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February 18, 1931 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-02-18

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Un ivers it
Olson Says Purpose Is to Assist
Advanced Teacher, Not
New Student.



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;I-way Engineers Conyv
for Three-.Day Mczing;
Open to Public.




Observation Balconies, Similar
Facilities for Visitors
Are Installcd.
By FrI~i' ' 41. (ikhibre, '33F,
EstabiJhed 1to cointfribute to the,
advancement of knowvledge concern-
ig children, the University Ele-
mentary school is assisting in the
preparation of teachers in the ad-
vanced stages oftir tr-aining -rnd
is providing , c -oportunities }
for children, teow?,r , .1d parents
of the state, Dr_. W pct. C. Olson,
director of rese-arch ini child de-
velopment, poini ted o ot in a state-
ment to The Daily today.
"The school is not designed to
provide practice teaching facilities
to students," he said.
The University of Michigan Ele-
mentary school building was made
possible by a grant from the legis-
lature of the state in 1927. The
building was completed and occu-,
pied in September, 1930.
Costs Met By Incomle.
The costs of instruction and re-
search are met jointly at the pres-
ent time by funds from the gen-
eral income of the University and
from a grant received from the
general education board of the
Rockefeller foundation.
When the school is operating at
capacity, about 400 children can be
accommodated. The age limits will
be from two to twelve years. Dur-
ing this year the enrollment has
been 'restricted to 65 children. A
plan of gradual expansion by add-1I
ing additional age groups has been
Officials of the school have
adopted the general policy that
their first obligation is to the chil-
dreni who are in the school and
that nothing in the conduct of the
school should represent an unwar-
ranted intrusion upon their rights.
They also feel that they are obli-
gated to give visitors every oppor-
tunity to see the school in opera-
tion and to make their visit a pro-
fitable one.
Equipped with Balconies.
To accomplish the dual obliga-
tioni, the school is equipped with a
system of observational balconies
from which the work of the class-
r.oomi may be viewed without dis-
turbing the educational activities
which are going on within.
According to an announcement

Associated Press Photo
Capt,. Sloan Danenhower (center), commander of the Wilkins sub-
marine, Nautilus, made a pr.actical diving test at Philadelphia navy
yard, by using "synthetic air," a mixture of helium and oxygen, which
he believes will revolutionize deep sea diing. Frank Crilley (right),
moaster diver of the Wilkins expedition, will carry on investigations with

the air substitute for possible use on
.i~ TM-i A TD

their cruise to the north pole.
Symphony Orchestra
Will Offer Pro-grams
Announcement that the Uni-
versity Symphony orchestra will
giv^ a radio program and con-
cert:, on Saturday and Sunday,
March 14 and 15, was made
ye~toirelay by Prof. David! Mat-
tern, director of the organiza-
tion. The previous announce-
mont of two concerts for this

C, Inif01, t'.r thr- -C ~V confer-
.etuu iiighwcy e rneoiig, road
conmrSoners find highway engi-
neers from MiebI) ,n an(.1 neighbor-i
ing states will open today the sev-
enteenth convention of its kind toI
be held under the direction of the
College of Engineering in co-opera-
tion witih the Michigan :Mate high-
way department and the Michigan
Association of Road Commissioners
and Engineers.
The scsasio: 1hi nomar: ing will be
,~t 9:30 in the .-gudh hll of thef
Union w-ith Prof. L.: _. (<amn-, of the!
civ"I eng ineering caeurmnt pre-
sceing. The vna~r xill include
Dyr. ialer V:a., ;inhn, director of
the Personnel Re sea ch federation!
of Ne-w York, who ,vihl sieak on
"The Prone. To Accident Driver;"
Sid zcoy J. W filliams. chrt eetor of the
public safety division of the Na-
tional Safety council of Chicago,
whose subject will be "What Driv-
er's License Laws Can Accomplish,"
and Howard D. Brown, attorney for
the Detroit Automobile club, speak-
ing on "An Effective Driver's Li-
cense Law for Michigan."
rProf. W. J. Emmons, of the high-
way engineering department, will;
preside at the meeting at 1:30
o'clock at which C. N. Conner, en-
gineer-executive of the American
Road Builder's association., will
Ispeak on "Low Cost Bridges." Aeri-!
al H-ighway Surveys" wvill be dis-f
cussed by Prof. S. D. Sarson, of the
civil engineering department. Le-
roy C. Smith, engineer-manager of
Wayne county road commission.
will speak on "Detroit Metropolitan
Prof. J. S. Worley, of the trans-
por tation departme(-nt, director of
the transportation library will pre-,
side at a smoker at 7:30 in the As-
sembly Hail of the Union. At this,
session the address of welcome will
be delivered by Dean H. C. Sadler
of the Colleges of Engineering and
Architecture. "The Paris Gun" wil
be the subject to be discussed by
ILicut. Col. Henry W. Miller, Pro-r
fes:sor of mechanism and engineer -j
All meetings will be held in the,
assembly hall of the Union and are 1
open to anyone.'
Medical Faculty Plans
Traditional Reception
f ollowing a custkom established in;
foimer years, the. Executive comy-I
mittee of the medical school will
j gie arecrtinto the' rnenihrs'

