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February 23, 1930 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-23

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Gargoyle Organization A fords Diversified Activities
II I E D I T I N CA II PCA OT 4S Edited, Published
DIVInO IN .liDp byt'dnsian Workers Pt P
ofMinAvntgs nu (Co tinued From Page
ies aod abilhty of fie nume10 s Man e orm hi Gagole Du-
FIE DEPI UI tsodts
Anosf phnsm of th( Mohig Hs ts
Asiis0 A dk dM the executive nd of Nt iona Pers
wbusiss taining offered to all stailt -h- r
AcunsanA ege it One simbeis In the ioutine worl of theDITOR CaT if EXh MPLES
Trn BAllness Dlegresney :ahiod nmerous con hm
of Main Advantages. ats w ~ i Aini Arbor oio' outside Os,',,n 0t,,,,, I- ae
Gry fr an busipess potno rice be mode Theselfo pos. oe-
FOUR STEPS IN WORK ch s e riod hese rios hDio-
p oplen but alng ptsatii linot e ef i Is o ioueof the aini, s i is
Ablie y Aptitude Cou Mosn ence tat will o vatuble i0 tter n'eery t snow Laout puhlisxi"
Nmingt Up CertStaffwithrsntan wel and epare ntss alosf
ine Nfthmarin Updrtas t tables ar ofte praodt faod t'oe
Appointments, ti cociBt, througih ohlis worck on tho io upper sto'l '5 ooiisluo ct Toe
_ ...__~io h a,1eoc ch i btettler "0c to' eu;r; fa
DByo Theidre Loes ararmaed wian his roitousr n in th fore-
Butiness Mha fm gdrf The Gargoy ihg The woik n g , p t s y uiOs1 oboo pr sta. tc'om imete c t p
with~~~~ ap sot ofmnfomteo teUiesiy hs ektyot ibeoefmiirwthtewr Oforted inyu torme his tnbeoe hemngn
The Business Deportet of the t toisitieiIcis cficstecclnsrttin otgistecdiuoi n . H,
ar goyle offers ao oppoitu hsty of iionththrse wt
go ttoiokd rdt i'snme 'lo 'T I pper ita pstic o e icis an edtom the vsir sm-
gininyga sudents.ctia thesress r rtn F r sesU i ead sin n thedtora b sine tgs at er. e Mgn ditorsIt c vais chos-
Building which houses the officeshgn Thmefr ien hib p winnh o h uprsaf
perience long publication lines iie iod dily ao the Piery- Hitild wh a Tetts ar tg e po , iesurea -
There is ioo editoril work connect Lg hus e of ithe nmost Fd'stin g ieio h 'sic's'-m Foe tir a olt Ex
ed with it. ships toit oin e sill mke a cttats nio Dprssteions Sal reo
Ose of the oain advantages to be Michigany are provided oi the Moogiog
sipe otfa D ily policies are for-ultted -d editnriots ,re written in the fore ,
gnedfroimo work on a student pub-, ground of the above picture which shows the business ond editoriol tonitoi ad thew Istne Editors oi up
lication is that of making friends offices of The Dily, Michidanension ond Gargoyle, n r publicationy H o Drg y thsisus pi t I h irs eber ofte ti-
with oIl sorts of men from the of the University. This week tryouts will become familii witho the work Oua ee nce I in er pOn stth beiscomes the mooping
vhrious -chools of the University that is carried on in the s offices. Speciol instruction will be gvo in enitii idonre isue Hof sith foe
mnd after all, that is one of the assisting them to become rcquainted with the routne work expected iTe ofathea n noiin" exp'r
tob okdfrwrRob l egilai loves staff oind a linmited assac ftemngn dtr
goals t ts per , dd . ry all number of uppei stla positionis on co piles, sod edit' one entire inum
first year students. At the Press eportin Furnis l s Uni ue and as Cnatudnt the edntogial asnd hisiness stoffs of bei The Moanging Editoi is tobe
Building, h mhich houses the offices s The Sumone Dtily will be open in en fonm the upper staff,
of all the Student Publications, one Exp riencs for Steud n s on The s , aild y hr a boie to thiise try-ots whi sove xt T- e Gooyle provides great op-
yies he ith me s ts his by thst sii"e successfully opleted ctmitips dy sdate d.
mixesiue more with men ousd fo"journalistic swritinsg osnd newspaipero sensester's work us either of thse I'0sliue o itirt es i
own sHall circle of friends, and it may readily conprehend. Hence, publishing' so he ay have a ound departsments T e Snmer D Fily ttirat notiok Zit pofessiona1 recog-
is this a sociation that is of value, through newspaper writing one f ondation oi which to develop. totically the sole extra-curricula itio The first, i fks of ocr mo
because after the first year friend- 'learns to express oneself clearly, He will thei advsoce to covering ativitv available during the speial popula hiuorois writers aod il-
ships are not formed as easily or as distinctly and forcefully ossignments, writing heads, and session is the only student publics- 'ustiios e dtoickly populated
reily sRphmryerh r n eportwayin lik e eeop thg phaisdliog a ybeat" over which he tion, which continues its appeorance umeou ft Gtoyte otim-
redlywer.Busines tainn Leporingikewise develops ts twill have full responsibility. He torough the sunomer. rn th m en en o e ten-
War Divided Into Four Steps. ability to make a quick, accurate oay choose any one of the several y vluable experience in editing t go on thei r coll'e huorous pub-
The work of the Business Depart- t judgment of things. To determine fields of journ lism -sport sritiog, and covering a wide variety of newv coytdons.
ment of the Gargoyle for the men just what is significant to the read- genueral news, features, humor, and beats ay be gained during the The pratida publishio' experi-
composing its personnel, is rtt divided it sor ecritical reviews of plays, concerts, seven weeks of publicatioo by those ence to be derived from worki g on
