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October 12, 1930 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-10-12

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Bremen's Toe Gives Winners
Four Points;Berkowitz
Makes Touchdown.

Varsity Score by Qu





Battling out one of the bestgames MICH GAN-
ever played by the B squad the Wol- iTTGAN..l
verine Junior Varsity yesterday FIRST PERIOD Ine
handed the Indiana Youngsters aIfo
10 to 7 beating, and opened their Stoll kicked off for Michigan to1
conference season with a win. The Pope, who received the ball on his ne
10-yard line and struggled back 12 co
entie gmetwasafeatured by yards. Stoll was put in to kick off M
gressive attack and air tight de- and Heston immediately relieved fi
fense. With the exception of the H syfir
long pass that scored the Hoosiers . ya
were never in a place to score. Pope was held to one-yard at ri
Michigan kicked off to the Crim- Michigan's right tackle. He was tw
son and the game resolved into a tackled by Auer. Pope punted toI
steady succession of line bucks and Tessmer, who caught the ball on lef
exchanges of punts. Neither team his own 32-yard line and returned W
gained on the kicks and the play it to the Michigan 43-yard line be- m
was for the most part an even fore being tackled. ou
struggle in midfield. The Hoosiers Heston gained two yards around th
opened up an aerial attack early in the Boilermakers' left end. He was th
the period and drew first blood downed near the sidelines. Tie ne
when a pass, Dross to Martich, center, Morrison, threw the ball out
gained 35 yards for a touchdown. of bounds on the next play and it on
Dross kicked the point, and the rest was brought in laterally for no Sa
of the quarter was uneventful. gain or loss. Tessmer punted out of Hu
Michigan Scores, bounds at the Purdue 22-yard line. Po
Second quarter opened with an Pope hit center for one yard. do
exchange of punts and a short kick he
by Dross was run back to the Hoo- Pope gained two more around V
Michigan's left end, being tackled Va
sier twenty-yard line by Coombe, by Morrison. Moss dropped a longc
thus putting the Wolves in a posi- pass thrown into his hands by I
tion to score. Bremen who had re- Pope. The pass was incomplete. Ho
placed Brown took a long skirt Pope punted from his own 25-yard wa
around left wing for a total of 15 line to Tessmer, who caught the th
yards and Berkowitz scored by an bounding ball on his own 10-yardI
off-tackle smash. Bremen made the marker. He returned it 16 yards. ya
extra point and the half ended. The kick sailed over Tessmer's Po
Michigan kicked off at the start head. Heston rounded the Purdue ca
of the second half and Indiana lost left end for three yards. Hudson lin
15 yards on the first down for hold- gained half a yard at center. Tess- W
ing, and on the second play, an mer punted to White, who received bel
end run, smeared with a ten-yard the ball on his own 35-yard line S
loss.bA poor kick gave the Wolves and struggled back seven yards to
the ball on the 25-yard line and a the Purdue 42-yard line.
pass, Kutshe to Berkowitz, netted h4
nine. There the Crimson line held Yunevitch made five y a r d s ma
and took the ball on downs. Later around Draveling. A forward pass -
in the period the Wolves worked from Pope to Moss fell incomplete
. four passes and advanced the ball but the referee declared that Hes-
to the 20-yard lineand Bremen ton had interfered with the catch.
came through with the winning The pass was allowed and gave
points by booting a perfect field Purdue a first down on the Michi-
goal. ygan 33-yard line. DeBaker replaced
goal. Hso.
Bovard Intercepts Pass. Hso.
Thelaprodoternedwith In- Yunevitch was forced out of
Thenastn peiodhned i bounds after a two-yard gain.
diana on Michigan's 15-yard line Pope broke lose through Michigan's
because of several long penalties. left tackle and ran to the Wolver-
Tightening up the Wolves held for ine's nine-yard line, where he was
downs and then kicked out of dan- tackled by Tessmer and Simrall.
ger. The remainder of the game It was first down. Michigan took
was without interest until with one time out.-
midnute to play Bovard intercepted Purvis made eiht yards between
a Hoosier pass and returned it toMich a ft grd and left tac-
the 35-yard line. Attempting to kle Yunevitch rounded Michigan's
score the Wolves made several gains left end for a touchdown. Capt.
but the gun ended the game. Brem- Van Bibber place-kicked the goal
en and Berkowitz were the stars of for the extra point.
the backfield, while Bovard, Frisk, Score: Purdue 7; Michigan 0.
and Justice shared honors in the Hozer kicked off to Pope, who
line for offense. Winston, Parker, caught the ball on his own nine-
Jordan and Benz were the basis of yard line and returned to the Pur-
the line's defensive strength. due 32-yard marker. A forward
___________________________pass from Pope to Moss netted 23
FRESHMAN WRESTLING yards and a first down on the Mich-
All freshmen who signed up igan 47-yard line.
for wrestling should report to Cox broke through and tackled
Waterman gym at 4:00 on Mon- Purvis for a seven-yard loss on an
day. attempted wide end run. Pope
hurled a short pass to White which
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tted 12 yards. Daniels went it
r Draveling who was injured.
Pope made two yards on a spin
r play through Cornwell. Pop(
mpleted another forward pass t
oss which gained 12 yards and
st down on the Wolverines 28.
rd marker. Pope went through
ght tackle on a spinner play for
o yards.
Pope drove around Michigan'
t end for a first down on th
olverine five-yard marker. Tess-
er was injured and took tim
t. Auer tackled Yunevitch for a
ree-yard loss. Purvis made up
e loss through the line on th
xt play.
Yunevitch was held to no gain
a slash between Daniels and
muels. Time out was taken for
adson. A forward pass from
pe to Keegan netted a touch-
wn. The ball sailed over the
ads of both Daniels and Simrall
n Bibber's attempt at goal failed
Score: Purdue 13; Michigan 0.
Michigan elected to kick off and
zer booted the ball to Moss, who
is tackled by Cox without gain on
e Purdue 24-yard line.
Yunevitch hit center for one
,rd. He was stopped by Morrison
pe punted to Tessmer, who
ought the ball on his own 31-yard
e. He struggled back to the
olverine 45-yard marker before
ing tackled as the period ended
Score: Purdue 13; Michigan 0.
Morgan replaced Hozer and New-
n replaced Tessmer in the Mich-

