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January 14, 1931 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-01-14

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Wr,,DNPsT)A7, TANT ARY 14, 19;11




. .


Airlines in

Secretary Claims
United States

Surpass European.
Civil Airways to be Maintained
From Appropriations Under
Newly Proposed Bill.
WASHINGTON, J)a n. 1:3. -A-
though the United StVtes-., Il;bci
developing its schc-uc'd ilr cMMev-
cial air transportation z'z. only I"'
years while Europe an a::b cv
been at it 10, Cay^oo?, ii. oun,
Assistant Secretary (A (Conmmc~erc
for Aeronautics, believes Aneri022,I
aviation is second to none.
LaIuds Air ra :varts.
"The airways system which we
have in the United Stats, and
which we are building,h1as g ivn
us a pr-eminent position1 in the
matter of air transportation," he
told the House appropriations cor-
mfittee appearing at hearings on the
$10,342,30(. allotted to his branch
today in the four department sup-
ply bill.
Young said last year We~re was
only one fatal (accident for each
2,800,000 miles Town, and that the
United States hadU achieved aerial,
superiority d spite s ubsdis by Eu-
ropean countries, which he gave as
follows for 1930: United Kingdom,
$2,240,000; Germany, $11,500,000;
France, $80,500,000; Italy, $4,00,-
00. To .Istall Air A1id.
The bill carried $8,972,640 with1
which the branch will establish and
maintain civil airways. Two thou-
sand miles will be selected from the
following for installation of air nav-
igation aids; Los Angeles-Kansas
City (partia); San Antonio-Big
Spring, D a 11I a s-Louisville, Fort
Worth-Birmngharn, San Antonio -,
New Orleans, Amarillo-Oklahoma
City-Tulsa-St. Louis.
In addition, weath oer, reporting
sy items are to be stalished on 4,-
400 miles of the folowing routes:
Miami-Atlanta, New York-Albama,
Chicago-Twin Cities, Dallas-Kansas{
City, Dallas-Louisville, Dallas-At-
lan a, Brownsville-Neowx Orleans,
New Oreans-Salt Lake City, Salt,
Lae City-Seattle and Sal Lake.
City-Great Fals.
Constabulary Officrs Defend
Town of Tayug.
(By A I sm ratedI [ress)
MANILA, Jan 13.-The loss of
life in the -clash between reigius
fanatics and constabulary forces in
Pangasinan province was computed
today at 11. Four members of the
constabulary forces wre wounded.
The numnber of wounded among the
fanatics was not ascertained.
Two constabulary officers and
thrze- met death in the fighting
which began last Saturday after
the fanatics, or colorums, seized the
village of Tayuig, burned ontabu-
lary barracks and tore down the
Ameican flag.
Hobbs to Speak Before
Geology Journal Club
Prof. Wiliam II. Hobbs, hadi of
the department of geology, and a
muted polar explorer, will address
members of the geological and geo-
graphical journal club at 8 o'clock
toncl :ow night in room 456, N-
tural Science building. Te talk
which will be illustrated, will be on
the subject, 'Present and Future
Arctic Exploration."

Giant x Planes Will SoITnu rte
C]e "o Aiwa
___ PORT SUl An i, OKrSY
I 1 ar .

Wa~ncrAouit Talse'
WA~h INGTNJan. 13.-Alfred
F. hnil , Dmocrticpresidential
ceocida e n 123,has written
.Ca{I' W1''W',Dmocrat, New
Joksain teRepublican na-
ional comm ite owed him an
j ioloy for ° "e;iitting" Robert !H.
Lucas to distribute 300,000 copies
of acwetcr=,TTtooncarrying a "false"
Lacs, N{cut~edirector of the
natotii ~rnmtl~ehas testified
bef~e he en:tecampaign funds
conmilic Ihathepersonally paid
for th crton ad had them dis-
ribut(edri. ebasaagainst Sen-
ator N'orris,1Repjubalican indepen-
dent, and in otiher states against
DeImocratic senatorial candidates.
Graduate Makes 'Talk
on Mor~lecule Analysis
D a on en ergies of dissociation
of ii. 0mbi 1molecules was present-
ed a the Physics colloquium by
She_ ran . Gcrhard, Grad., in a
lectur, entitled, "Thermochemical
Constants obtained from Spectro-
scopic Data," presented at 4:15
o'clock yester day afternoon in room
101 - Fst ~Physics. buiilding.

