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April 02, 1930 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-04-02

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l IY M II IP I C'. NCu t- '.tI (


German Biologist Say s Insects

Students to Atte
Aeronautical E
at V 4roit
Student members of
nautical Society will go
next Wednesday afterno

xhibit 19V NL TRLP


td Detroit
on by bus



Congratulatory Messages Come
Following Announcement j
of Spring Series.
Columbia Professor Terms May'
Event 'Seat of Muscal
Congratulatory letters, flocking
into the office of the President of
the Universtiy School of Music
from all over the country immedi-
ately after the announcement of
the May Festival programs in the
national musical magazines, afford
evidence to the added esteem given
the University by this musical,
Letters from unikversities all over
the country, tinged with what one
might call quite respectable envy,I
express supreme satisfaction that;
"a seat of musical education can so
beneficientlyand influentially ex-
press itself in such a significant
musical series" (from the letter of,
Professor Dykema of Columbia
University). Ernest Hutchinson,t
dean of the Julliard Graduate
School of Musici n New York,

1 } .1 V:. "^

/ " uy

N. ' -..
\ 0

/PATH hk OF \
- OW7TIP of
A round black shadow, half a
28, according- to scientists. The dia
dircetion across North America. A
the University of Ialifornia plans1

Are Able to Communicate to attend glider flying demonstra-
r.:" ,ti::.- -ith Each Other. tions at the Detroit City Airport.
h + 'W' lThe flights will be spnso red by the
MMOVIES USED iN' TALK aeronautical section of the Society
DAKOTA S of Automotive Engineers during its
f F } ' Proof that bees possess not only meeting in Detroit, April 4 to 10. In;
*N*NESR AOWai- the senses of color, scent, and taste the evening the students will at-
.,KANSAS but also are able to communicate tend the All-American Aircraft
\,N C-Nwith each other was offered by Dr. Show which opens Saturday after-
MONTHLY EVENING SKY MAP Karl von Frisch, eminent German noon and continues until April 131
biologist, in his lecture yesterday in at the new Exposition Hangar at,
.;Natural Science auditorium before Gratiot and Connors avenues.
a large audience. Moving pictures During the week there will beI
of his experiments in Munich ac- four glider exhibits at the show in'
companied the speech. addition to 82 airplane and 115 ac-
SHADO By placing food on a blue card- cessory exhibits. The complete
board and then later on a red one,i program for the week has been an-
r \ Professor von Frisch demonstrated niounced with the various days
that since the bees would not touch arng the w
the food on the red card, they must 5, Dedication Day; April 6, Famous
_be able to distinguish the colors. Pilots' Day; April 7, Ladies Day;
To prove they possessed a color April 9, Engineers and Glider Day;
sense and were not influenced by April 10, Diplomatic Day; April 11,
the chance odor of the cards, glass Governor's Day; April 12, Family
was placed over the colored pap- Day; April 13, CloQing Day.
ers. Still the bees persisted to _
hover around the blue card. How- A
ever, bees are not aware of as many UT P Y P O E
color shades as are human beings, MAN KILLMED SELF
mile across, will sweep at 1,600 miles an hour over the far west on April itwas pointed out.
gram shows the path of the total eclipse which passes in a southwesterly In similar experiments shown by T s Reveals Albertson Was
nin Arbor will see the partial shadow at 2:12 p. m. Lick observatory at movin pictures, the speaker show- sy
to have planes at 10,000 feet in order to get photographs of the phe- ed that scents of flowers made them $hot by OwnRevo-lver-
distinguishable to bees if their col--
_____-- __- __------- ors were similar. Bees also rec- The, bullet that ended the life of
ognize qualities of taste, but not to Frank Albertson, 5J, of Marlette,
Statistics Show Value GREE N LAUNCHES a high degree. Mich., who Saturday niglt at-
I ofForetMaage ent EW R DIO RIV Concerning bee communication,
of Forest Mamagement NEW RADIO DRIVE se ehcnpancdtan tempted to shoat hid divorced wife
______ I ______ ~~~~~Professor von Frisch explained thatteitetosoth.dipccwe
scout bees discover food and that and subsequently kept three Ann
$ ecent statistics from the School Governor Attacks Commission soon after other bees from the Arbor police officers at bay with an
of Forestry and Conservation dem- as New Statement Is Issued. same hive appear at the spot. By army rifle and a .38 calibre revol-
onstrate that scientific manage- marking the bees with paint so they
ment of forests increases the (By Associated Press) could be seen in the hive, it was ver, was self-inflicted and did not
amnt of stsding es tim r oLANSING. April 1.-Michigan's noticed by the experimenters that come from a policeman's gun, it
giventract, athodugh timber n proposed police radio broadcast- ! the scout bee executed a dance aft- was revealed yesterday morning at
ing station continued to hold the er homing. This procedure an- University hospital where an
at the same time may be subjected center of the state here today as nounced the discovery of food, but autopsy vtas performed six hours
'to active' cutting. Governor Fred W. Green addressed how the other bees found the honey after Albertson died.
The experiment tract from which another statement to the Federal spot independent of their guide has The wculd-be slayer passed away
the particular figures were obtain- Radio commission. not been determined. at 5:10 yesterday morning without
t ed is the Eber White Woods, a 43- In the statement given out to- Other clues to this mode of com- having . regained cnsciousness.
day, the Governor accused the munication which were observed The bulleu was recovered from his
o acre tract, University-owned, loca- adio commission of jeopardizing were the fact that the scout bee brain by Dr. Carl . Wle, assist,
ed immediately outside of Ann Ar- the state's case, attacked the con- tells which flowers the food is to be ant directqr of th p othlgical
bor. Over a ten-year period, "basal ception of radio as interstate com- found in, how sweet it is, and how laboratories Qf the Un4yer4ity, in
area" of the tract, an index to its merce and suggested that members much is available. His dancing var- the pres.~ce of police ofcers and
wood volume, has increased from Rof commissions listen in fo a few ies to this end, and the number of Coroner Fred HeuseL
hich ights if they doubted his ass bees which congregate is in pro- It was previously thought that
amounts to a nine per cent increase 1tons that jazz and advertising portion to the quantity and sweet-. Albertson ae h au
in capital. This increase is shown monopolize the air ness of the food supply, Professor the police officers to a fusIlade of
in snite'of the fact that the wood ;.von Frisch concluded. I Ad from the army rie-. had been