it and books. Students cohepletig he sh m e as the p stinnwso h ae previously shown theo - the Gargoyle ha s been found to be
seesters, sthat is, th he second ie writen a story, a reporter must makesufcient work by the end of their elves to possess nunusual ability, very valuable. George Lichtenstin,
nester of the freshman year and decisions rapidly. Further, he moust fresh en year become ofebers of Due to the smaller size of the 'm9, a forter Art Editor, is now a
the first semnester of the sophomore ppjudge not by his own prejudices the staff, and their names are Summer Daily staff, a more exten- successful cartoopist whose daily
year the beginner erves as a try- but according to the sense of values placed on the "flag" on the editor- sive knowledge and practice in cTeoic strip is widely syndieated,
out, His work is of a general 05- held by the general reading public. ial pae. Further advancement is journalism is afforded the members Frederick Ziv, '28, another Gao-
t dre, anf he is under the observa- I There is in newspaper work a fas- 'conducted on well established of the staff A variety of produc- oyle edidto, has found the experi-
tion of thr upperclassmen who are cination not present in any other scheme which rewards diligent and tive beats is assured anyone desir- ence he acquired to be a great help
Edioe hi.tor tei n d shse r to hi nteavrisn rfsin
o i t s n t business or profession. The report- efficient service. At the end of the to work on the summer publi-
tohe serves on er is always in the center of things year, seven "night edi- cation, thus giving him a pos- Numerous other Gargoyle old-tim-
the Lower Business Staff in one of Likewise, he has the rare opportun- tors" are selected to edit The Daily jticable insight into the workings of 'ledge gained fromtheirwork on the
the five departments of the maga- ity of watching people react when one night each week, during the a
sine. 'faced with critical situations for it following year, The junior editors, Through the extraordinarily wideG arToy anae
During his entire Junior year he is in just such circumstances that in turn, compete for the managing field of work which is open, the ous to dlo ei or ideas
heads one of these departments- news has its source, editorship and the other senior m etdsdeveabilityandgtoa ean
mehbe ofeu tnhdel sumth sthf be-?ands Etr eatieaiiy n ofn l
The department heads compose the When a freshman reports for the positions, comes quite familiar with his Uni- outlet for a sense of humor, the
Upper Staff of the Gargoyle, and it editorial side of The Daily next The managing editor is selected versity and the inner-workings of -Gargoyle offers a pleasant and re-
is from this group that the Busi- Tuesday afternoon, he will begin an -by the Board in Control of Student The Daily so that when he returns jmunerative activity and a cordial
ness Manager is chosen by the 'apprenticeship that will teach him Publications, conmposed of four fac- in the fall he is especially well' invitation to participate in its work.
Board in Control of Student Pub- the "ins and outs" of newspaper ulty and three student members. fitted to assume a responsible beat. i The first oeeting of try-outs will
lications. This position is usually work so he may take full advan- iThe managing editor in turn picks Nor are the social contacts which be held in the editorial offices in
held by a Senior, and it is his job 1 tage of all that it offers. Be will his staff on the recommendation of -one makes while working on The 'the Press Building at 4:15 Tuesday
in collaboration with the Managing first be taught the rudiments of the retiring seniors. 'Summer Daily to be over-looked, ;afternoon.
Edi-for to determine the policy of
the magazine, and upon him restswi
the responsibility of seeing that the t-t,
publication for that year is a finan-',
cial success.
Five Departments Listed. 'c
The five departments of the Gar- -
goyle are: the Accounts depart-
ment, which, asthe nanme implies, G U O L
has the handling of the financial; - A GO LARGOYLE
books of the magazine; the Publi-
cation department, which handles'
the makeup and deals with thei llustness Editorialrnesadtedvtir;th
Circulation department, which
handles the sales and distribution;
the Local Advertising department.'
which is responsible for the sale of
local advertising, and the Foreign
Service department which handles'

the foreign advertising and the
service required therefrom.
There is sufficient variety in the !C
working of each department to Try-Out Meetin" Try-Out Meetin
make an appeal to anyone, and the -
preference of the try-out, along
with his ability, is largely taken in Thursfay at 1:15
to consideration in filling these'T e ay t " l
positions. The Business Manager
and the men of the Upper Staff re-
ceive a monthly salary as their re-
sponsibilities are of a definite na-
In the selection of men who are
to progress into the upper positions
on the Gargoyle staff, ability and
aptitude are the requisites taken
most largely into consideration. -
There is no necessity of previous ex-' Front Office. Press Building Gargoyle 0fffce
perience, because each try-out has r e
to go through the same course of
training to earn his position. Ad-
vancement is placed on a strictly
impartial basis, and anyone show-
ing the proper amount of applica-
Lion can get ahead.

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