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January 29, 1931 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-01-29

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.['I M I SDA'Y', JANUARY 29, 1'93t





iA ~ie lInto Two
Scpaate ieldGroups
of Res- l ch

,.,. a
8# , Y ±1'

1Q . t


y ,r, ,"-t
1J Y'




John White ep b l z:m cy I-lad
Plius ~rc~r d v;~y a I'eor-
.will b m d C n. .y 2.f. -cmY
it 1)'h' D ha)IBV
of luo u"'1di cia. hAv
111~ia~ldie °a'of ,cVarsityC'- c'


- [F T


of Classes Coo-
Ii City Yoimdh

oier tc

By Robert L. Piece, ,-

Through thc endi iin 01' two °ep- ganization.
amate field research clalases, the d- The o i~ 0o 110 u-a: r; elub vwill
partmcnt of sOciOIa y, ,a C.1C,01 ~ ci ru tdnsi .
vey show's, is striving to arr'aiige f Aikln e . Lou r a givetfleu,31
laboratory =work to: sude-lts, -Which - pii n cihO Valrsdty clab.
will add by physical cont acts to the XCiJC
pupis store of knoviledgeocf social '4{
theory, andat the s zmectime, per- ta h vctrcC 3J5itI<
form Sen definite service to Ann f1i n Xol't 0(1525,J 100 wv-.ouid bej
Arbor in meeting its social prob- ifun1;toh MN ,SC I ' .
loins. i".11i1!iu Ti 7 iin Arm Arbar,"1h
Tihe first of these classes is un added, "wil - rob° bly ho fou'ndi to
der the supervision of Prof. Lowell# be not due to any great community
J. Carr. During the last semester (problem, but rather in most cases
and also during the last school year, to stupidity and cruelty on the part
this group has been co-operating4 of the parents. Our task is merely
with a city youth commission comn- to find out the facts so that they
posed of 10 members, which was may be set before the public."
established by Mayor Edward W., The second class, a field course
Staebler last spring for the purpose in case work is directed by MildredI
of studying through a four-year Valentine, who took over the reinsj
pi ogi.am, conditions affecting the this year fromn Mrs. Alice Remer,'
youth of Ann Arbor. The commis- the organizer and leader of study~
sion is headed by G. R. Koopman, last year. The course aims to give !
principal of Tappan school. actual contacts with families to
During the school year 1929-30, 'students, preparing them for posi-
theclas cnduteda sudyof ei-tions with social agencies and clin-
sure time activities of Ann Arbor rcs. The memr:bers of the class work
childreni. During the present se- with and under the supervision of
mester, an attempt has been made several social organizations, dis-
tdetermine the distribution of city cussing their findings and :prob-
tolrni uhsevc raia lems in weekly seminars led by Miss
tions as the Boy Scouts, Y.M.C.A., Valentine.
Y.W.C.A., and Salvation Army. Al- Studen'ts Ivestigat~e.
though the majority of the class - Among the local service mediums
has been occupied with this prob- with which emgibers of -the class
lem, some members of the group have been aligjied are the psycho-
have conducted two studies in De- pathic hospital, the University hos-
troit: investigating the part play- .pital, the Red Cros,. the family
ed by Hamntramck' in Detroit news- welfare bureau, the Y.W.C.A., and
papers, and also making a survey the Michigan children's bureau.,
.of the north-east section of that~ Representatives of the class have
city. All these students will make performed such duties as investi-
reports at the final meeting of 'the 'gating conditions in homes of per-
class, next Saturday.f sons 'seeking some free service, es-
Aid Woks.pecially. among the unemployed re-
]DonationaisWk. cently, giving psyehiatric tests and,
Plans for the future activity of interviews to out :patients in hos-
"this laboratory class includes a pitals, and placing dependent chil-
study of delinquency among local I drerm.

