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December 19, 1930 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-12-19

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<, m * . ,l'~i,.i-.


( llial (t-ol of S iid i Il it-oh I. : 'i l
(.r ".inln-r of \Yestcr a (o ;'-,'n1,.di.o;t.


to the u l forepalntiaiudf ~w i
satcheS cred t(Ito it oWn~ 1(-r_.:
in this paer nd the luc it , s iihc
herein. -
11M ihig an , ,a- tr d l ,)"': - icr. 1 -''.' r
(if postagesia.nted bly 'I hird iAStr..a. I t
mnaster G eneral.
Subsripionby carrier, $-4.00; bY mli, -t,~O
Offices \Ann Ancrh, 'r ;WIaiiig, layna rd
StCcl ilits : l'.tiio jl, 4925;B 'iis212,14.
'h-h-phonc 4925
( toIria i-htot lhard
IFRANK F. Cuolli.s, C(t.,]Zditor
News 'ditr...........GrneyWilliams
hEditrial1)1 rc ,r..... .,haler \V. XVilds
spsrortis 1L'iiit............... ,J5C)h A. Ruassell
V~onn' ui~ r...........i: L 1. Ihhymcr
]11 <;;je IUrna:, ooks ............ J. (;orinan
Aslsistait ( i y I-dlitor.......illar old U0. ta rren
Assistant NA- ,I-:t tor .......bCI r ls WRSp cowl'
Icegapi 'ditc......G, c eA. Saute.
((opy Etitor ... ............... 'tA/n ".lyc

cities orgngtrs ndr_ kt es1_
(or7, flA< hca ji- T ..'. ii hTHE NEW YORK THEATRE.
it At V~< 1-~; ii iaver: A gance in the direction of New
2~W~( 1) j:L-~!2.; "S.°' to i ':: York for the benefit of those pil-
be n 2 1 ,h r , h : !2..Ki7t t 2.Iv t ' d J n s C a- grir s for w hom Christm as vaca-
1.s n il i W lOu ilh t2 S dt' No. 1-1 t ion means a Gotham exodus and a
b', Le. vdad cn :'1?rei-jun
theatrical exploration may not at
1__ .tp of pO~l AI -o'
sitr,1hzeiv Ia er ~Olt ieidIo "8'1 carried, this time be amiss. The drama this,
ina isalwys igh ad i:.;~~- onthi nont byi~vyn owad-season, and for many seasons back
m _aly egri l asroae b het c o3,a E- l> pa ist, . h rc- has been somewhat humble. There
wil uno _el od~>-~a 07 rthe L rchide ;1and r,} ucs .. jhas been a decided tendency to hug
proedue i ilega an to k~- 1 to17 n te FrstBoo. Smethe earth of acceptance and wait
ane;ta ertiyI.-« ilo "1 xthS~Hrip ( oen.recorde for a public success, which is the
no busies i rdrighatg'etA hirt hiltS Toe, Cc; _en tethingdoccasion for a general mounting on
Vo y bu bd teaEu~ the bandwagon. The drama, which
of criminalstunlessgastedul forothe is peculiarly noted for its ability to
by the deparc'nentJ of I ie nIAi~~sVtIMg~itlfrtetake unexpected flights into the
,vtei thisrihadhe is? . " tO co~o : z i boatm oe of the I upper, regions and for its remark-
-witin is i~h. Rcketershav eonos~enJ s~oatsom oftheable power to orientate itself, more
been preying on labor, thei onan-finest writing mi all musical liter- so than any other artistic endeav-
izations as well as emnploye:;logature. Vvroe 2 hardly become anorphastohemdnasbn
enough. Construction of bidins t llhgei tliteer to these pre- lately the maimed bird in the ar-
haas been halted by t e ceekit ak ude and tfugtes by the vague fain- titi lc.Eeyya hr sa
dem ands of labor racketeers, bm :itriy it thm ha periodic ohrrao.Ti esntebr
hkave been exploded on the l}.,oper l. 4 rt-hlall jPert ormances of themomhetriceproducerseshonrepreentba
of tosewhoareslo topaytriuteI gve s. ecodi , in this case, is sort of bridge, have laid their woes
-in sh ort, rackete~ering has ben nadmirable soluion for the lay- at the feet of the stock market.
i ran chine' out, until ~i te ! 'evman . IAr fornnrcin a tn v

Where all Candy is
and Radios

Bluy a Good Used Car to drive home in.

Buy with other fellows living near you and
save your train fare.
We 41a:ve m-iany bargains both in Model A
and Model Ttypes. Ranging in price from
I5O t~$0000
We are willing to sacrifice at this time and
urge you. to come down and look them over.
All Cars are in First Class Condition.

