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February 20, 1930 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-20

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Try-outs for the Women's staff
of The Daily will be held at 4:15
o'clock on Tuesday, Feb. 25, in
the Press buildingon Maynard
street. All second semester
freshmen women who have a
scholastic record of one grade
better than a C average are
eligible to try out. Upperclass


DIR All Professor Adelbert Ford of thel ing up all over the United States.
psychology department recently The University of Pennsylvania
N iannounced some plans along the has individual laboratory work
experimental line of work in psy- which is made possible by the small
chology which he intends to grad- enrollment in the psychology de-

Play Presentation Returned to
a Campus Building After
Long Absence.
"State Street," highly reminiscent
of the Ann Arbor campus and the
college spirit which pervades it,
has been selected as the title of the
1930 production of the annual
unior Girls' Play, to be presented
arch 17 to 22 by the class of '31
l honor of the senior women of
the University. The play was writ-
ten by Marian L. Reading..
This latest production marks a
reversion to the collegiate theme
and to campus senes. The presen-
tation of the play in the,'Lydia
Mendelssohn theater marks also its
i'eturn to a University building, a
fitting accompaniment to the col-
lege plot.
,'The Huron river,. a sorority house,
and a college cabaret provide
scenes for the action of the story,
which takes place in Ann Arbor.
The characters are all those that
ne finds on the campus, including
Some of a very unusual nature.
Cast to be Announced.
Members of the cast for the Jun-
.or Girls' Play have already been
hosen, and the names of those
ho will have leading parts will be
announced in a few days.
The mal order sale of tickets for
1the 1930 production will begin on
Monday, Feb. 24. Applications for
tickets have been sent out to alum-
inae in towns all over Michigan.
Mail orders are being received for
fthe week of March 17 to 22 by Jane
l earnd, '31, Betsy Barbour house.
Several Junior Girls' Plays of the
;past have been successfully pro-
'ueed with .college life as the cen-
tral theme. Miss Amy Loomis, the
director of the 1930 production,
also directed the 1926 presentation,
"Becky Behave," another play of'
campus life.
Miss Loomis was the first direc-
tor of a Junior Girls' Play who her-
self had been a member of a Jun-
ior play cast. When "Becky Be-
have" was first performed, it was
said that the play "caught the
spirit of college idioms tnd used
them to advantage."
Work Progresses Steadily.
Helen Jones, general chairman of
the Junior Girls' Play, heads the
committee which is working stead-
ly to complete the production in
the few weeks which remain before
its opening. The members' of her
committee are Ruth Van Tuyl, as-
sistant chairman; Jane Yearnd,
finance chairman; Helen Domine,
publicity chairman; Lucile Strauss,
dance chairman; Marjorie Mc-
Clung, music chairman; Kathleen
Clifford, properties chairman; Mar-
garet -Hapgood, costume chairman;
Hermine. Soukup, makeup chair-
man; Roberta Reed, programs
chairman; aMd Margaret Eaman,
ushers chairman.
Aladdin and His'Lamp is no
fairy story! When Monte Carlo
can be transplanted in miniature
to the Cave of the League building
for Mortarboard to entertain Senior
Society and Wyyern as they did
last night, almost anything seems
A roulette wheel, gambling
games, and "Keeno" tables were all
to be found in the little room on
the top floor of the League, clev-
erly furnished by the members of
Mortarboard for the occasion. Late
in the evening gingerale and pop-
corn were 'served in a style very
similar to that experienced when

ordering a la carte in a Casino.
Every year it has been the cus-
tom for the three honorary socie-
ties toentertain each other at some
.time with a 'party that is as unique
as the one given last night. Senior
Society was the hostess for the
other two groups last fall at a the-
ater party at the Rae.
Furs and Fur Coats

Marian L. Reading,
Author of "State Street," Junior
Girls' Pay, to oe presented March
17 to 22 in the Lydia Mendelssohn
theater by the class of '31.
Class Basketball Teams' Will
Meet Tonight in Barbour
Gym Dining Room.
Members of the class basketball
teams will gather at 6 o'clock to-
night in the dining room at Bar-
bour gymnasium for the first in-
formal basketball' spread. After
the supper, each class will be called
upon to present a stunt, as the en-
tertainment of the evening. At
this time, also, class songs will be
sung by the members of the various
teams, which will be requested
again at the basketball banquet
which' will take place March 6.1
Margaret Ohlson, '30, is in chargeI
of the spread.{
At 4 o'clock today, the interclass
tournament will begin the second
round when the seniors will play
the juniors. At 5 o'clock the soph-
omore second team will meet the
Motelys. Freshman and sopho-
more first teams do not need to re-
port tonight.
All women interested in fenc-
ing are asked to m'eet at 4
o'clock today at Barbour gymna-;
sium. Plans for the intramural
tournament will be discussed at
this time, as well as convenient
practice hours for those interest-,
ed. Beginners are invited.
There will be a meeting of the
Archery club at 4 o'clock Friday
at the Field house. Members are
asked to go directly to the shoot-
ing ranges. All members are ex-
pected to be present, as the
meeting is very important.
If not a higher waistline, at least
a higher effect is essential. This
may be achieved in divers ways,
such as a large bow ,placed at the,
waistline of an evening frock.,
1 __-__ __________