Plans are practically complete for
the two months' trip through Mex-
ico which Edwin P. Creaser, gradu-
ate student in the zoology depart-
ment and a member of the muse-
urm staff, and Dr. Myron Gordon,
of Cornell, will begin tomorrow
morning. A two months' excursion
through the region of the Gulf of
Mexico in search of tropical fish
and a study of sea life in these re-
gions comprises the program which
is hoped to be accomplished by the
field, trip. The trip will be made
with an auto.
Although several parties have, in
the past, gone through this area
which the latest expedition from
Ann Arbor will cover, a limited
quantity of information is at pres-
ent available concerning fish life.
Forty days of the trip will be spent
along the Gulf of Mexico seaboard
during the excursion and many
hundreds of specimens will be sent
back to Michigan's Museum as well
as eastern institutions. Dr. Gor-

aser and Gordon to Stare
Two Months' Excursion
in Mexico Tomorrow.

writes:p "shave just read withI PLANS COMPLETED
much pleasure the list of artists)
and organizations to take part in FOR HONOR CHOICE
your annual May Festival. It is a
splendid array and I wish to conr-gc
gratlat youmos corialy o Michigan high School Principals
gratulate you most cordially on Send Pupil-s to u civmn. alJ ev Wl Compete.
your' achievement." Paul J. We av- WlSedPpstoCm t.
er writes from Cornell: "The Ann,
Arbor" May Festival is a high light- Plans for the selection of the
in the American music season. Michigan representative to compete
From your announcement this year for the Edison Scholarship this
I feel that you are outdoing your- year were the topics for discussion
self." at a meeting held in the office of
Music Magazines Write. Dean J. B. Edmonson of the edu-
The usial mgaznes f t cation school Monday night.
Themrusical bagazines of th It was decided that ,following
country, erre Key' Musical uiPub- closely the system of selection used
lications, the Musical Courier, Mu- last year, the candidate. would be
sical America, etc., all sent their. las y the gt w oo
apprectiation of the worth of the chosen by asking the high schoo:
event. W alter Kramer of Musical principals to recommend a mem-
America writes: "Without any ber of the senior class of each in-
doubt' it is the biggest musical s titution for the state competition
event in the country and I am The member so selected will be
happy to read about it." sent to the nearest state Teachers
Rubin Goldmark, president of college to take a standardized ex-
ter~n 7_ Golcimark1. .... pesident7 f ainaio,.te r - - f wichwi


don plans to attempt to preserve
live tropical fish and ship them
north in order to cpntinue a study
of their habits following the re-
turn to the east and middle west.
Dr. Gordon, Creaser's partner on
the expedition, was in Ann Arbor
for about a month during December
on a research fellowship from Cor-
nell. He worked at the University
Museums building in the fish divi-
sion under Dr. Carl Hubbs for some
weeks on the same subject which;
he will soon cover in the field.
Creaser, a graduate student in zoo-
logy, has been studying tropical
fish extensively during the past
winter as a member of the museum
Beginning just south of the Texas
border line and carrying farther
south to Vera Cruz and Mexico City,
the motoring scientists will have
ariple opportunity for tropical sea-
life study. Special containers are
being shipped ahead to the various
points which the Museum expeci-
tion will touch in order to insure
safe conveyance for the many spec-
imens which will be caught for fur--
ther observation.
Creaser's equipment for the trip
includes everything from hunting
knives to tents, the excursion bein
entirely a "field trip," in the lit-
eral sense. Dr. Gordon arrived some
time ago in order to prepare for
the expedition. E

