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May 26, 1931 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-05-26

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tin is constructive notice to all members
received at the office of the Assistant to
excepting Sundays. '11:30 a., m. Saturday.

III POqTAIf iv~riiqrI

~ at.Large

MAY 26, 1931

NO. 170

e day remains for the payment of diploma fees. There
on beyond 4 p. m, Wednesday, May 27. The Treasur.
d Satuaday afternoon. Shirley W. Smith,
Vice-President -and Secretary.
liege of Litcrature, Science, and the Arts, School of
:hool of Musc: Advance classification will close Friday
Ludents who expect to return will find it more conven-
w than to do so next fall; there is also a better choice
1ow. At the rate sections are closing, many more will
'idai night.
leges of Eng'neering and Architecture: All students in
o are taking courses other than Chemistry and Physics
Literature, Science, and the Arts are requested to call
s Office, 263 West Engineering building, to give the
istructors in those courses in order that grades may
iptly at the close of the semester. Please take care of'
a four o'clock on Thursday afternoon, May 25.
Louis A. Hopkins, secretary.
arships: Attention is called to the notices posted. Can-
sted to consult Professor Cross, 1011 Angell hall, Tues-
y at 10 a. in., Friday 9 a. m., or Monday at 2 p. m.
reau of Appointments and Occupational Information:
received notice of an opening for stenographic work
ie inter sted may call at the office, 201 Mason hall.'
hl will hold office hours Tuesday and Wednesday, May
to 5, in room 107, School of Music for consultation on,
all session.
igineers: Junior jackets are now ready for distribution
:nginecring Seniors: Diploma Fees must be paid by
27, 4 p. in. A list of names of those who have not paid
i. board in the south corridor. Please see that your
ers: The Announcements and Invitations have arrived.
r distribution. This distribution will take place every
eek, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Delivery
upon payment for same.
Psi: This is the last week for try-outs. Those inter-
n touch with the Intramural office at once.
zeta: Initiates or old members who have not their pins
1 at 1608 University Elementary building.
mts: The trip of the Chinese students to the home of
Webber on Saturday, May 30, will start promptly at 9
rth University entrance of the Women's League build-
oceed directly to the Detroit Zoo, where the party will
ugh the park. Luncheon will be served at Mrs. Web-

i I U I InL L ILINUL NW By Mark Barron
NEW YORK-The New York eqiv-
War and Interior Departments alent of the Paris gigolo is a hard
working fellow. Usually he gets
Agree to Reductions in only entertainment and very little
Their Expenditures. , monetary gain, except g;ood will in
a business way.
EFFICIENCY INCREASED In Paris a matron desiring to be
accompanied by a personable young
Postoffice Receipts Estimated man hires a gigolo. He is attentive
to her, accompanies her to din-
$58,000,000 Lower Than ner, the theater and cabarets and
Original Figures. - dances with her. In return he gets
a salary and his expenses paid.
WASHINGTON, May 25-(P)-The There are a few of this type in
governmert's economy campaign local salons, but New York has a'
has not lost its momentum although distinctive type of gigolo (althoughf
tentative savings of considerably that name really shouldn't be ap-
more than $75,000,000 already have plied to him) of its own. He is dif-
been agreed upon. ferent in the first place because
Presidential approval Sunday of he actually works at some sort of
plans to save about $38,000,000 this minor but honorable job, usually in
year in the postoffice department Wall Street.
was the latest step in the pruning He is well educated, flaunts 'an
campaign. The war and interior excellent wardrobe, speaks interest-
departments have agreed to sav- ingly on any topic, dances well,
ings; treasury and justice have always knows the right thing to do
been instructed to see how they at the right time, is acquainted
can cut expenses and report to the with the right sort of people and
president. has his work so arranged that he
Includes Expense Increase. can have leisure at practically any
In his third week-end especially time he wishes.
devoted to the problem, President Squires for Dames.
Hoover learned at his Rapidan, Vir- Such a yonganis much in de-
ginia, camp that postoffice econo- mandn especially in the more ex-
mies initiated last summer will mnsecilly in there c-
save nearly $38,000,000 out of an clusive ces of scie.
$843,000,000 appropriation for the ceptable men are scarce.
present fiscal year ending next Society women, it seems, move
June30Inthenextfinancal yearabout and do much more than the
June 30. In the next financial year, men. They are engaged during the
$15,000,000 net is to be saved, day with charity bazaars, br dge
An official announcement on the teas, luncheons, sports events or
conference said the latter figure musicales. In the evening there is
took into consideration a $13,000,- the opera, theater, dances and din-
000 increase in expenses that would ners.
result from enforcement of the 44- To attend these events they must
hour work week law passed by the
last congress. Economies in the
next year are expected to reach i
$28,000,000, leaving the net of $15,-
A comprehensive program to in-
crease efficiencies was formulated
in the conference between Post- .l
master General Brown with the
four assistant postmasters general Parliament Drafting Decree to
with the president. In the tentative
schedule agreed upon, neither de- Confirm Her Exclusion;
creased personnel nor salary cuts Passage Expected.
were included.
Receipts $58,000,000. ' BUCHAREST, Rumanian, May 25.
The official announcement said -(/P)-Queen Helen, estranged wife
postoffice receipts this year proba- of King Carol and mother of Crown
bly would be $58,000,000 below ori- Prince Michael, has been expelled
ginal estimates. Postmaster General from the royal family.
Brown has estimated the depart- The newspaper Patria, official or-
ment would have a $150,000,00. gan of the Zaranist party, reveals
deficit this year. that a decree is being drafted for
The interior department intends submittance to the new parliament
to save $17,000,000 to $19,000,000,c'onfirming her exclusion and stat-
while the army consolidation cam- ing she is no longer entitled to the
paign, involving the disposal of 53I rights and honors accorded royalty.
military posts, will add to the econ- War Minister Stephanescu al-
omies. ready has issued to the army an

