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March 04, 1931 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-03-04

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:Bafalaika Orchestra

iiimed Itey--ateoal Night Talent

6 E * E. A.........MAN 'L F W J$ F O R P R E S ID E N T ' M O V E M E N T g RIHN B A O U E T M y e rs N a m e d to H e a d ' EN0-O U T I 6 o c~R[ s i n n-T TE X P E R T F d m i nA 1 PND B E MCAS I H CG eH
%; :: ':: : : .:i :I i i [ [X . i;a~ h .x "iT 1I:R E" : Oo f E u c a tio n , w a s c e te o p r e s id e n t ~ 1 1 F I B
.. ' I Of te National Vocational Guid- ST'H R
aiiance association at aecent con- Attr
picture 'Directed, Subtitled, and ference held in Detroit. it was an- David Mason, National Timber propos
Written by Sigma Delta Chi nouznced yesterday «"tt 'heschool o conserv ation Board Member, Eduction
«efr Fc oCntrAon Members to be Given. ____ ______-ofr With Da. held 1
Cruise of Mythical Ship " :mcligan's 9h anual Gridiron ftKtI [ One of the nation's leading for-stdesire
" to Conr fWrd 1 Ba nout scheduled for April 8 at I NESl Testers and conservation /experts, tmns
1N ACSPA ND the Union, will feature a second!r David T Mason, left Ann ArborI tion
yflesterday, after a visit to the Schoo]iee
___ all-campus movie on a recent even L L ~o lee
{of student and general interesTO M I G B a.LI L of Forestry and Conservation hereI thou gJ
i4e Fic l Dancers, Gypsy Music 0 Tsepl-flRussell '31. general chair-- - where he conferred with the 'head a Heok(
A pn Amozg Features of yetral HeeawSceyo h
man, announced y .trdy. The Dr. SuntdwlWa sb d oit ftesho n drs e h as
Entertainment vq ilfetae, iece,'u residet toSpeak on stud~et body. was r
The R siyaIo ~ n Dea oitfor thet r, .D lt C ip ro e -H ji -idvisit was to consult w ith Dean 'S .Ithe id
tiers of Sl~~a et pi1 -s .HwadH CmigsadT Dana on the work of the advis- ion"
artistic excellence and their oni- «;rilil journalistic fraternity, which D. JhnSndal isekbe Toy omte t h atoa im nt
giaTitrpeatos fth<onsis sponsoring the event.D.Jh uda ilsek bery commteerothvationaltim-whonhtwa
gia ntrrtain f h ons;ifore the Wahtenaw County Medi-becosraonordwhhws
of Russia, will hea~d the galaxy of Besdes the movie, skits on con-; recently appointed by Presidentl Dr.
professionli and amateur talent j .eprr campus events have cal society at is regular meeting 'Hoover and on which both Mason o
which ill apear onthe"pogram . ...'~.,, been aranged for the program. at 8:00 o'clock tomorow night in and Dana are serving as members. o
whfc wil.aper o.te.rogam < They will fllow the general outline the Women's League building. Besides being a member of the
f h eighth annual International adopted last ,yea, and will be writ- A discussion led by Dr. James M. firm of Mason and Stevens com- NE
Nigt next Tuesday in Dill auditor- ten, directed, and acted by mem- Pirewl olwteadest ercial foresters, Mason has a long IG ay
lum, it ws announcd yesteray Pierce wbeil ootleofratrnity.rAsinimum Irecord of government service with o i
by William Jacobs, Grad. F & C., .... .numbher of important visitors will bgiey D.Cmig.jtetme eto ftebra es
general chairman of the event. 1;:.giesotdreseathebnu, The committee in charge offersI of internal revenue and with the warn,
Amngte1thrgrus f r- .'.... ... ..Iathough. the emphasis on this part this program as one of especial in- forest service of the interior de-I men
Amon th othr goupsof ro-of the program will be somewhat terest to the medical practitioners partment. He has made importantlIcultu
fessional, talent which will be the grreater popularity of last year's l in the society. The scientific paper I contribution in the work of forest~ Me