Refreshment Serv' :-c on Se-cond
Floor Arrange1d.
Refreshment...#'servie( nlthj.secl-
ond floor })'(! p orhon(%e1igt f he
mnon ftheouge ad ch ck
rooms a;Isfth-plnti beput into
effect forthdacshi weekend.
The northloun'e,(preiously used
as a woman's ehcc roo and lounge
will be suppied i a radio and
turnedmover to thedancers. The
women's cheek ',room r will be re-
moved to the w omen's5 dining room.
Service on the porch will be car-
ried on fromnt4her taproom from 10
to 12 o'clock on Saturday nights
and from 10:,;) to 12:30 o'clock on
Friday nightsk.
Additional Funds Also Allowed
for Immigration Bureau
in Proposed Bill.
(HY Associaed IPress)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.-Large
increases for enforcement of pro-
hibition and immigration laws were
included in the $135,739,668 supply
bill for the state, Justice, labor and
commerce departmnents reported to-
day to the house.I
An increase of $2,369,500 allowed'
by the house appropriations com-
mittee for 500 additional agents in
the prohibition bureau resulted in
the filing of a minority report by
Representative Tinkhamn, Republi-
can, Massachusetts. Forty of the
extra men would be assigned to the
Michigan - Ohio - Kentucky - Ten-
nessee area.
In all, the prohibition bureau was
allowed $11,369,000 for the next
fiscal year. The total carried for the
justice department was $51,239,000,
an increase of $5,843,000. The labor
department figure was $13,330,000,
with an increase of more than one
million for deportation of aliens
and other immigration bureau

Reserve Group Will Supplement
Programs of Regular
Over 3 men reported for the
first rehersa of thie newly-formed
reserve banI~d last night in Morris
hall. The band, which is composed
of members of the regular Varsity
band who played during the foot-
ball season but who are not in th
concert ban.-d and others who wan
bandexein, will play for a
number of hockey games, a prac-
tice basketball glame, and will prob-
ably give a concert later in the
The band is formed for the pur-
pose of providing experience for
the newer mem'b)ers of the band and
many of them will be plac'ed in
the regular Varsity band next fall..
Members of the conducting classes
of the School of Music who are in
the band will be given actual exper-
ience in conducting this group.
A regular rehearsal of the full
Varsity band will be held tonight in
Morris lwall.
Says Too Rapid Return Would be
Harmful to Country.
(My Assoczated Press)
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 13.-Tihe. nation
w~ill be fortunate if it does 'not
make too rapid a recoveryl {fronm the
business slump, Col. C. BH1. Robbins,
pre~sident of the American. Life con-
vention, an organization; of life in-
surance complanies, said' in a state-
mee~t issued f~or public ation today.
"t Where are two. reas' ong" why3 too
sha rp a recovery from' present con-
diti ons would not be, good," he said.
"Fiiast, the price we" are paying' for
this lesson in ocono' iic fundaM, p
tals is too high to, be entirely tQt
and that is wham t would 'ocij
should business mvake a' Uonaatloal

of plane
the route.