The once Tpr. si ',>MayfLewe, whose career invu~i ht~
flagship, patrol va ~ ~ oictac;'etsr niwr h~a2 -to
Philadelphiia navy yizrda.

x Pi \ i i p 0 i it V d ' i Y 1" RO - x
002 1 b I m a( 'i 1ali', '
k' W .. 110 . l; tby'a collegec
:, 3 +? I TT ock 1 . 1 o LyIe M i-
' - ,, ++ III ' . r~~~- , , l I.l . .. .,i t1 1 a i
M 4 ! l eod:' t (1 1/ h t he pb ra-I
G t htgunboat, t aCeoolrnod :.Atv house' party groups,J
I~C l'' I w' 1u ,Abyfire in 'aescord' ing to Windt.
i raiyto _ntn'eMOSCOW (IP)- -Anagreement has
_'_,f°u " oicy boo ti , inParis for the pur-
Sam ucdin Poicy chase by k'1eich interests of 300,-
y' r'Exainatios 00 tons; oi Soviet benzine yea rly,
.: 'in increa-s; of 40 pe~r cent over the
I old contrac~t.;Areements have also
TN e ci e will be made in the been renewed with French import-
111201101o, borrowing- books From sters of Russian lubricants.
,,ra'Hi 1 in.il "f;the examination I - ----__ - _
110(1'- : t d 1'. wvill ia m W. Bishop,
.~ ii i 1 " 'ie'ity, ,yest or- _ ___I
'ilI 1I~oll r nib open dur-
ml 'no ]'n st obooks which
may be i th ._dr awn wi'l remain the SUPPLIES
t .., ' r si ted tat it wa.s cox- I
ii , grat Lumber of stu- ,C(HEMI CATTL
_ - { V xtiiJ ric ilfor exa. mina-
ions atth Library this Sundayl
al in ord(;e 1r to accommodate them DR3 UG
ri ' a aa lfbr-, yvwould be ao. cn!
EC -,d 'm n eerencerovaIn
,and the p fO lii. room. i SPECIA'LTIES
I B1 t ,l'DE, Goria 1y.._-(!P)_. I SUN IWS
Water ''j ,in s resort's hot springs
heats the laag Collegiate church, -~ 20C
here through' pipes underneath the
f rI -

I"What's Going On>
Fl~ ~~~ .jj< th JBcbc
1ni ",.g~aio , h!les Ro .0-grs in "A-
longi ('sne(! Brain,"
N, ipct
~l~ni IV e et i g Pycllo logical
JV'Lii~ (''d; r. dwrdGreene
'i';l d1.';i;Iolgn et;730
o'oo~1. 1 211 1 t, Ntua cience
* 2 c~d c' ccFellow
>Vdl Lal Fin esearch
1'P Iee,' social science
9~~~~~~l P~' j a4j~ h sycliologi-
7P Jd . '~ , 7:30 cock to-
1"in vor, 126 , INatural Science
0(11 a';,01 1502 o wrkhe has
Oat- ( inl'-1'' r te Jst two
1 I-P 1:',11, no-agae mental
ilswork ha, bOPen along original
lines, and is const.ide red a, valuable
additioni to studies in this field.
: e will distribu to sample copies to
I (hose present. The meeting will be
open to anyone interested in the
WE "i'NT
Tel. 2-281:2 615 E. Wiliam

!Original Organization Founded is placed o(IVY sale. il'Petad>
in1906 by Pioneers1,1 oer10. llbT I1 -111
of Movement.of tile faculty or by avistin
By James ohnson. l French authority. The abet i
I'elcuehaeThe Cercle Fr:tancais is enutering 1 c ,pofetry, history, at rite
its twenty--fifth year of active sel-v- l'l0, travel, social pbon o
ice to the University. C olstw- s, criticisms of gret< < a


Back in 1906, in the (days whenI
practically every college student
took Latin or Greek and considered
French and German as being rath-
er subordinate to the classical lan-.
guages, a group of French students
g~ot together with their inst'Iuctorsj
and formed a French student's so-
ciety, called the C-rcle F{rancais.
Undoubtedly one of the purposes of
the cercle w,,is to sugar-coat theI
French pill. Rt strove to bring the
languiage before the students in an
interesting and beneficial manner,
and to create and keep.- alive the
The year- after its organization
the4- 4c t 4-.At, 4kfl fl U Ut A *first; ±JJaJv 1

lMore thlan 690 of thesetiks
were sold last year. Every l)1"( ha
or of a ticket becomes an associa te
memcnber of the Cercle Franc,-,is. IIle
active members of tile soect,! are
chosein every year by the m('ia.: ,-;
of the previous year. They ~Di
,about 60. Officers ofth rleti
year are Louise K :-iJk,'3,< -
ident; Glen osling , '31, v* e 91- t
dent; Helon 1Ii' uxhurst, '32, t -Ere
taiy; and Richard Paync, '31, rcs--
U l r. *

