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December 16, 1930 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-12-16

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Visitors WillDisplay
Attack Than That
'Western Team.


With one victory already chalked
up on its slate as a result of Sat-
urday night's -2 triumph over the
University of Westerni Ontario, the
M i c h i g a n hockey team. went
through a light workout last night
in preparation for its next game,
when it will tackle the Chatham
A. A. club at the Coliseum. at 7:30
o'clock on Wednesday.
Chatham will bring a sextet here
that is stronger than the club which
the Varsity met and defeated on
Saturday night. Th e Chatham team
is a member of the same league to
which Western Ontario belongs,
and in its only game o the year
defeated Western Ontario by the
same score as did Michigan, 4 to 2.
'Three Stars on Oppositon.
Three men are outstanding on
the visitor's team which will test
the Wolverines' strength before the
regular Conference season opens.
"Smokey" Reynolds, star defense
man, is expected to prove a bar-
rier to the fast skating Michigan
forward line which functioned so
well against the Western Ontario
outfit last week. On the Chatham
forward line two men, "Red" Cur-
ran and "Sonny' Riseborough,
should give the Wolverine defense
a busy evening.
Although there are still plenty of
rough spots on the Varsity team,
the exhibition it showed against
Western Ontario was encouraging
for so early in the season. Under-
dogs at the beginning of the game,
the Wolverine puckmen out-skated
the visitors throughout the game
to take the decision by a margin of
two goals and to definitely prove
which was the better team.t
Wolves Play Heads Up.
In this heads up play of the
Michigan team the work of Keith
Crossman and Tommy Courtis, cen-
ter and wing respectively, was out-
standing. Crossman scored two of
the Michigan goals and played a
nice game all around, while Courtis
gave another exhibition of his cus-
tomarily good work at wing. Jack
Tompkins, the Wolverine goalie,
also showed uip well, although he
was playing the entire game with
a badly cut face that may have im-
paired his play to some extent.
AllCam pus Wrestlers
Wil Open Meet Today
(Continued From Page 6)
es while Cortez and Kalkins rank
at the top in the 125 pounders. The
135 division has at least four good
men in Horner, Anderson, Otto, and
Davis, but the 145 group is the larg-
est. Wilson, Dhankmnan, Bishop,
Williams, among the others deserve
special notice.
Parker, Power, and Brown head
the 155 pound class and Firsk and
Reif top the 165 men. Jordan and
Morgan in the 175 class and Grien-
nel and Williams in the unlimited
event look bet among the upper-
classmnen. With such a galaxy of
grapplers, the freshman entrants
will be hard put to hold their own,
but the meet will be full of inter-
esting matches unless the pe-
meet dope is radically wrong.
Officials will be lettermen, mem-
bers of the Varsity, Coaches Keen
and Donohue according to the
plans of the meet, and the entire
program will be run off as syste-
matically as possible to get the
large field narrowed down to the
semi-finals and finals. W h ii e
Thursday will furnish the best part
of the schedule with the major fl
bouts, t o day's and tomorrow's i
matches cannot be disregarded be- t
cau~se they may see unforeseen up-
sets in the various divisions result-
ing in unexpected final pairings.