world's longest airway, 8,000 miles, iroin Lond
(right) gives an idea of the giant 38-passer


to Cape To'(wn, will soion

be in operation. View

(By Associa ced Press)
LONDON, Jan. 13.-The first leg
of thie world's longest airway--the
8,000-mile London to Cape Town
route-is to be operating early this
The whole line will be ready for
day flying by midsummer, the Im-
p erial Airways announces.
The route crosses the continent
by way of Budapest, jumping across
the Mediterranean at Athens to
Cairo, which is the function for the
India line.
From Cairo it heads south, up'
the Nile and then more or less
down the African east coast, al--
though well inland, to the conti-
nent's tip.
The journey from London to Cape

ing at least part
being considered.
To organize the
000,000, according
company. Landing
established along t
and hotels provic
Twenty-seven in
have been establis
gency fields, some
heart of virgin bt
organization also i
workshops, wireic
reporting stations
the airway staff..
air line officials sci
be out of touch
From London to

,cr liner, eight of which will fly as far as Cairo on' ~~ ~ka r"~Ii expained the theory
and the method of measuring the
of te rute re op peedof 20 mlesperenergy of the dissociation of mole-
of te rutearehavea tp seedof 10 mlespercules by ]nleans of the spectroscope.
hor n acriin sed f1. While this can also be measured
route cost; $5,- Loc; add they we3<igh more thlan 13'5 i hested the results
t3 officials of the t rws. The .span, of the top wing, is obtained ial are not as accurate,
fields had to be 1"30:[ee.t and the fuselage is 86 1feet
he African rouate, long;.TT !_q ,
ded at stopping the cc'use the g' solinxe is carriied n U A;SEiF RC
teupper wing, isolated fromt the INHA TN FIE
ain landing fields cabin, passengers wvil11 be allowe d I-___
shcd and i0 omen- to smoh~e. Meals will be prepared Precsident Starts Active War
of them in the .ii a electric kitchen tnd a cock-.
csh. Tf'he ground t0i"barwill be Operatecd. on (Xiiw cFie l Burning s.
ucue hnal; h stail of each includes pilot, I-
s and weathier icl soperator, steward aa PvKAVANA, oc I 'fCX$rss) fu
and quarters i o thestiw.1rdnavsan
At no time, the A,- Cairo African-bound ras'h ni icorfSthearmy!,nvyad
ay, will the ships ges vwill enter an Armnstronig- . - thl , ocrnni''t to put an end to
with the g;round deley "arg osy" airliner for their bmiga 'a ilsb nme
jo-u ley oni to Khartoum. Here, for ofj 'te ;:uni it.r .tionW of President
Cai_1ro nss~grsth tp above the Nile and the l~iht
dot Ua ?d y 1'e g ,._cn lakes to K~isumu, a l; ; Undl 'r a policy announced after
7the lages:t land.short' acttia" flying-_boat will be <, _(oar iee of secretaries of the
in. ervce.Theen-ploed.The, fo th fi' ~d~ arr mcitawonie cauight firing
a, to i;' of the4se stagstoCp Town, thomc J)i ik ilb dealt with sum-
1,0,00 ipivdxvi eI lviad3 i 'ne ndi Wwhich des-
passengxters and eules craft. saac esn interfering; with the

i' 1

Town will take 11 days by air, as will travel niew gi~i.
against 17 by the swiftest surface airliners, claimed
transportation. The 5,700 miles craft in the wiorld
over Africa will take 0 days, for company is buildli
there is no night flying yet con- machines to cost
templated, although plans for light- They carry 38



Prr Oai t '}sTe "reD j
;tip ~Sent OtFrom GC, r...J

Mc&;wncv amsFebruary

Art Institute.


as Date of Tryouts for
Varsity Squad.
Varsity debate tryouts for the
second semester have been sched-
uled for Feb. 17 by James H. Mc-
Burney, of the speech department.
They will be held beginning at 1
o'clock in room 3209, Angell hall,
and will consist of five-minute af-
firmative or negative speeches.
The subject will be the confer-
ence question for next semester,
"Resolved: that all colleges and
universities should abolish the dis-
tinction between amn-ateurism :and
111.ofessiontali sm inl spo)rts; to which
admission fees, are cliacfgd."'