brought to Ann Arbor for the per- assoclgQe Pess inovtivoskto by Dr. Cummings was given recent- valuation. cutu
fprxance under the direction of Senator James Hamilton Lewis of Illinois was given an ovation byI Final details for the program are ly before the Jackson County so-- wat
te'Cosmopolitan club will be some oilgs Poe Chicago Democrats who stated a boom to make him a presidential !being worked out by a commit tee cietyScooitt rb has
Mexican dancers rom the Chapul- I candidate when he returned from a vacation in Arizona. Here Lewis' headed by George A. Dusenbury, I Dr. Sundwal, president of the ~o tally
t4pec club ini Detroit. All these at- is shown before the microphone addressing a crowd shortly after his '31, managing editor of the 'Ensian. Washtenaw society, will speak on Eff ects of epression1
f 44ions have been secured through arrival. Faculty assistance for the arrange- matters vital to every member, he A determined attempt will be
S litrntoa Institute of De-________ ment of the program is being given has said. According to Dr. Theron made during this semester to probe
rtrlit under the direction of Mrs.;R., by Prof. Waldo Abbot, of the E ng- 'S. Langford, secretary of the or- into the effects of the recent eco-
'. Avor, phoi e eti scayub-***' lish department, and Donal H. ganization, every member owes it nom ic depression on the life of the
IoeDELo sexcuiv ecetryS udent Engineers I Haines, of the journalism depart- to himself and his profession to University student by a class in the
of the organization.; TO A Conanetheatcts et.beditcuent.i
Centers About Cruise. Confer____ at______________ mPiturescoflthe formerdwinnersethisitalk.
U.- , I PicFilles-of theformerwinnersjthistalk._under the director of Prof. Robert
The program for the °Interna- IIf. L I I of the "Oil Can," emblematic pre- A complimentary lunch an d so-I C. Angell, of the sociology depart-
toaNihwilcnearudteit'1iWLd Il Ld Gopsfo llnab cle ,I sentation to some member of the cvial hour will fllow the discussionzs. I met.I
gcruize of the S. S. Cosmos, a myth-___ comprised of students interested in4 faculty, will be displayed at the I ---- - - - - -------------I
tol ap hchwll ecarnrsfthe :etsnpoioec-~reSart automotive engineering, were pres- !banquet and will form the basis
tators t l h onr fteVtrnMto itr trt ent at the first of a series of meet- for the decoration scheme, to fol- 'V
world and to the ports from which Speak at Forum Meeting ig pnoe yteDtotsc low a motif concerned with recent!/
foreign students come to the Ifni- HeeTmorw campus occurrences. Invitations to
vrsty. The entire performance Her _Tmorow tion of the Society of utomo- the banquet, programs, and an is-
has been planned around this idea As star in the first talking pc- tive Engineers, held at 8 o'clock last sue of the "Gaboon," official Sig-' -
~ tis being carried out even (ture to be produced by the Western night in the General Motors Re- ma Delta Chi publication, will also
aro tepsprs
tcshemasterofremnisst.h Electric company, in 1917, Freder- search auditorium, Detroit. follow this general outline of con-
WilamBiSoto the Stout temporary happenings.
1tdof a Gypsy orchestra will be ick J. Ireland, who will speak here WlimB tuo
Joe okfu '31. The other mbrsal of tomorrow, boasts of being one of Airplane company, and 0. T. K'reus- Chairman Russell yesterday stat-
wilbaunoYts Aeias first triple-threat ine- ser, of General Motors corporation, ed that the tickets for the banquet
the groupwilbDetnYes ma stars, a producer-director-actor. were among the speakers at the would be placed on sale within two
I athileen MrhPii oly Ireland will speak at an open for- meeting. wes
.Ralph Fulghum, Charles Wilbur, ummeein an"Wat' Wongwih __.