S. Beae c Gougr
Ca0rl S. Iolji;y,!he
Djavid M. Nai;hA

Ola IT),1C rlel
Id -lc1d F '[olin
Ilacold 0. VWarren




,F 'o oFrS A ss i ST A NIS
Sheldon 4. Etillctf .:.J Cullen Kennedy'
fob"t Iowulse-ad
32 I) R1' ]? IZ S
J. E. Bus h 1'r dihr T. feuvers
Thon--s :'. (Cooley Rl)(ul tI 1. l'tece
Mlloi-toi Fran'k ITicl3,rd zrrti::e
Saufl l'.reli-g .1 rry 1. R,-ct h''al
t ' rll 1; . G lb c t-t (1" do rb-s =' - raao
.laek' (": ld<iniilh I~arI Sciffert
JRolatol Goodmi~an Robrt Tf Shaw
Nirteu Ili, ir !i-. in ,I.- Smith
1.r.,- r: Tuni . u,;( A. Mt ter
I )eato (2 iznze (c! * I 5 . Tlownsenad
Tileen C(Jrnt -larI- "TcCa'I
]I1C Is l iedn~al- .\':a r;t C(Ii rien
tII ath C alhnis-r l': '. ,.-dIi i~ on
oiily i;. t rimtes Axon i F u t'obin
T';lsit' M. - Uotffaeyer sl : g-t, i Totapson
Jt an lx~vv ( i irei r., rsell
corony Magee Jlarlooa, \Vji# iht
lclea htttc 2r 2 4
TI. HUL OiI5'ITE] A1 l-(1iAi I.', IPosias Ml-anager
IKASI'J-t L{. lt'JAxtE iON, ,;sststant ./lanager
Ad~vertising............ ......('lane ls T. Klinc
Advecrtisin; ..,............. ..- 7,T1). D~avis
Advtet-tising:.............Viilia 1'"m1. X~ar hoy,
Siervice........ .....orr;s J. John =.z
]'abliciror :... .........N 1-t- t W,. William son
Ci realat ion ............X a i.-v ii S. I obarlke
Acrnau ,ls........... ... . ........Cherris S, ),lul
I3- ° fug - Sticre-taty............1Y J. -ru

312-20 East Huron Street

Phone 23234

..ities, there are v' y fewinutih

i .z.h , 1larticutlar o ublem that the


which are free from the vicious - albu1m raises61c',t much-discussed
methods of this type of e'nini. cone c 'the-authcntic style with
Smaller municipal courts, be_ ")re-.which to p'.ay Bach keyboard
which most of the criminal eas'; lzilsiC. Sehweier, the great Bach
are tried, are so flooded by cos-:.,p-- 1 eiolar, concludecd from an exam-
Lithat no thief or murda re, natio1L-IOf some Original indica-
fears punishment from that endl. i.o )s on the score; of the Italian
Technicalities and an abundance Concert, ,.he Minor Partita and
of cases make sure that the tra z, afew etherthlat: Bach shunned
'will never reach superior cozy st;.,11 znuances ; n his own per forman-
,where the gang'ster might be semt--E es: thpAt nhis1 playing dynamics
enced. Fie is safe-feared byte was liguy an nit ern ation of piano
police and courts because of hli::,and f -r % wh no gradual merg-
power, and hated by the respec{t- rig of thevtw intensities. This at-
able citizens. Some cities art, dif Fer- j _ t band all nuance as a
enut. Philadelphia arrested Al Ca-- :reah fsyei perhaps more ac-
ipone and sent him to jail. for tir-a -ebedbyb,.h:ach-players
monmths for carying concealed wea-,1ilo_-tr old )anu Harriet Cohen,
puns. In Chicago, Al had apat 'x J:ones, and . 131--ibly Myra Hess)
to do sio. Why shiould he be given;-han by an-y ote r s The notion is
to p: rrit? A wholesale withdr'a I[caost bain th'eir general caut-
o,-* weapon permits wouzld be O, iuzs, RIO,'yc reverent unpianistic
nlethod of combatting the lawler u 'pproach.
aless in this country. The <5(20.3110. y; ; 'evnt! :,as aconclusion-ifrom
the One D~oak has invoked recentiy 5'r;1oId Dometoft analysis of
__r~vn #r~~nz tt 4!-ha, n .sfs- w