ESrI'Ai3!ISHE!) 1843
J-.202 E. LIBERfY STr.

girls. The work will be financed
through a $100 donation recently
given to the youth commission and
punt at their discretion by the Ann
Arbor chapter of the Zonta club,
a women's international organiza-,
tion: According to Edith Owens,
executive secretary of the Commu-
nity Fund, and a member of the
youth commission and of the Zonta
club, that organization will sponsor
also a "big sister" investigation
among girls who have shown signs
of becoming delinquent. Investiga-
tion of delinquency will proceed
irom a spot map showing the loca-
tions of all city delinquents over
the last six years, of which there
are 91, including 21 girls. Statistics
on the subject indicate that only
10 per cent of these delinquents
are negroes.
The probable method of investi-
ation to be adopted will be to pro-
vide psychiatric interviews for the
delinquents. An effort will be made
to keep a reord of the method of
dealing with each case, so that the
situation of the same girl may be,
investigated after several years to
see iU tile method used has pro-
dccit any cure. In a recent state-
went Professor Carr mentioned

Thirty students are enrolled in Every year since then it has con-
this semester's class, all but two of tinued the practice of presentin
them women. Included in the per- one of the popular French come-
sonnel are one Negro, one Hindu, dies annually. During some of these
two foreign =born whites,, and three years it has held a Soiree Drama-
Jewish women. In commenting up- tique, at \which it ha s presented a
on this situation Miss Valentine number of one-act French p1lays.
said that this diversiitcation would A few years ago the French Iee-
prove valuable in making place- ture series was r1,laupgurated by the
ments, since a student might then cercle. IE~rry h'.1 a season tick--t
be placed in a position where he-__ -
could deal with members of his
own race. tht ei
"Because of the overcrowded con-
ditions in the teaching ranks many
girls are now seeking this pro-f es-_
lion,a she said. "It is a growing c ~
field, and so far we have been ableN
to place every student. There is L.1
also a wide field for men too, al- rntad
though most of them don't realize-
this at present."- -- _j T U---- F

T,-%I() TOD)AY.
Prof. EtllNICormick, of 11'I
(lepartmcent of phyica]ldc '
tion for women, will seka
o'clock this nftei-neon from .cn
University auibroadc-a sth~l
over WJR. Her subj ect w~ils b1
"Leisure Time Activities."
The Midnight Son's quartet wvill.
presnt a groum of popula r,.w:
di ing ~tile pm ram,11


.t c.l .l A. k.iAU )F

- Yk}2'- 2+

{ U
S' {{
dom. y
- F 1

~'oc~a~ CWNfl

-:-- ,


ellent r

ea s on s

:. i



We have all mxakes
Remington, RoyalIs,
Corona~, Underwood
Celored dislco)finishecs.

_ . r}tryy j8?1 I.. 1Gd
Price 60


1'' > k1

- v.'F .-I Rc.th' viTA'i v- '~ 0 o'
l4Tn.V;11 I - C


4 res

Q)_ D_ rA10 '~RII

AYE; 32 -K'- .yji -_?,

" :3


3 14 Sotith State St.

Phn 0615A ~_

° rt, ,. .*, *:x: ..,r:,. .. ..,.. - :.:_ pa rr .. ~a , .

-- - U.S - -- - - -vtnSfl.,~mn*awaU.r,. ~rr.-
-- - - - ~ .a,,-tMs a.e..ean.a, SStafl-M.tN,,.a~,. ,a.,


-: ,rr ,
4 '' ? ,, ~
' ' 1 .

Are you planning any 'constuction w Uk fl s tcf- anpp-
tunity to employ a skilled workman or to do co trcting worf
at the present time that would givc en ~yct
A contracting job started now miay b Oll anIncolle to 5(,)sm
destituite family.

WAorking 0on Ca' ain re o,, 'rofit margin as d fbth-i
candy industry, economie-s must be sought in effi.
cient production management. Gas affords the
most economical method of producing heat~, and
thus promotes lower costs and longer profits.
Condy macking is a chemical operation. Whir,ver
chemistry is, involved, accurate heat control is

The committee has at

present tegistered aimioigr it's

s klcd


32 Carptetrs
29 Lainters

21 Cottcv t'4 7o;'kcs
3 Bricklayers

and ianiiv other tr adies.


Gas' heat is capable 'of


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