Y 4e

Unde th diecton 1' r.T. Lu-
i'Cr Prote 1gno tion 1of
the ueuo pon ci ltr1and
ultt ;1 'QIsD."' t Ik .Rob-
b}7is, x s n t h res.int,
stard ee't l.Th breu'o
live haa ii~ rsae, r
4P3r, n a)2n) at icvrj
det mycome toillth b "ureau rtO

Colege of

En giceringOffcr,
Cuf r s,-Eu l onl

Transportation under m~oderni
ceuriditiours has become the subjectr

for a speeci ifour--year, study course j w s i ncorrecAL1&%u, ne L.'LUc.
offered this yeaar for the first time to t e---- -- __st densoth
While courses in. transpor tation PIEo'2SICI1T
have been given in the University
for several years, a definitely or-- LL IEO R E
ganized program inl transportation
engineering covering ihe whole col-
lege course h a not b. ^n available. Pronmi cnt European Professors
Although the new engiin ,ering divi- Secured to Lecture in

4 ion has been in operatlan since

Summer Session.

the opening of the prescmi' aca-
demic year, no formal annor. c-I Wolfgang Pauli, of the Polytek- lnhabenmdecueo nihHcshletZrcSw-
rncnl. ~~~ hppn ~~ ~~ ~f . nIse.ohcuea uih w