IIt:rcy 'fi. liclev
to un llishop
\Viliiaiu licotx'r

(' ,', t I teig er

~-1'1 ---UI~i~l UaitJ~IC") U-tt U.A~hl~y ~ 2 22C2thc7Ctttty instruments,
c. vi .. os~ii lyo 2VI<.er scholar s, particularly E-
B Py swift and.iaesacc vnlihs, ae insisted that
An;n w. Verner Sylvia 'Miller Secretry De .sak willbealet : L >;e1 ;ea ah, over-dog
rtaian lt an it .leitf?1icl,
le.l en it ailey il r ed 1 I' otal a921 e x a m p l e In t o7 a t l 5 a l 9 ~ ' t C C i l * t e . T ile e v id e n c e
JuseI.ilterI'ov1 sr 7 jx '-Baththorn ic _aeto -far __l_.91).a _)7;' i-hnwt'le n oided from an
L.rthyAicire )oa, ', Wieesure, habea. s corpus writs, 1J Ca2 72ltiall- r eseeiv
1)oro{tliy Laylin-
__- - Lions. and othier sbiciie;Ci fLst' unssems to be, in
sthelaw ay be invoked:.o' - - ~Ii1105 Tere were
F - n " -,- L It E 19 19 0to x 1c '' 0 i -nn-cc I t -) V n ees over
Night-Editor-BEACH CCONGEB, Jr.-ganst theme. Ti;wthv ' ;C -c idr ntumts
____ ____- stay ot_, ani-d ieeir& Pe' 7'n tl;IW- lryad c-
THE PH. D. FEH hoeacse can be IxoW 00-''( (5(Iatc Dne osbi
edge, Ad neanvof th-- weossibler;1
For some time the Ph. D.deg°ree - ---- e. Arsdec s'roe ofth
has beena fetish and even a raison ; tel.veta ~ ta.M.1'~-~~t)7e~ fie clavichord or
do 'etre for the forward-look ing ! d0531'v05 praise foe hs en' tj. I _t ;;z15 r bythe plucki1 g ac-
young college instructor weIho rsveall-;dr l, - 2X tsc2&'ioehrd lacks). h
pects to gain anyheadway,.I n the havCe Ibeen detported, I-e il1 X'O l-bof } ('Cmae fo:l
department of his particular field l sascfaarspcnl (l.:'7uyetll Ktiy, that is for the
of teaching. Departlment heads, to- tremble when he bersnte vi, spicy of voice progressions1
administrative heads, and fellow ' 2aehteer or gaster. " whlich the duller impact of
professors, all have made the ac-I THE C<. ,,,I° hanmr of moder:
quisition of this degree a virtual; T1:CON&A I 1 . nietst ake difficult,
necessity for proper advancenment After more than week ofc oa~ ~tev:y 2nii difference be-
in academic rank. in most cases! and rather half -hearted oubr'~ ieh'r-hord and clavi-
it not only determines professorial ;C - ms be insisted on. An earl-
rank, but salary as well. The un-j the crown of King Alfonso of Spai 'a tef'kl eot ovr
fortunate without it may howl to is resting a little more010 (eut-oly ct I onwt B ;h t ols to the of-I
the winds; despite other qualities I the monarch's head, anid froo i C -t thiac b ach preferred the harp- t
or inclinations, lacking the benign that can be ascertained wil pr b-i ; herd focc his more brilliant music(c
grace of this degree he must re- al otnei la oiinfnLu1c omnposi tions of more intimate.l
main without the pale of the elect._ I xOO:_o subtle character he wrot-e fori
Amsinxrcbyivlewih-some time to come. C (i;n.vicherid. Now the Dolmetschx
this situation, is the ever-grow- ;- The situation in Spain today le~~i ave conclusively shown
ing departmental jealousies which no novelty for the people of that { i tn laichord as opposed tot
pervade the usual campus scene. country. Her history since the tc hnspiordf which by its na-c
One of the last public utterances -Wrdwa aIen fcma I a- 5 in nutiumcnt excluded
mnade by Dr. Little before his de- ?''tneinaces- err l3ete~y- aa
pasture was an indictment of"s e tively little importance. ospecell" : o a smaller scale o:
cialized departmental professionai- since a disastrous e nte'rprise n ,,a.{-:" of s.s muiich variety ofc
ism." His remarks contained the military control in Morocco. Strikes 7ill:nC s h modern pianoforte
history of sinall bickerings, pre-ttyad riots have occurre a=z{,'d ou. h ace _ h-l ,,'ee the forty-eigh-t(s