holda:;th..nraurral7.Ph e ws ~ a......7
mentisoi g the enry ie: toa- 1 'i2 1......
teni t mt hib s Dout,?1 _.,:n s not > ' )""....................06
enris ut .e x 'ylL .e'lcep.ia> iet 3ImS P.......... .L
mnt " yi " >. ~ BT ~ v.'~:m'~e~
entiLI ; . B2 the.. a Y fs ae 1 i a
red' et itlrlty lnk 1--))'. >.
oetn,2 they intend to en.. " reX1 wiy /ham1.aa ve
Forty-tw o o,' this nuniber have Tha
aloetered w5econld team, T 7)be P>1 Dcx1D.4a. ,d ITXI
-t 2 f te to ta l h av e p laced :'t ._: . thex :,on ly Te
third group on the lists. T'his iso 7t1 Ev~hl ol 'n~t:'
compliance with the new Iiiaa;. _ c. lpha Ka.a ~ Lembd a o i t
mural pohicy which allows each C_- l; p a a ,, ia.7 t; 5re
ganization three separate te ams to 0_rnpethtioni.
be entered in the basketball play1{fX, .ie:t a Cil, and Alir
whereas last year only two t aas appa Lai bda are Ptesurm:az 'or
were allowed to each fraternity, th water ;polo calay, andAln
The schedule has been drawn ura tppa Lambda, Theta phi, .nr
insofar as an incomplete entry list icPiBetra DeltL. Alpha Ome
has permitted, and the opening I d T rau Kappa Epislon remain in_
the volleyball race. in addition to
games have been billed for the
Tuesday night after the varsity's io'se of the first ten teams whichl-
game with Purdue. The tilts fora;e.e'iechsothreref
that night are as follows : course several groups left which
y' ' ^9:30 y ar e at present outlside therakn
Phi Sigrima Kaixa vs. 'P' i Lamln bda en
Zeta Beta Tutu vs. Theta K ppa Na.
Theta Xi vs. Phi Lamb da KXo,.r
Kappa Delta Rhl o vs. Phi Kans
Sigma Alpha sio vs. T.eta
C Phi Delta Theta vs. Kappa Nu
Phi Epsilon Kappa vs. Omega 11i
Alpha Omega vs. Sigma Phu. 0
In addition to the organization of
fraternity teams, independent d
class teams are also being dra fted Here's where your$
for the season's play with 25 of the A
frehaigetrdadaot uter r lr .asthe same number of the la4tter lh_ - ent to you. Bay 1-o,0
wise entering teamis.na confidence. Check Del Pn-
]FRATERNITY STA 'DiNG1j x. frtee alterations, quality,
With three of the f ratomnity ,tl.bfr ouby
sports having already been coin- you save enough for the
pleted a revised standing list ha house and for gfsfo °
been issued which flids Tau Kappa and Brother.
Epsilon at the head replacin g Aluphs
Kappa Lambda which led at the
last compilation. The former nowa
have 293 points in comparison with,
the latter's total of 250. Theta Ci,.
Delta Alpha Epsilon, and Theta Xif'
follow closely on the leaders with v
218, 212, and 200 points respective-
ly. The standing of the first tenit}
groups follows:
1. Tau Kappa Epsilon ........2931f 213 EAcxSTI
2. Alpha Kappa Lambda .....50

(Continued From Page
stren d ien;; in a well fora
!fense of the, same type
c hich ,-the ''team disph
xA~it C:~ao ':Jecnker ,j
v: 'r et i
workaf ethe ?ie~rt2s a
1C2'Iw~t. \ili lno , -,tbea
:r;, b. v ante ep
" ce ~5'12 2 byl'

Sa Canadiens Hold Lead
ZOO in National Leagi
6) (Continued From Page 6)
med de-1 sturdy defense of the New Y
as thatI Americans Saturday and held t
ayed in 1-1 tie, are out ahead by five poi:
Philadelphia, which lost to
looking Americans and Detroit, makinm
7 relieve ten defeats *in 12 games, are
nes, the behind. The other eight teams
w eghti separated by only a few points.
arc> ~Montreal's Maroons came up
isa ti~etebdycrippled Tor, nto L
afor seel nd last , in the Canarc_
lassin- ;Diviightest as they h-
nald or the Chicazgo fl acklxawtafeks icor , 2 t.
anid a deleoat by Boston.TeA
I the iteanas, victorious over Phil c~i
.w wih )nd Boston before tying'{. the Cr..l
C the.. ciens. are only a point behinic.
with the t ayr4, doea led in two game, s
G arner tw o -nei ts lower in the sta ndin
't;' 2'n Boi. Pston camne up to tie- Cic
coaches or I he American group l:-ead as
cto: fire, previously invincible Blackh -awk
be keen tack was stopped by the Marc
a dliffer- and Detroit and Chicago tooks ci
c: f rom ots'rhoeBruins were set back c
Wolver- but beat the Maroons and roiled
strength a 7 to 3 score against Toronto
"cc rain urday.
to the ___
ICHICAGO---The father of ni
baseball. A. R. Foster, died recei
griU after a long illness, he was ones
ayer the founders and president of
:t sason Negro National League, until
retirement two years ag'o.