Examples of Amerc'ican paintings
sent out from the Chica go Art In--
stitute comprise {'h^ second exhibit
of the year of t i nn Arbor Art
assoc;iation vlwh" 'ic ag pl cc in
the wrest galleryrof Al mi i Vleano-I
rial hail. c,-:1e i~Al~lopcnC'dl
Monday and w co i1 w util the
25th of the mnh
The foa Li red lp2_1 ag in the
IV~t idePIres
U1~~NLY, enuine/

QI S'XH BII. TO r nu eposte'd at the lang-
RANPANT RS Crfiedsan panes of the Cuban
aviation corps- ..,wall patrol thousands
_______________-of acres ( 'cane ready fo'. the har-
o~lgi rant Wood's "American ;e~,~ee service rncn xiil use
Qtvhi 'whc on the Norman 'T ' % I eO at their ,ommrand
Wl ari;s p re for 1930. This 10ofeerc ~out and thwart plotters.
pan ing hs received considerable fG icrs hv been issued to Ha-
notice by critics throughout theIvenma 1police to use their weapons
M~deWest. Another painting that( without lie': Ri ation and without re-
in;poedpllris "Snow," by ga°<d to sex in breaking. up any
~ rna hpigi ,whchreceived the! = uj)5 Wrhi~h ight form, in the
V K )ln ,I ami A{:iZCi a reccent t l: iy (A the presidential lpalace.
anaCo;'sicjan Tow'n," by B~ea- Y',:7 2 iJESUNIVERSITY -
a''i 7 eya j~tI wh~ch ire- - udet ;.o..reently went on an
C"~~~ diS'be easin nmthe ight day . in .1protest against
U ~ ~ . , o: i :cscn est, ;at.!«,) e eue L t school by the
exn~~~~~~ -bbd e rvsoa over.nment,


la, Tin
SAde"- my & he i 1r's?.

k "
" -- - -'f>''
' .I

An unlusu illy full schexdule is vir-
tWally certain for next sescstcr,
MeBurney announaced. A 1 t h. o ,u g hi
definite dates and places are not
yet set, debates with about fifteen
universities are being negotiated.
One new departure is in arrangingt
debates to be held in nearby towns,
in an effort to win more interest
and larger audiences.
1S Is ~~~

No. H74TC,'

It is a fact proven by sales f. ,ures that
amon Azn erica's hun dred lea ding~ col-
ke es, each with 1.700 o' more students
registered, Sheaffer's outsell all others.
Isuhlaesievraaciet F)You know the answer. These sophisti- TQ
cated pen users have found that they
like Sheaffer' s individualized pen points,
that they lik~e the comfortable Balance0
desi,ned into Sheaff'er's, that they like
the streamlniLed, modern contour of the
BL lance0 pen and. pencil, and that
- Sheaff'er's Lifetime0 aarantee of satis-~
factory service :means somethin ,.

)nly Baane* pen~
ncit is -heaffer's.

"Hello, Mother,. ,s
howareyound., Dad?
INAT to seeing Mother and Dad, the best
thing is talking to them by telephone. Just
to hear their voices and. know that they are wel-t
Dakes you happy. And they certainly will be
pleased to hear your voice and know you are
A/Srrange wit~h the f-)lks to telephone home on a
certain night each week, so, they will expect the
call and will be there. Anid when you call,
give the long(listane operator the telephonue
fl umber, to help speed the connectiobn,
Long distancec rate~sare -surprisingly low;
and you can have lire call charged to your


s -1-11101 Ell, 11, 11 1, 11 NWRWNMM





That explains Sheaffer's college sales
leadership, and prompts the su Aestion
that if you'll naive Sheaffer's Balance0
s Lifetime' a class-loc~m test, you'll adopt
that pen for your Lifetime°


PHONE 4744

Among the Best and at
i; ~Reasonable Prices


R ieg. L.S. Pat. Off. Q W. A. S. P. Co. ,3
The ONLY Aenuine Lifetime" pen is Sheaff'er's; do not
be deceived! All fountain pens are ,uaranteed against

d ! 9 dom. ..

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