aover Keegan's head, Keegan re-
ceiving the ball on his own 19-yard
line. He was downed on the Purdue
3rd 4th Final 30-yard marker. Purdue took time
Risk fumbled and Morrison re-
covered for Michigan on the Pur-
due 24-yard line. Newman made
a yard through Purdue's right tac-
kle. On the old Statue of Liberty
play 'with Newman in the passing
position Wheeler took the ball out
of his hands and rounded Purdue's
right end for six yards. Wheeler
,AY BY PLAYguard. Newman dropped back for
an attempted place kick with Sim-
n igan lineup. DeBaker cut back rail kneeling on the 26-yard line,
through Purdue's left tackle for but Newman took the pass from
- five yards. Hudson failed to gmaincenter and threw a wide forward
Sfive yaks. Hudsofpass to Hudson which was ground-
at le taed. Purdue took possession of the
o tNewman hurled a long passover ball on its own 18-yard line.
a the center of the line which failed. Risk struck through Michigan's
- Simrall punted to Keegan, who . id strkn gn'
Z caught the ball on his 16-yard line. right side for nie yards, failing
r He returned it to the Purdue 25- to make first down by a narrow
yard marker, Samuels making the margin. Kissel fumbled and Dan-
a tackle. Purdue took time out. iels recovered on the Purdue 22-
e Pope hit Michigan's center for yard line. LaJeunesse was sent in
-I three yards. Yunevitch added an- tfor Cornwell at Michigan's guard.
e other yard at the same place. Pur-I Newman's pass to Simral failed.
vis made six yards through Mich- Risk knocked down another pass
igan's right side. Pope punted to on his goal line, thrown by New-
e Nwan wighsdmboepthedl. tman, and Purdue took possession
SNewman, who fumbled the ball. t of the ball on its own 21-yard line.
was recovered by Hudson on the Risk made two yards on a spinner
z Michigan 31-yard line. Newman cut play through Michigan's center.
I through right tackle for three Horstman fumbled and Samuels
h tmards.drecovered on Purdue's 26-yard line.
On the next play Newman hurled Newman completed a pass to
a long forward pass to Daniels Weem bu itmp aned only to
who caught the ball, passed the yard. N uet cit gained only two
Purdue safety man and ran for a yards. Newman completed another
. touchdown. The pass and run net- pass to Hudson for 13 yards and a
ted 66 yards. Newman place-kicked mrtrdoW he Pruk 1-rd
the field goal. marker. Wheeler struck through
Score: Purdue 13; Michigan 7 tackle for two yards.
Scor: Prdu 13;Miciga 7. Hudson made a yard around Pur-
Auer kicked off to Pope, who due's right end. On "Old 83" New-
made a sensational return to the man passed the ball out to Wheel-
Purdue 41-yard line. Cox tackled er who went around Purdue's right
Yunevitch for a three-yard loss. end for a touchdown. Oehmann re-
Risk was tackled by DeBaker for a placed Morgan. Newman place-
one-yard loss on the first play. kicked the goal, as the half ended.
Kissel failed to gain. Wheeler re- Score: Michigan 14; Purdue 13.
placed DeBaker. THIRD PERIOD
Moss punted to Newman, who Hozer kicked off to Keegan who
caught the ball on the 19-yard line was tackled on the Purdue 28-yard
and was downed on the Michigan line. Pope was tackled by Morrison
21-yard marker. Hudson failed to after a one-yard gain. Wheeler tac-
gain through Miller. Simrall punted kled Purvis for a one-yard loss on

a wide end run. Pope punted to
Newman who caught the ball on
the 40-yard line and was tackled
in his tracks by Van Bibber.
Aided by some splendid interfer-
ence by Simrall, Wheeler rounded
the Purdue left end for six yards.
Hudson failed to gain at right tac-
kle. Newman running from punt
formation, rounded the Purdue
right end for a first down on the
Boilermaker 49-yard line.
Hudson took the ball through
center for five yards. Simrall aided
by some more good interference
struck through right tackle for four
additional. Purdue took time out.
Newman took the ball on a quarter-
back sneak for a first down on the
Purdue 39-yard line.
Newman faked a running pass
and then cut back through the
Purdue line for four yards. Hudson
was tackled by Buttner for a one-
yard loss. Wheeler went around
end three yards before being forced
out of bounds.
Newman dropped back in a pass-
ing position, pulling the Purdue
defense in, and then rounding the
Boilermaker's right end for a first
down on the 27-yard line. Hudson
failed to gain at the line. Newman's
pass failed.
Another pass from Newman to
Wheeler was incomplete and Mich-
igan was penalized five yards for
the second incompleted pass. Sim-
rall punted out of bounds at the
Purdue three-yard line. Pope went
back of his own goal line and
punted out of bounds at exact
Simrall returned the punt on the
first play to Keegan who was
forced out of bounds at his own
20-yard line. Pope gained three
yards on a spinner play through
center. Yunevitch added three more
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