women with a scholastic average
of C, who are at all interested in
newspaper work, are urged to at-
tend this meeting as well.
By Mary Louise Behymer
Greater recognition has come to
the film of "The Passion of Joan
of Arc," which is now playing at the
Lydia Mendelssohn theater, with
the listing of it by the New York
Times as one of the leading inter-
national pictures. Many times be-
fore standard critics have classed
it in the ten best international
film products.
Mile. Falconetti passes one of the
greatest tests of dramatic abilityl
when she acts without the usuall
accoutrements of make-up, and
more especially with her shaven
head. It seems almost incredible
that she should be able to attain
such effects as she does with the
simple and homely garb she; wears.
One of the most outstanding
examples of this is in the scene
when she is forced to have her
head shaved. As the long locks of
hair fall to the floor, she moves
her eyes only the fraction of an
inch to watch them, and tears roll
down her cheeks-there is no oth-
er movement or expression.
Mlle. Falconetti was formerly as-
sociated with the Comedie Fran-
caise but now she manages a the-
ater of her own in France.
Six more presentations of this in-
ternationally famed picture remain
to be shown. There will be a mat-
inee and evening performance to-
day, tomorrow and Saturday. The
proceeds from the picture are to
go to the Undergraduate Campaign
fund of the Women's League.
Athena Literary society elected
its officers for the coming year at
its regular business meeting Tues-
day night. Eva Hesling, '31, was!
elected to serve as president of the
organization. The other officers
are: Lois Van Dusen, '30, vice-presi-
dent; Gale Saundets, '31, secretary;
Florence Hiscock, 32, treasurer;
Donna McCaughna, '31, gavel cor-
respondent; Dorothy Halliday, '32
oratorical board delegate.
Lucile Georg, '33, and Elizabeth
Shull, '33, were appointed to the
post of sergeant-at-arms.
According to Doctor Giddens of
the Iowa Wesleyan University, his
chief hobby is getting students into
school. He thinks education pays

Seven Members of W.A.A. Will ually introduce into the psychology p
Take Part on Committee; department. It is his intention tob
to Choose Aids. add this form of study because heI
thinks all sciences should be taught,
BIRDZELL IS TREASURER with experimental work.
He plans three types of this work. n
Sororities and Dormitories Will The first will be demonstration ex- Vt
Conduct Shows, Contests; periments in which items of hu-t
Penny Is Price.- man behavior will be exhibited be-c
_fore the audience under the reg-c
Jannet Michael, '31, will be gen- ular rules and procedure of experi- ,
eral chairman of the annual Penny mental work. The second type ofc
Carnival which the Women's Ath- e.n
letic association is presenting from work will be group experiments in 1
7:30 to 10 o'clock Wednesday, which the student will actually t
March 5, in Barbour gymnasium. participate, such as an experiment
With the general chairman, a cen- on the psychology of memory in L
tral committee of seven members which, with the aid of the motion'
will work, each chairman having a picture machine, the student will
committee, under her if 'necessary. be able to grasp the functionalI
The chairman of booths will be; curves of his lc :lning.
Dorothy Flynn, '30, while Dorothy Students Work in Pairs.
Birdzell, '32, is to be treasurer of The last group is made up of
the Carnival. Frances Bielby, '30 , home experiments 4n which pairs
Ed., is chairman of publicity, with l of students can perform simple ex-
Jean Levy, '32, as publicity assist- periments together. Unlike the
ant. Emily Bates, '32, will act as i first two groups in which fairly
entertainment chairman. Decora- !complicated apparatus will be used
tions and floors are to be taken i and in which some man in the de-
care of by Albertina Maslen, '31, partment will have to supervise the
while Dorothy Sample, '32, will be experiments, this third group will
in charge of the finals of the in- be comparatively simple and easy
tramural basketball tournament, to perform.
which are always played off at the' The intended result of this grad-
Carnival. wual growth will be a laboratory
House Groups Plan Booths. accompaniment to the psychology
Hse GropsPleafairoo. course which has been lacking be-
As in the past, the affair will be fore. This laboratory course will I
made up of numerous booths inmfore suden t o rs y-l
1 which the various sor rities and; make students realize that psy-1
'doritorhes conduct showis and chology is not merely speculative;
dormitoriesand sel aicles which an but practical. To see and perform
contessad-elatce hc a experiments will make the subject
be purchased for the price of one more convincing to the student.
penny, or in a few cases, a nickle. Growth will be Gradual.
These booths will cover the floor The growth will naturally be very
space, ordinarily occupied by the gradual. Equipment will have to
parlors and offices of the gymna- be purchased and procedures for
sium. I student experiments drawn up.I
In the gymnasium proper the Professor Ford intends to introduce
finals of the intramural basketball ,some parts of this plan next se-
tournament will be conducted, the mester, and beginning next year I
contestants of which are not yet six hours of laboratory work will,
known. A cup is the award which I be added to the course. Professor
will be presented to the winner of Ford thinks that ultimately all ele-
the tournament. mentary psychology work may be
An entertainment, presented by accompanied by laboratory work.
the women students, will take place In this manner psychology will be
in Sarah Caswell Angell hall, but placed on an equal basis with other
the exact nature of the show is not natural sciences.
to be revealed until later. Admis- Plan Adopted Elsewhere.
sion will be one copper penny. I Ohio State University, University
Committees are being chosen of North Carolina, University of
now by the various chairmen, and Iowa, and Columbia have already
will be announced as soon as the either put this plan into operation
lists have been approved by the or plan to do so in the near future.
eligibility committee. The movement hbs been spring-
New Models each week. Hats made to order.
1 227 South State Street
" t t111111ttlll~~lllltllllltlll1lllltllll11!111111!!ll1lil~ ll illlt!llillllltl lilillltlti