TinaU. OII depress~ion nasII ti onaUly
affected the receipts; for some rea-
son it has also affected the calibre.
of the dramatic fare.
George Kaufman has found an-
other colaborator and written an-
other good play, "Once in a Life-
time," which is a not too veiled dig
in the Hollywood ribs. It is guar-
anteed for over one hundred and
fifteen laughs a minute.
New York has been devoting itsel
for the past two seasons to a studyi
and appreciation of the more in-
triguing and salty aspects of Helen-
istic life. Last season it was "Lysis--
trata" which if my memory holds,
brought down the wrath of the
Methodist clergymen with as much
efficiency as the Gargoyle cover or
Judge Lindsey (my denominational
distinctions may be a bit mixed).
However, be that as it may, the
play, an adaptation of Aristophanes,
illustrating graphically the cond-
tion on the Greek matrimonial and
Martian fronts, was an immediate
success and if it has not let down
since October, it would be just as
well and twice as cheap to order
your tickets a week in advance (the
same may be said of "Green Pas-
tures," which is still belying the
depression at a great rate). The
other Greek representative in our
uncouth and delightful theatre is
'-The Greeks H-ad a Word For It,"
which has something to do with
that class to which Oscar Wilde's
only ladies with whom one could
carry on an intelligent conversation
"Grand Hotel" is something of a
modemn short story in theatrical
;;uise with the added impetu of
dramatic action (in fact very dra-
matic action) such as no self-
respecting critic would allow in a
modern short story. This tells the
story of the double-dealings, mur-
ders, seductions, etc., which are
taking ;place in a continental and
osmaopolitan hotel, and though it
is not very important, is still rather
good entertainment.
The Theatre guild, which for the
past few seasons has been dis-
tinguishing itself by granting its
exclusive attention to shows which
have been very ambitious, very
inspired and very well produced
but strangely ineffective, presents
"Elizabeth the Queen" with both of
the Lunts. This is a full dress affair
dealing with the never happy rela-
tions of Elizabeth and Essex. Other
plays that remain are "Hoar
China," which forcefully drags into
our midst a goodly dose of big
: tick propaganda (the European
commercialization of China) and
sentiment, bedecked with beautiful
Lighter in touch, both as mental
food and in comparison with many
of the heavy handed theatrical
obs of the year, are the comedies
'Up Pops the Devil" and "That's
Gratitude" neither of which are to
be missed. "Twelfth Night" and a
hird revival of the perrenial "Uncle
Vanya" which Jed Harris made the
best Checkov, and whether or not
te two are correlated, the best
presentation that has been any
where near New York for the past
few years are the older dramatists'
hallenge to our present exponents
f the art of the theatre.


Cor. S. State and E. Washington Sts.
Dr. Frederick B. Fislier, Minister
10:30 A. IV.-M 'oining Worship.
"~THE BABE," Tagoace's new Poem.
Dr. Fis'her
(Broadcast over Station WW"/j
4:15 P. M-Church. School C;hrtsr
msprogram. "THE CH--RIS'IAS
There will be no evening worshipu.

Cor. State and Toast Huron
12:00 Noon--Regul ar Sunday School
Fireside meetings cvet-y Sunday at 6
P. M. during vacation.

Huron and Division Sts.
Merle H. Anderson, Minister
Alfred Lee Klaer, University Pastor
Mrs. Nellie B. Cadwell, Counsellor of

T . f - . v1I : , "- -( wuf -; --' ~a

10:45 A. M.-Morning
Sermon: "The Closed

Doors of

Soctal Hour at 7 o'clock.


- 11

E3. Huron, below State
-Wishes a Merry Christmas to those
leaving the city for the holidays.
-Announces the Christmas Music
and Message for Sunday, 10:45; and
a Christmas Cantata by the Choir,
7:30, direction of E. Win. Doty, or-
gan ist.
Students in the city, come to Guild
House at Noon. No evening meet-
ing on account or the Church Or'a-
R. Edward Sayles, Minister.
Howard R. Chapman,
Minister for Students.