.,4 Helen Snyder. This orchestra theSae"a;:5ocoki a
,will provide the music for the tur ag cenceadt5oori a
interyals between the acts and for A rgainizeraofitheiEmerldMo Complete Line of Everything Musical
thecs ich-, areinotraccmpsand tion Picture company in Chicago, ^
b.rmsco aieisrmnsad1914, he was managing director and. Unexcelled Baldwin Pianos
na i e aers.C u t in .producer of Sackers Heart," the 1 e m n C u od n .Vicior M irco-Synchronous Radio
The crew of the S. S. Cosmos will first war picture to be :made in the ieod
be composed entirely of members of United States, for the Wsconsin de- Vitor and Bruns~wick Rcrl
the German club of the Universityfeslag.Athmoi'frtd- Music Tfeacr's Supplies
unper the direction of -Prof. J. A. rector-actor, he co-starred with his
U: -ldeo teGra eat wife in a series of comedies ei7 itled Popular Music
mriwt. They will present a series of "When the Cat's Away." 7 -^ec
Grm7an sea chanties* and folk istage celebrities who were entice' -
(og.Ifrom the footlights to make their UN V R IY M SC O SI ns
Next on the program will be a movie debuts under Ireland wereUN V SIY M IC HSEur k
~rvp of six Roumanian dancers Leon Errol, Raymond Hitchock, and William Wade Htinshaw
y ho were secured through the In- JoehSnly. Devoted to Music
ternlational Institute and they will When the motion picture indus- 601 lI:,s William Phone 7515 NOW SHOWING
p followed by a Mexican act, try's strike of 1921 closed most of I:034- 090
4t the head of the Mexican act the studios, Ireland entered the 2:034-;090
,, i be 1Ben Madero, '32, a cousin of Chicago theatrical field to produce I____________________________________
.FrncecoMadero, former presi- presentations for the Lubiner and . . __
dent of Mexico who was shot down Titz theatres. _ _ _°°""°--'' e°---_
b3y a firing squad during Villa's ___________________________
roign of terror, and whose family BR2IGHTi SPOT Among the Best and at I 12:00, 3:40, 7:00,1
as lived in exile until just recently 80aACADST&eaoale____9:00___________
when they were allowed to return82 AKRDS.eao bl Prices ________
to their home. Madero will play TODAY, 11:30 to 1:30NO PLY G
some selections on the guitar and HOME BAKED BEANS lIj
will be accompanied by two Mexi- i WT HAMSARGNICHBKE Comedy-Drama of a Girl WLho
can girls from Detroit who will, 25c C udN tG tteO eSe W ne
present the Harabe dance, the hat 5:30 to 7:30
dapece of the country and an exhi- BAKED STUFFED HEART O
~~~~~ ltion of fencing as it was intro- STUFFED PORK CHOPJELLY D IN GB0 N 4: :
d di n o M x c by t e S a -RI D S L C O Y T RN lards. RO A ST V EA L, D RESSIN G 10.
[l~hr A~c r~ni~rac1 :PT RASTOF BEE 1l ..,41

Monson Considers
>t resolution Was
Stunt for Publicity
[buting the wet resolution,
ied at the annual meeting of
tional Education association,
last week in Detroit, to the
of certain individuals to ob-
)ublicity. Dean James 13. Ed-
on, of the School of Educa-
tated yesterday that he be-
that most~ of the educators
ht of the proposal as merely
explained that although he
tot there when the resolution
cad, the general opinion of
elegates seemed to be that
ten who drew up the resolu-
'wanted to see their names
ie front page of the paper."
Shaw Warns Men
f Women's Progress
W I v A so, aff,! Pres)
W YORK, Mar. 3.-Dr. Charles
Shaw, author of a bst seller
ature and for 30 years a pro-
r- at New York University,
s American men that their wo-
folk have outdistanced them
n have gone in for physical
rc and business, he says, while
t used to be the weaker sex
developed artistically and men-
as well as physically.
Let us
again bring
to your
the distinction
that the
has gained
by serving
special dinners
and lurches
of menus
as lowr as

From Norway will come the "Sea-
men's _Ballad," a Viking farewell to
the departing fleet which will be
sung by Madame Chas. E. Koella,
the wife of Professor Koella of the
French ,department.


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