always have a young man to squire
them about, and as there are so
many events on their program it is
necessary for them to have several
escorts during one day.
In comes, the New York type of
gigolo, as described above. He does-
n't receive any pay, but he always
is on a party where all bills are
R~aid by the host or hostess. There-
fore he gets in on all the good times
for fio more expenditure than his
time and the cost of keeping up his
Besides the pleasant life he lives,
he profits in another way. In serv-
ing as knight gallant to socially
prominent dames and debutantes'
he meets people important to him
that he couldn't meet otherwise.
Pleasure Plus Business.
If he is in Wall street, his social
wanderings may put him in touch
with customers. If he is an artist,
author or musician, he may find a
Lord Chesterfield who will sponsor
him in his career.
He really isn't a gigolo, but his
business and social careers are so
interlocked that he could never tell
where one ends and the other be-
There was a time when society
delegated all such hortors of the
escort only to titled adventurers.
For a few years Park avenue was
practically a bread line for lords,
dukes, princes, earls, caliphs, shahs
,and their brother nobility.
It was a grand circus until a few
suspicious investigators discovered
that a large majority of the titles
were bogus. The revelation brought
considerable embarrassment to
more than one member of the So-
cial Register who had been dining
titled guests.
Since then titles have been worth
a dime a dozen. Society has gone
back to home-grown products for'
Will Direct Courses in Summer+
Session 'Tour Week Plan.'

- Provisional Governme
Women to boId
F IWithout Votir
MADRID, May 25.-(A'
women cannot vote in
will for the first time
n M . forelection in June as
" . the new constituent ass
The provisional repu
ernment has decreed t
:h . .and priests may also b
the assembly. The male
-. has been lowered fror
years. This adds a c
element to the Republic
for the youth of Spal
for the new order.
Many observers thinK
be given the vote, soon
but there is some oppc
among the Republican
among the Socialists ai
nists. This is because
extreme Lefts fear t
Spanish women might i
James Couzens, instead of for Republica
Michigan Senator, who yesterday being swayed by conse
attacked Secretary Mellon's recent pulses more than Sp,
discussion of taxes. "Nothing can are."
stand in the way of tax increase," Many women are ch
he said, "except playing politics the republic and it is
with the treasury department." numerous priests voted


Michigan Senator Hits Mellon
Discussion; Favors Tax
Law Revision.
WASHINGTON, May 25.- P)-
Secretary Mellon's discussion of
taxes was described today by Sena-
tor Couzens as "an obvious attempt
to sustain the evident intention of
the Administration not to have a
tax increase at the next session of
Congress." ,
"Nothing can stand in the way
of the tax increase in the next

in the April munb
which caused the c
The national asse
will be the second
has had in eight y
fore the Primo de I
ship which began in
assembly will be Sp
liament since befor
ship and in many
more important tha
body the country ha
The first thing th
do will be to make
republican governr
tional. It has the a
people as expresses
nicipal elections. E
it will not be diree
by the people unti
assembly writes such
- -IT IS Ha

vishing to go, who have not yet signed up,
oefore Friday, May 29. Wai P. Lei, pres.