jea-lovsies, individual grievances, continually and have been of un-
all, of course, involving specialized o-nni'nicce
or peculiar claims of particular de- ormisgnfcne
par.tnients of instruction. W hen the problem became W
Nowi our particular grievance acute, the dictatorship of Pin -
with this system is that of the usu- ! livera was set up and la sed for
al objictinsto making a sort o.7f esX years, a move which is gn:
"closed corpor ation" of the teach- ally conceded to have been aDuf-
ing ranks. If the Ph. D. werethfe for the crowvn. Recently, tLhs
handmaid of pedagogical excei-- ictator, having fulfilled his dtfie,
once, our complaint would contain -'n. connection with the crownbe
little jusice. But it is a matter of came useless to the gover. .n
common kniowledge that tho degreeend resigned to bear with in, t
determines whxether one may be-hs death the stigmia of a-bsout? y
considered an educational vworthy;,*u the reforms promins ed b
excessiive pride i3 taken__Ina staffs c- sr eerlBrngeh-
roster containingroall h. D.'s. Fur- i e slowi in coming andwiluri
there;, the re is given fogr}'°tU.ch doubt fig:ure in thel __,uCl2
resarc prmarlyand the "vi-;-condition.
ious circle" is, comxpleted upon this 4Although the -eet tiksi
b a si s-encou;ragement, advance- a widely heralded, 'tycueno -
ment, arid departmntal recomaten- t't-1° 2I';blleIn the Soa s e.
datoons Lare made on the strength'. st;r. The revolt of th J- - ar-
of wor k done in the laboratory or io seems to have left ltl a
study. For the most part, what re- priJnt on the generial tenor c -it-
mains to be done in thie classroom IAit .wile the anti-rnenrcg7 D
is the instructor's own business, or Id~osutes'fafwS ei
nobody's. irent -c equay n.oet--

i>~ 12 (-ni('.ii'lthe conelusiooll
_ rn~ to be ta tasteful perfor-1
3 tanne ethem on the modern
grad4 tn, with no attempt atI
ac ch , niwil not be a breach ofI
- ?l: n indeed wxill be closer to
~' llt~dn h cnr, performances
I ear tuan il e a style which
I te ntsto, im_.tate harosichordi
_ I Uelrs c the maodern pianoforte.
±nce ai-r;,thounro reason for
2 L72)ioto - : nor need. the
- t'1li2 W t igici as long as it
i <-c i' ~t ns:-;~craedundula-
in a t1\i1 -o ad rubato tempos
a e nrt toughit of, however,
t, tapillylboo). The addi-
-Iunimcaia facts that need
;2.:. 11215' tt l2 x it re that the
11 2~ ~ -{ -utery incapable of
-. e ;-~ '~_ _OttT~~(and that
t_-.I c t oiL;be used spar-
I~~) nd lt:' . te clavichord had
n,.'ce1 n I nd shtherefore prom--
II 1 2105550el e p601for mod--
, c fek ;'is hardly style-


(Evangelical Synod of N. A.)
Fourth Ave. between Packard and
Rev. Theodore R. Schmale
9:00 A. M.-Bible School.
10:00 A. M.-Morning Worship.
Sermon: "Stars that Lead to
11:00 A. M.-Service in German.
7:00 P. M. - Young People's
Special Christmas Services December
24. Christmas program of the
Sunday School at 6:30 p. m.
December 25. Christmas Cantata.
"The Star of Bethlehem" at 10:00
a. m.

p _ _ _ _ _ _ __"" "
A " ' ' A
R _ Dp
H ,


12:00 Noon-No Student Classes.
5:30 P. M.-Social Hour for Young
6:30 P. M.-AII young peoples' so-
cieties, uniting for a Christmas
7:30 P. M.-Christmas program of
the Church School. Play: "Why
the Chimes Rang"
Allison Ray Heaps, Minister
December 21, 1930
10:45 A. M.-Morning Worship.
Sermon topic: "Christmas-An In-
4:00 P. M.-Christmas Candle Light
5:30 P. M.-Student Fellowship so-
cial half hour.
6:30 P. M.-Fellowship Program.
Readings by Miss Amy Loomis,
Director of Lydia Mendelssohn
Division and Catherine Streets
Reverend Henry Lewis, Rector
Reverend Duncan E. Mann, Assistant
8:00 A. M.-Holy Communion.
9:30 A. M.-Church School (Kin.
dergarten at II o'clock).
11:00 A. M.-Morning Prayer; ser-
mon by Mr. Lewis.
4:30 P. M.-Christmas Community
7:30 P. M.-Christmas Community




I. S. F.
uncou.btedly a better executor, a
better '"Pianiscy" than Harold Sam-
uels; his feelings, however, for units
within the well-conceived whole are
leas sensitive than those of Samuels
generally are. For this reason they
ate anything but "ultimate" per-
forntances of these preludes and
fugues; but in their consistentj


Washington St. at Fifth Ave.
13. C. Stellhorn, Pastor
9:00 A. M.--Sunday School.
10.3 A. M.-Ac ve Ra'Service. sr-

409 S. Division St.
10:30 A. M. -Pegular Morning Serv-
ice. Sermon topic: "Is the Uni-
x ' including M'an, Evolved by
Az,,:,-,c For.-ce?"


(Missouri Synod)
Third and West Liberty Sts.
C. A. Brauer, Pastor
December 21, 1930








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