eene tooAemiansn Aew Ysrbor for correctionGovernor Green reiterated is
cans' club, comments: "You are n tn b et has been constantly cut; the cord- claim that the issue is whether
ceinlubdomm gents:workcluare and grading. The ten best papers claim obtainedehsipaid forwthehup
certainly doing great work cultur- will be picked from among those keep of the tract. Logs harvested Ijazz and advertising or the protec-
ally, both in the works presented p corrected hire, and the students from the tract are being used as'tion of Michigan life and property
and in the artists presenting to whom they belong will be tesm spe cte aboratoeas from criminals shall take preced-j
hem " ibought tothe Unie.t o ae test specimens In the laboratories j
them." I brought to the University to take of the School of Forestry and Con- ence in the air.{
Weber Sends Incisive Letter. the final State examination. servation. The statement today was- irect-)
J. M. Weber, president of the The winner of the state competi- ed at Earold A. LaFont, member of
American Federation of Musicians tions in each state is to be sent to the radio commission who ques-
sent the briefest, but perhaps the Edison's laboratory in New Jersey Mexican Students to Seek
Idei E dforonen aaointeNtewinnersofWihyexnstioned Governor Green's statement
most incisive letter: - "I desire to for one final contest, the winner of Friendship With Texans that jazz and advertising are in
compliment you for the excellence which is given four years' study at the majority in the broadcasting
of your selection and the value of any college or university he may jTEXA-So that friendly rela- wave channels.
your intensive activity in the inter- - choose. Last year all the competi- tionships between the National Un- The Governor had previously an-
est of musical art." tors in the examination given in iversity of Mexico and the Univer- nounced that the state will direct
Spontaneous appreciation of this ! New Jersey were given Radios by I sity of Texas might be furthered, I and operate a broadcasting sta-
sort, coming in some forty-five let- Thomas Edison. . Senor Ignacio Garcia Tellez, Rector tion without waiting for the fed-1
ters from all over the country of the Mexican University, has sent Ieral body to assign it a wave
should be gratifying not only to PENNSYLVANIA STATE COL- four Mexican student leadefs to length.#
those directly responsible for the LEGE-Hope for an informal Greek I meet with the Texan students. Se-
Festival but to the University and letter dance following the first an- (nor Tellez, who accompanied the! DEPAUW UNIVERSITY-The De-
town that by generous and quite as nual Interfraternity Ball was de- delegation, stated at his return to Pauw chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
spontaneous support makes this, stroyed when the dance committee Mexico, "I am very grateful for the recently elected 25 seniors to mem-
widely respected event possible. dropped the project because of pos- i pleasant treatment given me at the bcrship-15 men and 10 women.
4sa b j actions., Univerity of Texas."--
- --i
Worley Outlines New I - z -IUowlfTa
Transportation Field '
Speaking before students of the
Bay City Junior College yesterday
afternoon on "From Oxcart to Air-


to Address
Forestry Club

Dr. W. D. Forsythe, of the Uni-
versity Health Service, will speakt
on "First Aid As Men in the Field
Should Know It," tomorrow eve-
ning at 7:30 o'clock at the third
spring meeting of the University
Forestry Club. Dr. Forsythe will
outline simple health measures to
be used by foresters when engage.
in timber projects which necessi-
tate outdoor work.
To Observe 62nd Birthday
CALIFORNIA - The University
was 62 years old March 23. The
birthday was celebrated both at the
Los Angeles branch and at school
in Berkeley.

shot down by a bullet from one of
the policemen's revolvers.
Povwdcr brins and the ange at
which the 4dlet entered the head,
howeyer, g-vc sufficient evidence
that Albertson, cornered by the
police, had turned his own revolver
upon himself.
A note found on 'his clothing
partially indicated that he had in-
tended to kiss Mrs. Ella V. Albert-
son, 508 North fifth avenue, from
whom he was divorced several
years ago, and then takte his own
Albertson foTMperly operated a
theater in North Pranch and then
one in Marlette. He was arrsteId
one week a to by Sailer County
officers for Detroit oficers on the
charge of raising a check from $21
to $210. His hearing was to have
been held in Detroit Monday.

plane," Prof. John S. Worley, of the
engineering transportation depart-
ment, outlined the advancement
that has been made in his field.
Professor Worley is one of the fore-
most authorities in the country on
the history and development of
transportation. He has the only
transportation libraryinsthe United
States under his direction.
You'll Want
Them All!
The music you want, when you
want it, in

207 South Ma'in


723 N. University

217 North Main

Batanr of W ek Sale

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everyody's going to Itope
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the tine ol heir lives going
Toirist Third Cabin. Think o!
one way fo v only 5105 up-
round trips as little as X51$5.
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for theue
that refreshes
When you suffer from large and undiluted
doses of your fellows. When the milk of
human kindness seens to sour. Blow the
whistle for a minute's "time out" on your
own account, to pause and refresh yourself.
In other words, go into a huddle with a



30 Principal offices in the United
StatLes rind Caudu. IMain offi-p,
So. I Breadw. New York City.
Authorized agsr~ents every chere.

1.00 New Style Gillette Blades

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.50 Kolynos Tooth Paste

REgDpS TAR L 1f 4
International Mercantile Marine Company

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