fork been seen i1.theJwih c u_,bt
to a Coach Hot a noni ha co
Sit in for a rel irar....,.eion . ro
far 1)rav~elir,'. ivyrha-,)Sef;_ .. an
are Cox avil b t".tm *
Ais Y ps l ti V d : - cC.('l- (b ' e
.o Ca,,, 1:a- b '. ;;: ~ .; be
to- C1 s ta-d r soan I - ~rn
at-beota h a.
i CoacheW2 Kn s Lien dm10 wit
agoc Capatitlo and' ;1 Mo IC hae cbeent
nthe geting ex,- w rim. untasiel.
e.oft- e Cpn h.' 07.2 0 1 th o2foot.
1ruet- erhics totho3-tin ar e O bett
is pr realxx ik j ehr availl te ro-h
~gram vactn wi-hmostuofthn. u

+ ' 'b:t ti' ,'t , Y: , '~r gram when t°° _ey return._

GiVING LONG ifE to w. 1, fock
204 N.Man Poe31
DHS Lprery dvio
page. UI . ,il XI .1'
AF POU an teet in rheUr ie
aSt oc C .i10an r an s erie ed Oienta
kiwi 0andWoveland, 0',naurapsin
Vcd. eso5le61il904
TPNk-chese apeialy.12i
pages.M . il alf adliver.
IFWL YOUwat our arinsuredshin
a, Stck Co.withprovaexclusions,
andwr rod srcedalts50.Steam
stel,,and aLov ;. ela, ' Ysinnat
bldg.vsin 5e 84. 612
apartentLupoiGh lnriatebah andt
heatVialobeausouable room,
rfsilead.garagE. Betheie Stte
A~ndDiviso.rDiale8544. A612
refusie.B3x155 .cahineDaSt.
DlaPhiBot hope, 523 E. ib-t,
expriecE inuhandling.acaei
retun t dek atLeaue. 12
LOS Wit gld lgnwrs
peeen a eildwithne3Mar-
{ 561

Q' _ l
f . 'A te 'y I
r , 3
7 k'
1 q._. 'tb- 1-1

a je' " " ti i 4Lk
ry 'r ' j .f

~ .^ -
" ''
r # -~ .1 t
, ,ry _ ', u '
! r ,r - F t .

fJ .S t
tl j

cie s

I caa fit

rrS F t ({j 13 7tY 1 , . L vl L. t Ci^'
:v: is PRf .i "r u t.YviN ~ 'tt.,.
3 'V
P 1J Yt, v ',
r You can rely on Del Prete's for best scylcys and
quality--Al sizes in stock--Look them ovell.
} YJp ,j y
in stock SOxvxe7S mom

v xin stock41
you properly

_ ..,.



Pa jam

as Handkerchiefs
Dress Shiprts
ers White DrePs "SEa rfs
s Shirts
ors Spats
-Slippers Jewelry


r' T t
y t7,r'

Open Evenings U ntil
Shirts and Sorets
to Match
You will agree we are introducing
another big; underwecar success.
50cio 1.50
322-324 outh Mai


r r ' y!
T ' - = 3i 3 l £ ' c..rs
. :e.= .,.,,'.

., f 3 { +'
+t j[ "M1.'l .L 444444

Z x G, h:
t T V ;
s? '
1 f# .
Lu. _ _

FOUND-A U. of M. sweater, pair
of ice skates, fur-lined glove. Call
at 610 Forest. 1
STPOLEN-The newspaper boxes in
front. of the Union. These boxes
are run by the two Bills, familiar
newspaper venders on the Camn-
pus. The return of the boxes will
be appreciated. 1234

-' =:
g 1 .... 'S


{ Y s


R,. ,, vv
,hr 4.




4 : 1

..r , ',1,3
:v - t7 ay x f .: a f) .
F' J -r ' - - ' a qty . A

Burr, Patterson &At ud. o
The quiet elegance and dis-
tinctive charmn of Christmas
gifis of
Frterity jewelry
Orders placed now will be do-
livered before Chris,11mas.g

' Yt
r bst hat Inolley
Juy V
.a i j t 5
and two trouser
suit, Ot iine wo r s. T--j ed,
=ark 4,,hatterns

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