artment. This is impossible here
ecause more than 1,500 students
enroll in our psychology depart-
ment each year.
Human Subjects to be Used.
Professor Ford plans an experi-
ment in which a human subject
will run a maze before the eyes of
the student. Lights will flash on
to indicate his course and thehstu-
dent will be able to graph out a
chart. Professor Ford also plans
a more complete demonstration in
color vision and the abnormalities
in color vision than has been shown
before. Motion pictures will be ex-
tensively introduced.
Chorus rehearsals for the Jun-
ior Girls' Play will be held as fol-
Thursday, Feb. 20:
3:30-4:30, chorus H, commit-
tee room.
3:30-4:30, chorus B, Cave.
4:30-5:30, chorus E, Cave.
4:30-5:30, chorus G, commit-
tee room.
7:30-8:30, chorus D, Cave.
8:30-9:30, chorus F, Cave.
Friday, Feb. 21:
3:30-4:30, chorus A, committee
3:30-4:30, chorus C, garden
4:30-5:30, chorus B, committee
7:00-8:00, chorus F, committee
,8:00-9:00, chorus E committee
Saturday, Feb. 22:
10:30-11:30, chorus H, commit-
tee room.
10:00-11:30, chorus B, garden
11:30-12:30, chorus E (2), com-
mittee room.
11:30-12:30, chorus G, garden
7:00-8:00, chorus D, commit-
tee room.
8:00-9:00, chorus F, commit-
tee room. ,



Shampoo and Wave, $1.25
- - - --- -

ODEURS $1.00

s. s
reetpupwt hg/ rnc e pie ih
o X'
puph ar egewt utottimo hVsd n
Ne w Fo teaV
oV 6
for, Spring
b All new lines of Fashion will point downward, 6
for spring. Shoes will be simpler-but oh, so much
more important-for complete ensemble success!
Here are a few definite ideas-a claire beige,
regent pump with high French heel-piped.r with
narrow strip of brown or a center buckle, one-strap
pump of Claire beige with cut-out trim on the side and-
mouse-colored applique-we also ordered this in
(J black mattkid with patent leather trim. In black, we
cI are showing a handsome street shoe of mattkid-
Cuban heel with long vamp--two straps and patent
S leather trim and in pumps "we have a black mattkid
l1 with high or Cuban heel-this same style in moire with U
(c silver kid piping.
., New styles are arriving every day-and all are O
j shown in widths from AAA to C. The above.,men-
U tioned styles are



Ten Dollars




The new Congo oxford is now being
featured in a number of smart ma-
terials for early spring wear. Both
high and low heels.
Shown exclusively by
i7 __ _ _


Exquisitely, scientifically
pure, Coty Face Pbwders


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