desire of theose in charge to study

IZII1WOAIO I~it~bUi lecarefniy lite aspects of the new,
research facilities of the University field of study bef ore anzy generall
Elemerzntary school are in general c nnou7.nement aade.
?pen to graduate students with~ ndsusn h e ore
mnajors in any division of the Uni- Indgle ewcusr
:ersibGy. The various departments Prof . John ,. WIrly stated tha t3
have for some time offered stu- ,tl he equirements for the new cdors
dents important bodies of informa- thwas elt thatnLsfo the nlecoiseo
tion in courses on education, broad to jus ify the development '
health, psychology, and sociology ofofmr ehncasTewrkf
the child. With the establishment othernpttini engineerkilof-
tetall:io ngnewila-of the laboratory school additional feet ox-cry aspt of our social andL
}pecialized courses in the psychelo-inutiloaiainadhems
.gy of child development, nursery tIheroforc h x'e a broad and symnpa-
scholtv e, and. child cig development have peet thetic view 014" moFdern industrialc
pIlans, a limited inumber of scholar-an coui pblm wthhet
ships anid assistantships will be crc- lotdntial ability to assume execii-r
ated for the year 1931-32." tive poi t ,)s in miany varying',
It ~,is 'ien?;'ntl t;over o~e-if
Wnat's G oing On 1100 new esoOF - udfor the fture'
-° tarzspzt z~ou, , ezis distinct-,z
_____________ - -ly cultural i ntue-athematics,'
THEATRES SxcCOiem l I -b and p11I z.' col zital
lMi ieti--Be atrice Lillie in "Are trann nmd ' agaeWt
YouTere~r?" with Olga Baclanova. this tvil o thorough course in
Also , Laurel anid Hardy Murder (the fundameniIs of civil engineer-
Case."lIing aloe: itht chnziical courses
M1ic"higsn -Mai<rie Dressler and which ireof s-ciffic interest. .-1nC
Polly Moran in "Reducing" with addition to_.certin number of
Williamt~ Collier, Jr. Anita Page, elective= _ ".,s whic may be chc;
anid Sall1y Eifers. enlby-th, student to round out hi-s
aa t aiSCeBey on <tt i niGilberti, and Polly Moran in "Way idk sires, h~e is.e, e e to colee
for a sailor." sre one nr1lrod mi~
- ~~~~aeoaieal and1 au i ztomo~bile eng -_'
GENRALneeio aswel ato study the
Exhibit-- Worof n ilIinteet'li eon- hiphay'', :; iterwas s
(tury Ft ench artists , roo)iiiz A, Alumniavneoft"ui'ato.T e
Mecimrial hall. introdutoytdisw ldio a
Frx e n c h Leec t u r e- Manson M. carelly knit pogam will be
Brien on "Orleans et Jeanne completed duin th fourth y:rr
d'Arc"; 4:15-o'clock, room 103, Ro- by intensic ~cours sne special
mance Languages buildinig branch o7 c le!I

zerand an Prf.Arnld ommr-of the medical faculty and their)
d~ d, from the University of Munich, wives at 9 o'clock Monday night inj
ha%. 'een secured to conduct ad- the ballroom of the Union. Dr.
vane: courses for the summerJ Frederick G. Novy is chairman of
phyicss-!posumit asbeen an- the committee in charge. The re-'
pics~zpsui a ception will be followed by a dance
znounced by Dean Edward H. Kraus, at the Union.
of the -mir Session. Hosts and hostesses for the eve-'
Altheligh the men are primarily ring will include the members of
to conduct lecture courses and sem- the executive committee and their
mnar work, their lectures usually wives. They are Professor Novy and
suggest researches which may be Mrs. Novy, Prof. Udo J. Wile and
undertaken. Mrs. Wile, Prof. Arthur C. Curtis
Professor Sommerfeld is a the- and .Mrs. Curtis, Dr. Jame's D. Bruce,
oretical physicist who has contrib- and Mrs. Bruce, and Dr. Harley A.
uted to theories of atomic struc- Haynes and. Mrs. Haynes.
ture and appli- ations of these theo-1~ _____
ri-es to the spec .rum or explanation
of the spectrum. He has instructed TIMES &fi
may pupils wvho noxv are in the' LAST'
first rank of t:iheoretical physics. TO A
During the first half of the ses- TO A
sion he will lecture on problems in TAKE A TIP F RO]
nu-clear phlysics, and for th~e latter
half, on aplications of the quan--
tumn theory to some problems of 1E SLil
tlhcrmiao-c cuaalibriurn. su chias the u % .
electr o t'eory of metals and simi- DO L
liar quaOtins
Pauli is one of the younger the-A I
oret L1 al phy icists who has many
or ts aidsiga;eahievemen tsain that
field o his credit. Heals o stands :1
pin the ijt rak in modern theore-
1 ~~wood tI Here I k-
just -a thousand laughs,
! ~~one after the other?!s
a no ol e caq tell- f the letter is "Folks, if you're fat it
NVfi e5 11 Old 1-lain shire Stt[011 nl pjyou y thin--if you're .
Cry ,it givesan almost presi-
j 1i ;pity to the message it t hinii, it in a k e s you
L S &. \Vhther your letter is to shapely!
S thefiuniiy at home, to) some ofyour
t lccdinea or purveyors- or to "It reduIces the blues, and
Aur very beat girl, Old Hamnpshir-e .
ads istinct tone, for it is rich, gives you what we believe