ig me

": The audience is respectfully requested to be in their seats
erformance of "Electra" begins, as the play has only a single
1 and late comers can be seated only with difficulty. The eve-
mances begin at 8:15, and the Wednesday and Saturday
3:15. Robert Henderson, director.
an Pageant Women: Everybody must be in costume at 6
imer Field House.
ty Lecture: 4:15 p. rm., room 1041 East Physics building. Dr.
r, of Goettingen, Germany; "Quantum Theory and Electron-
in Polyatomic Molecules." Public invited.
taties Staff-Literary College: A meeting for those members
ematics staff teaching first-year courses in the Literary Col-
d for 4:30 p. m., 3010 A. H. -
Members: Annual banquet at the Michigan Union, at 6:15
e will be a real program. Tickets are now being sold by
.bers and in room 274, West Eng., bldg., at $1 each.
Short meeting at the Union at 3:30.
Club: Importaft meeting at 4 p. m., in room 203 University'
mberative that all the new menbers, those taken in follow-
play, attend. All those planning to attend the picnic, May
a., must be present to sign' up. The Picnic fee will be col-
s time. Every members is urged to be present at this meet-
e Business Staff and Tryouts: Meeting of entire staff at 4.
n office at 3 for mailing out.
,n Science Organization meets at 8 p. im., in the chapel of the
ague building.
R. 0. T. C. Band: meet tonight at Morris hall at 7, to play for
ht exercises. Please be there promptly in full uniform.
House pf Repnesentatives will meet at 7:30 tonight in the
m on the fourth floor of Angell hall, for an open forum dis-
e announced. All who are interested are invited to attend.
s for next semester will be held in .the closed session, and all
e asked to be on' hand. The election will take place next

Chemistry Colloquium will meet
in room 300 Chemistry building on'
Wednesday, May 27, at 4 p. m. Mr.
M. B. Geiger will speak on "The
Quinoidation of Some Organic
Romance Languages Journal Club
will meet on Wednesday, May 27,
at 4:10 p. m., in room 408, Romance
Language building.
Cercle Francais: Last meeting of
this year on Thursday, at 7:45, in
the circle meeting room, Romance
Language building. Prof. Rene Tala-
mon will speak. Refreshments. Elec-
tions of officers.-
Athena: No meeting tonight be-
cause of Lantern night. Tomorrow
evening (Wednesday, May 27), a
picnic will be held at the Island.
All who desire to attend will meet
at the east' entrance of Natural
Science building at 5:30 p. m.
Pi Lambda Theta final meeting
of, the year on Thursday, May 28, at
7:30 p. m., in the Women's Athletic
building. Dean Alice Lloyd will be
the speaker. The scholarship will be
awarded. Attendance required.
Social Dancing Classes are to be
p ostponed until Wednesday eve-
ning. Beginning class meets at 7:30
and advanced meets at 8:30.
A. S. C. E.: Dinner meeting at the
Union, Wednesday, 6:15 p. m.
Tel. 2-2813 615 E. Williams
41 -I

order authorized by Premier Jorga,I
forbidding observance of the queen's
saint day next Thursday.
Parliament is expected to adopt.
the measure as soon as it assem-
bles and Queen Helen will leave
the country permanently, soon
thereafter, terminating her uncer-
tain marital status of more than
two years.
Former Premier George Miro-
nescu had been content to let the
matter lay dormant during his

Four visiting teachers from other session," said Senator Couzens, who
colleges will conduct "four week is a member of the Senate Finance
plan" courses in the summer session Committee, "except playing politics
of the Educational School, accord- with the Treasury Department."
ing to a bulletin issued by Prof.
Thomas Diamond, of the School of "Onea of the criticisms America
Education; has had of other nations is that
they did not balance their budgets,"
Dean Wilford Loin Coffey, of the he added. "If we are to be con-
College of the City of Detroit, previ- sistent, we should balance our bud-
ously mentioned as Hobart R. Cof-se
fey, will give a course in planning
of school buildings. Dean Lydia I. Sepator Couzens has advocated
Jones, dean of women at Michigan revival of the gift tax and an in-
State Normal college, will instruct' crease in the estate tax as the first
in the teaching of literature in ele- steps in revision of the tax law. HeI
mentary schools. Nila B. Smith, also has proposed that the gradua-
supervisor of research in the De- tion in-the surtaxes be continued to
trQit public schools erroneously higher scales on incomes above
mentioned as Margaret I. Smith, $100,000.
will conduct a course in the teach-
ing of literature in elementary
schools. Prof. Harvey L. Turner of
Michigan State Normal college, pre- Lydia ENDEL
viously given as Arthur R. Turner,
will teach current studies and cur-
rent literature relating to the rural

A. T.,C(
Shoe Repa

1109 South


M v


4 .

= - E

Matinee T oOW and Saeat






1 - E




Heroic-Thrilling-Breath Taking




Boston, rinceton, Grand
Rapids,Detroit-and now
Ann rbor hail a great



Quality Far
Beyond the
The first consider-
ation of a Dey por-
trait-the quality-
the part that makes
a portrait valuable.
Make an appoint-
ment now.

star i a great play


"An audience of all ages filled the hall to the doors and s
before the unfolding of a tremendous-drama. One and all paid
of breatheless interest."-The Boston Herald.
"Blanche Yurka thrilled the audience and gave one of the i
performances of her career."-The Boston American.
"The 'Electra' proved a superb performance with Blanche Yi
ing the audience to tremendous enthusiasm."-The Grand Rapids
.... "A deep impression was made by the Electra.' The players we
back again and again at the close by applause. . Miss Graham is
her appearance striking, her ability assured."-The Detroit Free




Thurs. Mat., May 28, 3:15-Ma


f ,

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