-
naw, one of the largest in the world,
presents the development of foun-
dry practice up to date with par-
titular emphasis on what the de-
signer must know to obtain the
maximum result in castings.
Mr. Sam Morgan, director of edu-
cation of Buick Motor Company,
will cover the fundamentals of the
forge pract'ioe' and its place in the
design and production picture.
Mr. C. E. Bleicher, master me-
chanics of Dodge Brothers, will
complete the manufacturing cycle
by discussing the progress that has
been made in precision measure-
ments with its results in improving
quality and efficiency of mass pro-
duction and in opening up new
fields for the designer.
Transportation from Ann Arbor
to Detroit and from Detroit to Ann
Arbor will be furnished. Meeting is
in the General Motors Research
auditorium, Cass and Milwaukee, at
8 p. i., Tuesday, October 20. Busses
leave the Eng. Arch at 6:15 p. m.
Those interested, please sign up
on Bulletin Board in West Engi-
neering building immediately.
Phi Delta Happa: Regular busi-
ness meeting of Omega Chapter of
Phi Delta Kappa will be held at
the Michigan Union, Tuesday, Oct.
20, 7 p. m. All members who are
taking any work on the campus

of the Newcomers section of the
Faculty Women's Club at her home,
1035 Martin, Thursday, October 22,
three to five.
Michigan Dames will hold their'
first meeting of the year Tuesday,
October 20, at 8 o'clock in Lounge 1
of the Michigan League building.
Wives of all married students are
eligible for membership and are
cordially invited to attend.
Bookshelf' and Stage Section of
the Woman's Faculty Club will meet
at the home of Mrs. L. W. Keeler,

1135' Granger ave., Tuesday, Oct. 20,
at 2:45 p. m.
Jewish Students: Regular Tues-
day and Thursday afternoon teas
will begin this week at the Hillel
Foundation. The first, Tuesday, will
be sponsored by the Alpha Epsilon
Phi sorority, who will act as host-
esses. You gre cordially invited.
Theta Sigma Phi will meet at
8:15 o'clock Tuesday night, Oct. 20,
in the League buiMing. Every mern-
ber who wishes to remain active
this year must be present.



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