sub :lncisl, smrt-rr--it has the rich I to be ou' funniest talkie.
tetrthe crisp crackle of theYo utoeov!
c ,-1y aristocratic paper."Yuits cm ovr


i~.sozaw ICSS~AZO learn xvl a L sixorl b usnsses or
The deed to a parcel of land sold to Indiana University, Blooming- "piofes skV'sec I and howe to fit
ton, protecisthtie DIn family burial ground. Now it is a part of the themselves in th' e prope' iche.
c -:umus shownx above), The university's famous Jordan River flows Work u'rteYet alunnY i includles
nearby. Grave ninar'kers on some of the 31 graves go back almost ai a sur ey of :counir studcets during
cenrtur'. the la , - 0 yea s, "3,000 haviig been
- - ---. - -- ____________-interviewed by wrriten investigation
at the a thorization of the Board
r~ Y S' CA11 .-O FER MPLO YMENT of R egent>:. Hitherto the bureau had
IN SUMMER TO ICLHIGAN STUDENTS i nta i" olf ,,v. iiiflg idely tdents
(- fonto n aout t.he rndt' ilemin
R~f55Cl? Cooper, Stt Secetary I tudy, leather craft, canoeing, and is added, many positions calling for
ofY..C>II. Vr . ci sailing. Activities and campus of- speeial or unusual qu alfications
of YAI.CA.acecs are also required to be men--anid exucsrience can be filed by
C~p oiar~i~ies ticoed, as well as two references for lM1iichuir genuu The mxagitude'of
Oppotunty t enoy (ie um-the applicant's character and per-1of this investigation, has somewhat
Oporun inantoiany rii le smm eaity.Religious balance, to ro- Idlydtepoes
t~laY~i nta~a ofere stcrda tojsdn for procer tia ining of all sects
eloyientwasoffeed esteday of boys in attendance at the camps,
Michigan students wvith an an-1 is providlcd with compulsory state- B IGHTr SPOT
nouncement made by Russell Coop- met as to the student's church 802I PACKARI)t sceay YteMihgn ~ <_ STREET
or, sate ecretry o he ichia reference.
Young Men's Christti nIassociations, CoprasoakdtatsuetTOIAY, 5:30 to :30
that 19 boys' camps in the state ap)1aicaits state whether they wish FRID) OYSTERS
are seeking studcrii leaders, a job for the entire summer of eight j LAMB CH--OPS, DINT JEiLLY
"Leadership in a summer boys';xweeks, or for only one mnoth, nas- S'rUFFED POK't1 CHOPS
campy gives a college man a great much as sonic students wish to do ROAST BEEF
oppartunhy to help develop the both outside work and camp work MASHED ") O R1~
chatrac te of the boy life of Michi- during the vacation period. Imme-POA ESO S
gn, and at the slane time to spend elate answers to the questions are OrT S
tiL e summer" out-of-door," Cooper1 necessary, so that the student may COLD SLAW OR PEAS
relnwi1ked as Me explained the on-! be considered in anticipation of the 35c
litmnent of college counsellors. Some various canips' demands. Further WE D)ELIVER PHONE 8241
leaders will receive as much as $150, information may be obtained from
to ;et her with all their c:penses, lie Fenelon Boesehe, '34L, president of ---
stated. The awarding of salaries the Student Christian association
will be based on the extent of the at 3:00 o'clock any afternoon. in M A E SI
studeut's experience in summer Lane hll,
camp work. - 1 2 'y q :40--7 / 9 :00(
The19 .MC.A bys'cams n C bWill Resume NOWPLAYING
Michigan arc now enlisting theirNO PL IG
leaders fronm colleges throughout L.sfe Djrawing Classesy
the state, and are including the sin-
dentis, here in their .state-wide on- Classes in life drawing which the
iollnieit. lien who wish jobs are Studcli Art club ha s been sponsor--
asked to commaunicate immediately ing weekly during the last few
with CoOlacr in the state Y.M.LC.A. Months will be resumed Thursday
headquarters buildingp, Detroit.I
They are to answer a series ofl ight in the drawing room of the
questions explaining their oduca- Architectural buildng, Lorne E.
tional, social cuituu a7 and religiousI Marshall, president of the club, an-
background, as well as revealing (nounced yesterday.
ther experience in camip work. The{- - -
, u el 's4nd aoc s w l sh s tandini n be eUniver-sity, anid
his eei~egc and home address'es are , r n I~ldI ho eL oop
er. Statements of narevhousecmpy
experience and the camoi; atitended
are also 'eqosted.
The counsellor's sk>ill is to be self- ..(
estimated with refe' Ces a:;s to per-
sonar piroficienci yn vac; nu5branch.-
es of recrealtlo, schi as nature~
IN E d n r f'A a s yuw ash your hair w i th ii
%4 -(Iinderfulsbarnipofi. Iitchs f)andru
wh ny urn ey u B i .S h Rb lI drupia"ts and arhxrs F v rt
Mi's Sherlock
Fox Movietone
Muical Farce
r .-~.Rollicking
11 .'Riot!
pand .'yA
Short S uort t5
in E Cast incu des
"Lone Star John Olga
.' Stranger" Garrick Baclanova'
SIS CEF IHaitneadde

Terrytoon FI_? E, TRA


LAST :00F :-1

7:' 0-9.00


"Way For A Salor"

Ba.n ........25c
Main Floor..............50c



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